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Hello, this is my first time submitting. I know my story isn't as detailed and only surrounds around sex, the reason I've decided to submit is to get feedback and see how well my writing is to everyon

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Everyone in this story is 18 years or older. Please enjoy :) Asyncronous ***** "Ellie!? Are you awake?" It was Nora. Nora was my teacher's assistant. "Yeah. Sorry. Long night of fighting with Casey. I

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We sat in our ravens nest surveying our domains with the pond and the sunlight glittering upon it, singing a soft harmony to the birds chattering and declaring our domains to be theirs and that was fi

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I told her my weakness. I shouldn't have, I know. But I didn't anticipate just how useful the tiny piece of information that I shared with her would be... or just how often she would choose to exploit

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Chapter 7: Losing a Little "George," whispered Dawn's soft feminine voice. George Everhart was fully awake. He had been, ever since he heard Dawn open his bedroom door and crawl onto his bed. She was

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Author's notes: It has romantic elements as well as sexual situations. Please skip it if this is not the kind of story you like. There are many great stories on this site with more explicit sex. Pleas

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This is part five of our story. While it can be enjoyed individually, reading previous chapters may help you to get to know Margot and Jay better. We join our story in progress - Margot, a European be

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Please read "Jake's Tale" before reading this story, otherwise it won't make much sense. As in "Jake's Tale," I've changed the names and some of the places. I'm also writing in the first person based

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When Erich had finished the last of the cleaning, he draped his dishrag over a line strung across the stove. He picked up a candle from the tabletop, and extinguishing the others, crossed the room. Pl

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The door slammed shut behind Emma, the lock sliding quickly into place. She was trapped, thrown down into the darkness and left to rot away or so she hoped. The alternative tore at her sanity and drag


With all the beauty of a gently rolling waterfall, Anya came down the carpeted wooden staircase. Her sequins shimmered and shone in the incandescent light and that of the fire in the fireplace. Her ex

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I had originally intended this to be a two part story, But I got so caught up in it that it begged to be told in one part. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ***** Lieutenant M

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Foreword: Going to be plenty of debauchery from here on out. Also lots of consent talk, because I find that hot. References to male-on-male sex are only conversational, btw; I want to acknowledge it w

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Chapter Eleven The band spent four days making sure all was prepared and doing some practising, during which Annette played bass for a few pieces between her other duties, and promised to learn the ot

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The sun was really high in the sky when David stopped working in the front yard. He could afford to have someone do it, but he felt like it was his yard, so he should be doing it. These days he didn't

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A/N Beloved readers, thank you for your patience. I'm back on track to finish this story, so for everyone who kept it on a favorite list for a year and half with no updates, accept my gratitude and hu

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Author's Note: I'm new to writing, so any feedback is much appreciated! *** Ruby paused as she moved the moist cloth over her breast. She sighed lightly, thinking how long it had been since a man had


Annia stood there, between the intense feeling of pleasure and the nagging thought that she should probably hurry up before she misses the train. With Gisele's arms still wrapped around her waist and

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Chapter 9. 'Drugs and Debt Reduction.' Hu-Fan. Tom's special boom-boom. Mama rings the changes. Chez Mama raided. Ginalyn robbed. Nick. Second Pay-day. Seeing the girls enter Talent Spot, Mama called

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Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Those are the words of the song, right? Not when you're alone, it isn't. I can speak from bitter experience of thirteen Christmas Eves past. It's t

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The date begins with a long embrace and simple kiss where he is graced with the opportunity to briefly get to know the most amazingly indescribable lips. It provides a glimpse into what promises to be

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You knock on the door, and expect me to answer but you don't expect me to answer naked. Not a body builder by any stretch, but big shoulders and a pleasing shape with bright eyes and a nice smile. Wit

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The burning wood in the fireplace crackled pouring light and warmth into the vast room. Walls floor to ceiling lined with books and shelves. The glow of the fire made everything in the room look like

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Down into a Burning Square of Fire My name is Sarah. When I logged into a Minecraft server, I got a starter kit and a rulebook. After accepting the rules, I threw the book away, because I didn't want

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"Kathy, will you marry me?" Chad was down on one knee holding up an open box with a diamond ring nestled inside. Dene had kept me upstairs on the pretense of helping her with her hair. That was pretty

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MID FEBRUARY 1945 Captain Mike Adams awoke in a cold sweat, it was early dawn. He sat upright and took a deep breath as his heart raced. Sleep never came easy and when it did it was filled with night

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My apology for the late submission. I have been extremely busy. I also had to re-write two chapters... ~!~"Only that." Storm smirked and rolled his eyes. He took a deep breath and released it. Speakin


Mike's shave and shower went pretty fast. He wanted to get back downstairs quickly so he could be with Tammy when the Main Computer finished processing her data. He toweled himself off and got into so