Short sex stories

Sex stories

Love, Sex, and Deceit

I spotted her coming towards me. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight. Her curly, light-brown hair bouncing as she walked in the cutest and happiest way imaginable. Her bright smile bringing butterflies to my stomach. I couldn't help but smile back at her.

"Hey you!" She said, pushing my arm playfully. I rubbed my arm pretending that it hurt.

"Aggressive much?" I teased her, in the way that I do oh so much. I opened the door for her, and she walked under my arm and punched me in the stomach lightly.

"I'll fight you Christian." She said seriously and then sat down in her seat. I sat down in the seat beside and and turned in my chair to face her.

"You would probably kick my ass Antonia." I said chuckling.

"Only because you wouldn't hit a girl. You're what like 6'4? You tower over me." She says shaking her head.

I shruged "That is one reason. I could see you being a crazy ninja like fighter or something out of nowhere. I mean if you ever got in a fight with a girl, I could see you doing some backflip kick, thing where you jump off a wall, and then land with a dramatic hairflip." I joke and she starts to giggle, and blushed slightly, her pale freckled skin turned a light shade of red.

"You really over thought that didn't you?" She joked and put her purse on her desk and started going through it looking for something.

I shruged and curiously watched her as she digs through her purse. "What are you looking for?" I asked, noticing how frantic she was getting in her search. I leaned closer to see if I could help.

"My essay. Mr Turner is going to be pissed if I have to turn another assignment in late." She said and pulled out a big blue binder. "Is it in here?" She asked herself as she opened the binder and pulled out a folder "I hope I didn't leave it in the car." She tells me as she flips through the different papers.

"I could stall Mr. Turner if you want, and you could sneak out and get the paper." I told her looking over the papers to make sure she didn't skip it.

"No need, found it." She says pulling out a 10 page assignment titled "My First Trip to Paris." She turns and smiles at me "Thanks anyway, you're a really good partner in crime. You always got my back." She says and holdsee out her fist for a fist bump.

I chuckled thinking how deep into the friendzone I wandered into "You know that I got you." I say smiling and fist bump her back. I go into my backpack and pull out my folder with my paper titled "When I Went Skydiving" She grabbed it and read the title. Her eyes widend

"When did you go skydiving?" She asked looking up at me from the paper.

"For my 18th birthday, so what...Two years ago." I say resting my head on the table. She shooke her head and smacked me with my paper.

"Are you crazy!?! You could have died! I can't picture you, Mr. Play-It-Safe skydiving." She says laughing "You probably were screaming like a little girl." She laughed and handed my paper back to me.

I sat up and looked at her "Ehh, it was kind of scary, but it was a lot of fun. Youre over 18, you should do it!" I say excitedly."By the way, I am a very fun person, you just never see me outside of the college campus." I said putting my essay back in my folder.

She looked at me and scrunched up her face a little "I am sure you are, but I don't really hang out with anyone except my boyfriend. Especially a guy. He gets really jealous." She said and the sighed.

"That sucks. I mean, I understand if you would cheat on him and stuff, but you wouldn't do that, you're not that type of person. He should trust you a little more." I said to her.

She half-heartedly nodded and looked down and then back up at me "It's really not worth the argument." She said. Right as she opened her mouth to to say something else our teacher interrupted.

That hour and a half went by very slowly. The teacher lectured the entire time about the structure or writing a coherent sentence, and how using more vivid description brings your personal essay more to life. Occasionally I glanced over at Antonia and would either smile at her, have a staring contest with her, or have a contest of who can make the funniest face, she would win that once I laughed aloud when she crossed her eyes, and stuck here tongue out, then brought it up to her nose. The professor was not pleased with this sudden outburst, and gave us both the death stare for a couple of seconds, holding his hands on his hips, and eventually going back to lecturing. Antonia and I both looked at each other and smiled, I could feel myself blushing, and she was bright pink as well, then hid her face between her hands.

Once the professor dissmissed us, I grabbed my bag and started walking with Antonia toward the parking lot. "Where did you park?" I asked her and she shooke her head "Brandon is picking me up, I'll text you later." She smiled and waved at me. I wavedon't back, feeling a little upset because usually we had a nice conversation on our way to her car.

