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Come Fly with Me

Jack looked out of the window at the city as the plane made it's descent into JFK International. He was brimming with emotion, part fear, part excitement. He was unsure if he had made the right decision to travel around the world for a girl whom he had met online. Part of him felt a bit wrong that he had met someone online, a strange remnant of his age, not quite sure of what people would think. Another part of him was scared that this was all some sick joke on his part, and he was terrified of being hurt.

As the seatbelt sign came on, Jack pushed this terrible thoughts from his mind. He was going to be in one of his favourite cities in the world, with a gorgeous girl he loved and who loved him back. That was the part he couldn't quite get his head around, she actually loved him back!

Once the plane landed, Jack picked his bag up and waited for the eager passengers to push their way out the cabin door and he slowly followed them out. He smiled at the tired looking flight attendants and thanked them immensely for all they had done, a token none of the other passengers had offered, so they were both surprised and grateful.

Since he was traveling alone, Jack was able to clear customs and get his back quite quickly, while most of the people on his flight struggled to keep all their groups together. Before he knew it, he was getting in a cab and on the way to the city.

"Washington Heights, thanks," he asked the cab driver as he shut his eyes. While he had slept on the plane, he was still tired and thought he should get some more rest in on the long-ish drive into the city. Besides, it was dark and there was much to look at when driving on the highway.

He paid the cab driver and took his bag up the apartment he was renting for his stay. Not too bad a choice at all, he thought as he had a look around the place. A nice sized living area and a bedroom with a massive queen size bed.

He took his phone out and dialled her number. It didn't even get the chance to ring once before there was an answer.

"Hello?" The voice on the other end was breathy and a little bit nervous.

"Hey Chrissy baby," he said, trying not to match the nervousness himself. "I just arrived, so I could come meet you somewhere if you like."

"Oh I know," said Christina, "I'm standing across the road."

"You're what?" Jack walked across to the window and looked out. Sure enough, across the road was a cute petite girl waving up at him. "Well are you going to come up?"

"I don't know, do you want me to?" She teased and poked her tongue out at him.

"Come on, it's cold out there." She didn't need any prompting after that. It was pretty cold outside and she longed to be in his arms. She ran up the stairs and saw him standing there with the door wide open. She jumped up into his arms and he held her tight.

"Daddy! I'm so glad you're here!" Christina kissed his cheek and when she came away she saw that he had tears in his eyes. This in turn made her start to cry with joy. The fact that this was first time they were seeing each other for the first time made them both rather emotional. "Oh my god! I can't believe this is happening."

"Hehe, the way you say that is even funnier in real life." Jack pulled her inside the apartment and shut the door. He led her to the couch and they sat down, holding each other close. "Maybe we should go and get some food, I'm super hungry. Let me just go get my coat."

"Nooo!" Christina cried, but stopped when a cheeky smile crept across Jack's face. "Oh my god, stop. You're such a tease."

"Do you really think there's anything I'd rather be doing right now?" Before she could have a chance to reply, Jack pulled her close and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Christina melted into his arms and returned the kiss. Her lips parted as his tongue probed out and she entwined her tongue with his, softly moaning as he sucked on hers.

His hand slowly massaged its way up to her breast and squeezed it over the top of her sweater. Although this felt great, it wasn't enough for the animal urges that had taken Jack over. Breaking the kiss, he grabbed the bottom hem of Christina's sweater and pulled it up over head, revealing two perfect breasts covered by a sexy white bra with black piping.

Satisfied with this amount of skin for now, Jack started to softly kiss her neck, nibbling her skin as he did so. A soft moan escaped Christina's mouth as she felt sparks of electricity shooting from where Jack was kissing to her now soaked pussy. When Jack got to her shoulder, he slid the strap of the bra over the edge and reached behind her to unclasp the bra all together.

As he pulled it away, he admired her perfect breasts. They were the perfect size for Jack, not so small that he could cover the whole thing with his hand, but not so big that it was spilling out all over the place. Just perfect. They were perky and crowned with amazing dark nipples that pointed straight at Jack. He couldn't resist himself. He just had to see how they tasted.

Jack lowered his head to the perky breast and took her breast in his mouth. Christina inhaled sharply and moaned as he sucked on her nipple. Getting cocky, he decided to bite down which elicited a louder moan and her eyes rolled back as her head flopped on the back of the couch.

He released her nipple and kissed the area below her breast. He continued to kiss lower and lower as he got off the couch and positioned himself on his knees between her legs. As he kissed the area above her jeans, Jack began to undo the buttons holding them up. Slowly he pulled them down, more in an effort to tease her than anything else. And it was working. Christina wanted to help tear them off, lifting her hips and starting to pull them down herself.

