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Not One For Weddings Ch. 03

The soft morning light streaming in through the window is what finally woke me up. Fluttering my eyes open, I was confronted by an unfamiliar sight - a shirtless chest beneath me, an arm flung over me, a strong leg weighing on top of mine.

A smile crept over me as memories of the night before washed over me; the coat closet, dancing at the wedding, making out in the taxi, an embarrassed Julian in the lobby, making out with him again in the thing's fore sure, I like making out with this man. I remembered how he teased me as I struggled to unlock my door, me dragging him to my bedroom, the activities that followed. Tearing off each other's clothing; Julian on his knees, on his back; writhing beneath me as I licked, bit, and kissed him; his ass in the air, begging me to fuck him.

I laid there on Julian's chest contentedly. The rise and fall of it as he breathed was soothing, and I let my mind wander. I tried thinking about work, about my sister's upcoming birthday, about a book I was reading, but none of those topics could distract me for more than a few moments at a time; last night was the only thing that would hold my attention. Succumbing, I allowed myself to further recollect on the night before.

I can't believe I gave a man I'd known for an hour a blowjob. In a closet. At a wedding. And then brought him home and fucked him. I tried in vain to be appalled by my actions; I had a good night, damn it, why should I be ashamed? Because of some arbitrary rules made up by people with sticks up their asses who have to be looking down on someone to feel good about themselves?

I craned my neck to look at Julian's sleeping features. How could anyone be ashamed of bringing him home, I wondered. No, I definitely wasn't ashamed of having him in my bed. Or, for that matter, in a coat closet. Yet, I still had a nagging feeling at the back of my head, something that was off about our encounter. Something I should at least be worried about.

Something like contracting an S.T.D.

Crap, crap, crap. Oh, fuck. Could I have...? Julian doesn't seem like he'd... I know I'm clean - or, I was - am I now? Fucking hell!

As soon as the thought entered my mind, I was wide awake. How could I have given a virtual stranger a blowjob? How could I have forgotten to use a condom? Why had neither of us thought of it at the time? Fuck, I hate going to the clinic. I glanced at my clock - it read 8:46 A.M.

Coffee...I need coffee.

Carefully, I disentangled myself from Julian. He was still blissfully asleep, easily adapting to the new position I'd put him into. I quietly snuck out of the room, softly closing the door behind me, and went to the kitchen. I hastily put the water and grounds into the machine and started it; in moments, the rich smell of coffee filled the air. While it brewed, I went to the restroom to piss and brush my teeth. I found a pair of sweats discarded on the bathroom floor that didn't seem to smell, so I slipped them on. I emerged to find Julian looking ill-at-ease in the middle of my kitchen, wearing a plaid bathrobe of mine.

"Hey," I greeted him with a nod.

"Good morning," he returned. He pointed behind me and asked, "May I?"

"Of course." I got out of his way so that he could rush into the restroom and relieve himself. While he did, I got a mug from the cabinet. Does Julian drink coffee, I wondered, then grabbed a second mug to be safe. I poured the dark liquid into my mug and brought it to my lips.

"You were sleeping when I left," I said to Julian as he came out of the restroom.

"I smelled coffee," he smiled.

"Here, let me get you some. I don't take cream in mine, so there's none of that in the fridge, but there's some milk in there and I have some sugar lying around."

"Black's fine, thanks," he waved me away as I handed him his cup.

"How'd you sleep?" I asked, leaning against the counter as I sipped at my drink.

"I slept well, actually."

"You sound surprised," I noticed with amusement.

"I guess I am - I'm not really used to sleeping with someone else. And I mean that in both ways," he waggled his brows at me.

I raised an eyebrow; that was not what I would have expected from him.

"I know, I know," he laughed. "But it's true. Not to be cliché, but I really don't usually do the whole one night stand thing."

One night stand. The words stung to hear, but it was to be expected.

"As it happens, neither do I." I didn't like the insinuation in his offhanded comment. "And, on that matter...we didn't use protection yesterday."

A blank look crossed his face, before realization hit.

"Fuck, are you telling me that you gave me something," he questioned angrily.

