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Sex stories

Falling For A Girl, Too Pt. 02


Cassie and Jessica sat together in freshly ironed paisley colored dresses. The surface of the desk was a glossy particle board fixed atop a functional metal frame. They easily met the gaze of the man sitting across from them. This was not the first time they had found themselves in this situation. They no longer felt the tremors of nerves as they awaited the decision.

"You do realize," the man spoke in a calm, smooth, aggravatingly patronizing tone, "that this is the..." he flipped through the papers before him, "...eighth time you have applied in this office alone."

Cassie opened her mouth to speak but Jessica cut in, "Do we look like the type of people to forget how many hoops we have been made to jump through?" She pursed her lips, pressing them into a thin line of displeasure.

"Well," he formed a steeple with his fingers, "your . . . how do I put this, your persistence gives us pause." He scratched at the side of his nose with his middle finger, a sly smile playing at his lips.

"Could you explain to me why our "persistence" gives you pause?" Cassie asked softly.

"Ms. Hadley."

"Mrs. Hadley." Cassie corrected. She lifted her hand. "See the wedding band? It's official and everything."

Mr. Suit-Tie-and-Glasses grimaced sourly. "Yes, well. The fact remains that people in your situation are going to have a more difficult time with this sort of thing." He cleared his throat. "I'm sure you understand."

"I understand." Jessica added tersely but before she could launch into an attack Cassie took over.

"You don't like seeing us here, right?" Cassie asked.

The man smiled. "I'm always glad to see people wanting to get involved with this process."

"Subterfuge does not help in this situation. We can tell that you do not like having to deal with us over and over."

The man crossed his arms and relaxed back in his chair.

"All you have to do is put your signature to a piece of paper and we will be out of your hair. There will be others that will have to check up on us, but you will no longer have to deal with the abominations sitting before you." Cassie took Jessica's hand. "Wouldn't that be easier on everyone?"

"Ms. Hadley," Suit-and-Tie said with a sneer, "I think you know the process well enough at this point. You will hear back from us in 8-10 business days about our decision." He looked at Jessica, his eyes full of disgust, "Have a pleasant day."

Jessica ground her teeth angrily. Cassie's stomach turned sour within her. She spoke softly as she stood, "Thank you. We will wait patiently for your decision."

The ride back home passed in tense silence. Himeros seethed, grinding her teeth biting back the venom she so desperately wanted to spit. Her anger consumed her. At that moment she wanted to be a part of the world's destruction. She knew that once her anger subsided she would feel guilty for her viciousness, but at that moment she wanted to be a cause of pain instead of merely a recipient.

Cassie could feel the outrage pouring from her lover. Himeros was not usually easy to anger, but in the past months they had been called upon to fill out mountains of paperwork, defend their marriage to one another, and stand-by while "impartial" officials sifted through every detail of their private and professional life. She put her hand atop Jessica's. She could feel the girl trembling as she fought to control her emotions.

Jessica could feel her wife's hand flexing against her own. Cassie knew and respected that Jessica sometimes needed silence to process her thoughts. They sat in silence as they passed through the familiar neighborhoods and intersections which would, eventually, lead them home. Jessica let her mind go where it may with no fear of getting lost in her own thoughts. She knew that just the touch of Cassie's hand would keep her grounded; would bring her back if she wandered too far.

They pulled into their drive. The houses around them - once forming a picturesque neighborhood - seemed intrusive, oppressive figures representing the disgust of the caseworker and those like him. Jessica wanted to tear the facade apart. She knew what she had to do. She knew that Cassie would understand. She walked to their room and changed into her dirty and worn clothing. She wore unflattering canvas loafers and had her hair pulled tightly into a messy bun.

"I thought you might." Cassie said easily.

"It's what seems to help the most," Jessica looked into Cassie's eyes, "Aside from knowing how much you love and support me."

"I do, you know."

Jessica looked at her questioningly.

"I love and support you, unwaveringly. You are my wife. My love. My everything."

Jessica lifted one of Cassie's hands and kissed the tips of her fingers. "I'll try not to be long." She spoke quietly.

"Take your time." Cassie replied.

Jessica nodded once and made her way to the basement of the house.

Sweeping her arms wide she cleared the untreated wooden table. Empty containers, cardboard boxes, and cans of spray paint fell to the floor in a rush. Jessica hefted a large gray block of clay to the tabletop. She spritzed the surface with water and began working the material.

