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Sex stories

She's the Boss - My New Collar

A Note to the Reader: although the following scenario is fictitious, it is based on real life. Once again, I must begin by thanking 'Aubrey' - my girlfriend, partner-in-crime and mistress - for allowing me to immortalise our wonderful relationship in this way.


As with most evenings, the traffic in London was proving to be a frightful pain. True, it was not exactly gridlocked, but the endless stream of cars was sufficient to reduce movement to a crawl; and from time to time, the driver of the bus on which I was sat would blare his horn loudly as he was cut off by one of the many cyclists who were weaving easily between the lanes. Thankfully, I had more than one reason to be distracted from the general chaos outside, and I found myself reaching instinctively for the silver chain around my neck as my thoughts turned to Aubrey, who I was due to meet in an hour or so.

Although our ongoing relationship had remained a secret from our colleagues at the office, several of Aubrey's 'girl-friends' were aware that she had become involved with a mysterious younger man, and I was told that tongues were beginning to wag as to the potential identity of her toy-boy. As expected, however, my Mistress was maintaining an impenetrable veil of secrecy, refusing to disclose any more than the most basic information about our antics, especially when pushed as to the extent of my prowess between the sheets.

Even so, the reputation of 'Mr. Big' - for such was the nickname that the girls had unknowingly bestowed on me - was causing something of a stir around the water-cooler, and Aubrey would often entertain me during late-shifts by filling me in on the latest gossip. Apparently, several of the young secretaries and interns had begun to speculate as to whether they might be able to persuade her to 'loan me out' for bachelorette parties and the like; naturally, I speculated that they imagined me to be some sort of toned, muscular demi-god straight out of an American 'frat house'-type film. I had a feeling that, if they ever discovered the truth, several of those girls would likely be sorely disappointed.

Obviously, I always did my best to voice such thoughts in good humour: the last thing I wanted was for Aubrey to think that I saw her as having settled for a 'second best' option. If there was one thing that I loved more than anything about her, it was the care that she took to never put such thoughts into my head; and her constant reminders that she looked upon me as the best thing that had happened to her in a long time. Unfortunately, I would occasionally take my self-deprecation too far - perhaps by saying that I didn't deserve to be with a woman like her - and that would force Aubrey to lay me across her knees at the earliest opportunity, and give me a few cautionary smacks with her paddle.

Tonight, however, nothing of the sort was going to happen: I was in far too good a mood to be speculating about what kind of man the naive young ladies in the typing pool suspected 'Mr. Big' to be. Nor was I concerned with how they might respond to the revelation that the strapping hunk of their fantasies was in fact only 5'6", corpulent, and afflicted by early signs of male pattern baldness. No, my focus was entirely devoted to the woman who had become as central to my existence as the Seven Sacraments had once been; before three fatal years at university which had all but severed my spiritual bond with the Church. To paraphrase Heath Ledger in 'A Knight's Tale,' I had taken to saying my Rosary to Mistress Aubrey and no-one else.

Even as the bus pulled into Grosvenor Gardens, my fingers were tracing the links of my silver chain in much the same way as they had once counted off the endless repeated sequence of the 'Our Father,' 'Hail Mary,' 'Glory Be' and 'Apostles' Creed.' I had fallen into a silent reverie, thinking back to that first night that Aubrey and I had declared our love for each other; and to the following morning, when I had passed her my Claddagh Ring at the breakfast table. As she had placed it back upon my right hand, the heart now pointing inwards, I had pledged my devotion to her, and declared that - regardless of what I might 'get up to' with other ladies - my 'first time' would be with her alone.

That was another reason why we were being so careful to conceal our relationship from the prying eyes of the office. Though the world was becoming more accepting with respect to 'alternative' sexual practices and 'alternative' relationship dynamics, we both felt that our colleagues might still harbour suspicions as to the true nature of an 'open' relationship. Would they truly understand that neither Aubrey nor I looked upon additional sexual partners as posing a threat to our own love and affection; or would they see it merely as an excuse for me to sleep around, and to indulge some strange perversion by encouraging Aubrey to 'scratch her itch'?

