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Her Pass

This was previously posted in a different version. I took it down to publish as an ebook, but received requests to repost.


Anne didn't typically come to Jack's apartment. Not without Jack's father. She sat pensively on his sofa. It had taken her mustering a lot of courage to come over. She had something she wanted to talk about, and once she had decided to talk about it with him, it hadn't been easy. Always, there had been this reserved aspect about her.

Jack came back with her glass of wine and handed it to her.

"Thank you." She smiled warmly, and he smiled back just as warmly.

"Everything alright?" His voice showed genuine concern. He eased onto the sofa beside her.

She liked his graceful manner. He was holding a glass of red himself, and he had lowered himself to sit beside her and half turned to her in his fluid, effortless way. His easy manner was accentuated by his casual look of worn jeans and a t-shirt.

"Well, yes and no." She sipped from the nice Chardonnay he had given her, wanting any fortification she could get. "I mean, everything's okay in that we're all healthy. But as far as your father and I are concerned, we're still having problems."

"I'm sorry."

"Thanks. But it's gotten worse." Anne sometimes talked with her head lowered and her eyes peering up, but this time she faced further down.

Anne had struggled with whether to have this conversation with Jack or not. She and Jack were so much closer lately than they had ever been. Still, maybe it would have been better to keep it to herself.

She noticed Jack's eyes glimpse to her mouth and then to her ears. When his look returned to her eyes, he gazed deeply. She immediately felt self-conscious. It didn't matter that she had carefully applied her lipstick, make-up and liner exactly as she wanted, or that she had one of her favorite pairs of earrings in place. She worried anyway. After all, this was Jack.

She quickly questioned why she didn't feel better about things. The crisp, white blouse and fitted black skirt she had particularly selected, and her dirty blonde hair was looking as its best, so why all the doubts about herself, she wondered.

Once past the worry, she found she liked how he seemed to notice her. Pay such attention to her. He clearly admired the red gloss of her lips, the bright earrings. He just seemed to really appreciate her.

Lately, she had made a conscious effort to appreciate him, too. With becoming closer in the last few months, they talked more and related better with each other. They were every bit as close as adult friends as they were mother and son.

Anne had to acknowledge to herself that their past difficulties were as much caused by her than anything else.

When Jack was in his high school years, he had been a problem in several ways. His trying alcohol and smoking pot had disappointed her time and again. This had resulted in her emotionally distancing herself from him somewhat. She had a distinct view of what he was capable of, and at the time, she had thought that if he wasn't going to try and achieve what he was capable of, then she wasn't going to emotionally invest as much.

She realized how this may have come off as cold to some, but this had been her own experience with her father. And, it had worked out after all. So too had things with Jack.

Interestingly, it had been Jack's father who had drawn closer to Jack in his teens, and it had eventually worked out just fine. Jack and his father had shared an interest in baseball, and they had both been very pleased when Jack made the college team.

Unfortunately, nagging shoulder problems kept the potential pro draft pick and contract from ever happening. Nonetheless, he still did well academically, and he secured a good job upon graduation.

"Hey," he carefully pulled her focus back. She realized she'd been lost in thought as they just looked to one another. "Worse?"

"Well listen, I don't know if you want to hear all this. I probably should not be talking to you about it." Her reluctance returned.

"It's okay. I want you to. " He drew just closer. His legs were extended to a table in front of the sofa and they angled toward her.

She drew a deep breath and pushed forward. "He finally came clean night before last. ... He's been having an affair. And, it's been with Jenny Franklin, who's actually a friend of mine. I'm mortified, Jack." Her hand went nervously to cover her mouth.

Jack immediately put his glass down, and he leaned to her. His arms wrapped her and brought her into his embrace. "It's okay."

She slumped into him and put her arms around him as well. His hand rubbed at her back, and they stayed embraced for several moments. She sighed heavily as they parted.

When they each sat back, she dabbed a finger at her eyes. She saw he was closer than he was before, and she found that reassuring. He put a hand on her knee that was now tilted more in his direction, as his legs remained pointed towards her.

His voice was low and measured when he spoke. "What else did he say?"

"He told me it was a horrible mistake, and he was sorry. He said absolutely nothing more would happen. That it was over. He asked me to forgive him. I don't know. I'm still so stunned. But, you know how he is. He had to have an answer and had to act like everything was alright."

"Take your time. Give it a lot of thought. You know?" Jack clearly cared. He was thinking about what was best for her.

