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Captivated Ch. 00: Prologue

This is a romance with nonhuman elements.

It is a chapter story that I'll update as quickly as time allows.

This is an original work of fiction.

Copyright © 2015 by Catharina_Lit ~ All rights reserved.

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The Enchantment

When asleep the ocean sound, the mermaid's lonely song is found
Above the rocks she shall wait, for rescue from her ocean's fate
Her hair black as the sky, her eyes like stars tinkering by
But the Prince outside his palace, stares blindly down upon her face,
Her voice echoed like a dove..."Can you see the true me, my love?"
~ "Mermaid's Desire" by Catharina ~

A Midsummer Party by a Manhattan Harbor...

Under the starry skies and a full moon, a young man with wild dark hair chased a sexy brunette across the wet beach sands. Behind them, large party tents and gazebos were brightly and merrily lit. Music filled the air, but the gaiety was mostly drowned out by the sound of the rushing surf.

He was in his mid-twenties, tall, dark, and handsome. He wore a tux and white shirt, and his bowtie hung loose and forgotten around his unbuttoned collar. Although he was steady on his feet, he knew he had much too much to drink that night—but it wouldn't stop him from closing out the day in the arms of the object of his sexual obsession.

That object was elegantly dressed in a shimmering red satin spaghetti string evening gown. At the moment, her skirt was indecently hiked up along her smooth slender thighs as she ran just quick enough to keep out of his reach. She adored being pursued by her peer group's most desired young man, and she didn't want him to lose interest in her if she got out far ahead of him. She had worked long and hard to gain his attention, and now that she'd finally won it, she wasn't about to lose it!

"Mandy, damn it! Get your sexy behind back here!" he called after the teasing brunette.

"Come on, Roycie-boycie! Show me what you're made of. I told you I wasn't easy!" she threw over her shoulder.

"That's not what the other guys have been telling me," he said with a chuckle.

She made an indignant gasp before she stopped and snatched around. The night sea breeze blew her long dark hair around her pretty face that now looked gloriously offended. "And just for that, you're not going to get anything from me tonight, Roycie!"

"You wanna bet?" He grinned with pompous conceit.

"Fuck you, you arrogant prick!"

"Oh don't be like that, Mandy," he cooed, although his voice sounded bored rather than contrite. "You know I didn't mean—IT!" He suddenly shot for her with speed she hadn't anticipated, but she still had the advantage of a twenty foot gap—and his intoxicated state.

She snapped around, laughing, and ran further into the darkness toward the dimly lit harbor. Royce the pursuer, however, wasn't one to give up once he set in the chase. He was a competitive guy, and she darn well knew it...

He ran as fast as his hazy brain and feet could take him, but damn! The girl was nimble. He'd at least give her that. He sprinted straight for the quiet harbor searching for her, calling her name every now and then. Although he heard her giggles bouncing off the trees and buildings around him, he couldn't pin-point exactly where that sexy source was.

"Damn it!" he cursed beneath his breath. He snapped his windblown head around, peering through the night, trying to catch a glimpse of that elusive nymph. "Why in the hell did I have to get horny for a college gymnast?" he said beneath his breath. Then, a little louder, "Look, I'm sorry okay, Mandy?! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. You know I'm a little buzzed at the moment, so come on and take pity on this poor wretch! Come on, Mandy! Come to papa! Give me a chance to make it up to you!"

"Right!" he heard her giggle, her voice bouncing in his head.

He snapped around before he paused, sharpening his hearing. He tried to listen which direction her giggles were coming in the loudest. Then his glossy gaze riveted toward the large sleek white yacht in its dock. He suddenly saw her slim silhouette on the bow.

Her long hair was blowing wildly around her svelte frame, and she appeared to be searching for something. Then she seemed to appear into the darkness beyond the ring of light on the pier, clearly trying to spot where he was.

A slow, devilish smile curved his full lips.

"I should've guessed. Gotcha, you little fox," he chuckled beneath his breath before a twinkle found its way through the reddish haze of his eyes. He bent, removed his shoes and socks, and launched into a quiet but quick run for the boardwalk toward the yacht.