However, I was paying little heed to such thoughts tonight; instead, my head was filled with memories of Aubrey and I in various stages of passionate entanglement. As I hauled my duffle-bag off the bus's luggage rack and hoisted it over one shoulder, a particularly memorable vision flashed across my mind; the memory of when she had first emerged from the bathroom on that first night in Liverpool, swathed in that long black evening gown with the sequinned bodice. I could still remember how spell-bound I had been, and how she had advanced across the room, drawing me into a breathless embrace and pushing her heaving bosom against me.

As I recalled again the feeling of our lips meeting for the first time, my heart quivered in my chest and my crotch began to burn with lust. This situation was not helped by the fact that, no sooner was I out of the station, than I heard a very familiar voice calling my name from across the street. I stopped dead in my tracks. Aubrey had emerged that moment from Victoria Station - she had evidently travelled down by train - and her arrival was so precisely timed that you might have suspected that she had apparated. Moreover, she seemed oblivious that passers-by were staring at her, because she was grinning from ear to ear, jumping up and down, and waving at me like a maniac.

Finally, the lights at the crossing changed in my favour, and as the traffic ground to a halt amidst a cacophony of blaring horns, I half-staggered, half-ran across the road; dropping my duffle-bag as I threw myself into Aubrey's open arms. Not caring about the tide of humanity swirling around us, we locked ourselves in an embrace that almost crushed the breath out of our bodies, and exchanged the furious, passionate kiss that we had evidently both been anticipating for several hours. My hands were stroking Aubrey's back, caressing the length of her spine, while she had the fingers of one hand entwined in my hair, the other stroking the thick fur of my beard.

From the perspective of the onlookers, I suppose that it must have looked like the climactic scene of a cheesy romantic comedy: the moment when - having spent the entire preceding ninety minutes denying their feelings - the two leads are at last consumed by passion, and the film concludes with the camera panning around them and pulling away to reveal them standing in the midst of a vast crowd of cheering strangers. Not that anything of that sort was happening here; we were simply too overcome with emotion to pay any attention to the audience who we seemed to be attracting.

At last, we broke apart, the ferocity of the kiss having left both of us gasping for breath. A few of the crowd were still staring, and we glanced around at them, smiling nervously as we picked up our luggage and headed towards the Underground. As we linked arms and wandered down the street, we could hear several isolated whistles being directed at our retreating backs, together with a few whoops of encouragement; however, these soon faded as we turned into the station and disappeared from sight.

"Holy fuck!" I giggled to Aubrey, collapsing gratefully into one of the moulded aluminium chairs on the platform; "I think we gave that lot out there something to talk about. I've been waiting a long time for this..." I tailed off, content to just stare into my Mistress' beautiful brown eyes, feeling my heart start to melt again as she wrapped one of her strong arms around my shoulders and gave me a gentle squeeze. With a deep, contented sigh, I reached over the arm of the seat, placing my hand on top of her thigh, massaging the soft flesh through the fabric of her pinstripe suit-pants.

Aubrey smiled warmly. "Oh Leonard, you really do over-dramatise things, don't you? I've only been seconded to Head Office for a week. The way that you flung yourself at me just then, you'd think that we'd been apart for a year and a day!" Slowly, she rested her free hand on top of my own, encouraging me to move further up her thigh, until I could have stretched out my fingers and touched the fabric covering her crotch. However, it was clear that Mistress want to tease me, because she suddenly increased her pressure on my hand, and whispered "later baby. My little slave boy only gets to touch my pussy if he behaves himself."

Knowing just how close I was to Aubrey's most sensitive area, I let out a little whimper, and adopted instinctively the 'wounded puppy-dog' look that had led her to christen me 'Zeus the Chihuahua.' Seeing my expression, she began to pat my head and stroke my back, murmuring soothingly in my ear as leaned towards her, nuzzling against her shoulder. I felt so comfortable that I could sense myself starting to drift off to sleep, and I probably would have done had the train to Hammersmith not chosen that particular moment to rattle into the station, shattering the intimacy of the scene as the doors gilded open, disgorging a flood of noisy commuters.

