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It had been several weeks since Cathy had hired Bianca as a web designer and convinced her to move in with Lynda and herself. Bianca was in her final year at college while Cathy's underwear and specials products business was slowly beginning to prosper. After Bianca's initial euphoria at leaving the orphanage and getting a job, Cathy's persistent touching, particularly of Bianca's arse was disturbing her. This unsolicited attention, together with the constant insinuations regarding Bianca's sexuality were increasingly irritating, and had it not been for Lynda's support and kindness, Bianca would have already left.

It was Wednesday morning and Bianca was running late for college, it was sports day and she had her very short gym uniform on, her long legs, like the rest of her, were superlative, the promise of paradise. She raced into the kitchen, stole a piece of toast from Lynda and headed for the front door. She saw Cathy, already dressed, stood by the door with her back to her. Laughingly she said, "Hell, you were quick getting dressed. Ragity".

Bianca had taken only half a step when she realised a young woman was standing in the doorway and there were large suitcases scatter around the porch. Bianca's knees buckled as she looked at the gorgeous, tall and slim woman. Bianca had idolised this woman from her very first day at college. Although three years ahead of Bianca at college, Bianca considered every part of her to be perfect. Her stomach lurched and slowly realisation dawned. Bianca blushed as she spun around, to face not Cathy, but Cathy's mother, Alison.

Stammering she said, "Oh, I am sorry, I thought you were Cathy. You are Alison I know, but oh, shit this is getting complicated. I am sorry for calling you, well I am sorry."

The young woman was laughing and Alison smiled and said, "Don't be, but why Ragity?

Bianca blushing said, "You are extremely well dressed. You know the exact opposite of rags."

Alison laughed and said, "Well thank you, but, now you better hurry or you will be late".

Bianca, dropped her sports bag and said, "Can I start again?" Holding out her hand to Alison, she said more formally than she intended, "Hi I am Bianca." Alison took her hand and they both burst out laughing.

Alison leaning toward Bianca, kissed her on the cheek, and said, "It is very nice to meet you. I, we know a little about you, but not surprisingly there are some huge gaps."

The young woman who was struggling into the room with a suitcase said, "It seems like Cathy has talked about you for years, she wasn't always very complimentary though. Hi, I'm Jane, Cathy's sister." Bianca felt a tidal wave in the pit of her stomach and flushed. Bianca trembling took Jane's hand and eventually forced her eyes away from Jane.

"Oh" Bianca said more than a little embarrassed, "Let me help?" grabbing the remaining cases and dragging them inside. At that moment, Lynda appeared from the kitchen and both she and Alison appeared delighted. Lynda rushed over, they hugged, and Alison said, "Wow, this is a wonderful surprise, how come you're here?"

Lynda replied, "Oh, it is a long story I will tell you later."

It appeared that Alison was about to insist on the details when a very sleepy Cathy appeared from the bedroom muttering about the noise. Then, seeing her mother and elder sister, she walked unhurriedly to hug her mother, then her sister. Eventually Cathy said, "Oh yes, Mom, Jane this is Bianca and Lynda."

"We've met." Jane said curtly.

Bianca looked at her watch, then turned and said, "Well I missed the bus to sports, so I suppose I may as well go to Cathy's shop and catch up on the website."

In unison Alison and Jane said, "What shop?"

They all sat down at the table and Cathy said simply, "I took over Sheila's shop." Adding, "You really own it. Lynda manages it; Bianca models for it and does the specials catalogues and website. When she has figured out what things are, she is a bit naïve when it comes to bdsm equipment. The supplier's harness pictures, are rotated this way and that and Bianca's head is doing the same, she looks utterly confused. Oh yes and James Walsh, remember him, advises on what is legal!" She slid a laptop over to her mother, who began looking at the program displaying pictures of 'marital aids'. "We are doing quite well. The disposable underwear is selling extremely well, prostitutes mainly, they go through a lot but the internet is the real boom!" Alison, who had now picked up the laptop and was rotating it, looked perplexed. Bianca laughed and said, "Item number 014-2391?" Alison glancing to the top of the page, nodded and said, "I don't believe you could get in to this without dislocating something."