"I can't believe he can just expect me to get right over it. He's so arrogant. He really is. He tried to pacify me by telling me that this meant I had a 'pass'. It was condescending, really. I mean, he probably can't imagine me doing something like that. He's convinced I wouldn't." She bristled as she said it.

He grinned conspiratorially to her. "And?"

She paused and permitted a quick thought to pass. Then, immediately she wondered if maybe she had started blushing a little. Her face seemed somewhat warm having shared this close issue with him. She felt better having done so.

"Oh Jack, I don't know. It's hard to think about separating from him. It just is. At the same time, I have to do something. This is too much. I can't let this stand."

"You'd think about fooling around?" Jack appeared to lean even closer and his eyes widened. He didn't hide his being intrigued.

Her eyes gazed at his for several seconds in silence before she finally spoke up.

"C'mon, no one would be interested in me anymore. Besides, I couldn't just up and go do something like that. Not with someone I didn't care about." Her eyes darted from her glass to his face and back again.

"Hey! Don't be silly. You're gorgeous. You could be with any man you wanted."

"You are so very sweet." She put a hand to caress his cheek and leaned to him. She beamed up at him.

To her surprise, his face closed the distance. He pecked a slow, slight kiss to her lips.

He pulled back with a touch of pride at having obviously done something she hadn't expected.

"Jack. ...I'm touched. I'm lucky to have you to turn to. I am." Her words were soft.

"And, I'm glad you're here. I am here for you." His voice was deep.

"Yeah?" Her expression was appreciative, but they both seemed to catch an ambiguity that hung awkwardly in the air. She gave a shake of her head and started to clarify herself. "I mean... ."

He pressed to her and his lips were at hers again. She braced at first. His lips stayed on hers, and she didn't move away. Not at first. His kiss gently pulled at her before releasing her lips, and she opened her eyes after he had already broken their kiss and was smiling.

"Wow." She blinked a couple of times, stunned.

He looked about her face, adoringly. His hand had remained at her knee and now it brushed her there. She became very aware of his other hand, this one at the back of the sofa, at her shoulder.

Her face searched around the room, her mind reeling. She raised her eyebrows and sounded like she was thinking out loud. "I hope you're not simply feeling sorry for me."

"Sorry for you?" He was shocked at her suggestion and went to prove it to her. The hand not resting at her knee went to her face and cupped her cheek.

He brought his mouth to hers once more, only this time his lips were more urgent and they parted hers. When his tongue went past her lips, she visibly recoiled as if to back from him. His hand kept her in place and he kissed her fervently. She froze a couple of seconds and her focus went to the sensual feel of his lips and tongue at hers. His mouth was fully on hers, and she felt her body react. As if against all thought otherwise, her face pushed closer to his and she was suddenly kissing him back. An airy daze swept her where she only was aware of his mouth.

They passionately twisted, locked in an embrace they both held. Only after several moments did she catch herself and put a hand to his chest and break their kiss. She withdrew and was out of breath.

Her eyes were wide and brows were arched. Her mind spun with the processing of what had just happened, as well as how it had felt for her. She was disoriented from how aroused it had made her. She was incredulous.

"Jack." Her voice was thin and weak. Her chest expanded and fell with several pants.

He drew close once more, but she stopped him.

"We can't." Her hands pressed to his chest, but her eyes went back and forth between his eyes and his mouth. Her breathing was still quick.

He eased backward. "Yeah. Okay." He nodded a couple of quick times and appeared to gather himself. "You're probably right. We should stop."

She absently put a hand to her mouth and felt her lips, still moist from their kissing. She liked how puffy and sensitive her mouth remained from him.

"I can't believe we did that." Her words trailed. Her eyes wandered off, stunned.

"No?" His eyes raised barely with his question.

"Uh, no. Can you? I mean, that's just wrong." Her voice was tight with concern. There was a slight squint. "You do know better."

"Hey, you're very attractive. We're adults."

Her mouth gaped open and she wrinkled her forehead. "Jack. Seriously?" She paused but he didn't speak. She stated what she figured was the obvious. "I'm your mother, after all. We... were..."

"Kissing. Deeply? Passionately?" He grinned.

She was astonished at his assuredness. She had never seen this from him before, or at the very least, she had just never picked up on it. Now, he looked so very certain.

"You can't think this is okay." Her comment came across meekly. She wondered whether he might be joking.

He kept his grin and spoke slowly. "I think it is okay. And... ."

"And?" Her voice was eager. She watched him in suspense.

"And, I think we both liked it, actually."