"No! But what about you?"

"I'm clean," he answered with less ferocity in his voice.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure," he replied, then reddened.

"What? You're not lying, are you?"

"No, no. I know I'm clean. Actually, I get tested twice a year." His ears turned a darker shade of red, so I pressed him further. He didn't look at me as he spoke."Okay, okay, calm down. It's nothing bad, really. I got tested about six months ago now, and, well, I haven't been with anyone since."

"Really," I grinned.

"I wouldn't have admitted it if it weren't true." He kept his eyes on the ground.

I put my cup down on the counter, and stepped forward to him. I gave him a kiss on the corner of his lips, his stubble poking me as I did.

"Don't be embarrassed, I only asked for both our sakes. If it's any consolation, I've been going self-service, so to speak, for about the same amount of time as well."

"Somehow, I don't believe that," he muttered.

"I don't make a habit of lying, Julian," I told him seriously. I lifted his chin with one finger, so that he was looking at me. "I'm telling you the truth. And, coincidentally, I couldn't care less if you haven't slept with someone in six months, or six weeks, or six days." And since it seems we won't be seeing each other again after this, it's a moot point in any case.

His expression betrayed nothing, so it was quite unexpected when he closed the space between with his mouth and kissed me. He was tentative, more cautious with this kiss - something new. He didn't immediately shove his tongue into my mouth (not that I would've refused him), and it didn't seem like he was planning to. He rested his hands lightly on my neck, rather than feeling me up like last night. Without thinking about it I kissed him back in kind, my hands going to his waist.

I shouldn't be doing this. This is dangerous - this is just a one night stand, you heard him say so. This is way too tender for a casual fuck. Let go, step back.

And though I knew all of this, knew I was getting too wrapped up in my own head, I made no attempt to step away. I decided I could live in the moment, fantasize the morning away, and let the regrets flood me later that night. In that instance, it was all I could do to not turn into a puddle before Julian.

He ran his tongue along my lower lip. I let my mouth open, freely granting him any access he may seek. He sucked one side of my lip gently, then the other, but his tongue went nowhere near mine. I tried hedging him onwards by licking his upper lip, but he was having none of it. He brought his lips fully over mine, his tongue securely within the depths of his own mouth, neither allowing me to enter his mouth nor his mine. He kissed me delicately until we were both out of breath and forced to separate.

"Are you hungry? I can make us breakfast," I offered after a minute.

"I can never say no to breakfast," he pulled back and grinned at me.

"I'll get right on it, then. Eggs and bacon sound okay?"

"Perfect. Hey, is it alright if I take a shower? I feel a bit...sticky."

"By all means," I laughed. He thanked me while walking to the restroom, and closed the door behind him. In another world, I'd invite myself to join him in his shower and leave the food for later; I'd tell him to help himself to my dresser so he wouldn't have to put yesterday's clothes back on; I'd convince him to cancel any plans he might have for the day; but I couldn't.

God, get a grip on yourself, Chris! You've had one night stands before - why is this so different? I chastised myself on and on - because it was true. I wasn't new to having a stranger in my kitchen, nor even to being the stranger in an unfamiliar kitchen. Hell, most of the time I'm desperate to have the man out of my hair as soon as possible.

I pondered this odd change of heart as I idly prepared our breakfast.

What was it about Julian? Admittedly, he was one of the best lays I could remember. Not to mention, attractive. But aside from that, even with only one night's worth of experience, he was fun; he was entertaining, witty, and up-front. I hadn't quite been looking for a relationship at that time, but if I had, Julian would have been exactly what I wanted.

Just as I was setting our plates on the table, Julian returned from his shower - clean, and again wearing my robe.

"I could smell the bacon from the shower," he remarked. "It looks good."

"It's pretty much the most basic kind of meal besides instant ramen, but thanks."

"So, what do you do," he asked me after we'd sat down and begun eating.

"Oh, I'm a teacher. I teach first grade."

"What do you do, teach them how to fingerpaint the letter 'A'?"

"Pretty much," I laughed. "A few other things, but it's mostly fingerpainting the letter 'A'. What about you?"