"See it's not just me!" said Bianca jubilantly.

Bianca finally got up and said, "Well I may as well change and go to the shop".

She returned within minutes, the change of clothes immediately transforming her from a college girl to a sophisticated and very sexy young woman. Jane gasped involuntarily but Alison smiled knowingly. Jane and Alison decided to accompany Bianca to the shop, to check out the business and with Lynda, they all left.

Alison and the others had spent an enjoyable day looking at the shop; Jane was particularly impressed with the pictures of Bianca modelling a variety of underwear. Jane just loved one of the back of Bianca showing a large rose tattoo at her bikini line. As they returned home, they all decided that they should spoil themselves and have dinner out. Alison said that the best food was to be found at 'Gays' a lesbian restaurant in the city centre and asked if anyone had any objections. Lynda laughed and said, "I forgot I was surrounded by lesbians."

Alison, without thinking looked at Bianca and asked, "Are you a .." but stopped. Bianca laughed and replied proudly, "a lesbian. Yes I am." Jane looked elated and opened her mouth to speak, but Bianca added, "Exclusively, not bi." Jane smiling relaxed.

While Alison booked a table for five, on the assumption that Cathy would accompany them, Bianca, who had spilled photo copying powder down her skirt, stood and said, "I better wash and dry these, they are my only clothes apart from jeans and college uniforms."

Jane smiled and said, "I am sure I will have some clothes to fit you, come on lets see."

Jane looked at Bianca and grabbing her arm pulled her towards her bedroom. Bianca's heart beat faster as Jane led her into the bedroom and she tried desperately to ignore the feelings in her stomach and vagina.

On entering the bedroom, Jane said, "OK take off your clothes, and I will find you something sexy".

Bianca, hesitated, and said, "Are you sure?"

Jane smiled and crossing to Bianca took her in her arms and held her tight. Bianca gasped. Her heart pounded somewhere near her throat, her stomach was in turmoil and she clung to Jane, resting her head on Jane's breasts, breathing in the perfume that was Jane. Too quickly in Bianca's opinion, Jane moved to release her and said, "I am. Now off with those clothes." Jane slid Bianca's suit jacket off and then reaching down pulled Bianca's top off. Jane gasped and catching her breath, said hesitantly, "That bra is not right". Bianca removed her bra, both girls apparently trying desperately to ignore Bianca's nipples, which were erect and obviously hard. Her other bras were not right either so Jane after removing her top passed Bianca her bra.

Bianca stared at the topless Jane; her nipples too were erect and hard. Before Bianca could think, she said, "You are so beautiful, you are perfect! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!"

Jane smiled and said, "Have you looked in a mirror recently?"

Bianca flushed and put the cups of Jane's bra over her breasts and giggled.

Jane cast an enquiring glance and Bianca said, "A fraction big but the cups are really warm, it's nice. Are you hot?"

Bianca, realising what she had said turned bright red, but Jane laughing said, "Not a question I am prepared to answer at this precise moment! Now a skirt, what do I have?"

Bianca froze, she knew her panties were saturated with her vaginal fluid, she could not let Jane see just how sexually excited she was. Thinking wildly for any excuse she said, "That's ok I will wash this one."

Jane thought for a minute and retrieved a short skirt from the wardrobe while Bianca stared at Jane, her arousal reaching fever pitch. Jane suddenly stopped and looked at Bianca and said, "Well, take off your skirt". Bianca blushed and turned around, trying to hide her engorged nipples, which were now clearly visible beneath the bra, she slowly, ever so slowly, started to slide her skirt down and as she reach the point when she would expose her sodden panties, she stopped. Bianca lowered her head and fell silent, the only sound being her own erratic shallow breathing.