Jack swatted her hands away. "No, this is a present that I want to savour in it's unwrapping." She giggled and bit her lip as she let him go about his business. He pulled the jeans down to reveal a pair of sexy white panties with black ribbons on the front. "Mmm, I remember these," he said as he bit the fabric with his teeth. Underneath his lips he could feel how wet she was and pushed his nose in to smell her alluring aroma.

Christina giggled as she looked down at this sexy guy between her now naked legs. She had waited for this moment for months and was absolutely aching for him to touch her wanting clit. As he pulled his face away, she pushed her hips up to follow him, not wanting the warmth and touch to disappear. Taking this moment to surprise her, Jack yanked her panties off completely.

She lay there stupefied for a moment, excited by this brash gesture, but also completely naked. She felt the urge to cover up, but didn't because she knew Jack loved her and wanted to soak in her beauty. And that's exactly what he did. Her cute little pussy was completely waxed. Her inner pussy lips were peeking out a little bit and at the top of her slit poked her sexy little clitty, excited and ready for his tongue.

Jack lowered his head in the direction of her slit, but at the last second turned his head and kissed the crease of her thigh, close enough though for her to feel his stubbled cheek on her lip. She bucked her hips as he kissed away from her pussy.

"Nooo!" she moaned. It was unfair what he was doing to her. She wanted to relieve the immense amount of pressure she had built up from edging herself all week beforehand in anticipation of his arrival. Jack was not cruel enough to do this to her on the other leg and wanted desperately to taste her.

With excited enthusiasm he gave one long stroke of her slit with his tongue. Christina's legs quivered. The feeling of his tongue on her pussy was electric. Her breathing became more and more heavy as his tongue worked her slowly, getting close to her clit, but not quite touching it. He hips were moving up and down wanting the contact. Without warning, his whole mouth was on her clit, sucking and lapping at it with his tongue at the same time. "Oh shit! That's it baby. Right there." She moaned so loud with delight, she knew for sure that the whole city could hear her, but didn't care at all.

To add to the pleasure, Jack got two of his fingers and began to slowly push them into her dripping hole, bending them as he did so and hitting the spongy g-spot. This was thing that really pushed her over the edge. The orgasm tore through Christina and she gripped Jack's head tightly between her thighs and moaned in complete ecstasy.

As her breathing returned slowly to normal, Jack crawled up and lay beside her own the couch. "Mmm, you taste amazing babygirl."

"Oh, do you think I could have a taste?" Jack smirked and leaned in and gave her a kiss. While he did have some on his tongue, her juices were located mostly on his chin and she didn't want that to go to waste. With her small, soft tongue Christina licked his chin and smiled in delight and how good she tasted, especially when it was coming off him.

Looking up at him, she batted her eyelashes and asked in her cutest voice, "Is it my turn to taste you?" As much as he'd love to get his dick sucked right at that moment, Jack shook his head and she pouted.

"I know how much you want to do that, but I want to feel inside you even more." Her eyes lit up the idea of having him inside her and making her come for the second time in a row. Jack unbuttoned his own jeans and pulled them down with his underwear. He made no attempt to tease her or let her imagination do any work at all. He desperately wanted this moment and had had an erection for the last twenty-one hours, the length of time that was his flight.

Christina stared wide-eyed as his boner popped out. It was a lot bigger than what she had imagined it would be. His seven inch uncut cock stood proudly and pointed directly at her. Her mouth watered at the idea of sucking on it, but she knew she would be punished if she made an attempt to do that. A tiny part of her mind told her that she wanted that punishment, but the overriding desire to have him fill her with his cock was too much.

Jack rubbed his hard cock up and down her wet slit. "You want this, don't you babygirl?" She bit her lip and nodded. He slowly pushed his cock into her welcoming canal. It was warm and tight and she gasped as he pushed himself the whole way inside. He didn't stop until his cock was pushed right up to her cervix. He looked down into her eyes. "Is this alright?"

"Mmmm daddy, that feels so good!" She looked up at him, her big blue eyes filled with love for him. Jack started to pump his hard cock in and out of her tight pussy. He built up speed with each thrust, moaning with pleasure with each thrust. Christina could feel his cock poking at her womb and felt a new excitement she hadn't felt before. Soon she was on the edge of another orgasm.

Jack could tell from the look on her face that she was close, but he wanted to experience it at the same time as her so he slowed his pumps. Christina pouted her lips when she realised what he was doing, but he just bent down and bit it. She giggled and then gasped as Jack started to build his pace up again, his own orgasm approaching.

Christina moaned with glee as this pushed her to her own orgasm, pulling Jack close by wrapping her legs around his waist. He leaned in and kissed her deeply and passionately as they both came at the same time, Christina's pussy muscles squeezing every last drop of cum from his cock. They both moaned in delight and held each other as they came down from their first orgasm together.

