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Five doled out the stew from one pot and the swedes from the other, and the soldier gave a nod and shuffled on. The next one held out his plate. Oskar Grimsson. He had helped pack up the kitchen once,

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Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Those are the words of the song, right? Not when you're alone, it isn't. I can speak from bitter experience of thirteen Christmas Eves past. It's t

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Edited by Mac. Here's to our first co-op and... a new friendship. Thank you, J ***** Jessa's words to him were: "I will swallow my pride You're the one that I love, Say something now or I'm giving up

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This story is dedicated to all the real Super Heroes of our time - The Service men and women of our Armed Forces and First Responders. This story is a work of pure fiction. Names, characters, places,


*** If you are under the age of 18 or are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, please exit this story immediately *** This story is for adults only and contains content that is sexual in nature. Thi

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She secretly slipped the drug into Val's drink, smiled to herself, and set off across the club dance floor to the table to wait. Val didn't even know who she was despite the fact that they were in thr

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We sat against the window of the hardware store, her curled up under my arm, sobbing into my side. The night's breeze, cold against our thinly protected skin, only forced us to squeeze closer together

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Geran's Story: When I got to our apartment there was a big limo parked outside. Once I entered, Nicole was on me. "Get ready! We have a dinner date with some rich guy who says he has information we ne

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I felt the wine swimming in my head, sloshing about like waves as I took another sip of rose. The girl opposite me was smiling, her eyes shining in the light of the candle that was dripping its wax on

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Monday Morning William and Alexanderia woke together, tangled up. Since their first time sleeping together, they had knotted themselves deep into each other once awake. One behind the other or facing,


Jade: Walking into his office, he's sitting at his desk with his glasses sitting on his nose as he was grading a student's paper. I could imagine myself being sprawled out on that desk with those pape

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"Michelle, my beauty," he said, walking to the cage and unlocking the door. "Come here." Michelle stared at him in trepidation, fear causing tears to well in her pretty brown eyes, one sliding down he

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***Author's note: My editor suggested that I put the last two chapters together and submit it as one. Because of my recent hiatus due to my "football injury" (haven't been able to say that since high

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Author's Note: Okay, so this isn't a week. I'm working on editing this as I submit it so 4 a.m. seems to be a good time to submit it. I hope you enjoy and I'm not proving that I should stop writing. T

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ABBY. 1. Abby wiped the steam from her mirror to better see her reflection. Britney Spears blared from her cell phone. Abby sang along into her hairbrush. "I know I may come off quiet, I may come off

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Note: Sirina wakes up to find out her dream to be human come true. When she goes out to celebrate she bumps into Ansa, who just recently moved into the same apartment building and they decide to explo

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Chapter 21 Steve saw the distant trails of dust in the air and knew the sheriff was about a half hour away. Obviously he had miss judged how fast the Sheriff would be here. His early estimate of 20 mi

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Chapter Forty Ged had felt much better since he involved himself with Viv's group, though his aimlessness and apathy would often return once he was home and alone. Now he was out in public once more,


DISCLAIMER: All breath play associated with MY erotic writings are not encouraged to be attempted by those without the proper in depth knowledge and education concerning this fetish. Please, caution,

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***I've had elements of lesbian romance in my works here & there before (see on my page), but I've never done a piece just in that genre

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Part 2 of the series: Her Dirty Little secret. All comment and critiques are welcome. Enjoy! All characters are over 18 ***** I opened my eyes and groaned. It was barely sunup, and as such my room was

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Chapter 7: Losing a Little "George," whispered Dawn's soft feminine voice. George Everhart was fully awake. He had been, ever since he heard Dawn open his bedroom door and crawl onto his bed. She was

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Ever hear that old rap song "It was a Good Day" by Ice Cube? The song refers to that one inevitable day that every one has where everything goes "right", you can't make a mistake and you have the luck

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Summary: A mom inadvertently falls in love with her son. Note: This is a NUDE DAY 2014 contest story so please vote. Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991, Robert and goamz86 for editing. "Mom-Son": A Love Story

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Author's note: A sincere thank you to everyone who read chapter 1. All characters in this story are fictional adults. Any feedback – comments and/or votes – is gratefully accepted. ** Nadja was a whor

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"Dark Shadows": The Soap Opera, the Horror Show The original "Dark Shadows" was a unique TV phenomenon. A horror show in a soap opera format, the program was a marriage of as seemingly disparate genre

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I am reposting this story as I've found that an important piece of it was not included in the original posting. This story sort of falls into the "What If" genre. I'm at a loss as to where or what gen

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Chapter Nine Isabella just sat there, on her butt, on the ground, and stared up at Jacob Barrington's unreadable face. She couldn't stop the hot color from infusing her cheeks, nor the guilt from grip


Disclaimer: If you, or anyone else, have ever been in any such situation, I didn't know of it. Just a product of my imagination. No intention to portray any real persons or situations etc. Chill, this

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Although not stated, all characters are 18 and over. ***** Nick dragged himself sluggishly out of his lonely bed. This was the weekend after prom! He should be going crazy with his friends and having