"Bye Antonia, see you on Friday." I called to her, waving as I walked backwards.

"Bye Christian!" She smiled waving back as she walked towards the other end of the parking lot.

I got to my car and drove off to my apartment. When I got home, I did my assignment for my Psychology class, and then turned in the TV. I didn't get a text from Antonia that night. After watching a few hours of Netflix I went to bed somewhat early for me, around 11:30.

The next day I woke up in the later part of morning, around 10:00 A.M. I took a shower, letting the warm water run down my back. I stood in the shower, for about an extra 5 minutes, thinking about Antonia and how I love her, but I could never be with her, because she was with someone else. Once I got out of the shower, and finished my daily morning routine of toast for breakfast, brush my teeth, and get dressed, I got ready to go to Psychology. I checked my phone and saw no new messages.

I went to class, and sat up front. Mrs. Thompson was going over a lecture onotes how the different emotions effect the human brain, and what areas of the brain these emotions stem from. I did an okay job at paying attention, my mind wandering only once of twice. It was a rather interesting lesson, but I was pleased once class ended.

The rest of the class was rather boring. I ate lunch alone in front of the TV. I cooked dinner, and I ate at the dinning room table by myself. At times I would look around and feel a little bit sorry for myself. The person that I was in love with, I could never have. I questioned whether it was wrong of me to wish that she would break up with her boyfriend. She seemed happy with him, and if they broke up that would bring her sadness. I knew it was selfish of me to want them to break up, but being alone was hurting me. I then started asking whether or not I should start looking to be with someone else. Deep down I knew that it would only bring a temporary happiness, because they could never truly be the one that I loved. I burdened myself with theseveral questions on a daily basis, until finally my mind would stop racing long enough for me to be able to sleep.

The next day, Wednesday came and went. Same daily routine. Wake up, shower, shave, breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, get to class, have lunch and dinner alone, deep questioning of what I was doing with my life, Netflix, turn off Netflix, more battling with my conscience, finally drift off to sleep.

Thursday came and I decided that I would change things up a little bit. My best friend since high school Derrick was going out, and he insisted that I join him. After a few minutes of persuasion I decided that I would go. I met him at his apartment, which was a few blocks down from mine. We played beer pong in his apartment for a couple of hours before we left to walk to the nearby club "Cube". We were mildly drunk when we got there, but we weren't too bad. Will, a mutual friend of Derrick and I was much worse than any of us. He ended up throwing up in the clubs bathroom around midnight. Most of the night we danced and partied. An attractive blonger girl started grinding on me. Derrick high fived me.

"Get it bro!" He yelled, I could barely here him over the music that was playing. Me and the blonde started to make out, my tongue would trace along with hers, leg wrapped around my waist, and I was supporting a full erection. Her other friend, a brunette interrupted us, she smiled and gave me one quick kiss.

"Sorry sweetie, I have to go my friend is really drunk and I have to take her home." She said as a third friend, another blonde was bent over a railing outside. "I'll see you around." She yelled as the brunette tugged her away. I waved goodbye to her and Derrick and Will came over to me laughing. I laughed with them and they both were calling me a pussy for not asking for her number. I shruged because it didn't really occur of me to ask her. After about an hour we all walked back to Derricks.

"One hell of a night boys." Will said laughing and stumbling over himself a little.

"Dude I can't believe that blonde was hooking up with you. She was so hot. You didn't even get her number. Bro I am so disappointed. I mean I am proud, but I'm disappointed too." He said his words coming out slurred.

I laughed and pushed him, when doing so I fell over myself a little "Shut up, your just jealous she choose me and not you."

He nods "No shit, you didn't even do anything. There wasn't any lead up or anything. Did you even talk to her at all? Or did she just start shoving her tongue down your throat?" He asked laughing.

I shrugged "I don't know, I don't really remember. I didn't even get her name though." I said.

"Welcome to being an asshole who just hooks up with random girls and doest give two shits about them." Will teased.

"Awe poor Christian isn't a nice guy anymore?" Derrick laughed jokingly.

"Fuck your guys, I'm going home." I said flipping them off, laughing while doing so.

