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My Naughty Neighbour Ch. 09

Chapter 9 - A Surprise Treat

Lynn's note had given me the address of very posh strip club in Chicago's lively night district. Pretty sure my Hugo Boss attire is what got me in because lots of guys were being turned away by the bouncers at the door and said rejects were universally wearing jeans and t-shirts. The bouncer nodded to me and let me in without so much as a word.

The inside was spacious and delightfully dim, mostly illuminated by neon lighting along the walls and over the various raised surfaces the girls were utilizing. Spaced around the main stage were small platforms that girls were gyrating on and entertaining men. Topless waitresses wiggled back and forth between the tables. Several smiled and winked at me as I walked in, no doubt assessing my wallet by the make of my suit.

"You're Mike, right?" one of the bouncers inside the club asked as I strolled through, looking around. I nodded and he indicated I should follow him. I stayed behind him as he led me to a chair seated in front of the main stage, one that seemed to have been reserved.

"Been expecting you," he explained. "Got told to look for a big blond guy in a gray suit and keep you here."

"Thanks for your time, I appreciate it." I replied agreeably. He nodded and left me to assess the club once again. A cute brunette waitress with perky tits took my order and wiggled off, flashing her behind at me. I saw small booths along the walls, away from the main area, with plush seats inside and curtains that could be drawn across to afford the customer and dancers some privacy. Certainly not big enough for anything prohibited by club rules to happen, but private all the same.

I watched as a few girls did their routines on the stage, smiling and giving them platitudes as they asked me if I wanted a private dance. I'd had two drinks when the DJ announced a special treat, a tag-team consisting of the club's very own Sindy and her talented friend Crystalynn.

I hadn't been expecting Lynn to come out on the stage, my conclusion had been that she was wanting to meet me here and we'd watch some hot strippers, get really worked up and then back to the hotel or find an alley and fuck like mad. This, admittedly, had not occurred to me although I feel it should have, looking back on it.

Crystalynn and her dance partner Sindy slinked out onto the stage, wearing very abbreviated schoolgirl skirts and blouses which were knotted under their midriffs. Both wore white stockings and short heels one might see a schoolgirl from an 80's rock video in. Sindy seemed to be about 19 or maybe 20 but what astonished me was Lynn- she most certainly didn't look her age and anyone looking on would never guess she was more than 25. She looked amazing.

People clapped and cheered as they danced and ground and teased to the Van Halen song 'Hot For Teacher', flashing their panties at the audience. They removed their tops, exposing their tits to more cheers. They swung around the silvery central pole in sync and then rubbed their nipples together, to the delight of the audience.

Lynn seemed to be having the time of her life, teasing the audience, but she reserved most of her attention for me, sitting front and center. She got down on all fours and crawled towards me, her eyes never leaving mine. As she reached me she slowly turned around and knelt, squirming her behind at me, offering me tempting glimpses of her pussy by pulling her tiny panties aside for a moment.

Sindy then joined her and the crowd went wild as they pulled one another's panties down from beneath the skirts. They stood ass-to-ass and suirmed against each other, teasing the audience with the promise of so much more. Finally they whipped their skirts off and tossed them in my lap, clad now only in their stockings and shoes. They ground around the pole some more and danced provocatively in front of me until the song ended, at which point they sent the room into a near-frenzy by kissing and then running off-stage, hand-in-hand.

I clapped as eagerly as anyone else in the room, perfectly aware that I was the luckiest sonofabitch in the entire building. Another dancer came on and the busy pace of the club resumed, with another drink in my hand, courtesy of one of the dancers, identity anonymous. I drank another two beers when the bouncer who had led me in here put a hand on my shoulder and indicated once again I should follow him. I left the drink but took the skirts the girls had left behind with me.

"You're one important man, seemingly," he said as he took me through some doors and down a hallway. I heard women laughing and various dancers exiting the rooms around me. "Ain't that often anyone gets allowed back here, so you must be a decent fella or a helluva tipper. Either way, through that door there..."