The clay was cold, hard, tough to mold at first. Jessica's fingers were tired and aching by the time the clay was workable. She swept the sweat from her brow with the back of her hand as she continued her work. Hours passed in minutes. The passage of time was marked with gasps of breath and drops of sweat.

Cassie had spent her time cleaning house. Jessica had her anger relief ritual, Cassie had her own. After putting the finishing touches on her cleaning, Cassie had retired to the bedroom, dusted off one of her favorite books, and read until she heard Jessica emerge from the basement. She trembled with excitement as she dropped her dress to a pool around her high heels.

They had done this dance many times. Jessica always turned to her artistic nature to work through her anger. Invariably, her work left her so emotionally drained that she needed something to bring her back to normal. Cassie's spine tingled as she remembered the last time she had helped Jessica recharge. She bit her lower lip as the cool air kissed the tight skin of her stomach.

Jessica walked into the bedroom. Her bare feet moved across the thick carpet as she made her way into Cassie's arms. Smears of clay dotted her clothing as she melted against her wife. Cassie lifted Jessica's chin and pressed her lips to her lover's mouth. At first she did not respond, but as Cassie continued to plant kisses on Jessica's lips and face, the girl began to stir as new life was breathed into her.

The kiss deepened, their tongues rolling together as they pulled one another closer. The scent of Jessica's sweat did nothing to reduce Cassie's attentions. She would gladly and eagerly lick the sweat from Jessica's skin given even half-a-moment's opportunity. She planned to make absolutely certain that Jessica received everything she needed. She couldn't wait to begin.

Cassie's hands shook as she slowly lifted the hem of Jessica's shirt. The material was rough, stiff, the fibers in the early stages of dry-rot. Cassie marveled that even though she and Jessica had been together for years, had made love countless times, she was still breathless at the beauty of her lover. Her hands trembled because she knew these moments were special.

The shirt fell to the floor. Hime's breasts covered with goose bumps as cool air kissed sweat covered skin. She shivered. Cassie watched as Hime's nipples hardened. Her mouth watered with longing to pull one of the eraser sized nubs between her teeth while her fingers were kept busy elsewhere.

Cassie dropped to her knees and worked Jessica's pants and panties down her legs. She planted soft kisses on her lover's hips and legs, following the path of the cloth as it moved lower. Jessica stood still and let Cassie do as she pleased. This was a moment for both of them. By the end, they would both have satisfied their needs. By the end, they would both be happy.

Jessica stepped free of the jeans, and panties. She helped Cassie back to her feet, loving the way the high-heels brought out the definition of Cassie's legs. Now, it was Jessica's turn to work.

Cassie trembled as Jessica undressed her. She took her time removing Cassie's bra and panties, savoring the view of her beautiful wife standing naked before her. The only thing Hime left on Cassie was her high-heels. Cassie gave her a questioning look, but did not pull away when Jessica led her to the shower. She suspected that the heels would not survive the shower; she didn't care. They made her feel sexy and the fact that Hime wanted her in them, made her feel alluring.

Jessica led Cassie beneath the spray of the steaming water. They both liked their showers hot. They often laughed at the pink hue of their skin when drying off. Tonight, they would laugh for different reasons.

"Hime." Cassie moaned as her wife rolled her tongue against Cassie's neck.

"Yes?" Hime asked with a purr.

Cassie looked into her lover's eyes and could feel their hearts beating in unison. "More?" Cassie asked in a whisper.

Hime growled low in her throat in response. She didn't need words, her eyes, her teeth, and her silent tongue would be answer enough. She trailed her painted nails down Cassie's spine knowing that little bumps of goose flesh followed her progress in tingling succession. Cassie shivered and pressed her body closer to Jessica.

"Don't tease me!" Cassie whimpered.

"Mmmmm," Jessica leaned in putting her mouth beside Cassie's ear. "But I love watching you squirm for me." She cooed. She scraped her teeth roughly against Cassie's shoulder as a shiver ran up her own spine.

"Problems?" Cassie asked cheekily.

Himeros rested her forehead on Cassie's shoulder. She was silent for a cascade of moments.

Cassie opened her mouth to speak. Hime's voice got there first.