"Come on don't be like that. We're just busting your balls." Derrick said, and Will randomly runs off to the grass and pukes. "Will, keep your shit together man." Derrick said shaking his head "Damn, puking all over everything." He said

I laughed at him "I know, buthe seriously, I gotta go. I have class tomorrow, and I don't want to sleep in passed noon, that way I can revise my paper." I said walking in the direction of my apartment.

Derrick nods "Alright man, I'll see you later then, you still down for Star Wars this weekend, don't forget your ticket." He said calling after me.

"I wont, promise." I said answering him back.

"Seriously though, they're gonna sell out quick. Christian get that ticket! It won't be the same without you!" He yells, because I am a pretty far distance away.

I turn and give him a thumbs up as I walk baclose to my apartment. I stumbled in and then immediately crashed on my bed. Sleep came to me very quickly.

The next more I woke up at 12:30. I was very groggy from the night before, and decided that a shower would be for the best. I stripped naked and jumped into the shower. The warm water woke me up a little bit, but then I remembered that I had to revise my paper. "Fuck me." I said to myself, as I washed my hair, I felt it was still sticky from when somebody at the club popped a bottle of champagne and started spraying it everywhrere. I sighed and washed down the rest of my body. After standing in the shower, enjoying the hot water, for a couple of minutes I turned the water off and got out. I dried off and I brushed my teeth. I went to my dresser and picked out some clothes to change into. I texted Antonia asking her if she was ready to turn in her essay. I held my phone in my hand, sat on the bed, and waited for a reply for about a minute before putting the phone aside and getting dressed. I sat at my desk and began revising my essay, the phone next to my laptop.

Hours passed, and I finally finished revising the essay. I looked at my phone and my only two messages were from my mom, "Just checking in sweetie. Dad says hi." I figured I'd just call her later tonight. The other message was my friend Joe. It was a picture of a beautiful redhead woman. She had very large breasts. Her nipples were small, pink, and very hard. She was in an office room masturbating to an orgasm. Her mouth open, forming an O. Her pussy, tight, wet, wrapped around a light blue dildo. I bit my lip, imagining how she would be in bed. Imagining her moaning my name. I felt my cock growing, as I started to get very horny. I read the text at the bottom of the screen. "10 out of 10 guys didn't recognize the T-Rex." I bursted out laughing as I looked just to the left of her, in the office window was a T-Rex looking through the window. "Lol true." I responded. I thought about cropping out the T-Rex and keeping the photo to masturbate to, but when I looked at the clock I saw I had about 15 minutes to get to class, so I figured I didn't have time. I unplugged my Flash Drive from my laptop, put my laptop into my backpack, grabbed my backpack, and I left to walk to class.

I arrived to class with about two minutes to spare. I sat down and saw that Antonia hasn't arrived yet. I plugged my Flash Drive back into my laptop and made a few very last minute adjustments to my paper, and then emailed it to my professor. I texted Antonia again and asked where she was, because she never missed a class. No response again, and when the professor stood up to lecture, I started to get a little uneasy. Something was wrong, but I didn't know what.

That class went by slowly. I counted every minute. When the professor dissmissed us I was the first person to leave the room. I called Antonia and she didn't answer. She always answer. I decided it would be best if I stopped by her house to check up on her. I jogged over to her apartment complex and everything seemed normal. There were no police cars, or paramedics which was a good sign. I walked to her apartment number and knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked again, and again no answer. I tried to peer through the window, and it seemed empty. Then it occurred to me, she was probably with her boyfriend and didn't want to be bothered. I shrugged it off and started jogging in the other direction, back to my apartment.

When I got back to my apartment I decided that I should probably call my mom. She worries easily, and I haven't talked to her in about four days. I laid down in bed and I turned the TV on silent to watch ESPN while I was talking to her.

We talked for about 5 minutes, and then she put my dad on the phone, we talked for about 30 seconds. I said goodbye to both of them, and that I would see them during my break. I decided that I should probably shower, since I was sweaty from jogging. I showered pretty quickly, because I started getting hungry. I ordered a pizza and put on the basketball game that was on. I remembered to buy my tickets to Star Wars so I did that. I texted Derrick to tell him I did. He texted me back with a thumbs up emogie. Then the pizza guy came. After taking down three slices of pizza I laid down to nap. I napped for about an hour, which got interrupted by a phone call.

