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90% True Ch. 05

Chapter 05 -- The lull

- - -

Author's note: This chapter contains a lot less out right sex then the previous chapters, and some very important plot. There is a bit of sexiness though and I hope you enjoy it despite the lack of outright sex. I've also put this chapter into the 'romance' category instead of the usual 'group sex' that the story has been mostly in so far. This is because this chapter deals a lot more with romantic emotions and teenage feelings than outright sex. If you're just picking up this story, I highly suggest you go back and start with chapter 1.

All characters are 18 or older.

- - -

My wife Ann was a little snarky with me for a few days following the last story I told her. At first I just thought it was work bothering her and maybe her mood was just black. But after several days of coolness from her, and more importantly no sex, I decided it was time to say something. "Are you mad at me about something?" I finally asked as I cornered her in the kitchen?

"No," she lied obviously.

"Just tell me what it is and I'll fix it," I said with a sigh.

I wasn't expecting an honest response, but she turned and pointed a finger at me, "You cheated on Jen!"

I was flabbergasted for a moment. I had told Ann the story about my night with Keri, who I had nicknamed Lions, almost a week ago at this point. I'd completely forgotten about it but apparently she hadn't. In my confusion I tried to think of who I knew named Jen, and could only think about a student of mine. But 'cheated on' what could my wife mean? My confusion must have been written all over my face because Ann glared at me and put her hands on her hips. "When you were a teenager, you were dating Jen but fucked some other girl because Jen lied to you! Does that mean you'd cheat on me if you found out I ever wasn't honest?"

Suddenly the realization kicked in of what she was talking about. "Sit down," I commanded in a rather firm tone, "I need to tell you something." We settled down to the chairs of the dining room table and Ann crossed her arms on her chest, obviously angry. "First of all, you're my wife and I love you. I wouldn't ever cheat on you. Secondly I'm in my thirties now, not eighteen." I laughed and added, "I don't have the hormones I did back then. In the last month you've nearly killed me by sex overload."

Her arms uncrossed and she smiled at my comment, but I could tell she was still angry. She said, "Well, you did cheat on Jen, that's reprehensible."

I nodded, "I know, but someone told me once that no one ever cheats on a relationship they want to keep. I think that somehow I knew that my relationship with Jen was circling the drain. But yes, I was eighteen and it was stupid."

My wife sighed and said, "Did Jen ever find out?"

I nodded my head, "I suppose I better tell you about the fallout from that night at Lion's house, huh?"

- - -

I ended up staying the night with Lions and we had sex into the early hours of the morning. Finally she could take no more and said she was too sore to continue. She fell asleep in my arms and I slept like the dead.

It was no doubt a surprise as I woke some time later from a knock on the door and an old woman's voice calling through the wooden barrier, "Keri, better get up and shower or you'll be late for church."

The petite blonde laying on me raised her head and bellowed at the top of her lungs, "Okay Nana!" Then looked down at me, "Oh shit," she said with a grin, "I think we overslept. You're going to have to wait till Nana and I leave, then just head out the side door, okay?"

I smiled and kissed her briefly on the lips. The whole bedroom smelled of sex, and I felt slightly sore . I almost didn't want to talk, knowing that Lion's grandmother was outside of the bedroom somewhere. But I whispered to her, "pack a lunch on tomorrow, we'll eat in my car, okay?"

She nodded at me with a smile and then almost as if it was an impulse, threw her arms around my chest and squeezed me tightly. Then she slid from the sheets and blankets and stood stretching. I couldn't resist and I reached out and pinched her butt. It was thin and slight, something I was unused too from my previous lovers, who tended to athletic or curvy. She spun with a grin and tried to slap at my hand.

I could see her pussy through her sparse blonde pubic hair and it was pink and slightly swollen, we'd had too much sex for her. As if confirming my thought she walked slightly funny as she crossed the room, as if she were sore. I had a moment of guilt before she turned around and while shrugging on a silk robe said quietly, "God, I feel so good right now. Remember, stay quiet ok?"