"You have been everything for me." She didn't look up as she spoke. Her grip intensified as if she feared Cassie may slip from her grip and be lost forever to a dark, all-consuming abyss. "You didn't have to do any of it, but you were always there. Even," her body shook as she tried to hold back the tears.

Cassie knew the images flashing through Hime's mind. The night her father had beaten her, disowned her, and sent her out of the house with nothing but the clothes on her back and her car. She had arrived at Cassie's parent's house bruised, crying, and completely destroyed. Her life had been shattered around her by his words, fists, and feet. Cassie welcomed her in and took her time re-building her piece-by-piece.

"When he,"

"Shhh." Cassie pulled her close. "It's over."

"It's not." The tears fell to Cassie's shoulder. "Every day we put up with people like . . . like that case-worker, I can feel him hitting me again."

Cassie didn't know what to say. She knew that the meetings with the case-workers were stressful for them both, but she didn't suspect the depth to which they bothered Jessica.

"There are times at night when I lie in bed beside you and I can't sleep. My mind is abuzz with thoughts and I can't quiet the chorus. I've tried everything I could think of and the only thing that helps . . . is you." Jessica raised her face to look at Cassie. "I rest my hand on your stomach, your side, or even on your hand and suddenly there is nothing but quiet. I can see your chest rise and fall as you sleep. Your scent fills the room. Then, I can fall asleep."

"I love you." Cassie whispered.

"I love you, too." Jessica replied.

Cassie pulled Hime close to her and kissed her lips with all the passion she held within her. Hime was motionless for only a moment until her body responded to her lover. She raked her nails down Cassie's back as the kiss evolved from something intimate and sincere to become something more primal, something hungrier.

Hime pulled away. Though she was breathless from the kiss, her body was desperate for more. Just as she went to make her move, Cassie dropped to her knees in front of her. Jessica looked down at her lover. Cassie looked into her eyes as she moved her face closer to Jessica's vulva. Jessica could hardly pull her eyes from Cassie's head but she longed to trace the lines of her lover's body as the sensations rolled through her.

The spray of the shower continued to fall on Cassie's back as her tongue swept gently over Hime's delicate, delectable lips. She slid her tongue between the dewy folds and was instantly rewarded with Hime's hand on the back of her head. Water was all around them. The spray of the shower splashed on the walls of the stall, and the steam from the heat pervaded the bathroom. Small beads formed and raced down the glossy surface of Cassie's high-heels. These events passed unnoticed by either of the women as they pursued, with closed-eyes, something far more Earth-shattering.

The taste of honey and spice spread across Cassie's tongue as the first drop of her lover's juices touched her tongue.

The first contact.

This moment in time.

It resonates. Reverberates.

It's like the striking of a gong.

One single motion which in being enacted leaves everything around the point of impact trembling with intense purpose.

Cassie closed her eyes and savored the taste of her lover. She could feel her pussy responding in turn. Her own arousal dripped from her tender and tingling lips, but she denied herself the attention her body insisted she needed.

She swept her tongue around Jessica's clit, drinking her lover's sighs and moans as she sought to make Jessica scream for her. She folded her tongue making it resemble a tube. She had read online that this was a game-changer for most women. She wrapped her tongue around Jessica's clit and lightly flexed her muscles.

The article she had read said this was somewhat similar to how a guy feels when his girl goes down on him.

Whatever. Like Cassie would know that.

Judging from Jessica's reaction, it must have felt wonderful.

"Fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk!" Jessica screamed.

Cassie opened her eyes. She could, through the fog, make out Jessica's open mouth as her orgasm washed over her. Cassie could see the twist and roll of the muscles in her wife's stomach. She knew what was coming next. She didn't have to wait long.

"Shit shit shit shit." Jessica called.

Right on time, Cassie thought to herself just before the first spray erupted from between Jessica's velvety lips.

Over and over Jessica squirted as her lover drank her down. Cassie had her upper lip pressed tightly against Jessica's clit as she drank from her wife.

Jessica collapsed to the shower floor and took Cassie in her arms.

"Stop! Stop! Oh, God! God!"

Cassie giggled as her lover relaxed back on the floor. She reached up and turned the water off. "How about we continue this in our room?"

"Mmmmm." Jessica replied.

"On our nice, comfortable mattress."

"Oh, yes." Jessica replied.