"Antonia what's up?" Her voice was frantic and muffled.

"Wait hold on, where are you?" I asked. I couldn't make anything out except the last word was wrong. She was very obviously distraught.

"Slow down, what happened?" I asked in a stern voice, trying to sound as calm as possible.

"Brandon, he cheated on me. We went...I slept at his place last night, and I forgot...I forgot my phone...His car was away so I figured he wasn't home...He...Keeps...He keeps a spare key under his mat and...and when I walked in I saw him on top of some...some blonde bitch with her legs around him.... Christian please...Come pick me up." She cried out to me. While she was telling me what happened I was already getting my keys and walking to where I parked.

"Yes, I am on my way. Where are you?" I asked her as I got into my car.

"I'm...I'm in front of the movie theater...I just started walking. I fought that girl... Then she stormed out and Brandon ran after her...I just left...Christian I am so stupid..." She said chocked up and sniffling. I pulled out of my apartment complex and started to drive towards the movie theater.

"It's okay. I'm on my way. This isn't your fault. You couldn't have known." I insisted.

"Can you stay on the phone with me until you get here?" She asked clearing her throat, sounding like she was trying to calm herself down.

"Of course, I'll be there in two minutes." I said cutting in and out of traffic.

"Thank you." She said and I could here her lightly sobbing. I started feeling guilty, because I was remembering that I wished they would break up. I sighed

"Antonia it's okay...It's okay...It's here for you." I said to her in a soft voice. All I heard in reply was a few sniffles.

I arrived at the movie theater a minute later and I got out and sat next to her on the bench she was sitting in. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me back, her face hiding in my chest. I gently rubbed her back. "It's okay." I whispered to her softly. She stood up and I walked, holding her in my arms, to my car.

"Thank you." She said sitting in the passengers seat. She curled up with her feet on the sit, and once I sat down she rested her head on my shoulder. "You're so sweet." She said wipping tears from her eyes.

"Of course, it's no problem. I'll take you home." I said to her as I drove away from the movies. I felt her nodding on my shoulder, and then perked her head up.

"Actually can we go to your place instead, incase Brandon stops by my place. I'm not ready to face him yet." She said, her voice returning a little, but still somewhat shakey.

"Of course. Wherever you want to go." I said to her and I started to drive back to my apartment. She hugged onto me tight. I smelt her cherry blossom perfume as she snuggled up to me.

The car ride was very quiet. I wasn't quite sure what to say, and I didn't think she was ready to talk. When arrived home I opened up the door and held it for her. She walked under my arm and hugged me as she walked passed. "Thank you." She said faintly.

"No need to thank me, I'm sorry for the mess. If I knew you were coming over I would have cleaned up." She shooke her head and sat down on my bed, with her back up against the wall. "It's okay, it's not too bad, it's just such a small little dorm room thing it looks dirtier than what it is." I nodded and sat down next to her. I then noticed she was getting tense, and seemed nervous. I didn't want to ask why, or what was wrong because it seemed like a stupid question.

"I never thought of that. You know how those school Apartments are. They don't cost much rent, but you get what you pay for." She laughs a little and looks at me. She lays her head on my shoulder again, and wraps her arms around my sides.

"I'm so stupid. I don't know why I was even dating him. I mean, he was such a jerk to me." She said looking up at me "Can I be honest with you Christian, you and I are much closer than he and I were. I mean, at first I thought I loved him, but these past few weeks I've noticed all he wanted was sex." She sighed and looked down "I guess I wasn't even enough." I frowned and looked at her. I placed my pointer finger under her chin and lifted it up to look at me.

"Well he really missed out, because I can say without a doubt that you Antonia Richmond are without a doubt the coolest, funniest, most interesting person I have ever met." She smiled at me wide and I could tell just by saying that, it cheered her up a lot.

"Christian I have to be honest. I really like you. You're my best friend in the whole world." She said with a smile and she hugged me tight. "These past few months, I've been...Well I have been thinking about how different things would be if I was with you instead of Brandon, and I have to say that I would be much happier with you." She said smiling.
My eyes grew wide, and butterflies started to grow in my stomach. I looked at her and smiled "Does that me you think? Are you saying you would date me?" I asked blushing slightly.