I nodded my head and she grabbed a few things off her dresser and then slid out of her bedroom, shutting the door firmly behind her. I lay there for awhile enjoying the smell of a woman's bed. I let my hands roam across her sheets, cotton and simple, but pink with little white flowers on them. My hand hit a wet spot and I couldn't help but chuckle to myself quietly.

I rolled out of bed and looked around for my clothing, dressing as quietly as I could. Unable to resist, I snooped around her room. Lions wasn't a typical girl, she was kinda tomboyish, so I'll admit I was amazed when I opened a drawer and found a small lavender colored book laying face down. Curious I turned it over and found a blank cover. I flipped it open and found girlish looping script inside. It only took me half a second to realize that I was looking at her diary. But in that short space of time I saw my name written five or six times on just those two pages.

I knew I shouldn't read this, but I couldn't resist myself. I scanned the pages quickly as I flipped towards the end of the writing. The word 'love' popped up too many times for my taste along with my name. Then I got to the last page of writing and I felt my chest get very tight. My eyes focused on a single part of the writing.

"...then if I can get him alone, Leah's going to get the dorks out of the house. If I can get him up to my bedroom, maybe I can finally lose my virginity...."

I slapped the book shut and quickly put it back in the drawer, making sure to put it face down the way I saw it. My neck felt hot and my heart started pounding. She'd always told me that she lost her virginity a few years ago and that she'd had a couple boyfriends since. I wondered if she was just trying to play it cool?

I stood up from her desk and looked at the door, half expecting to see her there, having caught me in the act. But I was still alone in her room. I went to the bedroom door and cracked it. Across the hall I could just barely make out movement in a bedroom across the hall. I could also hear the shower going and could just make out the sounds of Lions singing while bathing.

I shut the door silently and figured now was my chance. I went to her desk where I'd seen one of her notebooks. Quickly flipping it open to a blank page I wrote on the page, "Nana was in her bedroom so I snuck out." I was determined to get out of this house quickly. I knew there was a porch outside of her bedroom window I could always go onto the roof of the porch then drop down to the ground from there. But I risked the door again.

Nana was still in her room, and it looked like she had her back turned to me. So I quickly and as quietly as my six foot four frame allowed, zipped to the stairs. I went down them quickly, putting my feet as close to each wall as I could. I'd learned that trick sneaking out of my parents house when I was younger. If you put your feet in the middle of the stairs, they creaked, but if you kept your feet at the outside edges, you'd make less noise. Of course as I hit the first floor of Lion's house, I remembered Nana was practically deaf.

So it was with a bit of speed and trepidation that I opened her side door and closed it behind me as quickly as possible. I drove home that morning amid a cloud of guilt, confusion, and worry. Had I just cheated on Jen with a nutcase? Was Lions stalking me? Had I just thrown away my relationship with Jen?

I slammed my hand into the steering wheel. Jen was a tall, dark, smoky beauty, and a total pervert. She would beg for anal sex, fuck me in public, and had forced me into a relationship with another woman. How many men, no matter how long they lived, could say they had two hot girlfriends that both loved fucking me as well as each other?

"Fucking shit!" I cursed as the realization of what last night may have cost me began to sink in. I could still smell Lion's sweet sex lingering on my body and I was confused suddenly. I hadn't been tricked into fucking her. She didn't do anything wrong, she offered, I accepted. Plus, I had to admit, it was very good. For our first time ever having sex, apparently her first time having sex with anyone, it was really good. Especially the third and fourth rounds. I decided there was nothing to do but relax and see what happened the next time I spoke with Jen. Which of course meant that I thought of nothing else for the next several days.

Jen wasn't home when I called her house, and her father told me he went out with one of her classmates for the day. Probably Nina I figured. I left a message for her to call me back, then I tried to get some school work done and not think about it.