They rose from the floor and walked, hand-in-hand, through the house.

If anyone had been in the basement work-space, they would have been able to hear the giggles and satisfied moans of the lovers above. The dank cement area was shrouded in darkness concealing the creation Jessica's hands had formed from the clay block.

The sculpture was of three heads. Two were adult females beaming with joy beyond compare. Love radiated from the women. The other face; a sleeping face of hope for something more from life.

A baby slept beneath the mothers' watchful, protective, nurturing eyes.

Next to the sculpture sat a stack of official papers. Most people would bypass this stack as detritus amid creativity. If they only stopped to read the first line of the paper, they would see the connection to the art.

Application for adoption: Denied.

Many of these papers bore the same signature.

None of the papers listed a reason.


"The Global Artificial Intelligence Academy was implemented by our CEO as a proactive means of preventing cyber-attacks, confidential information loss, and helping to predict problem areas within the services we offer our customers." The tour-guide spoke in a loud confident voice.

"How does it work?" A woman in her mid-thirties asked.

The tour-guide waved her hand loosely in the air. "There is an extremely technical answer to that question for which I would be fired. Suffice to say that it uses a large amount of memory, a statistical analysis system, and a logic program to take in massive amounts of information in an attempt to recognize patterns that would otherwise be overlooked." She took a deep breath.

"Artificial Intelligence? A.I.? Like, iRobot?" A late-twenty-something male asked.

The tour-guide had been waiting for a question like this. She always had to answer a question about malignant, humanity-dominating-artificial-intelligence. "Who can tell me what artificial intelligence means?"

The crowd looked back at her blankly. Another common factor in these groups.

"What it means is that we - the programmers and users - tell the computer system what to look for and then it works off those instructions. We do have a localized computer center which can advise the users to pay attention to certain factors, but just as a layperson can ignore the anti-virus warnings on their pc, we can ignore the advice."


What a response, she thought to herself.

"So, what does it mean to be a Global Artificial Intelligence Academy?" A face in a sea of faces asked. "Is this system spread across the world?"

"No." The tour-guide responded. "Just as the human brain has two lobes, so does our computer system. The job of one system is to question the analysis of the other system. That is its only function."

She was met with a sea of confused faces.

"In this way, the computer prevents itself from making wild-calls without having significant proof of a threat."

"How long does the system need to assess a risk?"

"Eris," the tour-guide said, "what we call our system, can assess a risk in a minimum of 17 seconds."

"On TV, they can hack through firewalls faster than that."

The tour-guide suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. She collected herself. "I assure you," she said jovially, "that many things on television are embellished for dramatic effect."

Spencer watched the tour as it passed through the building. Tours of Gaia had been a board suggestion to foster investor confidence in the company. Spencer couldn't have cared less about investor confidence, but she knew that it was a necessary evil of generating overwhelming income. She turned her attention to the worker in front of her.

"How did this happen?" She asked tersely.

"Well..." the young man's face blanched.

"I don't have time to waste. Can you tell me how our system was breached without Eris alerting us to the attack?"

"I, I don't want to lose my job."

"Why would you lose your job?" Spencer narrowed her eyes at the worker. He was pushing the limits of her patience.

"He doesn't want to tell you that the attack originated from your computer, in your office."

Spencer snapped her head around to face the speaker.

Paul, a mid-forties techie-geek who was world-renowned for his abilities with a computer, met her fierce gaze unflinchingly.

"What do you mean, my computer?"

"I don't know how to be any clearer in my statement." He sipped from his coffee cup. "The attack originated from your computer. This means that a virus was uploaded to our system from your office. The office you designed to have limited access and personalized entry codes." He stepped closer to her. "Entry codes which we would be able to analyze to pinpoint the time of attack if the database had not been wiped. Expertly, I might add."

"So, we have nothing?"

"No, we have next to nothing." Paul replied. "Thanks to me, however, we have a point of entry and a team of skilled programmers and ex-hackers who can turn Eris' powerful gaze onto our own system."
"How will that help?"

"By your orders, we designed Eris to look outward for an attack. Over the years she has learned to predict attacks based on system weaknesses and trending cyber-attacks. I feel confident that if we turn her predictive powers to our CEO's office computer, she can tell us how best an attack may be carried out."

"Thereby giving us a starting point." Spencer finished.