Thankfully, however, so many of the passengers disembarked that it was not difficult for Aubrey and I to find an entire carriage to ourselves. Sitting opposite each other, we fell back into the old habit of gazing lovingly at each other, until a mischievous glint began to sparkle in her eyes, and she flashed me a cheeky grin. "Tell me Leonard," she muttered softly, almost as if speaking to herself, "can you feel how much this train is bouncing around?" I nodded my head vigorously, eager to see what my Mistress might have in mind, and watched as Aubrey heaved herself to her fee grasping the rail above her head for support.

"Just sit back and watch darling," she grinned, relaxing so that her weight was taken almost entirely by the bar. "I think that my naughty boy might enjoy seeing what this train is doing to Mistress' body." Of course, she'd read me like a book: as much as I'd been staring deep into Aubrey's beautiful dark eyes, I'd not failed to notice the manner in which ever full curve of her body was shaking with the rhythm of the carriage. Indeed, it had taken all of my willpower to maintain eye-contact thus far, and now, all hope of doing so disappeared completely as Aubrey gave the shuddering carriage free reign to bounce her every ounce.

True to form, my attention went immediately to Mistress' magnificent bosom. In spite of the support it was being offered by an impressive full-cup bra - the lace of which I could see outlined beneath her white blouse - Aubrey's full, heavy breasts had been jiggling invitingly throughout the journey. Now, however, they bounced and swayed with every shudder of the train, and I longed to dive forwards and bury my face in their softness. Obviously, Aubrey had noticed me starting to fidget and twitch, because she gave me a knowing look that plainly said 'sit still,' and I knew better than to disobey her.

"You like that, don't you Leonard?" she teased, her voice thick and syrupy as it cut through the fog of my lust. I was too stunned to speak, now practically hypnotised as I watched her entire body start to rock and sway. "I can tell how much you're longing to reach out and touch me, but you can't do that." She tossed her head to one side, nodding towards the small CCTV camera mounted in the corner of the ceiling of the carriage. "Big Brother is watching us, and I have a feeling that you'll have more than a smacked bottom to worry about if they spot you groping my huge soft tits in public!"

As if to emphasise the point, Aubrey let go of the bar with one hand and softly cupped her left breast, moaning to herself as she felt her hardening nipple through the layers of material. "Mmm," she cooed, a coquettish half-smile spreading slowly across her face. "I'll be you want to get your lips around my lovely big nipples. If it weren't for that silly little camera, I'd undo my blouse right now and let you suckle on them to your heart's content!" Hearing her tease me like that was more than I could bear, and I let out a ragged howl of frustration, gripping the seat-cushion with both hands as I watched Aubrey fondling herself with increasing abandon.

Once again, I could feel a stirring in my pants, the sight of my Mistress' jiggling body causing my cock to swell and throb. Aubrey saw it too. "Goodness me!" she cried, pulling her hand away from her bosom and gasping in mock astonishment. "Did I do that to you? Were you being a naughty boy, watching my lovely curvy body get bounced around by this train? Perhaps I need to teach you a lesson and show you how wrong it is to perv on big buxom ladies?" The half-smile was gone now: instead, Mistress was staring intently at my bulging crotch, and smiling in much the same way that a tiger might before trying to eat you for breakfast.

Suddenly, the train shuddered to a halt, and the shock was enough to cause Aubrey to let go of the bar entirely, thudding back down onto the padded seat. I let out a shrieking laugh, my eyes bugging out of my head as I watched the vibrations caused by the impact to ripple through her body, but wasted no time in seizing her outstretched hand and helping her back to her feet. Thankfully, the station was a 'surface' one, meaning that we didn't have to worry about negotiating a maze of tunnels in order to get outside.

As such, it couldn't have been more that ten or fifteen minutes before we were riding the elevator up to Aubrey's apartment, stealing the briefest of kisses before reaching the third floor; and no more than twenty minutes before we were standing in the middle of her sitting-room, our bags thrown casually into one corner, and the heating turned up against the winter cold. Spreading my arms imploringly, I could almost feel the passion radiating from Aubrey's body as she closed the distance, allowing me to enfold her in a desperate, longing embrace.

In that moment, I wanted more than anything for my Mistress to feel how much I needed her touch, and how much I had missed her presence; in spite of the fact that we had been separated for not much more than a week. Going into work each day and being faced with an empty office and a pile of paperwork in Aubrey's in-tray had only served to remind me of the obviousness of her absence; not to mention the lack of furtive kissing and cuddling during my tea-breaks or lunch-hour. Now that she was back, it was time for me to remind Aubrey just how much she meant to me.