A few hours later she called me back and said she didn't have time to talk, but that she had a big surprise for me, and that I shouldn't make any plans for the coming Friday. I looked at my calendar and swore softly. This coming Friday was only the 19th? It felt like a lifetime since I'd had my very first orgy, but in reality it had been less then three weeks. I chickened out and didn't tell her what happened last night. I couldn't bring myself to tell her that I'd flat out cheated on her. I told myself that it wasn't right to tell her on the phone, but maybe that was just rationalization, or fear. In any regards, I hung up the phone feeling worse then I had before.

The next day was even worse as I saw Lions for the first time in the halls between classes. She literally skipped up to me and planted a kiss on my lips in a crowded hallway, "Looking forwards to our lunch date." She said cheerfully.

'Fuck,' I thought to myself, I had forgotten about that. After seeing her diary my brain had sort of blanked out. But I put on a smile and said, "I'll just meet you at my truck at lunch time. Don't worry my heater kicks ass, should be hot in no time."

She danced around me and started down the hall smiling and waving goodbye. No less then six of our classmates who knew both of us were staring at the two of us. Most of them knew I had a girlfriend too. I'm sure the rumor mill started the second I began walking down the hallway.

Sure enough, by the time the lunch period hit, I'd already been approached by three friends asking if I was dating Keri now. I managed to avoid their questions somehow. But I knew that once my friend Melly, who had a not so secret crush on me, found out there would be no dodging the question anymore. Melly was a sweet and cute girl, but very clingy and not exactly my type. I'm sad to say this, but she was kinda fat. Id like to think that I'm not shallow, but I just wasn't attracted to Melly, but I did flirt back with her. It always seemed harmless, because she knew I was dating Jen. But if she thought I was on the market, I was afraid Melly might turn up the flirting and I'd have to outright reject her.

There was one point however that made my morning even more interesting though. In my class right before lunch, one of the prettiest girls in our grade stopped me after our class and started talking to me. We were friendly enough, actually I was friends with almost everyone in my grade and a good number of underclassmen as well. I was just that guy that was friendly to everyone and didn't follow the whole clique thing.

So this cheerleader, Staci, caught me near the door of our classroom and started talking to me. I can barely remember what she was asking me about because she was standing so close her perfect breasts were pressing against my arm. Only the fabric of her sweater and likely her bra was the only thing separating our skin. I could feel the heat from her body on the bare skin of my arm beneath my t-shirt. I could smell the flowery perfume she wore. I remember answering dimly, and then making an excuse to get out of there. I went straight to the bathroom and splashed a little cold water on my face and then adjusted the sudden erection I had in my jeans. Luckily it was pointing down my leg, so it wasn't tenting out or anything. Secretly I hoped that Staci hadn't noticed, I don't know if I could stand the embarrassment of two rumors floating around the halls about me.

I was so distracted by the encounter with Staci that I practically ran out of the school to the lot and hopped in my car. I was glad of the freezing temperatures because I felt like it cooled me off. I started my SUV up and put my head back while I waited for the heater to get cranking. The vehicle was just warming up when I heard a knock at my side window. I turned my head and smiled as I saw Lions waving. Ooops, I had forgotten to unlock the passenger door.

As I unlocked it she slid in, holding a paper sack. "Right, lunch, duh," I said lamely as the petite blonde with the oh so cute face laughed at me.

"We can split mine if you forgot yours," she offered. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I'd forgotten about our little lunch date, and my lunch plans were going to just be whatever the cafeteria was serving that day. I nodded my head and she opened her sandwich and offered me half.

We started eating in a somewhat uncomfortable silence. I wasn't sure where to start and apparently neither did she. "This is good," I said lamely holding out the sandwich half she'd given me. "Cucumber and cream cheese?"

She nodded, smiling brightly, "with sprouts."

I made a noncommittal noise then refused her carrot sticks as she held them out. "I'm good, thanks, I had a big breakfast." I don't know if she could see my lie, but I hoped not. This would be very uncomfortable if she could tell when I was lying like Jen could.