She nodded "That's why, honestly, yes I was upset Brandon cheated on me. I'm not as upset as I think I should be though. I mean we dated for four years, but I'm not upset because it's over. I am just upset that he thought someone else is better than I am. I realized though, while we were on our way here, I realized that I have been thinking that for months now. I just never acted on it." She said blushing slightly "I have been wanting to be with you for months." She admitted, and hid her face away from me, giggling a little "So now that I think of it, yeah it sucks that he cheated, but in a way I am sorta glad he did." I smiled and pulled her in closer to me. I leaned my face towards hers and hers towards mine. We kissed slowly, passionately. My tongue traced around her tongue. She crawled into my lap. Her hands ran up my torso. I could feel my cock growing, and by her increased blushing and giggling I could tell that she noticed too. Her lips broke from mine and she pulled off my shirt. She tossed it to the side of my bed. I felt her hips rolling back and forth, grinding against me. My lips found her neck and I kissed on it. She let out a soft moan. She took my hands in hers and pushed my hands up against the wall behind me.

"Oh Christian...Sweetie..." She whispered in my ear. "Is this your first time?" She asked and pulled back.

I was surprised by her question and it made me feel a little self conscious. I started to worry if I was doing something wrong. I nodded and blushed looking at her. She bit her lip and kissed me on my collarbone. I let out a very faint moan.

"Wow, you fooled me." She laughed a little bit. That made me smile and I kissed her again. My tongue wrestled along with hers for dominance, my tongue eventually gaining the uper hand.

She took her hands out from mine and pulled her shirt up over her head. She quickly undid her bra. Her breasts were not large, but proportionate to her small size. I did not want to ask, but if I were to guess either small C's or large B's. They were though very perky. Her nipples small, and a light pink, you could see the little bumps around her nipples as they grew. Her breats had very faint freckles just as her facex and the rest of her body did. I did not notice before, but she did have very sexy curves to her physique. She smiled at me, and my mouth must have been open because she laughed at closed it for me. "You're so cute. My innocent Christian." She giggled a little "I can say mine now right?" She asked, sounding a little nervous. I nodded

"Yea...Yes of course." I said and she took her hands and cupped my face, she kissed me passionately, her tongue swirled around mine. My hands ran down the cold soft skin of her back. She shivered a little from my touch. My hands ran down to her ass, and I rubbed it firmly. She must have been surprised by this, and she pulled away. "Wow, you're actually really good at this." She smiled and kissed on my neck, she sucked down right at my sweet spot and I let out a moan.

"Fuck... I like that." I said and she pulled away, leaving a fresh hickey on my neck. She then kissed me again and took my hand and guided it to the zipper of the skirt she was wearing. I slowly pulled in down and she pulled away, taking my lower lip in her teeth and biting it slightly as she pulled away. She laid down on her back and put her feet in the air. Pulling off the skirt for me. She laid spreading her legs. Her yellow lace panties looked so sexy on her, and I bit my lip. She smiled

"Like what you see baby?" She asked teasingly, putting her hand over her pussy, covering up her panties. She giggled a little "Would you like to watch me touch myself?" She asked laughing a little. Her fingers started to rub on her pussy through her panties.

"I don't want to just watch." I said to her watching her rub. My hand reached for her pussy, but her leg pushed it away.

"Not yet baby. Soon, I promise. I want to make your first time very special. Not only are you the sweetest guy alive, you are also my best friend, and you are surprisingly very sexy." She giggles a little "Now I want you to watch me play with my pussy." She smiled and pulled off her panties. She tossed them at my face before I was able to see my first pussy in person. She laughed and watched me closely to see my reaction. Her pussy is as perfect as one can imagine. It is shaved down, with a very small amount of stubble. It is very tight, her lips looking wet already. She plays with her clit, rubbing it a little, and then noticed how closely I am examining it, she takes two fingers and spreads her lips a little before spreading her legs wide, revealing fully her beautiful pink pussy. She giggled a little and again placed her toe under my jaw and closed my mouth for me.