Her face started to grimace, softened to a small smile, and then she started slowly shaking her head.

"Am I wrong?" He said it like a challenge.

She stared straight at him as well as him at her, and then he moved again.

Her eyes followed his mouth as it joined hers again, and she did not pull away. Her mouth opened willfully and his kiss was fully upon her again. Their heads turned slightly as she accommodated his tongue go deeply into her mouth. She softly drew her cheeks to where she felt his kiss closely.

She got lost in the many sensations brought by their mouths entwined, and she marveled at how exquisitely soft and tender their matching felt. A lightness carried her for several moments and her body sensitized with their holding each other as they were. It seemed very dreamlike to her.

A couple of times they slowed and then picked up their pace. While entranced with his mouth, she vaguely perceived movement. His hand went from her knee to the inside of her thigh and she jumped with awareness. She broke their kiss and gasped. Her hand stopped his.

"Jack!" She was breathless a moment. "What are you doing?"

He looked at her evenly. Without flinching, he answered her simply. "I was feeling your thigh."

"Well... well." She looked panicky around the room. "We have to stop this. We must." Her hands patted at her hair, trying desperately to compose herself. He kept a hand on the top of her leg.

"Do we?" He suggested.

She gawked at him seriously a moment. "You can't mean that."

He let his left hand, the one at her face while his other stayed at her leg, stroke at her cheek once more. "Can I ask you something?"

She nodded.

"Tell me. And be honest. Did you wear that skirt for me?" His voice was low-pitched but unmistakable.

Her mouth gaped open and she couldn't respond at first. It was as if he had peeled back a layer of her she couldn't have imagined. She repeated his question to herself.

Then, she spoke haltingly. "What? I, um, thought we might go have dinner. I wasn't sure."

He inhaled and then slowly exhaled. He asked again slowly about her intention. "Did you pick out that skirt and decide to wear it for me?" An affected patience sounded in his tone.

There was a noticeable swoon from her at his having said this directly like he had. Her head dipped and turned to one side and away before she could look back up to him. She thought for a second, blinked and then nodded. "Yes. Yes, I did."

It was such an admission, she told herself. She was never asked such a personal thing, and she surely never revealed such a thing. Not her. It wasn't her way. Much less to someone like him. And definitely not in this situation.

She clenched her eyes shut. Her head bowed and her shoulders sagged. She shook her head back and forth slowly, still looking down.

He swiftly reached to her chin and held her face up and inches from his own. Her eyes were at first still closed, but he waited until she opened them. He looked deeply into them and smiled.

Very slowly, he brought his face to hers. Just before another kiss, he paused. He seemed to relish seeing her lips part in anticipation. He had to know it was probably against her very nature. He then kissed her. It was gentle at first. When she easily responded, he became more urgent. Quickly, they were back to an intense and fervent meshing together. He acted emboldened when he picked up on her pressing her mouth to form to his even more.

A moment passed, and he dipped his head at an angle that made his face just beneath hers, and he used the angle to delve his tongue deeper into her mouth. Her response was to press him even firmer to accept his kiss.

Astonished at her response, he leaned forward. His torso pressed her backward reclining her back onto the sofa. They stayed embraced and kissing, and he drew his right hand up between her legs. At contact with her panties, she jumped, breaking their kiss.

"Jack!" She shrieked.

She stared up at him. Breathing heavily, she acted flabbergasted. Her eyes narrowed and her brow furrowed intensely, she held him in place, but she didn't make him move his hand. They both were acutely aware that she didn't.

His fingers gently manipulated her there. There was pliable, very soft flesh there between her legs. He felt her dampness. She started rolling her eyes, alternating between looking at him and up to the ceiling.

"Stop." There was no urgency in her low voice at all.

He stopped his fingers but didn't take them off her.

"You've thought about this." His tone teased her.

Both of her hands grasped his right wrist that she held in place between her legs. She looked right to where his hand was, causing him to do the same. They both saw her hands holding his wrist, and the hands had the effect of hiking the hem of her dress in an arch and showing most of her inner thighs. She reflexively closed her legs further, and it had the effect of squeezing his hand on her. A slight blurt of air escaped her.

He looked back up at her first, and he grinned at the troubled look in her eyes. When her eyes came to meet his, her expression didn't ease but her head drifted back onto the arm rest of the sofa. Her eyes stayed fixed on his.

She half-whispered to him. "We have to stop this."

He stared back at her and spoke slowly. "Is that what you really want?"

Her eyes peered back and forth at his, and she was silent.