Trying to emphasise the point, I added some extra pressure to my squeeze, gasping once again as I felt her massive bosom flattening against my chest; at the same time, I slid one hand slowly down her back until I felt the flesh of her firm,rounded arse-cheeks beneath my fingers. Aubrey began to purr contentedly as I fondled her, and I while I longed to plant a couple of playful smacks on each soft cheek, I didn't quite have the nerve, in case I broke the spell. Instead, I bent my head and traced my lips along her collarbone, kissing her neck as she, working on autopilot, ground her crotch against my thigh.

Suddenly, Aubrey seized my head in both hands and raised my eyes to look into her own; at the same time, she darted forwards so that our lips met, and once again my mind reeled at the fury of her passion. This time, however, I could feel Mistress responding to the grip of my hand on her arse, because her tongue was probing against my lips, desperately trying to enter my waiting mouth. Slowly, I yielded to her pressure, feeling her warm, wet tongue sliding over my own; the barbell piercing clicking softly against my teeth.

I could do little else but surrender to Aubrey's kisses; they always swept me away on a tidal-wave of emotion. As always, the moment was one of pure fire, and I moaned into her hot mouth as our tongues intertwined, promptly losing all sense of time and space. She had discarded her suit-jacket as soon as we had got through the door, and now Aubrey reached down to grab hold of the wrist of the hand that held her arse, guiding me to reach up between us and unbutton her blouse. This was easier said than done, but when I finally succeeded in pulling the white satin garment from her body, I could not resist whistling at the sight that greeted my eyes.

Aubrey had always displayed a fantastic taste in lingerie, but the bra that she was wearing tonight was particularly spectacular, and displayed her awesome breasts to perfection. It was a rich plum colour, and like her day-to-day bras, was heavily decorated with lace; however, she'd departed from her usual preference in type, opting for a plunge instead of a full-cup style. This latter decision, of course, meant that the garment served only to emphasise my Mistress' already impressive cleavage, and I was practically drooling with excitement as I drank it all in.

Seeing the pop-eyed expression on my face, Aubrey pulled away from me and cupped one massive breast in each hand, jiggling them up and down in front of my face and giggling like a naughty schoolgirl as I struggled to conceal the erection that was tenting the front of my jeans. "Don't try to hide it Leonard!" She chortled gleefully, "I know you far too well by now, and I especially know just how obsessed you are with these." So saying, she reached out a hand and brushed her fingers lightly across my crotch, cooing with delight as she felt my thick cock throb in response to her touch.

"You know what?" Aubrey purred, her tongue running slowly across her lips. "I do think your little friend wants to come out and play. After all, I teased you both so badly on the train, and you behaved so well while you were watching me, so maybe you deserve to have a bit of fun too." She gave my balls a playful squeeze through the fabric, and I noticed that she placed something of an emphasis on the word 'deserve.' Evidently, Mistress and I were going to spend an evening dancing the horizontal tango, but I was being given a clear indication as to who would be playing the tune.

Suddenly, the tension between us snapped like an over-wound spring, and in a matter of seconds - characterised in the main by an explosion of flailing limbs - Aubrey and I divested each other of everything but our underwear. I wasn't surprised to see that she had gone for a pair of high-leg lace panties that perfectly matched the new bra. However, she seemed somewhat taken-aback by my choice of garments; not least because I happened to be wearing a black lace thong, and as a result of my erection, my cock was attempting to make a bid for freedom.

"What in Christ's name are those?" Aubrey yelled at me, pointing a finger at my crotch and letting her laughter burst out in a high-pitched shriek. "You look positively ridiculous!" I flushed a deep scarlet, suddenly very much aware of just how exposed I was; particularly since my fat, turgid cock had by now escaped from the too-small panties, and was sticking out in front of me like the bowsprit of a pleasure-yacht. However, as I made a move to cover up my shame, she reached out and grasped my hard-on with a firm but gentle grip, stroking it slowly back and forth as her fit of giggling subsided, and tickling my aching balls with one finger.
As wonderful as it felt to have my Mistress administering such soothing attention, I still looked suitably crestfallen after her initial reaction to my 'big reveal.' "Now Leonard," I heard Aubrey murmuring gently in my ear, continuing to caress my throbbing length, "there's no need to get so worked up. I just wasn't quite expecting to see you wearing ladies' panties." With her free hand, she turned my head towards her, planting a soft, gentle kiss on my forehead. "Actually, I'll have you know that I think that you look rather sexy in black lace!" I looked into her eyes: she definitely wasn't pulling my leg; there was no faking that sparkle in the centre.