"Precisely." He sat his coffee cup down on a stainless steel table to the side of the computer station. He was very touchy about his hardware.

"And my implication in this matter?" Spencer asked. She knew that if she were being implicated in the attack she would be removed from work until an investigation had been conducted.

"You are clear."

"Are you certain?"

"It's my call to make." He smiled, for the first time. "No offense, but this attack is beyond your skill set."

Spencer wasn't certain if this were an insult.

"Keep me posted. All information goes through me." She instructed.

"Ma'am." He replied.

As she walked away from the computer station, she could feel the tension in her body easing. Though she wouldn't admit it to herself, she had been dreading the meeting at Gaia. She feared that she would be implicated in the attack and have had to wade through the media storm which would have poured upon her in the interim. Surprisingly, in the face of a very stressful day, her thoughts turned to Callie.

She thought of the beautiful girl who had stolen her heart so completely in their college days. Callie had appeared out of nowhere at a time that Spencer had consider to be entirely inconvenient. Looking back, she couldn't believe how she had almost missed the best thing to ever happen to her. Callie had been unexpected and terrifying, but something within Spencer refused to let go of her.

Spencer walked in silent reflection, deaf to even the click of her heels on the marble floor. She didn't register the various salutations she received as she passed made her way through the offices on her way to the elevators. She had surrendered herself entirely to thoughts of Callie and the love she called her own.

As she sat down at her desk, she could almost feel Callie's lips against her own. The kiss was hungry, and fueled by a passion which left her breathless. Her mind ran with the fantasy. Embellishing, enhancing, and bringing Callie to life so that her breath tickled the fine hairs on the back of Spencer's neck. Spencer sighed contentedly as she felt her body responding to the thoughts. She could feel the heat growing between her legs and on the air she swore she could smell her lover.

She rocked gently in her chair, squeezing her thighs together as Callie nipped at the skin she exposed greedily. In her mind, Spencer chased her lover through their home as her own appetite drove her mad with lust.

"Callie." She whispered.

"No, sorry." A familiar voice said.

Spencer sat up in her chair. She tried to suppress the blush but she could already feel the heat burning her cheeks. She looked, wide-eyed, at her assistant.

"How long have you been there?" Spencer asked.

"Do you want the truth or a lie?" James sat the second cup of coffee on Spencer's desk.

"Oh, God!" Spencer covered her eyes with her hand.

James chuckled softly to himself. "I'm only teasing. I got here just as you said something about a 'Cal-y'. Odd pet-name." He sat comfortably in the chair opposite her.

Spencer turned her thoughts to work. "What do we have today?"

"Your usual." James replied before blowing gently on his steaming cup.

"No." Spencer replied. "I meant, what is on the agenda today?"

"I take it you haven't seen the stock report today?" He raised one eye-brow.

"I don't have to. Let me venture a guess; 13 points?"

James grimaced. "53 points."

"Fuck!" Spencer spat.

"My words exactly. The Armenian man didn't appreciate the comment."

"What's in the rumor-mill?"

"A few mentions of cyber-attacks, but mostly just comments about shoddy service."

"Shoddy service!" She seethed. "In the history of our company, how many outages have there been?"

"I know. I know." He looked at her sympathetically. "You know how fickle consumers are. They have lost their esteem for us, but they know we are still the best."

"53 points?!" She smacked her fist on the desk-top.

"We will recover." James looked at her. "You know we will."

She sighed. "We will recover."

"What did Gaia have to say?"

"The attack originated from this computer." She indicated her monitor. "That's why Eris didn't catch it. She was not designed to look inward."

"But, if the attack originated from here. . ."

Spencer looked at James. "They are going to figure it out. I have complete faith in Paul and his team."

James smiled at her. "I'm sure they will."

Spencer didn't say the nagging thought aloud. She knew that there were only two people with access to her office. She had her own key, and James had a copy. She hated to consider James a suspect, but anything was possible.

"Right." She said after taking a drink of her coffee. "We are going to make a move to bolster consumer confidence."

James took out his memo pad.

"I want each of our customers to receive a 10% bill reduction as an apology for the unexpected loss of service."

James looked up. "The losses will be immense."

"If we do nothing, the losses will be more significant."

"Are you certain?"

"Yes." She looked at him. "Get billing to give me a call."