With her silence, he inched his hand higher, and the unmistakable feel of moist satin was in his palm. Her hands clamped down harder, stopping him in place. She didn't move him, and his fingers and hand remained in contact with the soft, damp fabric. Strands of coiled hair were easily felt underneath.

"You came over here to talk about this, didn't you? You've thought about us, haven't you?" His voice was direct.

Her eyes burned up at him. Her hands pulled him back, but it wasn't far enough to take his fingers from the touch of her panties. She didn't try harder.

When she answered, there was an emotional, breathy strain to her words. "Look, I guess in some way. Vaguely." Her voice trailed with her revelation.

His hand moved, and the effect was his fingers sliding her panties aside. Wetness coated his fingers.

"Jack!" Her voice feigned outrage, but there was as much of a groan as there was protest.

"I want you to understand something. If we go upstairs, we're going to use that pass."

She flinched hard. Half-muttering, she purred, "I can't believe you said that to me."

His eyes didn't waver from looking directly at her. "Just wanting you to know that." He was calm but determined. "You probably already do."

His fingers started back at her there. She shifted on his fingers, and her face gave a torn expression of uncertainty. A moan started from her throat. He abruptly stopped. His hand withdrew. Suddenly, she was at a loss.

He abruptly sat up. She was left wide-eyed and perplexed. Disheveled.


He spoke in a low direct way. "Hey, I can either walk you out and we can call it a night or ... . We could go on upstairs. We should go upstairs." He was matter of fact about it.

He helped her off the sofa. She straightened herself. She barely moved, reluctant with what to do. It was one thing to wonder about this abstractly. Here and now it was very real and very scary for her.

"I can't do this." Her voice was barely audible as she stared down at the floor.

"I understand." He was soothing.

She looked back surprised at how understanding he had been. She was profoundly impressed by his bearing and by his control.

He walked her to the door.

She stood at the door. Her face searched up at his. He embraced her. Their heads tilted they kissed. It was delicate. More a brushing and meeting of their lips, and then his were gone from her. He backed from her as quickly as they started.

"Jack, I don't know."

She sighed and fished for the keys from her purse. She then just stood there. She didn't look up and she didn't move to the door.

He slowly took the keys from her hand. He carefully placed them back in her purse. He then took her hand. Looking to her for any reaction and finding none, he simply turned in the direction of the stairs. He held onto her hand and took the couple of steps over to start up the stairs. He started climbing, holding her hand as she followed behind him.

She was almost dizzy as her black high heels took one stair and then another, following right behind him. A voice was sounding in her head to stop at once, but with each step, it grew faint. In its place, a swirl of anticipation and curiosity grew. It became almost easy to just accept his lead. This was Jack, and she knew completely that he both cared about her and would protect her.

There was a side of him he showed on this night that she wasn't familiar with. But it was also profoundly appealing to glimpse this certainty he showed her. He was calm and sure on a night when she definitely wasn't. His confidence picked up where her initiative had stopped. She had been able to summon the will to come to his apartment as well as to broach her situation with him, but her assertiveness was spent with that. It had taken his own interest to get them to this point, and clearly this escalation was what he wanted.
They reached the hall at the top of the stairs in silence. She inhaled fully as he led them to an open door at his bedroom. When they entered, she felt the walls were shrunken and they were in close confines. They arrived face to face with a king size bed, and small tables stood on each side of the bed. White, fluffy covers and sheets adorned the imposing bed, and it was difficult for her to focus on anything else.

His oversized hand pulled at her small hand and she was directed to the side of the bed. Once there, he stood directly in front of her, positioned squarely between her and the side of the bed. She tilted her head up to look at him, and his face was to hers. His supple mouth was back on hers. She didn't resist his full kissing now. Her mouth welcomed his tongue and savored it as it massaged about her own mouth.

She was closed-eyed as he moved with her, but she immediately noticed his hands when they rose straight to her blouse. Buttons started being undone, and her first instinct was to reach to his hands to stop him. Her hands grasped his, but it didn't slow him. Her blouse began parting with release, and her hands lifted to his shoulders.

His mouth left hers, and she saw his head descend. His lips grazed her neck and trailed a moist line that soothed her sensitive skin. The line traveled downward, lips and the tip of his tongue lightly on her chest and then to where the softer surface indented with the feel of him. She audibly gasped when his hands cradled the cups of her bra that she had forgotten were now open to him.