Fighting to suppress another giggle at my continued embarrassment, she led me over to the sofa, her hand still gently massaging the whole length of my erection. As she sat down in front of me, I let out a moan of desperation, my fingers flexing automatically as her huge breasts jiggled inside their bra-cups; at the same time, my cock began to throb in earnest, the first droplets of precum beginning to ooze out of the tip. With her free hand, Aubrey reached up and ran her fingers though the coarse hair of my beard, her eyes glistening with passion and her tongue sliding across her pursed lips.

"Oh fuck!" I growled, my voice hoarse with lust as I bent my head towards her. "You certainly know how to get my motor running." So saying, I placed both hands on either side of my Mistress' head, twisting her hair between my fingers, and pulled her into another fiery kiss. Our tongues jousted together, her barbell clicking against my teeth, and Aubrey threw her arm around my back, grasping my arse through the silk material of my panties as she continued to pump me with slow, deliberate strokes. Feeling her nails dig gently into my flesh, I began involuntarily to thrust my hips forward, desperately trying to match the rhythm of her strokes.

"That's it Leonard." Aubrey urged me, breaking the kiss and giving my arse a hard squeeze. "Fuck my hand just like you fuck my pussy. Show your Mistress how much you want to be inside her!" As if on cue, I gave a loud, animal roar and increased the force of my thrusts, and Aubrey bowed her head to flick her tongue across the end of my cock each time that it popped out between her thumb and index-finger. "Mmm," she purred, lapping the precum off my glistening head, you certainly do taste very nice; and such a good little slave boy too. Do you think that I should let you release all that pent up tension?"

I couldn't speak. The combination of being massaged my Mistress' chubby fingers and lapped at by her hot, wet tongue was too much for me to bear. Instead, I slid my hands down off Aubrey's face and rested them on her shoulders, hooking my thumbs underneath the straps of her bra and easing them down onto her arms. Then, I reached behind her back and unsnapped the hooks, gasping as the garment fell away from her body and revealed her heaving bosom in all it's glory. "Naughty boy!" Aubrey grinned up at me, giving my arse another squeeze, "aren't you supposed to ask for permission before you take off my bra?"

My cheeks burned as I blushed a deep scarlet, my face a shade of red only slightly lighter than the material of the garment that had now fallen into Aubrey's lap. "I'm sorry," I pleaded, gazing into her eyes and sliding my hands back up into her hair. "You know that I'm addicted to your massive soft tits. They're just incredible. I spend all day dreaming about having my face buried between them, sucking on your fat, juicy nipples while you bounce on my hard cock." Aubrey's grin widened, an evil glint visible in her eyes. I could tell that whatever she had planned, I was in for a rough ride.

Removing her hand from my cock, Aubrey seized the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down my thighs with a sharp jerk. As expected, they snagged momentarily on my pulsing erection, which stuck out obscenely in front of me, still dripping silvery precum; another tug from Mistress, however, and the lacy panties fell down to my ankles, my cock quivering like a springboard as it once again won it's battle with the thin material. "Now," I heard Aubrey ordering me, a slightly harsh note in her voice, "it's time for me to punish you for being so hasty to get your hands on your Mistress' tits."

Slowly, she slid her hands up the back of my legs and grabbed hold of my hips, guiding me to stand next to her in the middle of the sofa, facing one end. Even before she said the word of command, I knew what was coming. "Bend over Leonard, and lie down across my lap," she ordered, speaking in a low growl, "Mistress is going to give her naughty slave a nice hard spanking." As I assumed the position, I noticed that my still-rampant hard-on was now swaying between Aubrey's ample thighs, but before I could protest, she brought her legs together, trapping me in a warm, soft, but vice-like grip.