"I'm a veterinarian."

"What do you do? Pet dogs all day?"

"Among other things," he grinned. "Sometimes I get to pet cats, or even turtles."

"With show-and-tell, I also get to pet various animals. One time, a kid got his mom to bring their pet goat to class."

"They're allowed to bring pets to school?"

"Apparently. And in case you didn't know, goat shit smells awful."

He laughed at this, and we ate the rest of our meal in companionable silence.

"That was good, thanks for making it, Chris."

"You're welcome." I picked up our plates and put them into the dishwasher. Once done, I turned to face him. May as well get this over with. "I guess I'd better go take a shower, too. Thanks for a great night." I plastered a smile on my face.

He knit his eyebrows together, as if confused by what I'd said.

"What," I prompted him when it seemed the words had gotten caught in his throat.

"Well..." he stalled, looking at the wall behind me. His cheeks grew pink before he continued. "Honestly, I was hoping that we could maybe spend more time together."

"But - I thought you said this was a one-night stand?"

He looked at me through his lashes. "Like I said, I don't really do one-night stands."

I took time to absorb what he'd said, letting his words hang in the air. In the time it took me to gather my thoughts, I noticed Julian begin to fidget. Unbelievably, I was making him nervous - I could not have imagine that happening twenty minutes ago.

"You know, I think I've put my days of casual hook-ups behind me, too."

"Is that so," he grinned at me.

"It is." I moved nearer to him, pulled his chin towards me, and gave him a brief but significant kiss. "Do you mind waiting here while I take a shower?"

"Actually, I do."

With that, he took my face between his grasp and brought it back to his. His lips devoured mine in a second, before I'd even been able to respond. Instinctively, my hands went to his back to press him to me. His hands moved over my cheeks to my hair, where he knotted his fingers. His tongue traced over my lips, before sliding in between them. He invaded my mouth in a way that was simultaneously dominating and caring; he wasn't cautious or hesitant, but his lips were soft against mine. I gratuitously received his tongue in my mouth and returned it with matching enthusiasm. My hands fisted the robe inside of them as I pushed Julian against me even closer. A low moan escaped him at the feel of my hardening length pressed onto him, which only served to further harden it. I felt him growing against me, causing a moan of my own.

His hands moved down my head to my neck and shoulders; he ran one hand down my bare back, and the other along my side. He reached the waistband of my sweats, and traced his fingers around to my stomach; he played with the hair that was spread across my stomach, and followed the distinct line that lead to the bulge in my pants. His fingertips glided inside the fabric where he continued to trail the line of hair, and stroked the skin there. I groaned at the touch, letting my eyes close as I savored the feeling. His hand travelled further, until it was completely inside my pants; his fingers lightly brushed over my dick, sending a shiver through me. Encouraged by my response to his groping, he wrapped them around me completely.

I tilted my head backwards, ripping my lips from his in the process. Rather than move his lips away, he let them rub against the scratchiness of my stubble down my chin and neck. He lingered there, sucking and kissing me while he played with my cock. I let out a garbled sigh as he began to pump me with a firm grasp, and I heard him make a small noise that sounded suspiciously amused.

"Am I entertaining to you," I asked indolently.

"Very much." He flashed me a grin before dipping his head down to my chest. He dove for a nipple, licking and flicking it, before finally bringing it into his mouth. He sucked on it voraciously, his tongue whirling around it, all the while steadily rubbing his hand up and down over my erection. I moaned as his teeth bit down on the stiff peak while his thumb circled the head of my cock.

"Yes, you are greatly entertaining to me, Chris," he mumbled with his mouth against me.

I'd developed a healthy stream of pre-cum by that point, and it was leaking from my slit, aiding Julian's sliding hand. As he toyed with my tip, he gathered some of the viscous liquid on his fingers; he brought them to his lips, his tongue snaking out to taste what he'd accumulated. He gave me a sly smile and plunged his fingers further into his mouth, sucking harder on them, before releasing them with a wet popping noise.

"Do I taste good?"