It was a quick, smooth gesture for his fingers to rotate to the middle of her bra, and she started to protest when he deftly unclasped it. Her hands gripped his shoulders firmer. Her shoulders hunched self-consciously forward. Though her move was meant to be defensive, the result was to just make it easier for him to strip the straps down off her shoulders. They were dangling down her arms when she desperately pulled her arms into her body to trap the bra and prevent its fall.

As she clung to her bra, he took the opportunity to go to her skirt. His face was beside hers, as he brought himself close to get his arms around her. His skillful hands found the top of her skirt in back and fondled the zipper at the waist. An unhooking and a couple of tugs sent her into a panic.

"Jack, wait," her words were frantic.

He didn't even slow. His hands worked straight down, and then her skirt was peeling off. At this point, the realization hit her that she had absolutely not thought this through. She simply had not thought about being undressed. A thought as true as it was unsettling resonated within her. No one but her husband had seen her nude in the last twenty two years. She trembled with fright.

She peered to the floor in time to see her skirt pool there. With her arms folded upon her chest and standing stiffly straight only in her thin panties, she brought her eyes up to see him surveying her body. Mixed pangs of angst and stimulation pulsed through her.

As he took the sight of her in, he unabashedly stripped his t-shirt, and he peeled swiftly down his jeans. Anne stood there frozen, watching Jack's lean, muscled torso display openly and ripple with each move he made.

Her view followed his trail of black, coiled hair go from his chest and stomach into white boxers that were all that remained now covering him. He paused and got her to look up at his face. She worried he could easily glimpse her attraction.

Her trance with his eyes was broken when his hand pulled at one of hers. His mouth went to kiss hers at the same time he maneuvered her hand. She was piqued with his kiss when the realization of his hand putting hers on his crotch struck her.

She jolted to back away at first, but she didn't stop kissing him. He didn't let her hand move and she noticed his hardness. His hand pressing her to him rotated and she immediately thought of his thickness.

Unexpectedly, his hand left hers. She was savoring his tongue in her mouth and the churning between her legs. Crossing a line within herself, she let herself grip him. It was Jack who now groaned at the feel of her wrapping her fingers around his thinly covered girth.

He moaned into her mouth as her hand ran down his length and back up again. It overwhelmed her to think that she had done this herself. He became even more engorged at her caressing him.

He put his hands quickly to the waist of his boxers and brought them down. He watched her openly stare at him there. It pointed towards her and twitched, undeniably erect and ready.

His hands took her wrists and he backed to the bed. He sat, leaving her standing right before him. His eyes looked her over and then his hands were right at the waist band of her panties. She awkwardly folded her body inward in a desperate attempt to try to still hold her unclasped bra aloft as well as use her hands to cover her crotch. He swiftly pushed the panties off her and onto the floor, revealing glimpses of her blondish brown pubes on her mound.

He eased backward, reclining onto the bed and shifting to bring himself further up it. He positioned to where he could sprawl before her, his legs fully extended on the bed. She gawked at the sight of him, and then her gaze fixed at where his hardness angled up and over his waist.

His voice was very low and insistent. "Get up on the bed."

She immediately started onto the bed, her arms still trying to cover her chest and a hand darting back to try to block a clear view of her crotch. He couldn't help a small grin at her continued modesty.

She crawled up to where she was beside him on the large bed, but he swiftly turned and repositioned her. Taking her arm, he led her to come up over him. She closed her eyes, and her left arm went across him so that she could brace herself to lift over him. When her hand planted over to the other side of him, she opened her eyes and lifted her left side, raising and putting her leg over him.

She set her left hand and leg, and then her eyes found his. Though her arms had to straighten to rest on her hands she was still trying to shield her torso with her drawing both arms towards her middle.

They both watched his hand reach between them and downward. One hand held the base of himself and the other went to her hip. When his hand on her hip started to push downward, she looked up past him and away.

When his head nudged at her middle, she gave an audible grunt. She lifted slightly but his hand held her. His hand holding himself then brushed his head against her. She stiffened at the realization of their contact.

He went back and forth several times, smearing her wetness over himself thoroughly. She was breathing aloud when on one of his passes, he moved her differently. With a firm tug, he pushed her hip down.

Anne's head jerked back and up with the feel of the head of him pass her lips there. He lodged inside her. She shot a frantic look at him and waited. He looked right back at her, and they felt him throb just in her lips.

Her eyes widened dramatically as he lifted his hips, pushing more of his shaft into her. She sensed her lips there clinging to him and being pulled inside her. He came right back outward and her lips stayed to him.