He knew this yacht well. Very well. He knew every board, every tether, every nook and cranny. This would work to his advantage. She wouldn't even hear him coming, but she was definitely going to have him coming. Oh yeah. She wasn't going to get away from a good fucking now. Drunk as he was by then, he wasn't thinking about anything else except ONE thing.

He came to the start of the pier and grinned as he undressed himself. He was having a little trouble because his clothes seemed to cling to his body. That was probably because he was drunk out of his mind and impatiently horny.

When he was completely naked, he walked into the cold sea water. Oh so silently, he began the short swim to the side of the boat before he pulled himself up on the ladder. The cold seawater instantly sobered him up.

"Damn! That's cold," he mumbled.

Once on deck, however, he saw she wasn't where she'd been standing before. He bit down a silent curse, but he wasn't going to give up. In the dark, he crept on silent wet toes along the cabin and to the bow just when he heard the light door on the opposite side of the cabin fall to a close. He froze with beating heart of excitement. He grinned. No more escaping him now.

He snapped around and carefully opened the door on his side and slipped inside. He listened to her soft but swift footsteps in the quarters below. He took the steps down into the main cabin area and, although it was dark, he knew his way around without touching a thing. He continued his search down the short hall that led to the four sleeping quarters and saw that one door was left ajar.

He was disappointed that it was his brother's sleeping quarters. Oh well. Desperate times necessitated desperate measures! So he stepped to the door and grinned as he slipped inside. He surprised her when he threw open the portal and she snapped around in the darkness with a soft gasp.

"Game's over you sexy little castaway!" he said with a fake tone of reprimand.

She slowly turned as she rose to her feet, the silhouette of her slim figure stark against the pale light coming in from the portholes behind her. In their respective positions, he was bathed in moonlight while she was wrapped in shadows, but he could feel her gaze roam down his tall naked length. The mere fact that she was looking at his body had him instantly aroused, and he knew she saw it.

"Take it all in, baby, because you're going to take it all in," he said as he threw the door shut.

In the next instant he shot for her, grabbing her by her waist before he rather rudely threw her on her back on the bed. He made a mental note—and hoped he would remember—to make it up to her in the morning. But he had more pressing things to see to at that moment!

He immediately dropped his large body on top of her and crushed his starved mouth over her mouth. He must've surprised her because she didn't fight him. As a matter of fact, he must've really surprised her because as the seconds ticked by, she didn't react at all. Not a move. Not a sound.

He began feverishly kissing her. His inebriated brain immediately registered that she was naked. So she undressed for him, anticipating a good fucking, and that realization fed his lust, making it burn brighter. He felt a profound hunger suddenly erupt inside him, and it spread like wildfire from his groin throughout the rest of his being. His knees impatiently shoved hers wide before he pressed his hips in between as he smothered her with his mouth.

That's when he felt her reaction—in the form of a playful struggle.

"Oh, no you don't," he chuckled with thick tongue. "It's gonna happen. You owe me," he said with a grin close to her gasping lips as he cupped her between her legs and rubbed a little harder than he intended.

And then suddenly, things changed.

He blinked when he realized she had him on his back, and she had a silken leg tossed over him before she rose and straddled him. He could feel the heat of her pussy lips wrap lovingly around the stretch of his thick rigid shaft. He froze just for a few moments as she gazed down at him from the shadows of her tumbling hair, her hands braced gently on his chest. When his initial shock dissipated, he slowly smiled.

"What're you going to do me now, hm?" he asked with a voice deep of lust.

She raised her hands off his chest and gently touched his handsome face bathing in a ray of pale moonlight coming in from a porthole. His smile slowly faded as he became aware of the gentle, even loving caresses of fingers that seemed to want to follow every line of his face. His raging lust slowly subsided as he stared quietly up at her. Something much more profound and deep rose inside him as his large hands quietly stroked her taut, soft waist.