They lay there on the couch, Jack holding Christina in his arms. "Just a little welcome gift," she said with a giggle. Jack laughed and kissed her on the forehead.


"Would you like to look at the dessert menu?" The waiter came to take their plates away after they had finished their main meal. Jack and Christina had found a small intimate restaurant after enjoying a day of wondering around the Met, almost getting caught when she was giving him a blowjob in one of the smaller side galleries.

"Yes, thank you," said Jack, taking the menu. He opened it and started looking through the pages.

"Aren't you going to let me have a look?" asked Christina with a pout.

"Too late, we're getting the perfect thing." The waiter came back to the table. "Yes, can we get the cheese plate?"

Taking the menu, the waiter said, "Excellent choice."

Once he had left, Jack gave Christina a coy look. "See, daddy knows best."

"Mmm, yes you do," she said winking back at him. Jack was slightly surprised by the wink, until he felt her foot come up and start stroking his thigh. The instant arousal that this gave him caused Jack to let out a sharp, but soft, moan.

"Oh you're bad. If you don't stop that I'm going to have to spank you here in front of all these people." That didn't stop Christina in the slightest. Instead, she slid her foot closer to his now rock-hard cock. She giggled and pulled some hairs to her mouth and bit on them. "I'm serious babe." Jack was absolutely squirming in his seat.

"Hehe, you know I'd love if you did that," Christina giggled. As much as she was enjoying torturing her daddy here at the restaurant, she knew what was going to await her once they got back to the apartment. That didn't stop her at all, however. She was so excited at the prospect of her punishment that her panties were already soaking wet. And the more she pushed him to the edge, the wetter she got at the thought of the punishment.

The waiter cleared his throat as he approached the table. He saw young lovebirds like this all the time and he knew the right way to announce his arrival. He was glad he had made the right decision in giving them this dark corner table. He set the plate on the table and bid them well.

Jack's face was bright red. He knew the waiter had understood what was going on and was absolutely mortified. Christina just giggled and started to cut a slice of the cheese. He leaned forward. "Now you're really going to get it missy."

"Oh boy, I can't wait," she smiled and popped the cheese in her mouth. Jack was incredulous with how brash she was. Maybe he had been to lenient with her. Luckily he had bought something that afternoon from a sneaky visit to a sex shop that would definitely set her straight. He couldn't have her being like this, most of all in public.

He began to slice some of the sharp cheddar and took a bite. "How great is this?" he said with pleasure. Christina moaned as well as she ate some of the creamy brie. The cheese was definitely, but weirdly turning them on. "Umm, I think we should definitely get the check." Christina nodded and he caught the attention of the waiter.

As soon as they paid, they ran to the nearest subway. Thankfully the train was right there and they jumped onto it. Since it was pretty late, the train was slightly empty, but Christina still decided to sit on Jack's lap. He glad let her sit there and held onto her waist. But soon enough Christina's naughty streak began to kick in and she was wiggling her ass on his crotch, knowing exactly how to excite him.

Jack bit his lip as he felt his stiff cock straining against his jeans and poking Christina straight into her butt. She moaned as she felt how excited she was making him and wondered how much he was going to hurt her for all she had done during the night. She had to quickly stop herself from the thoughts of his hand slapping hard against her fleshy ass, only because she was going to give herself an orgasm right here on the train.

Jack leaned forward and growled in her ear, "Hmm, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into here babe. Get ready for a world of hurt." She moaned loudly as he said this. The one stoner with headphones in their looked up as though something had happened, but soon just went back to his head bobbing in time with his tunes.

Their station came up and they bounded out the doors before they even had time to open. Before they even realised it, they were back in the apartment bedroom, kissing passionately. But this two-sided affair wasn't going to last long at all.

"Strip!" Jack said in authoritative tone. Christina did as she was told, but didn't do it with any immediacy that she normally would have. She had gotten some sexy new lingerie, complete with garter belt, just because she knew how much it would turn Jack on.

While she was doing this, Jack sat and the end of the bed and looked up at her. He wanted nothing more than to reach up and take her lovingly in his arms, but knew that this wasn't the time for that. Once she was standing there only in her underwear, she went to bend over his knee, ready for her spanking. Before she could, Jack stopped her, "Over in my bag, just on the top, is something which I think you're going to appreciate a lot."

Puzzled, Christina walked over to Jack's luggage and opened it. Sitting directly on top was a brand new spanking paddle. It was made of wood and covered in leather that was stapled to the paddle. She stared at wide-eyed, wondering if she could get any wetter. She took it over to him, "Here you go, Daddy."