He took his hand that held his base, and he put it to the other hip so that he now held her hips with both his hands. She was looking into his eyes when he started her down on him. Her mouth gaped open and she moaned loudly.

Slowly and gently, but assuredly, he plunged himself deep into her. She arched her back and stiffened atop him. He let his hips drop back and she was very aware of him receding. When he was back to just his head wedged there, he paused.

He waited for her focus back on his eyes. She held an intense and serious expression. They kept their gaze at each other as his palms flattened on her hips. He gripped and he moved her again. This time he brought her down to where she almost fully squatted on him, and her eyes narrowed almost shut and she shrieked a throaty cry.

She shook with an apparent release and he could feel her clench him. She twitched about on him, and he savored her reaction. Her breathing was heavy. When she slowly moved her head side to side and then refocused on him, he continued.

Her eyes were half closed, and he lifted up some with his hips. Her mouth opened wider at the feel of him grinding into her and stretching her more. He felt stuffed into her completely, and there was a fullness inside her she had never before experienced.

He started combining short pumps at her with his firm pushes at her hips, with the effect of never withdrawing much but giving definite thrusts. The short strokes he made kept the feel of him deep in her.

She listened to her own groans from her throat and she was absolutely incredulous at the sensations emanating from his actions. She knew she was sounding out cries and moans, but she was just past caring. She could detect every bit of him and all his movement, she felt.

She recognized yet another swelling release when the head of him started rubbing deep against the top of her inner wall. Together with this profound, exquisite sensation was the unveiling he was up to.

Jack took her wrists and moved them away from her sides. This brought her arms away from her body. It hit her that he was clearing his view of her chest and he locked his eyes there. She simply didn't try to stop him. She felt more physical responsiveness with her nipples tightening more.

She knew her breasts were likely sloped outward and just down, but she also knew her large brown nipples had to be thick and protruding. Jack's hands went right to them. He cupped and squeezed them and ecstasy welled even more. When he dragged his thumbs over the points of each nipple, she felt the jolts of another orgasm take over.

With his hands manipulating her nipples and his cock buried and pushing deeply inside her, she started crying out a throaty scream as waves of exhilaration rolled over her again and again.

She was finishing her orgasm when she saw him start his. Frantically, she panicked over a dilemma.

"Jack!" She was barely speaking understandably, but she felt she must get it out. "I'm not using anything. ...No protection."

He looked back at her with squinted eyes, and he didn't let up at all. He was very close, she knew. He kept grinding and pumping at her.

"Jack," she pleaded, "do you have a condom? Tell me you have a condom."

He said nothing. He kept moving. She felt her hips responding.

He even intensified his thrusts, and she shocked herself with her own response. She rotated her hips, and she started working back and forth herself. She was rocking astride him now. She had never felt a man impaling her in this way, and when she rode back and forth, his cock banged away, up and back inside.

The rawness of their movement gave her a crude idea of what to say. She didn't hold it back.

"Is this what you want? Not to use anything?" Her words were faint but clear as she started her remark. They stayed clear as she finished it. "Go ahead then. ...Give it to me."

Neither of them stopped nor slowed. She smiled just a bit and gave up thought of anything but him inside her. She had never relished anything like this, she told herself.

He was driving at her and she was riding him fiercely, when he started his own crying out. His back arched and put him at her core, and she felt the kick of him and his releases. He came hard into her, and he spasmed repeatedly. His head tilted back and he held her hips with his hands.

They both panted and stayed in place. Her petite frame sat perched over him. He was still thick and fully ensconced. She found herself not wanting to come off him or him out of her.

Several moments passed with them catching their breath and her sitting on top of him.

Finally, each carefully moved about to disentangle, and they kissed several quick times as they did. A wary silence seeped into the room, as they both collected themselves. She readied to leave with hardly any conversation at all.

Once dressed and making her way out the door, they hugged and kissed. There were a couple of times she started out the door, only he would stop her and they'd again kiss and touch.

"Hey, if you need anything, at all, or just want to talk, let me know. I'm here for you." His voice was certain and sincere.

He softly said to her as she opened the door a last time. "I love you."

She paused.

"I love you, too." She whispered it back.

There was a long thoughtful drive home as Anne tried to compose herself.

Once home, her husband tried engaging her with questions. She didn't answer at all, except to tell him she had been at Jack's.

After a moment by herself in the bedroom, her husband appeared in the doorway. She decided something to herself, and she went to the closet.

Her husband watched her start packing suitcases.

"What? What are you doing?" His voice raised in a shock. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to Jack's." Her words were clear and determined.

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