"The time it's going to take to adjust the bills..." James prodded.

"We will issue a coupon-code that can do the work for us." Spencer waved dismissively. "Now, get billing on the phone, and prep the conference room for our meeting."


Callie's head screamed in protest as the hangover amplified the screams and squeals of the children at play. She had sunglasses to protect her eyes from the Sun's accusing glare and a large cup of coffee held tightly in her hand.

Bits and pieces of the night flashed through her mind like so many clips from a B movie reel. She groaned as a joyful squeal pierced her mind like a glowing hot spike. She could feel the pain pulse in her head.

"Good morning, Sunshine!"

"Shhhhhhh." Callie said irritably as she looked at the dread-lock shaded face smiling cheerily at her.

"Uh-oh! Someone is not feeling that well." Samantha bounced lightly on her toes. "Poor dear." She always affected a faux-English accent when she was consoling Callie.

"Poor dear, indeed." Callie muttered. "Hangovers suck."

Samantha patted Callie's shoulder reassuringly. "I've never been one to get hangovers."

"I swear to God I will pour hot coffee on you."

"Sorry." Samantha replied. "Not something you wanted to hear I take it."

"Right-o." Callie replied in a failingly faux-English mock.

Samantha stood quietly by Callie for a few minutes before speaking. "I'm thinking we need to talk about last night." Samantha said in a hush.

"I guess we might." Callie replied. She turned to look away from Samantha as feelings of guilt ate away at her.

"It was a lot of fun, but," Samantha started.

"Not here." Callie replied. "We can't talk about it here."

Samantha looked around. "Yes, I suppose you're right." Samantha thought for a moment. "Drinks after work?"

"Coffee after work. The little café on the corner of main?"

"Coffee is a better idea." Samantha confirmed. "5 o'clock?"

"Sounds good." Callie replied.

"See you then." Samantha replied walking away.

Callie raised her whistle, readied herself for the pain about to come, and blew the shrill note signifying the end of recess. Her students groaned their disapproval, but they complied with her summons. Callie's mind screamed at her for the noise. It was going to be a long day.

Callie rested behind her desk. The students were with another teacher for an explorative art lesson. Probably finger painting. She had let her shoes fall from her feet and she massaged her temples. The coffee had helped fight off the hangover, but now a caffeine headache threatened. She closed her eyes and rolled her head from side-to-side.

Her mind used the blank space of darkness to remind Callie of her nighttime activities. Dreadlocks fell around her as she pressed her mouth against Samantha's. Their tongues danced together as Callie's fingers pulled gently, but insistently, at Samantha's thin dress. Callie moaned lightly as Samantha pulled her lower lip between her teeth. She could feel the pressure of Samantha's teeth on the soft flesh as the younger woman gave in to the passion growing within her.

Behind her desk, Callie shifted in her seat. Already her panties were gathering her juices. She knew that she should stop thinking of her friend, but the images her mind showed her were too delicious to block.

Samantha's dress fell in a pool around her feet. She looked breath-taking in the low-light. So much of her reminded Callie of Spencer. Reminded her of the way things had been between them once.

The thought of Spencer changed the fabric of the memories. Now, Spencer stood before her. She wore black lacy panties and held her bra in her hand. The garment fell to the floor as the exotic goddess moved closer to her lover. Callie waited with bated breath as Spencer took her time moving closer. She wanted Callie to need her; to beg for her. Callie wouldn't let her ego get in the way, she would beg eagerly.

One of Spencer's hands played lightly with her breast while the other traveled slowly lower. Callie salivated as Spencer's fingers neared her delicate slit. Callie wanted to touch her, but she knew that if she reached out, her hand would be smacked away.

"Callie." Spencer moaned as she fingered herself unabashedly.

Callie shuddered in her seat. She struggled to keep her hands above her desk, but the friction of her legs rubbing together was not quite reaching where she needed it. She sighed hotly, opening her eyes to make sure she wasn't being watched. She took her lower lip between her teeth and let one of her hands drop to her lap. She was worried that she might get caught, but the fear made the pleasure so much sweeter.

Behind closed eyes, Spencer slipped her fingers deeper into herself. Callie knew the digits would emerge, coated and glistening with Spencer's cum. The hunger she felt for her lover burned in her as her imagination continued to torment her.