He laid a hand on my chest just below my collarbone and let it slowly run down the middle, past the elastic band of my sweats, and grabbed my cock enthusiastically. Swiping at my slit, he captured more pre-cum to act as lubricant for his rhythmic squeezing caresses. I stepped out of my pants, allowing him easier access so that he wouldn't have to navigate through the unnecessary layer of clothing. Judging by the beaming smile he gave me, my new-found nakedness seemed to please him.

Unexpectedly, he fell to his knees before me. With a lascivious smile, he licked his lips and brought me into his mouth. A moan, louder than I'd anticipated, erupted from me as he fully took me inside of him. His nose was buried within my pubes, and I swore I could feel him take a deep breath in. He pulled back leisurely, his tongue following along the underside of my cock, and swirled it around my tip when he reached it.

My hands flew to the top of his head and weaved into his thick, black locks. He bobbed himself over me repeatedly, making me impossibly harder - almost to the point of pain. A deliciously sweet ache that made my knees weak and my breath to grow heavy.

"Damn, that feels good, Julian," I hissed through clenched teeth.

He acknowledged my compliment with a moan that reverberated from my cock to my toes. His tongue danced over me, making wet, teasing designs that sent me into a lusty haze. I barely resisted the urge to forcefully pull him over my prick again and again until I exploded - as it was, I knotted my fingers into his hair as tightly as possible. He apparently appreciated this, as evident by his moans that sent vibrations up my spine with a tingle. My breathing became even more labored as he worked over me with renewed energy, one hand fondling my balls to add a heightened level of stimulation that drove me utterly insane.

"Julian," I muttered through my cries of pleasure. My eyes rolled to the back of my head when he looked up at me with questioning eyes, but without ceasing to suck or grope me. "Ah, fuck," I groaned.

I felt my balls tighten in a tell-tale sign of my imminent eruption. I involuntarily thrusted into Julian's mouth - which he appeared to enjoy. Taking his lack of objection as an allowance, I fucked his face with abandon, loudly exclaiming my delight with ever-diminishing coherence.

"Oh, fucking...shit...I, argh, mmm...uhh...," I continued brokenly, until I was just on the very verge of bursting. "Julian - ahh - I'm going to come," I warned him.

He glanced up at me through his lashes, desire written clearly on his masculine features. As he made no move to back away, I let myself shoot jet after jet of milky white liquid into his throat with a noisy cry. He swallowed each volley eagerly, not letting even a drop leak from the seal his lips had formed around my cock. As the flood of come ebbed, he kept sucking me for all I was worth, milking every last bit of semen from my worn-out dick.

When at last any hint of come had been evacuated from my body, Julian rose to his feet and mashed his lips against mine. Still reeling from my powerful orgasm, I didn't think twice about kissing him; when I realized that I could taste myself, I found I was rather more turned on by it than anything else.

"Mmm, Julian. That was absolutely amazing," I told him when he pulled away.

"I owed you one, anyway," he winked at me.

"I wish that you would always owe me one like that."

"That can be arranged," he breathed as he leaned in for another kiss. I reached my own hand down to feel what had to be his throbbing erection, but he pulled away when I did. "Didn't you say something about taking a shower," he reminded me with a pat on my ass as he broke us apart.

With weak, shaking legs, I made my way to the restroom in something of a disillusioned fog. Turning back, I saw Julian wearing an incredibly smug, self-satisfied expression - and what seemed to be a pole tenting the robe he still wore.


I watched Chris - well, I watched his ass - as he made his way to the restroom, with a final glance and a smile back at me before closing the door behind him.

I stood there for a minute, letting myself enjoy the full weight of what had happened this morning...and, hell, last night too.

I'd only approached him the day before because he looked like I'd felt - completely miserable and out of place in a room full of virtual strangers. And to my surprise, he was not only easy-going and funny, but attractive as hell, too. Plus he was, apparently, adventurous. Yeah, I owe Sam big time for inviting me to the wedding. Then that morning I was too nearly kicked out before making him realize that I wanted more than a midnight fuck and breakfast from him.