Bianca jumped as two hands touched her shoulders and realising that the hands were Jane's she lent back into Jane's arms, her head coming to rest on Jane's naked breasts. Almost at the same instant, Jane's arms encircled her and embraced her. Bianca moaned as a hand cupped her breast and a second hand glided across her stomach, moving lower towards her pussy. Jane hesitated at Bianca's pubic mound and Bianca shook with anticipation. Desperate to caress Jane, Bianca tried to turn to kiss Jane, but Jane would not let her as her hand moved closer to Bianca's cunt. Bianca, desperate to caress Jane pushed her hand between her own back and Jane's stomach. She sought out the top of Jane's panties and pressed her hand to Jane's stomach moving toward her clit, but Jane's hand had found Bianca's clit and it seemed that her whole body was shaking with a massive orgasm. Bianca opened her mouth to cry out, but Jane's hand quickly moved from Bianca's breast and over Bianca's mouth as she involuntarily screamed her pleasure. An instant later Jane began to shake and an orgasm flooded her senses. She bit down on Bianca's shoulder so she too would remain silent.

It seemed an eternity before their orgasms subsided, but finally they moved apart, Jane smiled at Bianca and hugging her said "Wow, that was perfect. I needed you so badly."

Bianca smiled back replying, "Me too. I have never experienced anything like that before, but we better hurry up before Alison gets suspicious."

Jane laughed and said, "We will talk about that in the morning."

Cathy breezed in when the quartet were almost ready to leave and declined to accompany them.

Alison's group reached the restaurant and seated themselves in a secluded corner. An attractive waitress, around Alison's age, politely handed each a menu and smiling at Alison asked if they would like drinks. It was obvious to everyone that the waitress was particularly attracted to Alison. Alison shrugged it off but later when she found herself alone at the table, the waitress approached. Trying to avoid any embarrassment Alison said that she was in a permanent relationship with one of the women at her table and the waitress said, "God, I would give anything for a permanent loving relationship!" Alison watched her walk away, a little sad, but admiring the woman's beauty and style, Alison had to admit to herself that the woman really turned her on.

The conversation within the group meandered over many subjects and they were all laughing as the waitress appeared and returned with Alison's credit card along with the meal receipt. She informed Alison privately that she had slipped in her own telephone number, adding, "if ever". Alison smiled at her and slipped the card and papers into her bag, the waitress left, scowling unfairly at Lynda.

Lynda, Alison, Jane and Bianca finally returned home around midnight and soon Bianca smiled at Jane and excused herself. She had no desire to watch Jane and Alison go off to bed hand in hand. As she climbed into her own bed, she was nevertheless restless, and tossed and turned thinking of Jane, her sexual excitement patently obvious; it was some time before she fell asleep.

When Alison finally put the lights out there was still no sign of Cathy.

It had been just over four traumatic weeks since that day, the day Cathy vanished. The authorities were now convinced that Cathy had simply runaway as evidence emerged she had flown to South America. Although life had improved dramatically for Bianca, Bianca was worried that the sexual episode with Jane had just been an aberration; a tease because Jane had found out Bianca was a lesbian.

Bianca was sat at the dining table appearing to do her homework. Jane was sat on the lounge facing Bianca and reading a book. Bianca kept stealing glances at Jane and then turning back trying to implant the image permanently in her brain. Bianca had lately started to masturbate on her mental images and thoughts of Jane. However, a mental battle regarding Jane's relationship with Alison was still raging within her.

Bianca was particularly turned on tonight as Jane had on a short straight skirt, and a close fitting long sleeved V necked sweater. To complement these Jane wore lace-topped stockings and four-inch high-heels, which only enhanced her tall slim perfect body. Bianca's eyes closed and she drifted into her favourite fantasy were Jane was her lover, her vagina was hot and very wet, she could smell her own sexual excitement, but she was rudely awakened from her fantasy by a hand being gently placed around her shoulders.