Her hand worked up under her dress. She pulled her panties to the side and lightly rubbed her clit.

Spencer lifted her wet fingers to her mouth and without taking her eyes off Callie, she slowly licked each digit. She moaned appreciatively as the flavor spread across her tongue. Callie groaned with jealousy.

Callie could feel her orgasm approaching as her imagination played with her.

Spencer reached low, her hand coming close to Callie's vulva. Callie moaned in preparation for what was to happen. She looked down where Spencer's hand was and was shocked to find Samantha staring up at her.

"Lick her." Spencer commanded.

Callie opened her mouth to speak, but Spencer silenced her with a glance. She urged Samantha's face into Callie's slit.

Callie shook uncontrollably behind her desk as the images washed over her. When she opened her eyes, she was still alone. She brought her hand to her mouth and tasted her cum from her fingers. It was a poor substitute for Spencer, but in the recent months, Spencer had been a poor substitute for Spencer.

Callie straightened herself and prepared herself for the rest of the day. She was relieved to see that only an hour remained. Thank God!

The heavy scent of coffee and pastries filled the air of the warm boho-café. Callie sat across from Samantha as they both warmed their hands on the steaming mugs before them. Callie had sent a message to Spencer letting her know that there was a meeting she had to attend and therefore would be late getting home. She doubted that Spencer would even be there when she arrived. The thought made her grind her teeth.

Samantha lifted her mug and breathed in the comforting scents of hazelnut and chocolate. She took a sip of the liquid before replacing her mug on the coaster. She looked at Callie and smiled gently.

"So," Samantha started.

"So." Callie confirmed.

"How much of last night do you remember?" Samantha asked.

Callie's phone vibrated. She ignored it.

"Bits and pieces." Callie said softly. "I think I drank too much."

"Just a little, I think." Samantha added with a chuckle.

"More than a little."

"A lot more than a little." Samantha confirmed with a smile. "Before the drinking, we talked of work and your passion for working with children. After the drinking," Samantha grimaced slightly, "You had some things to say about your love."

Callie looked into the artfully decorated surface of her latte. "Oh."


Callie's phone vibrated once more. She ignored it again.

"Sorry." Callie said.

"It's ok. I just think that you need someone to talk to about the things you are holding within you."

Callie thought about the scenes replaying behind her eyes. She could almost remember the taste of Samantha's juicy slit.

"You're probably right." Callie admitted.

"That's what I'm here for." Samantha looked at her. "I think you deserve a sober friend to listen to your thoughts and concerns."

"Just a friend?" Callie asked. Her phone vibrated.

"Maybe a good friend." Samantha replied.

"I would think we were more than friends now." Callie lifted her phone.

"What do you mean?" Samantha asked.

Callie's phone vibrated once more. "Hold on. Let me shut this thing up." She illuminated the screen.

Can't wait to see you. Maybe, I'll get a treat tonight like I did last night. I must say, I didn't think I wanted sex, but the way you attacked me really woke something within me. Love you.


Callie thought back to her earlier fantasy. It suddenly made sense why her brain had brought Spencer into the picture. Spencer had been there, not Samantha. Callie felt her guilt over cheating on Spencer vanish. She still felt ashamed that she had considered it, but if she hadn't actually cheated on Spencer then maybe there was still a chance for them.

"Why would you think we are more than friends?" Samantha persisted.

"Well, er, we drank together. In some cultures, like the Greek, drinking together is a symbol of a bond deeper than friendship."

"Oh." Samantha said. Then, "Oh! That's right; you were in a sorority, right?"

Callie nodded. She busied her thumbs by texting Spencer once more.

Can't wait. I just need to be with you. Love you,


"So, what did I tell you last night?" Callie asked.

"You told me lots of things, but mostly that you were undeniably in love with your partner."

"Wife." Callie corrected.

"Right, wife." Samantha looked uncomfortable, but Callie didn't care. "You said that things between you and she had been deteriorating because she spent more and more time at work. You struggled to understand and be supportive, but ultimately you missed the intimate connection."


"You said the worst part, was that you still cared for her so much that you could feel her when she was absent. You were almost crying when you told me that sometimes you wished you didn't care for her at all. That it wouldn't hurt as much if you could just let go of her."

"I can't." Callie cut in. "Sometimes it does feel that way, but I know that my life is better because I met her. Because I love her so much."