I was just about to draw in breath to start talking when she beat me to the punch, "So, I really enjoyed Saturday." She said quietly, almost shyly, which was something I was unused too from the normally boisterous woman.

I looked at her and noticed a tint of red on her cheeks that I think had little to do with the cold weather. I recognized her embarrassment and reached out to put a hand on her knee. My mind noticed she was wearing a skirt, something she never did. She was like me, a jeans and a tshirt kinda girl. Actually she tended to prefer polo shirts to t shirts. I think it was because she could wear a push up bra and leave the three buttons at the top of a polo shirt undone to make it look like she had bigger cleavage then she really did. But today in place of skin tight jeans she was wearing a skirt that went down past her knees.

"I really did too," I said honestly and I squeezed her knee. "Can I ask what's up with the skirt?"

She blushed again, and this time it was for sure that it was a blush of slight embarrassment. "Well," she said slowly, "Let's just say that next time, we need to use some lube. You're freaking huge and I'm still a little sore." I started to apologize but she waved her hands, "No no no no, don't you dare apologize. It was amazing, it was fantastic. Maybe the first time hurt," My mind quickly supplied the word 'virgin' as she spoke. "and maybe the last time hurt. But the few rounds in between. Oh my god Pete. I've never felt that full, and I've never cum so hard from any of my toys."

I shook my head, there was so much I wanted to talk about, so many things I wanted to say. The fact that I saw her diary, that I knew she had much deeper feelings about me then she was letting on, that she was a virgin until this weekend... so many things. But like a coward I decided to try to trick it out of her instead of admitting to my snooping, "So, you're saying I'm better than the other four or five lovers you've had?"

She looked at me and began nodding her head. "Only three others," she said. She hadn't fallen for my trap. In the past she'd told me that she'd been with three other guys, two boyfriends at her old high school and one random dude at a party. So I tried to trick her into saying more, but she didn't bite. She continued, "Honestly Pete, with anyone else I never... well..." She trailed off. I didn't need her to answer.

"No guy has ever made you cum before?" I offered.

"Yeah," she answered before biting on a carrot stick nervously. I chuckled when I thought that she wasn't lying. If she had been a virgin on saturday night, then no guy had ever made her cum before.

We sat in silence for a little while as she finished her lunch. Then she said, "So I guess we should talk about it huh?" Her voice was soft, so unlike her. She was usually a ball of energy and feisty, but it seemed like now, all of her bravado was gone and she was just a little scared.

No matter what else, I felt a little sorry for her then. Any other emotions I had went away and I wanted to make my friend feel better. "Lions, look, don't be like that," I said turning to her with a smile on my face.

But I noticed that she wasn't smiling, she was frowning and it looked like she was on the verge of tears in fact. When she spoke her voice was even quieter, "Can you please call me Keri now? I feel like we're past buddies with nicknames."

I swallowed around the lump in my throat and whispered, "Of course Keri, just don't be mad if I slip and forget, okay?"

She turned and smiled at me, "Thanks Pete. You're one of the good ones you know. I've known it from the first day I met you. Do you remember that day?"

I did actually, but I wanted to hear where she was going, "Refresh my memory."

She reached out and put her hand on top of mine, still resting on her skirt covered knee. Then she pulled it away and just put a finger down on the back of my hand. The finger began to trace idle circles as she spoke, "It was the third day of junior year for both of us. We didn't have any classes together, but I went to chess club because I've always gotten along with dorky people. Well, I saw you coming down the hallway and I thought 'oh great, here comes some jerky jock asshole.' But you walked right up to me and said, 'going to chess?"

Keri laughed then, "Just like that, like it was the most natural thing in the world. 'Going to chess?' You probably didn't realize how fucking huge you are compared to a little girl like me, but you're like a foot and a half taller and probably twice my weight. So when a big guy like you comes rolling right up, I'm used to trouble; at the very least maybe a leering look or something. Hell, I'm used to big guys being dismissive at my scrawniness, but you weren't like that. You came rolling up to me and greeted me as a friend even though we'd never met."