Jack took the paddle from her and she lay across his knees. He lay the paddle next to him on the bed. He didn't want to use it just yet. He stroked his fingertips across Christina's firm ass. All her working out at cheer practice had really paid off. Despite it's firmness, it was also juicy and Jack got a good handful of it and squeezed. He could feel her trembling in anticipation and didn't want to prolong her suffering any further.

He pulled his hand hand away and came back a firm, but light whack. Christina bucked on his lap, but made no attempt to pull away. It was a light one to begin with. She knew that he liked to start slowly. She also knew that by the end she would be whimpering.

Whack! While she was busy thinking about her soon to be whimpering mouth, Christina hadn't noticed Jack withdraw his hand for the next smack on her ass. She wiggled her ass, moaning at how great it felt.

"Has my babygirl learnt her lesson yet? That it's not right to tease her daddy when we're out in public," he asked, smacking her ass harder as he said it. Red handprints were already showing and he was getting turned on so much at seeing her ass glow.

"But daddy...," she moaned, feeling another hit, "I thought you loved me so much that you wanted to have me everywhere."

He spanked her again. "Hmm babygirl, I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I do want to have you everywhere. But there's a difference between that and teasing." He rubbed his hand on her ass, now red all over.

"Hehe, I don't see any," Christina giggled, knowing it would make Daddy more mad that she was not interpreting the rules exactly the way he liked them. He gave her ass one more whack and then began to take off her panties. She lifted up her hips to make this easier for him and was surprised when she felt his lips come and give her a soft kiss on one of her cheeks.

Before she even had time to process this tender gesture, she felt another slap on her ass. But this hadn't come from his hand. No, it was firmer and there was the slightest hint of coolness just as the pain kicked in. It hurt a lot more than his hand and she let out a yelp as she felt another and another. Soon she was squirming in his lap, small tears running down her cheeks. "Please Daddy, stop! I'll be a good girl now. I swear."

Just when she felt the paddle come away for another spank, she tensed, but nothing came. Instead, Daddy was rubbing her ass with his hand. "I believe you babygirl. You understand why I have to do this?" Chrissy sniffled and nodded her head. Rather than say anything to praise her acknowledgement, Daddy let his fingers find her dripping pussy. She moaned as he rubbed her lips and slid his finger inside her juicy pussy with no effort whatsoever.

Daddy pulled Chrissy off his lap and spread his legs so that she was kneeling between them. He caressed her face and put one of his thumbs in her mouth to suck. She held onto his wrists with both hands and closed her eyes. "You're so beautiful babygirl. Since you've been really good, I think you've earned a treat." She looked up at him with big blue eyes in excitement.
"Can I suck on it Daddy?" He nodded and she got to work undoing his jeans. She pulled them down a little and pulled out his cock. Chrissy loved the look of her Daddy's cock. It was so big and she was surprised that it even fit in her mouth, let alone any of her other tight holes.

She held it in her little hand and looked at it. Slowly she pulled the foreskin down so that the big angry red cock head was showing. Knowing that Daddy had a sensitive cock, Chrissy took small gentle licks of it, making it nice and wet. But at the same time, her mouth began to water and she desperately longed to fill her mouth with it.

Chrissy opened her mouth and took the head of his cock in. She slowly increased the suction, until her cheeks were hollow, all the while flicking the tip of her tongue against Daddy's cock. She realised that it was the same technique that he used when playing with her own little clitty. Thinking of that made her pussy throb and she quickly put one hand down between her legs to satiate her burning desire.

Decide to stop teasing Daddy's cock, Chrissy opened her mouth wider and impaled her head on his cock. She relaxed her throat muscles until it was as far as it could go and felt the veins on his cock pump and he groaned in delight. Chrissy wanted to hold it for longer, but soon she was gasping for air. Her eyes were watering as she looked up at Daddy, who stroked her cheek with his hand. "Good girl. I'm so proud of you." Chrissy was spurred on by this praise and began bobbing her head up and down on his meaty cock.

Daddy lay back on the bed and groaned in delight. Chrissy could feel his balls tighten up and started stroking his cock with one hand while just sucking the head. Soon she could feel his sweet cum pulsing into her mouth, filling it all the way to the back of her throat. She gulped down the thick juice all the while enjoying the taste that was splashing on her tongue. With one last grunt and a thrust of his hips, Daddy shot his final blast of cum.

Daddy smiled weakly down at Chrissy as she crawled her way up next to him. She kissed his cheek and cuddled his shoulder, one leg draped over his spreadeagled form. He turned to lie on his side so that they were facing one another. Jack looked directly into her eyes and said, "I love you so much Christina."

Christina closed her eyes and had a soft grin on her face. "I love you too, Jack," she said as she hugged him tight. "And I don't want this moment to end. Ever."

Jack smiled. "Well I have a bit of a surprise for you." Christina looked at him quizzically. "I didn't actually book a flight home. I'm kind of staying here indefinitely."

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