"Anyone who looks at you can see how much you love her."

"It doesn't seem that she can."

"When I dropped you off at your house. She was there waiting for you."

Callie looked up.

"She picked you up into her arms and carried you to your bed. She kissed you softly on the forehead and tucked the blankets around you." Samantha chuckled. "She even uncovered your feet because she says your feet get hot at night." Samantha touched Callie's hand. "She has nothing but love for you."

"I miss how we were."

"Then fight for it!" Samantha almost screamed. "Talk to her. Tell her. Make her see what you are going through. And be patient. Be patient because this is not something that will change overnight."

"I'll try."

"No. You have to do better than that." Samantha squeezed her hand gently. "Remember that you are only seeing your side of the story. Maybe, maybe you aren't paying attention to her in the way she needs." Samantha looked apologetically. "I don't know for certain, just making suggestions."

Callie looked at her friend. She struggled to find the words that would tell Samantha how much this conversation meant to her. The words wouldn't come. She settled with, "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

When they had emptied their cups they went their separate ways. Samantha returned to her home, and Callie made her way home turning the suggestions Samantha had made over and over in her mind. Callie put her hand on the door knob when her phone buzzed once more.

Hate to cancel again, but something has come up at the office. See you soon.


Callie lowered her head dejectedly. She had built up the courage to have the confrontation with Spencer and now, it didn't seem she would get the chance.

"Unless I go to her." Callie thought aloud. She turned on her heels and headed back to her car. One way or another, they were going to talk.

Bad News

Asteria pulled Livia onto her lap. They wrapped a cozy thermal blanket around themselves as they turned on the news. Livia had grown up in a different place altogether and had no use for television. She had conceded to Asteria to watch the news with her when they could steal time together.

Asteria breathed in the scents of lavender and spice which seemed to cling to Livia. She admired the star shaped mark on Livia's cheek and placed a soft, warm, wet kiss just beneath it.

"What was that for?" Livia asked.

"Because I love you." Asteria replied eagerly.

Livia rolled her eyes. "You're going to miss your show."

"It's not a show." Asteria chastised. "It's the news."

"Whatever." Livia replied merrily.

Asteria snuggled closer to her lover as a somber newswoman appeared on the screen.

"Tonight three people found dead in an alley with a similar pattern of gunshot wounds. Police officials would not confirm or deny the connection of these murders with those found last week. Chet Colloms is on site gathering details as they become available. We will check in with Chet in just a few. Right now, allegations of corruption and "lacking moral character" have skyrocketed as letters pour into government offices from concerned individuals and family members."

"We believe these letters are a result of the unbelievable response regarding Senator Hadley's resignation from office amid allegations of abuse directed at his own daughter. Though Senator Hadley offered no comment to defend himself, it is clear that a trend is becoming apparent."

"They deserved all the received." Asteria commented.

"Shhhhh." Livia pressed her finger to her lips. For some reason, she had a bad feeling.

"It appears . . ." the anchorwoman stopped in her speech. She looked beyond the camera. Something was happening.

Livia and Asteria sat forward on their couch.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going live to a developing scene in Lexington. It seems that the headquarters of Kronos, a major communications provider and philanthropic agency. We have just received word that the facility has come under the control of a terrorist group. We go live to Jon Jimsons at the scene. Jon?"

Livia looked at Asteria. "Isn't that where. . ."

"Spencer." Asteria said worriedly.

A young man spoke on the screen. "We have confirmed that only two people are in the building. Spencer Miles, the CEO of Kronos, and her wife Callista Miles. It was reported that they were in the CEO's office on the top floor when," he turned to indicate the gathered police vehicles when the rest of his words were drowned out. The upper levels of the office building exploded with flames as the gathered people ducked to the ground for safety. Glass and bits of wood showered down on the crowd gathered below as their screams took to the air.
"Oh my God!" Asteria covered her mouth with her hand. "No."

Livia pulled Asteria closer.

"No, no, no, no." Asteria said, over and over.

(To be continued)


I hope you have enjoyed this part of Falling For A Girl, Too. I know it has taken me some time to write this portion. In truth, it is difficult for me to write these sad parts because I do not like for my characters to suffer. I know that this story (Falling For A Girl, Too) has been difficult to read and I want to apologize for that. Have faith. That is all I can say.

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