He never knew Mandy Gallagher was so sweet and gentle.

She leaned down and kissed him, and he twisted his head to accommodate her. Her hair fell like a silk curtain around his head as his hands smoothed down her hips and kneaded her sensitive curves. He was enthralled by the sensation of her hot, moist core moving over his burning shaft, and he began guiding her hips so that she could feel every swollen vein covering his girth.

By the time she broke the kiss, she was out of breath and he was deliriously dizzy. He couldn't blame the ten glasses of champagne for that. It was her, Mandy, all her, and the powerful effect she had on him. He never knew he'd feel this profoundly for this girl.

Her lips were softer than soft and her tongue was wet and burning. She trailed wet hot kisses along his jaw, and the sensations had him lay his head back and close his eyes, allowing himself to fully enjoy this sweet but erotic pampering while his hands kept a steady pace pushing and pulling her by her hips over his aching cock.

"Aw jeez, baby, you're so sweet," he groaned.

He took her arms and gently pulled her on her back on the bed. He suddenly felt this incredible desire to be gentle, even—as silly as it might have been to him hours earlier—romantic with her. He couldn't understand this completely alien desire that overtook his more fiery side, but what he felt now was more powerful than just carnal lust.

With her beneath him, he gazed at her face that was hidden in the shadows. But he didn't need to see her face clearly. He could sense it, and he's stared at her so much in the past that it was practically engraved in his mind's eye.

He moved over her, pressing her back down. She moaned as she moved her head back when he found her wet hot pussy and pushed into her. Then something powerful overtook and he found himself losing control. It was as if something awakened inside her, some starved beast, and he immediately began thrusting short and hard into her tight channel.

He didn't want to leave her body, not even for a millisecond. His moves were short and quick, keeping his aching shaft inside her as much as he physically could. His groans and breaths quickened and mingled with her soft, short moans before he silenced her with a starved kiss.

He suddenly rolled on his back taking her with him.

Her long, thick hair flew like a fan around her head and made her dizzy, but he was already pumping his lean hips hard upward as his hands gripped her hips, shoving her down as he thrust up. He was feverishly impaling her, having her ride him fast and furious, and the initial pain she felt vanished as she concentrated on not losing her balance! She finally fell forward and braced hands on outstretched arms against his chest, feeling one hand gripping her hip and the other seeking and finding a quick bouncing breast.

He knew he was being a little too wild with her. But he was a demanding lover, and knew Mandy could take him. He'd been after this gorgeous college gymnast since the first moment he saw her on campus, and now he'd make use of her flexibility and agility as he showed her his renowned male stamina.

"I can't wait for you, baby! Better cum quick!" he groaned, panting as he revved up the rhythm...and then climaxed. "Yeah-yeah-yeah—oh god yeah-oh god—arrrrrgghhhh...!" he growled as he felt his balls jump between his tense thighs before he experienced the most intense climax he's ever had.

His balls exploded sending sperm rocketing up into her tight body. He shoved her down hard making her shoot up and back, flipping wide and high her long hair into the air. The head of his cock bunched up against the mouth of her cervix before it swelled and erupted like a volcano of hot lava straight into her womb...over and over again...

His hands shook as they grabbed her waist, holding her down tightly as he fed every drop into her. She was quiet, only making the sound of catching her breath as he laid back with eyes closed, reveling in the feel of her tight tunnel gripping and sucking his pulsating cock. Jeezus! He hoped he wouldn't pass out!

She sat quietly, straddled on his slowly relaxing hips. A sliver of moonlight splashed across his face, and she saw just how handsome he was. She slowly tilted her head, admiring how a gentleness slowly filled the stark handsome features of his face as sleep pulled him away. She stared quietly down at him for many moments before she gently slipped his long dark, almost black hair from his cheek and brow, admiring him with gentle wonder.

When she assured herself he'd fallen asleep, she quietly took his hands from her waist and laid them gently on the bed. Then she moved off of him with great care, feeling his flaccid penis slip out of her. She winced when she felt the sting it left behind.