She turned rapidly and looked straight at the profile of Jane's breasts. "Fuck," Bianca thought as she stared at Jane's breasts, the size and shape are ideal, they are something from a classical Greek sculpture she thought, and Jane's nipples pressing against her sweater only heightened Bianca's sexual arousal. If she could only touch them, caress the nipple, but she must not. Jane bent lower to see what Bianca was working on. "Fuck," Bianca thought as she realised she could see most of Jane's breast down the neck of her sweater. After, what seemed an age, Bianca tore her eyes away from Jane's breasts, and looked again at Jane's facial profile. "Fuck," Bianca thought again, she is gorgeous, but when Jane turned her head to face Bianca, their lips were only an inch apart and without thinking Bianca stretched to kiss Jane's lips, but Jane was also moving to kiss Bianca and their lips met with the lightest of touches. Bianca parted her lips instinctively, but once again, Alison's voice floated in as she opened the front door. Bianca jumped up and ran off to the kitchen, both embarrassed and immensely frustrated. She slammed the button on the coffee maker and almost collapsed on to the kitchen counter, the smell of her own sexual arousal palatable. She looked at Jane and saw that she was smiling. Bianca pulled a face signifying her disappointment as Alison entered the room.

Alison stopped almost as she entered and looked at Bianca and then at Jane. Bianca was sure she knew what she had just interrupted. Then in a stern voice Alison said, "Bianca, it is about time you knew the whole truth. OK, Jane and I returned from our World trip because we both sensed our relationship had, well, ended. The love, the sexual attraction, in terms of being romantic sexual lovers, had undergone a metamorphosis and had become the deepest of friendships based on mutual respect and affection. However, the passion was gone."

"Oh!" Bianca exclaimed, "I'm sorry."

"Are you?" Alison said in an amused tone, causing Bianca to flush red.

Alison continued, "Over the last month a relationship between a certain waitress and myself has developed and we intend to see it grow. Jane approves; she has what I would call, a dream, a desire for a relationship with a particularly sophisticated lady."

"Oh!" Bianca said quietly, her heart sinking.

Alison stared at Bianca's face, and then said, "I think I have said too much, I will let Jane take over and I will make the coffee."

As she walked away, Bianca, a tear forming in the corner of her eye, looked at Jane and said, "Who is she?"

Jane smiled and reach out to wipe the tear from Bianca's face and said simply, "You!"

As what Jane said slowly registered with Bianca, she threw herself into Jane's arms and kissed every part of her she could reach. Eventually finding her lips, she kissed them passionately and simply refused to stop. Even when Alison entered the dining area, Bianca refused to let go of Jane and held tight as if Jane would disappear if she loosened her grip.

As Jane talked to Alison, Bianca was holding Jane's hand tightly just aching to explore her body and to make love to her. She was not listening to the conversation and when Alison said goodnight and left she was surprised. She looked at Jane thinking of asking why she had left but without hesitation, she threw her arms around Jane and stared up into her eyes. Jane lowered her head and they began to kiss, a passion rising in them both that they had never experienced before. Jane took Bianca's hand and guided her to the sofa and they sat next to each other wrapped in each other's arms.

Bianca was desperate and lifted her lips towards Jane and as they kissed, Bianca brushed Jane's breast with her hand. Jane moaned slightly and drew Bianca even closer, kissing her so ardently, that Bianca felt the first stirrings of an orgasm deep within her. Jane's tongue frantic in the exploration of Bianca's mouth was withdrawn, and Jane moved down to savour the nape of Bianca's neck. Bianca moaned loudly as Jane continued to move slowly down, amorously unbuttoning her college blouse. They paused in their embrace to discard Bianca's blouse and sports bra. As the bra was removed, Jane gasped and she pounced on Bianca's nipples, sucking and nibbling them while her hands gently cupped each of her breasts. Bianca was spellbound by Jane's embrace and the orgasm, which had been building from the first touch, cascaded through Bianca's body. Bianca grasped Jane's head and held it tight to her breasts as shock waves of pleasure cascaded through her.