I went through the door he was pointing to and sure enough, it was a dressing room. Several girls in various states of undress smiled at me as they primped and made themselves up for their numbers, but near the back were the two girls I had come to meet- Sindy and Crystalynn. I could tell Lynn wanted to dash up and hug me, but she waited patiently until I arrived at their chairs, staying seated. Both of them were still quite naked, except for their stockings and shoes. Lynn stared at me expectantly.

"Ladies, that was, quite simply, the best show I've ever seen," I declared, just loud enough for the two of them to hear me without offending the other girls nearby. "They'll be talking about that for months to come and I am not going to forget it as long as I live."

"Thanks," Sindy said, nodding and smiling pleasantly. "Miss Gunderson is right about you, you're a really nice guy."

"Oh, Miss Gunderson said that, did she?" I asked in amusement, raising an eyebrow at Lynn. She blushed a little and smiled somewhat sheepishly.

"Sindy and I know one another," she admitted in a quiet voice. "She was graduating from high school when Kait was a freshman. She sort of took Kait under her wing and looked out for her during her first year, so she'd been over to my house a few times. And I knew she'd come to Chicago and was a big hit in the exotic dance circuit."

Sindy nodded. "My real name's Eileen, by the way. So Miss Gunderson found me on Facebook and let me know what was happening and said she wanted to surprise you with this routine."

"Well she certainly managed that," I agreed, turning to look at my paramour in amusement. "How on earth did you work the pole that well? Do you have a secret dancer past I don't know about?"

Lynn giggled. "No, I've just snuck in some pole dancing lessons when Carter wasn't looking. When I knew we were coming to Chicago, I practiced extra hard for you."

I looked at Eileen again. "And Lynn told you... well, everything?"

Eileen nodded. "I'll be honest, I never liked her husband, Carter. I thought he was a workaholic jerk and I didn't like the way he stared at me. If you make Miss Gunderson happy then I approve, because she was always amazing to me and deserves it."

"And working with a friend's mom on the stage wasn't weird or anything?" I asked, curious.

"Oh, hell no," Eileen replied emphatically. "She's one of the hottest women I've ever known, I'd always been wet for her, since high school. It was amazing to strip and dance with her."

"Likewise, darling," Lynn added, giving Eileen's hand a squeeze. "You gave me some tingles I couldn't admit to when you used to come over."

Eileen looked at Lynn and smiled. "I promise you, your little secret is safe with me, no questions asked. I think this is amazing and I hope that it works out the way you want it to."

"So what now, ladies?" I asked. "Should I resume my seat and wait for another duet?"

Eileen shook her head. "Public shows are over. You get a private show next."

"Are we all going to fit in one of those little booths?" I asked cheerfully. Lynn rolled her eyes and looked at Eileen. "Ignore him, he thinks he's witty all the time."

The girls got back into their abbreviated schoolgirl outfits and led me out of the dressing room, to the sound of many cat calls from the remaining dancers. We got out into the club again, each of the girls leading me by a hand. We went up a ramp that had neon blue lights and signs that read 'VIP Lounges'. We came to a door and another bald bouncer waited for us.

"Hey, Steve, is there a room open?" Eileen asked casually. Steve nodded. "Number Three."

"Is that the one with the busted camera?" she inquired, her tone compelling me to reach into my pocket and hand the man hundred dollar bill. Steve nodded. "They say it won't be fixed until tomorrow."

Eileen nodded and took us through the heavy door and into the hallway beyond. This hallway was softly lit, as opposed to the garish lights of the main club. A long carpet ran down its length, accompanied by soft jazz music. We found Room 3 and I must admit to being impressed once we entered- the suite was large and had several amenities one would not normally associate with such establishments, such as several couches, tables for food, drinks and dancing and even a hot tub. Mirrors were spaced around the room, but we have Steve's assurance that the cameras were not functional. Whatever the girls had planned, this was important, seemingly.