She barely made the bed move as she got off him and felt her bare feet touch the carpet on the floor. Then she quickly looked at the closed door. For a brief moment, the moonlight illuminated her profile, and for a split second, her pretty face was clear to see.

"What's your name?"

With a gasp, she snapped around to find him awake and looking at her. He was lying on the bed just as she had left him, but he wasn't asleep anymore. She shook her head and moved to leave, but he frowned as he pulled himself up to sit, placing a hand against his forehead. He was feeling dizzy and a little grumpy, because he was certain he was going to have a migraine by morning.

"Don't leave. Please."

She paused by the foot end. Her face was once again shrouded by the shadows with the moonlight at her back, but she didn't speak. She remained quiet, understanding that her identity was still safe from him. She watched as he lowered his hand and pulled a knee up to rest it on, unbothered by his nudity.

He was clearly more interested in finding out who she was.

"Come back. Lay down so we can talk," he suggested. He surmised that since most girls loved to talk and cuddle after sex, he could tempt her to stay long enough to find out who she was because he suddenly realized he'd like to get to know her a lot better. "It's kind of chilly. Come lie beside me," he cooed, trying to tempt her.

He failed.

With a swift dip through her knees, she picked something up off the floor and fled the room on surprisingly nimble feet!

"Hey!" he shouted, but the door had already closed behind her, and she was gone.

He tried to get up to follow her, but that proved too much. A sudden dizzy spell overcame him and he shook his head to clear it. Big mistake! A migraine burst at the center of his forehead and with a deep groan of pain and surrender, he dropped back on the bed and set a hand over his closed eyes, impatiently waiting for the dizzy spell to subside. It didn't. And what he didn't count on was the powerful sleep that overcame him as Morpheus dragged his drunken ass into the realm of dreams...


There was an angry disturbance beside him. "Hey asshole! Wake up!"

Royce winced and squinted as he removed his hand from his eyes. He blinked hard to get a clear view but only saw a blurred image of his brother standing beside the bed. But he could feel the heat of his little brother's glares.

"What are you doing here, Ry?" Royce croaked, his throat dry and scratchy.

"What do you mean, what am I doing here? This is my cabin and that's my bed you're stinking up, stupid! Jeezus effing Christ! What the hell happened here??" Ryan snapped, looking at the mess on the floor and the big one on his bed.

"Can you tone it down? Something's hammering inside my head," Royce groaned as he pressed the heels of both hands against his temples, closing his eyes.

"Jeezus, Royce!"

"Ryan! Shut the fuck up for a moment—jeezus!"

"Holy shit!" his little brother cried.

"Ryan! Shut the f—!"

"—You're bleeding, you idiot!"

That woke him up.

He shot up and sat and quickly looked down his naked body. Then his gaze froze on his groin area where there were definitely traces of blood. Traces of blood? Hell! There was lots of blood!

Then something dawned on him.

"I'm not bleeding..."

"What the hell are you talking about? I'm looking right at it!"

"It's not mine," he said with hard frowning eyes. "Oh fuck me! What the hell did I do last night?!"

Ryan tossed up hands. "That's what I'd like to know!"

"It looks like I-I-I—holy shit!"


"I think...I think..."


"I think I was...with a..."

"Say it already, Royce!"

"I think I was with a virgin last night."

Ryan's eyes went round like saucers. "What?!" he cried. "No. You've gotta be mistaken. That's impossible! There aren't any in a ten mile radius from this place."

"Yeah, actually there still are." Royce looked up with a grim face, and saw his little brother's jaw drop when he realized what he meant.

"Oh damn, Royce!" Ryan cried as he threw up his hands before he grabbed his head. "You didn't...did you?"

"I don't know! I don't think so," Royce wracked his hazy brain. "She was built and felt like a woman, so she couldn't have been." He shook his head, but couldn't be one hundred percent sure since he'd been pretty drunk.

"Well you better get your drunk-ass up and pray she graduated high school because the last thing Father and Mother need is another family trying to sue us for your shenanigans before they cart your horny ass to prison!"

