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A Season of Delight

A Season of Delight or A Dark Speakeasy Christmas

"Local police reported another missing person, yet again a young woman between the ages of 21 and 30. Miss Olivia Sutton was last seen during a country outing with several of her friends, none who have any knowledge about her whereabouts. It is claimed she vanished sometime during a stroll in the hillsides and despite extensive searches no sign has been seen of her since. Young women of the same age are highly recommended to stay within company and Pittsfield city borders. Miss Sutton is now the sixth girl who has gone missing leaving neither trace nor motive. Now back to Norman Halford, your KDKA voice."

"Thank you chief. What a year this has been, first the Great Fall River fire and the Fairfield murders and now innocent girls. Watch your daughters and sisters out there! As for recent developments The United States Senate election for Massachusetts will be held on November 6..." At this point Morris got up and turned the radio off, avoiding to return the worried expressions of his wife Luisa.

"I know exactly what you are going to say, but really it will be fine." He sat back down beside her on the gaudy sofa and put on a smile. "We will make sure Robert will look after her constantly -- which no doubt they both will complain about -- but I have been looking forward to have her stay with us here for such a long time and I don't want her to miss out on all the good occasions the winter season brings. She deserves, no needs a break it has been a long year. We will all stay in town together so you have no need to worry." Luisa straightened her dress which was just a tat too fair and summery for the season. Her husband scrutinized her worried appearance for several long minutes of silence during which Luisa patted her hands and looked positively terrified before she finally sighed.

"What would your sister say if she knew what we are about to let her do. Your niece Rosa, is your late sisters' only child, bless her heart. Promise me you will make her be reasonable or we will send her back to England in no time; all that trouble she had because she was so stubborn. She must follow Roberts every word. He knows society and the clubs in town he will have to keep her safe."

They exchanged glances and nodded. Robert, Rosa's cousin was a man of strong build who had worked for many years now at the New York Stock exchange. He certainly could take care of far worse places than they were likely to encounter in Pittsfield, the family's vacation residence. Morris smiled and embraced her with sincere affection. "I need to go pack a few things if we are to stay over in New York until her ship arrives." The doors closed behind him before Luisa returned to her scared expression and whispered into the silence.

"Is this really a good idea? We know how much she has suffered and I would rather have her with us far away from any troubles. And what if she does hear a word from him? That girl." Luisa shook her head and walked to watch out of the window into the falling dusk. So many things were beyond their control.


*****"Rosa I want to finish now. Not just myself, but you as well. We should not try to catch up with lost time in only one night." She looked at him unsure whether she was allowed to speak up yet. Samuel gazed at her intensely. "I want to let our emotions speak now. If you agree you stay silent and do as you like." His tone was earnest. The beautiful white skinned woman remained where she was so he lay over her, appreciated his luck and kissed her deeply. She kissed him back so intensely that his cock slipped into her wetness with absolute ease and they both moaned as he first entered her fully. The frictions of his moving back and forth drove her insane with the need to come whereas it was her entire softness and openness that made him feel like an addict to something he wished he never had to give up.

"Samuel I am so close, my god. " He pushed her down gently one hand massaging her clit, their eyes locked and he became faster and faster.

"I am nearly there.", he said. He rammed her so hard and rough now he broke into sweat as did she as she raised and moved her hips to greet him. The sensation of his body all over her own made Rosa feel at peace with herself and with that thought his every muscle stiffened and they both came violently.

Christmas morning was very close, the sky lightened and two silent figures were facing each other in the semi darkness. He had put his dinner jacket around her bared body and smoked offering her a turn. She inhaled and looked at his face. "Why Samuel?" Her voice was so small, but the force of emotion behind it was relentless.

"Sweetheart, you know why. I had no choice. It had nothing to do with you or how much I.. Rosa. You weren't planned! It was supposed to be fun and when I turned I found myself secretly falling for you. Not just falling, but starting to love you. It was good for me. I needed it. You were so good and offered freely. No one else ever did that for me. And I wanted nothing more than to stop time and take you in wholly give all of myself, too. But that could never happen. You knew that. I wanted to bury all our feelings for each other in some dark corner of my mind. But even back then I.." Sam took a pause and when he continued his voice sounded cracked just barely audible: "I have something for you. A Christmas present that was meant to be given one year ago. It is nearly morning." He reached over to her and inside the pocket of his jacket. A small box emerged. "Open it. Please."

Rosa gulped, took the small present from his warm hands and did as told. Her hand shook as a single tear rolled silently down her cheek. With one hand Sam took the box again and put the ring on her finger, with the other he brushed away the hair that was falling into her face. She moved her eyes to meet his and saw him crying, too. "I was ready to make a choice. Against everything. For you. But then my father fell ill and I was called to take his place. You know what that meant for me. My life was not my own any longer. I had to leave without warning or I could not have left at all. Forgive me Rosa. I should have never let it happen. We both cannot hope for a merry Christmas, but I wish you are glad, if only for some hours. Because I am." He raised their hands and kissed the ring on her finger as silent cries shook her. "You know that the ring does not mean now what it was supposed to mean then, but I hope it will still mean something to you." Rosa was not able to answer in words instead she crawled over and kissed his forehead to then put her arms around him and feel him succumb to her in his own need. She knew what his admittance had cost him, knew all the answers to the questions they had not uttered out led yet. Slowly against her will his weight tired her she thought no more and fell asleep. A bright Christmas morning sun rose over the valley and bathed the world in fiery ice.


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