Bianca, moaning loudly, was in ecstasy, but Jane continued to slide down her body. Lifting Bianca's skirt and pulling her panties off, Jane paused briefly before gently pushing her legs apart to gaze at Bianca's pussy. Jane began stroking Bianca's vaginal lips before a single finger forced entry into her cunt and Jane's mouth descended to both suck and nibble Bianca's clit. Bianca writhed and twisted with pleasure finally succumbing to a massive orgasm, which took her to the edge of oblivion. Panting, Bianca was desperate to satisfy Jane. She looked into Jane's face, smeared with her own vaginal fluid, and passionately kissed Jane's lips, tasting her own cum. Bianca felt fingers re-enter her cunt and as a third finger toyed with her anal rose bud, she screamed with pleasure. Jane slowly moved her fingers in and out of Bianca's cunt while the third finger slowly penetrated her arse.

Bianca was in ecstasy and started to move up and down on Jane's fingers, grabbing her own nipples and squeezing them, pulling them, twisting them, anything to gain sexual pleasure. She felt Jane's breast and lifted Jane's top in order to suck and pinch her nipples. Her hand glided down Jane's stomach and Jane separated her thighs. Bianca found Jane's smooth pubic mound. Her hand moved inexorably to Jane's clit and Bianca started to caress the clitoris, finally entering Jane's cunt with her fingers. Both girls began moaning loudly and moved wantonly on the fingers of the other. Almost together, they climaxed both squirting volumes of vaginal fluid as their bodies were racked with pleasure. They clung to each other for a long time before either of them moved, but eventually they both settled back on to the couch and Jane pulled Bianca's head on to her lap, gently caressing her hair, while Bianca held Jane around the waist, occasionally squeezing her tight.
It might have been an hour or maybe two before either of them spoke, but finally Bianca said, "That was fantastic, totally unbelievable." Lifting herself up, she kissed Jane passionately.

Jane looked at Bianca and embracing her Jane said, "Is there anything you do that is not perfect, for that matter is there any part of you that is not perfect?" They kissed again and again. Finally, Bianca jumped up and spreading her arms and twirling around she said loudly, "I would not say I am perfect but you are!"

Jane got to her feet and together they returned to the dining table.

As Bianca was making coffee, she looked at Jane seriously and said, "You would tell me wouldn't you? If anything was wrong, I mean."

Jane laughed and said, "Yes, of course". Then as Bianca stared at her, Jane added, "Ok you are perfect but certain things surprised me a little".

"What?" Bianca asked somewhat perplexed.

Jane laughing said, "Where is your rose tattoo?"

Bianca giggled and said, "In Photoshop".

Jane laughed again and said, "Well, I expected you to have had a shaved pussy, not a mass of pubic hair."

Bianca flushed and muttered, "I usually do, but recently I never saw the point. The only woman I really wanted was, I thought, in a long term relationship, and no one else was going to get there!"

They both laughed.

"Ok next?" said Bianca.

Jane taking a deep breath said, "I did not know how you would react to anal penetration."

Bianca flushing slightly said, "Actually, I really enjoyed it, it was done right. Next?"

"No, it is your turn," said Jane.

Bianca said quickly, "Does Alison really think I am sophisticated?"

Jane burst out laughing and said, "Alison thinks the sun shines out of your arse. OK next question."

Bianca said hesitantly, "Well I wanted to caress you more, I wanted to make you happy, make you climax as you had made me climax so many times and I never really got the chance. I wanted to show you how much I want you, need you, love you."

There was a pause before Jane spoke, then she said, "I absolutely adored what you did and of course I want more. However, I suppose I get a huge, huge amount of sexual gratification from giving you pleasure and seeing you climax. Next time I will remember that you also want the pleasure of seeing me delirious."