"Mmm..." She purred, rubbing her thighs together so that they massaged my aching length. "You be a good boy and keep him nice and hard while I punish you, and maybe I'll still let you have a nice big cum afterwards." Letting out a low moan, I thrust myself against her lap, squirming with a mixture of arousal and the knowledge of what to expect; however, Aubrey began to stroke my hair and back with her left hand, murmuring soothingly above me as she patted my arse-cheeks with the other, reaching between my legs to tickle my balls.

Suddenly, she drew back her hand and, with a loud 'crack,' brought it down upon my right buttock, and I winced in pain, tensing up and yelping. "Hush baby," Aubrey cooed, rubbing the warm flesh as she continued to caress my face, "naughty slave boys need to be spanked when they misbehave." A second blow followed, on the left buttock this time, and the impact caused me to let out a loud moan as I tensed up and tried to rub myself even harder against her lap. "Try not to flinch sweetie," Aubrey whispered, "just think about how wonderful it's going to feel when Mistress finally let's you release all that lovely spunk!"

Still stroking my hair with her left hand, she began to massage my now-glowing buttocks in preparation for another strike, and a few seconds later, her hand connected in a 'double-tap' that sounded like the report of a shotgun and felt like the sting of a paddle. However, I'd anticipated it this time, and found myself gloating inwardly at having succeeded in not flinching, even though my arse was on fire; moreover, Aubrey's soothing voice was dulling much of the pain, not to mention the fact that I was picturing how much the spanking was causing her huge bosom to wobble and bounce above my back.

"Almost over baby! You're doing so well," I heard Aubrey encouraging me; the fifth blow landing on my left buttock as she tousled my hair and giggled mischievously. When I felt her connect for the sixth and last time, however, it was no use; with a rush of panic, I suddenly found my voice. Even as she began to massage the redness out of my poor stinging arse, my hips started to buck wildly, as if I was trying to fuck the warm flesh of my Mistress' plump thighs. Releasing her grip, Aubrey pushed me upright and spun me round to face her, a look of pure animal lust lighting up her beautiful face, and her long auburn hair shining in the dim light.

"That's it Leonard!" She cried, fondling one huge breast in each hand and pinching her distended nipples, "show your Mistress just how hard you can cum! I want to see how much my slave boy loves to be spanked!" With a moan of desperation, I grabbed hold of my shaft and started pumping for all I was worth, heedless of the pain in my arse-cheeks. Instead, I was conscious of the fact that my Mistress was not only giving me permission to cum, but was urging me to squirt my long-suppressed load, and I longed to please her as quickly as possible.

As I reached down with my free hand and cupped my swaying balls, a incoherent growl escaped my throat. "Oh thank you Mistress!" I gasped, swaying slightly and aiming the tip of my cock at her magnificent cleavage, "please may I spunk on your tits? They're so huge and soft. I promise to be good and lick it all up!" I was almost out of my mind with lust, and when Aubrey gazed into my glistening eyes and gave a long, languid wink, I couldn't hold back any longer. "Oh fuck!" I rasped, my breath coming in short, ragged gasps, "I think I'm going to..."

I didn't get the chance to finish. Already, thick wads of cum were showering over my Mistress' heaving bosom, the creamy white liquid dripping down into her cleavage and around her hard nipples; throwing her arms around my waist, Aubrey pulled me forward so that she could lap at the head of my cock and lick the still semi-turgid shaft, catching any errant droplets of spunk before guiding me onto my knees between her legs. Then, sliding her hands up my back and grabbing two handfuls of my hair, she drew me slowly towards her, burying my face in her cum-glazed tit-flesh and purring as I began to lap up my warm, sticky cream.

"That's it Leonard!" She murmured softly, petting my head and stroking me as if I was a little puppy. "Eat up all that yummy cum that you squirted all over my huge soft titties. That punishment really turned my slave boy on, didn't it? It made him give his Mistress a nice big warm load." I nodded vigorously, trying as best I could to lick every inch of Aubrey's gorgeous bosom, smothering my face right into her cavernous cleavage and risking a cheeky 'motorboat' before I withdrew, panting for breath and licking my lips.