"That is what heaven looks like." I said smiling at her and I lowered myself to it. She placer her foot on my forehead and kicked it back a little.

"Easy tiger, I haven't started yet." She smiled and slowly rubbed her clit "Mmm...I want you to watch me first." She moaned quietly. She slide a finger into her pussy, and I watched how tightly her pussy clenched onto it. My cock grew stiff in my jeans, and I had to take them off, because it started hurting. Her eyes widend when she saw my 7" cock. She let out a moan, and her pussy started leaking. "Fuck, I didn't expect that." She moaned and then giggled. Her finger slide back and forth inside of her tight wet slit. "Sweet, kind, funny, surprisingly sexy, and with a very nice sized dick." She blushed. "I mean I would enjoy this if it were 3" but now...Mmm...Ohh...Oh...fuck..." She went from a moan to a squeal as she started sliding her finger back and forth faster. Her hips bucked up, and she threw her head back in pleasure, I could tell she was closing in on a orgasm. I figured now that she was mid orgasm, nothing could stop me. I lowered my face down to her pussy. My tongue slipped deep inside her warm, wet pussy. She moaned out louder. "Ahh fuck! Not fair." She grabbed onto my hair, and held me there. My tongue swirled around inside her, as she grinded her pussy on my face. Her breathing became rapid and I felt her pussy walls contracting and expanding around my tongue. "Uggghh Christian don't fucking stop." She moaned out in complete pleasure as I felt her sweet juices start flowing out of her. Her cum gushing down my throat as I held my mouth to her pussy, making she I get every drop, until finally her hips drop back down to the bed. I went to pull away but her hand stoped me. "Please keep going, just a little longer." She asked and I look up at her. She smiled at me sweetly and I nod and continue. I grabbed onto the cheeks of her ass, and scoot her pussy up closer, pushing my tongue further in. This causes her to let out an unexpected squeal. I look up and she covers her mouth embarrassed. I smiled at her and she relaxed. She placed her legs on top of my shoulders. Her moans filled the small room, ranging from very faint, to a loud and clear moan of pleasure. I looked up as she grabbed her breasts. Her eyes were shut and her head back. "Ugggh....oh God...Uggghh." She moaned

"Christian....fuck.."She whispered. My thumb rubbed down on her clit causing her to throw her head back, and then she looked down at me. "Fuck no more...Please...I want you to fuck me...and cumming twice before I even get your cock just isn't fair." I smiled and scooted my face away from her pussy. She smiled and then pushed me onto my back.

"Not bad huh?" I asked smiling as I laid back. She kissed me slowly, the taste of her pussy passed from my lips to hers. She smiled and ran her fingers up my torso as she did earlier.

"I've never been eaten out before. It's like trying ice cream for the first time." She laughed a little. I was a little surprised, but then again I realized Brandon was kind an asshole and going down on your partner has a certain intimacy to it.

"Well I'm glad that you enjoyed it sweetie." I smiled as she kissed my neck. I brought her lips to mine again, and kissed her slowly. My tongue toyed with hers slightly, my hands ran up and down her sides. I felt that her pussy was even with my cock, because of the drips of cum that I felt on my cock. When we both pulled away to breathe she was a little shakey and nervous. "What's wrong?" I asked her, and she started to blush.

"I just...Christian...I think I am in love with you..." She says looking into my eyes. "Just now, when we kissed, I never felt that intimate before. Sure I thought I loved, but this is different." She smiles and kisses me again, her lips firmly planted to mine. Her hands gently cupping my face. Her tongue and my tongue dancing together. She slowly pulls away.

"I...I'm in love with you too Antonia." I whisper "I have for a long time." I said smiling and she kissed on my neck. I felt her body lowering towards mine. Slowly, her pussy starts to take my cock, inch by inch. She let's out another squeal as she lowered herself down. The squeal turned to a delighted moan.

"Christian...Wow.... " She said breathlessly.

" feel amazing..." I moaned out. I slowly rocked my hips back and forth, and rolled them in a circle. She must have liked this because she placed her hands on my chest and started matching her pace with my, first she rolled her hips a couple times, and then I felt her raise up and then slowly she lowered herself down. I held onto her hips to keep her steady. She moaned out loudly as she continued this rhythm, her hips rolled and then she raised herself up and lowered herself down. Her head rolled in a circle and occasionally would get thrown back. I would moan out every time she moved, feeling her pussy grow more and more used to my cock.