I chuckled, "We were friends that hadn't met yet."

She smiled and gave my hand a squeeze, then moved it up onto her thigh from her knee before continuing. "You introduced yourself and then asked me about myself. Where did I transfer from, what did I like, did I have any family? Right away, just launched into conversation with a total stranger, and it was like... I don't know Pete, it was like the most comfortable conversation I ever had with a total stranger. It was like in three minutes we weren't strangers anymore."

She bit her lip and I waited for her to continue, "Did you know that day, on my third day, you were the second student to speak to me? I went two full days without anyone saying even 'Hi' to me. Not even 'Hi.' Then at lunch on that third day someone asked if the seat next to me was taken. I thought I was about to make friends with someone, but they sat down and turned their back to me immediately so they could talk to their friend who was sitting at the same table."
She sighed, "So by the end of the day that third day, I was pretty fucking miserable. Then you come up and just... Pete," She shook her head and her blonde hair, tussled as usual, blew out the scent of her strawberry shampoo, "You just made me feel welcome."

I smiled, "I'm glad Keri, but you know," I paused not wanting to ruin her memory, "I act like that with everyone. I'm just a friendly guy."

She leaned across the console between our seats and pulled my face towards her for a light kiss on the lips, "Yeah, I know Pete, that's why you're so awesome."

There was a long silence then as we just held each others hands, in her lap, and looked at each other. "I've dug you for a long time Pete," she said, "A long time, almost a year now. But when I was just getting to know you, you had just started dating Jen."

I frowned and she picked up on it, "I know, I feel horrible about things. I feel like I tempted you, I made you cheat on Jen. But when I heard that you were fucking other people... I just... I felt like it was my opportunity. My time...."

I didn't want to cushion this blow, so I said it straight away, "Keri, you did tempt me. But I'm really the one at fault. I did that, not you. I could have walked out of that room. I didn't have to come to that party alone. You tempted me, yes, but I am the one who made the choice."

"I want you to be with me Pete," she said flat out, "not Jen."

I shook my head, "I know Keri, but it's not that simple. I'm in love with Jen. I don't know how this is going to change things, but I have to tell her. Maybe she'll dump me for it, I don't know."

Keri squeezed my hand again and moved it to the crease in her lap where it met her belly. The skirt slid up a little and I could see the flesh of her leg below her knee. She held my hand tight against her and said, "Is it wrong that I hope that she'll break up with me and you'll consider going out with someone like me?"

I leaned over and kissed Keri again, "No, it's not horrible at all." Honestly, I don't know if I believed that or not, but I knew she had to hear it.

"Good," she said, then blushing she mumbled, "because I love you."

Mentally I screamed. She'd said it, there was no going back now. "I know Keri, I know you do. I wish I could say it back to you right this moment, but I'm too mixed up. I've got too much...." I sighed, nothing I would say would make it right. All she'd wanted to hear me say was that I loved her too.

We sat for a long time, her tracing her finger up and down my arm and me just enjoying sitting with her. There were so many things I wanted to say, to question her about, to say, and none of them wanted to pass my lips. Finally she broke the uncomfortable silence with, "Oh, on a lighter note, you might get some funny looks from the other girls."

"Huh?" I spat out smoothly.

She shrugged her shoulders, "Well, Leah called me on Sunday and I kinda told her some stuff. Then apparently she called a few other people, and this morning as soon as I got to school like five or six girls mobbed me with questions. Apparently someone may have insinuated that you're packing a monster between the thighs."

"Lions! I mean, Keri!" I said looking at her with my mouth hanging open. "It's not that big, why would you start a rumor like that?"

She blushed, "Well, I didn't start it first of all. Second of all, it's pretty big Pete. I'm still a tiny bit sore today you know. It's one of the reasons I'm wearing a skirt." I must have been about to apologize and she slugged me in the arm with a closed fist, "Don't you dare fucking apologize either. I couldn't have imagined it would be a better night on Saturday."