They sat me on the plush couch and then went to retrieve some drinks for us from the cooler. Eileen found champagne and Lynn brought back chocolate-covered strawberries. They poured me a glass and began the process of pampering me. I surrendered to this treatment readily, enjoying myself.

"I suppose I could expand on what's happened," Lynn said as she fed me a strawberry. "Eileen agreed readily to help me make this an amazing night for you, my love. At first I was worried about telling her but I realized I couldn't do this alone, even if this was amateur night."

"You sure don't move like an amateur," Eileen added, letting me sip from my champagne glass. "I'd've sworn you'd been working the pole your whole damn life the way you move. You made me look like the amateur."

"Oh, you're sweet, darling, but there's no comparison," Lynn said, smiling. "I'm twice your age."

"You sure as hell didn't look it or move like it up there," I interjected, agreeing with Eileen. "The guys around me thought you were in your early twenties. I'd have agreed with them, no question."

Lynn blushed. "Thank you, Michael..."

"Oh, wow, you've got it bad, Miss Gunderson," Eileen giggled, causing Lynn to blush even further. "I've had bandaids less wrapped around my thumb when I cut it."

"This is an amazing setup," I commented casually, looking around and sparing Lynn more embarrassment. "Are all the VIP rooms like this?"

"This is one of the big ones," Eileen replied, changing tack easily. "It must've cost you a pretty penny to rent it."

I looked at Lynn but she avoided my gaze, concentrating on her dance partner. "So Eileen, my love, or, should I say Sindy..."

Eileen smiled wickedly at Lynn. "Sindy tonight, I'm feeling sinful."

"Well, you and I have a guest to entertain, don't we?"

"Absolutely," said the stripper, running her hand through her chocolatey-brown locks. "Best show anyone's ever seen in this fucking club..."

Eileen went over to the sound system and turned on some mellow funk. She then took Lynn by the hand and led her a few feet away from me. They began slowly moving and gyrating with the rhythm of the music, looking at me intently. Standing side-by-side, they were mesmerizing to behold. They backed into one another, lifting their short skirts and squirming their asses together. They still had no panties on and I was rapt as I watched their pert cheeks squash and move against one another.

Lynn now stepped in front of me and swayed back and forth, running her fingers over her body, tantalizing me. She lifted up her skirt a little, giving me the briefest glimpse of her bare pussy, glistening in the dim light of the room. Her eyes never left me as she moved and gyrated sensually, her hands now in her hair, gliding through the silken golden tresses.

Eileen now appeared, crawling from behind and through Lynn's legs to smile at me. She knelt in front of her dance partner, rolling her hips and cupping her breasts through her blouse, squeezing them at me. She ran her tongue around her full lips and winked before turning around to lift Lynn's skirt, exposing her again. She smirked back at me one more time before planting gentle kisses around Lynn's pussy, snaking her tongue against it.

Lynn kept dancing but she moaned as Eileen's tongue traced around her lips. She bent her knees a little more and removed her blouse, her huge, wonderful breasts now in full view. Eileen did likewise and then stood to kiss Lynn, their breasts squashing together as their tongues snaked and tangled in one another's mouths. My cock was so hard it was just about bursting out of the front of my trousers.

"Oh, look at that..." Lynn teased, smirking at the bulge in my pants. "I think someone's feeling left out. Think we can do something about that?"

"Mmm, maybe," Eileen replied, turning to kneel in front of me. She slowly undid my belt and zipper, deftly helping me to move my pants down my legs and then did the same for my boxers. "Ooh, Miss Gunderson, you sure picked a good one..."

She was now joined by Lynn, who knelt beside her in front of my throbbing, rock-hard cock. They kissed one another and then leaned in to give my aching shaft the same treatment. They planted gentle kisses and slid their tongues along its length, making my whole body warm. Their tongues met at the top of the head and swirled around it before Lynn took me inside her mouth, sinking all the way down to the base while Eileen teased my sac with her tongue. Her hands trailed down to Lynn's breasts, caressing them and tugging on the nipples. Lynn moaned around my cock, vibrating it pleasantly.