"Ohh Christian....Mmmm fuck this feels amazing....fuck." She moaned and she placed her hands further up my chest. My hands reached up and rubbed her breasts and she opened her eyes and smiled at me. She kissed me slowly, and as she pulled away, she began raising herself up, and lowering herself down at a faster pace. I took both my hands and grabbed firmly onto her tight ass. My nails dug in as she began to ride me faster and faster. "Ohhh ohhh...Ugghhh...Yes...Yesss..." She moaned

"Christian...God Christian baby...Ugghhh I love you baby." She said between loud moans. My fingers dug deeper into her tight ass cheeks. She moaned and grabbed my hands and placed them above my head. She held them down to the bed, getting faster and faster, she rolled and then rode, rolled, then rode, switching it up, her pace getting faster and faster. I started thrusting upwardsx hitting against her gspot, causing her to let out a squeal and a long loud moan.

"Fuck...fuck...fuck...." She squealed out as her pussy walls began caving caving in again. I noticed this and began thrusting faster, making her pace quicken to match mine. She grabbed a handful of the bedsheets as I did this, still holding my hands against the bed.

"Mmm...yes Antonia....yes you like how that feels?" I ask moaning, knowing the answer but wanting to hear her say it. She nodded unable to speak, then she took in a big gasp of air, and I felt her warm cum run down my hard cock. She nodded rapidly and closed her eyes tight. She opened her mouth and let out a silent scream. I felt her legs start to shake as she reached the peak of her orgasm. "Ohhh fuck your cum feels amazing baby." I moaned out as I felt it gushing out. She leaned down and kissed me passionately, her tongue fought with mine, swirling and rolling around it. I felt her legs stop shaking and her body relaxed. She slipped off my cock and smiled as she pulled away from me. I smile and her as she kissed down, inch by inch from my body to my cock. She smiled at me as she slowly started stroking my shaft, her small hand barely able to wrap around it. She lowered her face to the head of my cock and then kissed it.

"It tastes like my pussy." She said laughing. Just hearing her say the word pussy again made me let out a soft moan. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock, and slipped between the slit.

"Fuck! Ugggh." I bucked my hips up almost hitting her face with my dick. She giggled a little and planted kisses all along my shaft, down to my clean shaven balls. She traced back up my dick with the tip of her tongue.

"I want your cum." She said smiling and biting her lip. She stroked my cock slowly and then began to grow more rapid "I want it on my tits and in my mouth. Can you cum for me baby?" She asked looking at me seriously and then smiled and bit her lip.

"Yes baby...yes all of it. Yes...fuck..." I closed my eyes and moaned out loudly. I feel her lips press against my head kissing it again. Then she wrapped her mouth around the head of my dick. Her tongue swirled around it, as she lowered down inch by inch. I moaned out getting louder with each inch. She pulled away and took a deep breath. I looked down at he to make sure she was okay, then she smiled at me again and took it in her mouth again, stroking the base as she bobbed her head sucking down to about half and back up to the tip. Her tongue swirled around my dick perfectly. She moaned as she sucked me off, because my hand was rubbing on her pussy. The moan caused a vibration on me cock that made me gasp and I throw my head back in pleasure.

"Fuck...ohhh...ugggghhh." I moaned and she pulled away opening her mouth just above it. She must have new I was about to cum, because she stroked my cock twice, rapidly and I shot my hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed all that she could, and rubbed all that didn't shoot out, but just gushed out on her perky breasts. "Fuck Antonia...I love you baby." I smile out of breathe. I lean in for a kiss but she stops me from kissing her by placing her finger on my lips.

"Mouthwash first sweetie." She smiled and stood up. She bent down, just to give me a show of her perfect ass, and pussy lips and turned to me and smiled before walking into the bathroom. "I love you too Christian." She smiled and walked in. After a few seconds she finished washing out her mouth then walked back in. She laid in bed and snuggled up next to me. She shut off the light and kissed me slowly. "Christian, just promise me this. I know we just had sex, and it was amazing. Just, promise me that this relationship won't turn into one that is based off of sex." She looks at me seriously, her beautiful blue eyes shinning in the nightlight.