"Well, I'm glad I could make your first time so enjoyable then," I said, watching her out of the corner of my eyes.

"Oh you did, believe me you did," she said, then her face grew wide as she saw the trap I had just sprung. "How did you know it was my first time?" she practically yelled at me.

"Oh, we guys have a way of telling," I lied with a devious smile on my face.

Her face grew pink as she began to blush, "I told you stories of ex boyfriends because I didn't want you to think I was some lame ass that no one wanted. I didn't think you'd sleep with me if you knew..."

I shrugged, "I might not have if I knew ahead of time to be honest. But it's all in the past now, and if you're happy, then I'm happy." A thought popped into my head, "Hey, would Staci be one of the girls that heard that rumor?"

"The cheerleader?" Keri asked, "I guess it's possible why?"

I shook my head, "Never mind. Look, I like you a lot Lions, Keri, sorry. I really do, and you're very sexy, I'm having trouble getting that image of you above me out of my head. But I can't jump into a relationship with you right now. I have to at the very least end things with Jen first."

"And Nina?" Keri added.

I nodded my head, "There's no way this will end well I suppose. Unless of course you're up for a threesome relationship with a sexy blonde woman?" I smiled and grinned at her.

"Uh... I don't...." Keri stammered but far off in the distance we heard the bell that signaled the end of the period. "Whew, saved by the bell, literally," she said.

We got out of my car and went back to the school, and I promised her I'd call her that night for a little bit at least. She stopped me as we got to the last row of cars and pressed her body against mine, "One kiss Pete?" she asked. I couldn't deny her and bent down kissing the petite girl. As we broke, our breath steamed out into the cold air, a little bit of hers fogging my glasses slightly. She then held me for a moment more and looked at me devilishly, "May I ask one more favor of you?"

"Of course Keri," I said wondering how long this was going to take. I had history next class and the teacher hated students that walked in late.

Keri bent over and checking to make sure that no one could see her between the cars, quickly hooked her hands under her skirt. Her hands went up high under the skirt then she wiggled and they came down again. She had lacy purple panties shimmying down her legs as she slid her hands down her thighs. Then she grabbed them and stepped out of the delicate underwear. She handed the lacy thong to me and said, "Keep these? I knew I couldn't stand to meet you and have a serious discussion right away while I was so distracted with thoughts of this weekend. So before I came to your car I ducked into one of the girls bathrooms and rubbed one out." She grinned, "While wearing those."

I looked at the purple lace and noticed then that the material was damp. I balled them up in my fist and brought them close to my face. My eyes closed as I could smell the intoxicating scent of her girl cum embedded in the fibers. I felt my cock twitch in immediate response and then I quickly drew the fabric away. I opened my eyes saying, "Now that's just not fair...."

But Keri was already jogging away from me towards the school as the second bell rang. 'Fuck, I'm going to be late walking into history,' I thought as I stood alone, in a parking lot, holding cum dampened panties, with an erection in my jeans.

- - -

Ann looked at me, "Well, why'd you stop?" Her arms were folded across the dining room table and she was leaning into her palms as she listened. "Obviously that was very sweet of you, but that doesn't really explain the fallout between you and Nina and Jen. Why didn't you tell me what happened with that?"

I yawned and stretched my arms out, "Well, are you mad at me anymore?"

Ann narrowed her eyes, sensing where I was going with this. But she answered honestly, "No... I suppose I'm not, but I want to hear the story."

I nodded, "Okay, I'll finish it tomorrow then, but only if you stop acting snarky and start acting a little more loving."

Jen's eyes narrowed into daggers, "Dirty trick Peter, dirty dirty trick."

I stood up from the table and pushed away smiling, "Oh, wait till I tell you who I learned that trick from."

I chuckled as I walked into the living room and I swear I could hear my wife's teeth grinding in frustration.

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