Bianca smiled broadly and walking over to Jane took both her hands, led her back to the sofa. Pushing her down, she said with a smile, "It is next time."

Bianca knelt before Jane and pushed her skirt up and never taking her eyes from Jane's, she removed her panties. She slowly pushed Jane's knees apart and kissed Jane's thighs, slowly, very slowly working her way towards her pussy, kissing, licking and biting. As Bianca reached Jane's pussy, fluid was pouring from Jane's cunt and Bianca hungrily licked the fluid from her cunt lips. Bianca's tongue explored every part of Jane's cunt, circling her clit many times. All the time Jane was moaning softly but she gasped as Bianca's tongue flicked her clit. All Bianca's actions were slow and deliberate, and as she pushed her tongue into Jane's cunt, Jane began writhing in ecstasy throwing her arms over her head and gripping the back of the sofa, lifting her hips to Bianca's mouth. Bianca pushed her tongue in as far as she could reach and began swirling it around licking and probing the vaginal cavity.

Jane was delirious with pleasure and Bianca, withdrawing her tongue, bent lower and began playing her tongue around Jane's anal rose. Bianca slowly pushed two fingers into Jane's cunt and with her other hand, pushed a finger into Jane's anus. Bianca started to pump them in and out very slowly. Jane was whimpering as Bianca kissed her clit. Then when Bianca sucked the clit hard into her mouth, teasing the end with her tongue as she sucked harder and harder, Jane screamed and her cunt exploded, squirting fluid into Bianca's mouth, face and tits. Jane collapsed panting and mumbling incomprehensibly. After several minutes Jane grabbed Bianca and pulling her to her, began kissing her passionately, simply refusing to stop. Bianca moved to sit next to Jane and they again held each other without speaking, simply kissing, caressing and looking at each other, drinking in each other's beauty.

Eventually, Jane said, "Shower".

They both walked to the shower and discarding the last remnants of clothing, Bianca move to enter the shower but Jane held her and said, "Sit and spread your legs". Bianca smiled and sat hoping that Jane was again going to play with her cunt. However, Jane picked up an electric razor and swinging it mischievously, said, "Bald, landing strip or heart?" Bianca giggled and said, "Your choice". Minutes later Bianca had a pubic hair heart on her pelvic mound and once again, she was aching for Jane's touch.

Jane looked at the heart shape, said, "No", and immediately began shaping the pubic hair into a 'landing strip'. Again, she looked, said, "No", and proceeded to take off all the hair around Bianca's vagina. When she had finished she place her cheek on Bianca's pubic mound and slowly caressed Bianca's pussy with her face. Bianca was delirious with the pleasure of Jane's touch and when Jane took Bianca's clit into her mouth, she soon exploded once again in an orgasm.

Minutes later, they both entered the shower and began to wash each other and Jane pushed Bianca up against the shower wall. Bianca was facing the wall, Jane moved to spread Bianca's legs, and she gently inserted vaginal and anal vibrators. Jane began to toy with Bianca's clit and began rolling her nipples. Bianca tried to turn around but Jane slapped her arse, sharply, and told her not to move. Jane continued to fondle her breasts and nipples as the vibrators took Bianca closer and closer to orgasm. Bianca, her hands flat against the wall pushed her arse towards Jane and tensed, as another massive orgasm surged through her. Bianca slid down onto the shower floor breathing erratically.

Eventually they towelled each other's bodies and blow-dried each other's hair and putting on panties, they decided it was time for bed.

Jane and Bianca slept in each other's arms oblivious to the rest of the world. Around noon, Bianca awoke to gentle kisses on her closed eyelids and as she opened her eyes, Jane moved her lips to kiss her cheek. Without conscious thought, Bianca turned her lips to Jane's and their lips met in a gentle embrace.

"Time to rise and shine sleepy head," Jane said, adding, "We have slept most the morning, any longer and we will never sleep tonight!"

"Don't intend to." Bianca replied sleepily.


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