Looking up, I could see my Mistress looking down at me with a warm smile, and when she raised my head to give me another long, passionate kiss, she began mewling contentedly as she tasted the salty bitter-sweetness of my cum. "You know what to do now baby." Aubrey whispered, reaching down between us and pointing one chubby finger at her shadowy crotch, "it's time to do what you do best." I didn't need to be told twice: already, I could smell my Mistress' musky scent getting stronger and stronger, and as I shuffled backwards and looked between her legs, I spotted a large damp patch spreading across the front of her plum-coloured panties.

Evidently, Aubrey had climaxed more than once already, but there was always time for her to have more. Without waiting a moment longer, I slid my hands beneath Aubrey's firm, ample buttocks, sliding her underwear down over her thighs and stroking her legs as I hooked the garment off her feet. Teasingly, I raised the thin lacework to my face, sniffing deeply at the gusset, which was soaked with her pussy-juice; then, I tossed them over my shoulder and dived forwards once more, kissing my way up my Mistress' inner thighs and gently fondling her arse as I closed in on her beautiful hairy pussy.

As expected, she still maintained a large, well-trimmed bush, and I nuzzled my face eagerly into her fur as I ran my tongue along her outer lips. However, Aubrey soon began to tousle my hair, guiding my attention towards her already bulging clitoris. Responding to her prompts, I dragged the flat of my tongue once more along the length of her labia, teasing her by circling and lapping at the hard nubbin, then clamping my mouth right over it and sucking hard. At the same time, I let go of her arse with one hand and slid two fingers deep inside her wet vagina, feeling her squeeze tightly around my thrusting digits like a velvet glove, making my head spin as her delicious juices coated my fingers.

Above me, I could hear Aubrey letting out deep murmurs of contentment, these being punctuated by the occasional gasp whenever I hit her g-spot. "Oh yes Leonard!" she cried, groping her soft breasts with one hand and holding my head in place with the other. "You're such a talented slave boy. I love the way that you make my pussy purr." As I took a moment to catch my breath, I allowed myself a small smile, kissing Aubrey's inner thighs in turn before returning to feast on her dripping pussy, desperate to bring my Mistress to another orgasm.

Suddenly, I felt my Mistress' entire body begin to buck and shudder, and with my mouth clamped down on her fat clit and my fingers pumping in time with her bouncing hips, I was treated to a squirt of delicious pussy-juice all over my neck and chin. The heady, musky aroma was absolutely divine, and I surrendered my suction on Aubrey's clit, lapping instead at the nectar which flowed out from around my still-thrusting fingers. "Fuck me that's good!" I heard Aubrey moaning, her thighs squeezing my head as she rode out her climax, "make sure you drink up all of your Mistress' juices like a good little boy."

As she continued to bounce on the sofa, I raised myself up onto my haunches and took in what was, in my opinion, one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. I could never understand why the female orgasm was so neglected by most men; without question, the sight of Aubrey tumbling over the brink of a thundering climax was enough to make me want to laugh, weep and sing all at the same time. As stunning as she looked at any other time of the day, there was something about Aubrey's post-orgasmic glow that catapulted her into a whole new category of 'mind-blowingly gorgeous.'

Heaving myself to my feet, I sat down on the couch next to her and draped one arm around her still-shaking shoulders. "Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph," I whispered softly, placing a gentle kiss on her cheek. "You certainly know how to blow my mind. I mean, we didn't even get round to 'fucking,' did we?" At this, Aubrey turned to face me, a 'matter of fact' look in her eyes, and she nuzzled her head against my shoulder, reaching one hand across my lap and petting my deflated cock in a rather sarcastic manner.

"Now Leonard," she said levelly, giving me a gentle squeeze before moving her hand onto my thigh. "Do you really think that this is all I brought you here for? One quick salvo of spunk and then push off into the London night?" I turned away, a sheepish look on my face, and felt Aubrey getting slowly to her feet. "For one thing, you're going to be staying with me for the whole of the weekend, so we're both of us going to be having a lot more orgasms before we get back to the office on Monday morning."