I could still taste his come in my mouth, fainter after having kissed him twice. My hand crept down to take hold of my cock - which was doing its best to break out of the thin robe I wore. I stroked myself over the layer of clothing, appreciating the friction it provided. I moaned lowly, letting my pace over my dick speed up.

I took a couple steps back until I felt the wall against my back; I leaned against it and ripped open the sides of the robe - a line of pre-cum trailing from the head of my cock to where it'd been touching the piece of clothing. I ran my hand over my tip to gather some of the pre-cum that was freely oozing out, and used it to help slide my hand over myself. Small whimpers and groans escaped me as I rapidly jerked myself off, bracing myself against the wall at my back.
I felt a my legs quiver, desire racing through me as I desperately hurled myself into an orgasm with a short cry that I quickly muffled with my free hand. My come shot out of me with incredible force, somehow managing to land the first spurts on my chest, and the latter ones leaving white trails on the inside of Chris' red robe. I continued to rub my fist over me even as I'd finished coming, working my cock over with my come slipping my hand around.

With a loud groan, I released my hold on my prick and rested against the wall, letting my breath slow and go back to a normal pace. I heard the click of a door opening, and my eyes tore open to find Chris, naked but for a towel around his waist, giving me a look that was equal parts amusement and confusion.

"You know, I would've been more than happy to do that for you," he informed me after a moment of silence. I grinned.

"You had seemed pretty eager to take a shower."

"Did I now?"

"Yes - in fact, you were almost about to kick me out because you had to take a shower; I wasn't about to be any more of a distraction."

He came up closer to me, until he was a hair's breadth away.

"Well, a distraction you certainly are."

He brought a hand to my chin and gently tilted my face to meet his lips. I reached mine out in obvious eagerness, more than a little fond of how naturally we were able to fall into a rhythm. Our lips and tongues danced with each other, probing and prying, teasing and tickling. Our kiss was almost innocent - it wasn't full of unrestrained desire and searching caresses; in fact, his hands stayed at my neck, and mine went to rest just above his hips. If I were asked how long we stood there making out, I'd have only a shrug and crooked smile to offer in response.

"You don't have anything planned for today," he asked me with a kiss on my jaw after we'd pulled apart.



I gave him a cautius look. "Good because?"

"Good because that means I have you all to myself." He laid a chaste kiss on my lips, then took a step back and looked at me. He bit his lip in silent contemplation - of what, I'd no clue. I noticed that when he was considering something, he tilted his head slightly to the right.

"You okay there, Chris," I prompted him.



"Will you go on a date with me?"

I gave him a wide smile. "Nobody's asked me out like that since highschool."

His ears grew a light shade of pink, but he smiled back at me. "Would you rather I asked you if you wanted to 'get a bite to eat' or 'head out for coffee sometime'?"

"Yes and no."

His expression went blank. "I have no idea what you mean by that."

"I mean yes, I will go out with you, and no, I don't wish you'd asked me out in another way. Is that more clear?"

"Yes, it is. Thank you."

"I thought teachers were supposed to be smart," I teased him. Luckily, he laughed.

"Patient will do. As long as all 25 kids are there at the end of the day, you're fine."

"It's nice to know the nation's youth are being watched over with such vigilance."

He rolled his eyes at me. "Oh, whatever. The nation's youth can barely count to one hundred. And, they happen to love me."


"Yup. My desk is covered in 'world's best teacher' art. So anyway," he shifted topics, "what are your thoughts on the zoo?"

"The zoo?"

"Yeah, the zoo."

"No wonder the kids think you're a great teacher," I muttered.

He chuckled. "It'll be fun, I promise. And if it isn't, I can make it up to other ways. Maybe tonight. What do you say?"

"It's always worth trying out if sex is on the table," I acquiesced.

"Great - you can have free reign over my clothes. Unless you're planning on staying in that bathrobe all day, of course."

"I can't say I'd mind it all too much if I did."

He boldly reached his hand into the bathrobe and took hold of my cock. He gave me a salacious smile.

"It definitely has its benefits."

"On second thought," I swatted his hand away, "proper clothing may be preferable."

He relinquished my member with a smirk. "As you wish."

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