Before long they switched, with Lynn crawling down to kiss and nibble at Eileen's tits while the brunette began to slowly suck my cock, her hand pumping up and down the length behind her mouth. She couldn't make it as far down as Lynn had, but she still did a wonderful job of bringing me to the brink before letting me relax. She then stood and turned around, lifting her skirt and letting her pert ass sway in my face.

"Well, big man," she said in a brazen voice. "You know what to do with an ass, right?"

I kissed the cheeks and bit them gently, making Eileen shiver. Lynn was now sucking my cock again hungrily, her wet lips moving up and down my length willfully. I kissed and nibbled Eileen's ass until she turned around and presented me with her pussy, the lips of which she spread wide to give me a good look at her inner pink.

I kissed her slit and sucked on her little bud so that she gasped and shivered delightfully. Lynn had also removed her skirt and the two naked goddesses began to molest me and one another in earnest now. What had started as a strip tease was rapidly becoming tawdry sex and that was exactly what we all wanted.

While Lynn sucked my cock, Eileen had moved behind Lynn and was now snaking her tongue against my lover's pussy, causing her to groan and squirm. She looked over Lynn's ass into my eyes as she got Lynn worked into a panting mess, he whole body trembling and shining with desire. My fingers caressed and flexed in Lynn's hair as I watched, beyond speaking.

Finally Lynn could take no more and let go of my cock, spinning around to kiss Eileen hard, their tongues plunging in one another's mouths and they knelt in front of me. Her fingers snaked down and slipped into the brunette's pussy while Eileen did the same to Lynn. They moaned and panted as they kissed and finger-fucked one another, tits squirming together and hips humping lustily.

Lynn now took Eileen by the hand and stood her up, bringing her to me. She helped the younger girl to straddle me and got her pussy pressed up against my throbbing cock. Lynn then leaned in and kissed me before whispering in my ear.

"She is my gift to you, my love," she said softly. "Fuck her good, but save some for me..."

I nodded and took hold of Eileen's hips, helping her to sink down onto my shaft. Her eyes were locked with mine as she took me in. She sucked in her breath and sat still for a second, feeling my member deep inside her. She then began to move up and down slowly, our eyes still locked and her arms around my neck. Lynn kissed us both while she removed my shirt, leaving me as naked as they were. Her hands roamed over our bodies, seeming to know where they would be needed for just the right touch and effect. Her fingers grazed and played with my shaft as Eileen slid up and down on it or teased my balls and Eileen's pussylips. She giggled as she pulled her fingers back and licked the sticky essence of them.

"Mmmmmmm," she hummed. "Not gonna get tired of that flavour combination anytime soon."

Eileen was moving up and down my cock a little faster now, her tight pussy squeezing me exquisitely. Hey eyes were still locked with mine and her warm skin was now slick with our mutual perspiration. She shivered as Lynn knelt behind her and bit gently as her ass cheeks or her damp pussylips. Her tongue flicked against my cock as it appeared, sending little jolts of delight through me. She was certainly enjoying herself as she got us worked up together.

"Okay, your turn, Miss Gunderson..." Eileen panted, needing to regroup before she came. With trembling legs she got off of my lap and helped Lynn settle down. Lynn did so eagerly, taking my cock into her pussy and then crushing herself to me to give me a wet kiss. She ground her hips against mine as she snaked her tongue into my mouth. We writhed and squirmed and humped like we had been lovers for a thousand years, seeming to know exactly how to pleasure one another at any second.

Eileen had assumed Lynn's position between our legs, kissing and nibbling at her pussy and my cock while we fucked. Lynn stiffened and then moaned into my mouth when one of Eileen's fingers snaked its way into her ass unexpectedly. Her pussy clenched tightly around me for a moment as she adjusted to the sensation but then she began to writhe on me with even greater eagerness.