With that, she took my hand in hers, leading me towards the bedroom, the centre of which was occupied by a vast king-size double bed. However, unlike the first time I'd visited Aubrey's apartment, the bed was now strewn with rose-petals; while on one side of the dressing table, a bottle of Champagne stood in an ice-bucket; alongside a large selection box containing all of our favourite chocolates. I turned to fact Aubrey once more, who enveloped me in her strong arms and gave me another fiery kiss, moving from side to side so that her huge breasts squashed against me and I could feel her rock-hard nipples.

"Surprise!" She cried as we broke apart, her eyes shining with tears. "I thought that, since this is the first weekend we're spending at my house as a proper couple, I'd do something a little special." I was dumbstruck. All I could do was throw my arms back around Aubrey's shoulders and shower her face and neck with kisses, then drop to my knees and nuzzle my face into her bosom. Any trace of pain from the earlier spanking had utterly disappeared, and despite being smothered in tit-flesh, I could still hear my Mistress chuckling with laughter at my reaction. Finally, she managed to extricate me from the warmth of her cleavage, guiding me over to the bed and sitting me down in front of her.

Without a word, Aubrey walked to the table and uncorked to Champagne, pouring out two glasses and handing one to me. However, just as I raised the glass to toast her and put it to my lips, I saw her hold up one hand to indicate that I wasn't to drink. Instead, she put down her own glass and opened one of the drawers, taking out a small leather box with gold inlay - the sort that you get from a jewellers when you buy a necklace - then, she came back and stood before me, bosom heaving and nipples sticking out like bullets.

Even though I was curious about the contents of the box, my first instinct was to latch onto one of Aubrey's nipples and suckle like a starving baby; she must have seen me staring though, because she cupped my chin in one hand, raising me to my feet. Then, she held out the box to me and opened the lid. Inside, on a velvet cushion, was a wide leather collar with a brass medallion hanging from it; as I picked it up, I could see 'Leonard' engraved on one side, and 'Zeus' engraved on the other. Instantly, my eyes lit up, and dropping the box onto the floor with a clatter, I flung myself into Aubrey's waiting arms, spinning her round and sending us both crashing onto the bed.

"Oh Aubrey, I love it!" I grinned down at her as I landed uppermost. "I guess that I really am your puppy now, aren't it?" Grabbing hold of my shoulders, she rolled me off of her and struggled back to her feet, smiling and nodding as she did so. Slowly, I heaved myself upright and knelt up on the bed, facing away from Aubrey with my head bowed; then, I felt her take the collar from my hand and fasten it around my neck, the medallion beneath my chin. Turning around, I stared into my Mistress' eyes, doing my best to make what sounded like playful yapping noises; Aubrey grinned again, taking my hand and pulling me off the bed and back to my feet.

"Yes Leonard, or should I say, good boy Zeus?" She chuckled. "We are going to be experimenting with some 'puppy play' before the weekend is out. But for now though, if you look at the tag, you'll see that you're still 'Leonard' for the moment." I glanced at the mirror, taking in my reflection, and saw that, sure enough, the 'Leonard' side of the tag was the one that was visible. "That's why I made it a reversible one." Aubrey continued, patting my still-red arse. "This way round, you can wear it as a way of showing that you're my slave boy; turn it around, and I can put you on a leash and parade you around like a little puppy!"

With that, she picked up her Champagne and we drank a toast to my new 'collared' existence, images dancing through my head of Aubrey and I attending Swingers clubs on fetish nights, and her showing me off to the other regulars as I prowled around on all fours. However, a small cough from my Mistress brought me back to the present, and I looked up to see Aubrey lying on the bed. "As I say," she continued, motioning for me to lie down next to her and placing an arm around me. "You're still 'Leonard' for the purposes of this weekend, and you'll need to recharge your batteries for tomorrow."

Smiling contentedly, I snuggled tightly against Aubrey's full, soft curves, feeling myself almost sinking into her warm flesh as she wrapped me in her embrace and threw a leg across me. "Time to sleep darling," she whispered, "and I think that my slave boy deserves a reward for giving his Mistress such a big hard orgasm." So saying, she shifted her position on the bed so that one of her still-engorged nipples brushed against my lips, and within a matter of seconds I had it clamped between my teeth, sucking gently and fondling the massive breast with both hands. Then, with Aubrey stroking my hair and murmuring softly in my ear, I fell asleep in her arms, knowing that tomorrow would be bringing lots more fun and games.

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