"Thanks for your support, Ry," he drawled.

"Think nothing of—Hey! What the hell?!"

"What now?" Royce groaned as he turned his head to see his brother pick up a shattered glass case. He arched an eyebrow as Ryan glared at him.

"Who broke this?" Ryan demanded to know.

"I didn't."

"How would you know? You were drunk out of your mind!"

"I'd know if I broke anything. I wasn't comatose, you know?" Seeing his younger brother's frustration, he realized that the glass case was precious to him in some way. "Look, if it's any consolation, I'll buy you another glass case—"

"It's not the case I'm upset about, Royce!"
He frowned in confusion. "Then what is?"

"The stone!"


"That sea stone I found when we were diving in Portland."

"Oh." Royce had no idea what his brother was talking about. "Well, we can go back there and dive for another—"

"You apparently don't have a clue what I'm talking about!" Ryan tossed up a hand.

"Apparently," he drawled, wishing his little brother would just go away.

"Finding another sea stone like this one is next to impossible, Royce! Those things don't lie in troves at the bottom of the ocean! This thing was rare. Unique!"

Ryan looked angry and panicked at the same time.

"Jeezus H Christ! Why did you have to bring a girl to my room?! Couldn't just take six fucking steps more to your own cabin..."

As his little brother raged on, he zoned him out. He had bigger problems to deal with than a broken glass case and a missing stone.

"Royce! You're gonna help me or what?"

He wanted to opt for the "or what", but Ry was looking desperate, so he sighed and nodded as he exited the bed and dropped on all fours to the floor. He tossed up the covers and looked under the bolted-down bed, hoping the damned thing just rolled under there. Maybe if he found that stupid "sea stone", Ryan would stop whining and go away so he could crawl back into the bed and sleep off his hangover.

No such luck.

He never did find the sea stone and Ryan never allowed him to sleep off that hangover. But that was the least of his problems.


For the next week, as the family finished their vacation while his brother moped about for having lost that stupid sea stone, he was wrought in knots inside. He was worried sick that enraged parents or cops would come knocking on their door.

Lucky for him, none of those terrifying scenarios played out.

No angry parents; no cops; no having to admit his taste for sexual partners had changed for the worse. During that time, he also spent hours searching for that mysterious young woman, but he didn't have much to go on since he only had a brief look at her face. From what he could remember, she was very much a young woman in every which way.

He knew she had to be something special the moment he peeked through groggy, intoxicated eyes as she stood by the portholes. He recalled having come instantly awake. He didn't recognize her and he had no clue how she got on board the family yacht—and naked at that!

At first he thought that she might have been Ryan's girlfriend. And he felt bad about that for a few hours until he carefully asked if Ry was seeing anyone. He wasn't. At least he could feel relieved about that although his one-time lover was still very much a mystery to him.

As he combed the beach and restaurants, the only woman who resembled his night-nymph the most was the one he'd mistaken her for to begin with. Mandy. But he was damned sure it wasn't Mandy. She was back to playing her coy little games, pouting that he hadn't found her that night, but he was no longer interested in sleeping with Mandy. His entire focus was on finding that girl...

He was driven to find this mysterious night-nymph so he could apologize to her for that night. He was certain that he'd been too rough with her considering her delicate state—meaning, she was a virgin. He wanted to do the right thing and apologize and offer to make it up to her.

That's what he told himself. But he knew damn well he was looking for that girl because he wanted to get to know her and perhaps continue to date her. Unfortunately, all of that was moot because despite his zealous searches, he never found her.

Long after that one drunken but incredible night, he still couldn't forget his night-nymph. Even as the years passed and he had many lovers throughout those years that were eager to please him and become his steady, he couldn't bring himself to that point. He still couldn't forget that one beautiful and sweet girl that one magical night, and none of his many lovers succeeded in making him feel that same level of intense passion and incredible gentleness that he shared with his mystery lover that night.

Everything inside him told him to just move on, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not, would not, ever forget...

To be continued

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