"Ohhhhh, Gooooooooood..." she groaned, moving up and down on top of me, her hands gripping my shoulders. She ground her hips in circles, squeezing my cock inside her gooey pussy. Eileen fingered her ass, stroking slowly while sliding her tongue against my cock and Lynn's slit. I held my hands on her lower back and let her lean backwards, kissing and licking her tits until she was squirming and panting.

"Please..." she gasped, her eyes fluttering. "Get off the couch, my love, let me do something..."

I nodded and allowed her to clamber off before standing, my rock-hard cock pointing straight out in front of me. The girls both knelt and began sucking on me greedily, taking turns guiding me into their wet mouths. They fondled and fingered one another as they pleasured me but finally Lynn took hold of Eileen and led her to the couch. She laid the brunette down on her back and spread her legs wide. She then straddled the younger girl and rested over her, their tits squashed together, her pussy on top of Eileen's.

"Well, slugger," she cooed, smiling back at me and wiggling her ass invitingly. "Pick a hole and get plumbing..."

I knelt between Eileen's legs and used my hands to press down on Lynn's lower back, pressing her lovely womanhood into the one below. They both shuddered and I pressed my cock between them, sliding my shaft along the two sets of slippery lips, teasing them. They kissed one another hungrily and then Lynn groaned loudly as I pushed my cock deep inside her waiting pussy. She moved her hips in circles as I slid in and out of her, grinding her netherlips into Eileen's while we fucked. Eileen bit Lynn's lip and tugged on it while she reached around and took hold of the blonde's ass cheeks, pulling them wide.
Without warning I pulled out of Lynn and slid my cock into Eileen's, who grunted in surprise and pushed with her hips, arching her back. Lynn ground her pussy into Eileen's lustily and sucked on her tits while I fucked the younger woman. I thumped in and out of her strongly, battering her pussy while Lynn molested her tits. I could feel my blonde lover's pussy squirming against my cock even as it melted into Eileen's.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck!" Eileen hissed, craning her neck as I rammed her. "Gonna fucking cum!"

"Yes, love, cum!" Lynn panted, kissing her feverishly. "Cum so hard. Michael, bust in her!"

I kept pumping my hips but looked at Lynn with concern. "But I don't-"

"It's okay, cum in me..." Eileen hissed, her body beginning to shudder. I nodded and gripped her hips firmly and rammed my cock deep inside her until she clenched me so tightly that I could not hold back any longer. With a growl I began pumping my creamy cum into her spasming pussy. Lynn seemed to be cumming too, moaning into Eileen's mouth as they kissed savagely, almost tearing at one another in ecstasy.

I pulled out of Eileen and plunged into Lynn suddenly, causing her to cry out. She thrust madly against Eileen as my cock finished emptying its load inside her. I continued thrusting while I felt Lynn's greedy pussy clenching and squeezing around me. When she had settled down, I slowly withdrew and used my still-hard shaft to tease their gooey, mingling lips, sort of stirring them around, watching as our mingled cum oozed between them.

"Holy fuck..." Eileen breathed finally, still holding Lynn to her. "I don't remember the last time I came that hard. That was amazing."

"Oh, thank you, dear," Lynn whispered, smiling and kissing Eileen's nose. "It's a pity there are no showers back here or I'd have Michael demonstrate our little ritual all over us."

Eileen giggled. "Been a while since I've let myself get pissed on, gotta admit. Almost as long ago as my last threesome. You two nearly killed me."

The two women laid me back on the couch and crawled over me, their bodies to mine while we made out. Their hands gently caressed and stroked my cock and each other's forms. Eileen was nuzzled to me and I sensed a little more affection than function in the touch than I had expected.

"Mmmmm, how long are you two here for?" she purred.

"Until Tuesday morning, darling, and yes, I insist you come and visit us in our hotel." Lynn replied. "I'll be sure to let you know when we're there."

"Deal." Eileen murmured, still pressed close, her eyes closed.

Lynn looked at me and winked. Everything had gone according to plan, seemingly.


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