"Of course not sweetheart. If it means I never get to have sex with you ever again, I would still be with you. You're amazing. I never have as much fun as the times in class, or when we are texting. Honest, I just enjoy being around you." I say smiling "I would give anything to have a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with you. Even if we never had sex again." I smiled and she laughed a little.

"Don't be silly, we will do it again, I just...I feel like we got our first time done, and that released a lot. We both wanted that for a long time. I just think if we do it too much, we'll lose the passion, and it won't be as good. You know what I mean?" She asked looking at me. She traced circles on my chest with her fingers.

I nodded and kissed the top of her head. "Is feel exactly the same way. I want it to be passionate and beautiful. I think for that to happen it can't be a constant thing all the time." She smiled and kissed me.

"I'm so glad we're on the same page with this." She said and kissed me again, slowly and lovingly. She pulled away and laughed a little. "Oh by the way, I kicked that blonde bitches ass." She smiled and held onto me tightly.

"I told you you would probably fight like a freaking ninja." I said and tried to hold back and yawn. A I fought my yawn, Antonia let out a big yawn and stretch.

"Damn right. Well good night Christian. I love you. I'll see you in the morining." She said and kissed my lips. She rested her head on my chest and wrapped her leg around one of mine.

"Good night Antonia. I love you too." I said and kissed her on the top of the head. We both drifted off to sleep very quickly, with smiles on our faces.

The next morning we were woken up startled, around 10 with a knock at our door.

"Fuck do you think it's Brandon." Antonia asked. I shrugged and sat up, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

"Who is it?" I asked looking at her.

"It's Derrick dude, open up." He said. I nodded and kissed Antonia softly on the lips.

"One second." I told him and stood up and through on a pair of boxers, some basketball shorts, and a tshirt. I smiled and handed Antonia her panties. "Here you go. I'm really sorry he woke you. It's probably something stupid." I whispered to her. She smiled and shake her head.

"It's okay silly. You have friends. I understand." She said as she slid on her panties, bra, skirt, shirt. Once she was fully dressed I opened up the door.

"Hey Aubry and I were just wondering if you wanted to get some breakfast with us." He said "Were you talking to." He walked into the room "Oh hello...Umm Hi...Wow...Didn't mean to inturpt...Sorry." He waves.

"It's okay, breakfast sounds great. Who is this Aubry?" Antonia asks and in walks a blonde with green eyes, wearing jeans and a purple shirt.

"I'm Aub...Oh fuck." She said and stopped and started to back out of the room.

"You! Fuck you!" Antonia yelled and jumped straight out of bed. I grabbed onto Antonia before she could attack Aubry.

"I'm sorry! I had no idea!" She apologized immediately. "I didn't know I swear!" She said hiding behind Derrick.

"Didn't know what?!? Are you crazy!?!" Derrick asked protecting Aubry from Antonia.

"Wait that girl was Aubry!?!" I asked Antonia still holding her back. She was fighting against me to get out of my grip, but it was to strong so she eventually gave up. She sighed and turned to look at me

"Yes! You little hoe!" She yells at Aubry.

"Will someone please tell me what the fuck is going on!?" Derrick yells "Why is my girlfriend a hoe?!?!" He asks demandingly. I hold Antonia tight and I hug hrr.

"I didn't know! I truly am very sorry. Please. It was an honest mistake."

"Antonia, baby. Remember what you said. It's better off this way anyway. Now we can be together, you are happier with me, remember. Try and calm down. It isn't as bad as you thought. Things actually worked out for the better." I said calmly and she started relaxing, her breathing became normal. She sighed and then stepped back into my arms. She smiled and looked up at me. She sighed again.

"You're right. I guess I even should be thanking her." She said with a small laugh and than kissed me softly on the lips.

I let her go and she turned to me. And hugged me tight.

I sighed and looked at Derrick. "Derrick there's something you should know, and I think that Aubry should tell you." I said sitting down on the bed. Antonia sat down next to me and held my hand.

"What is it?" Derrick asked her looking at her nervously.

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