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Snow Angel

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The story Dragon Wings and Faery Dust also has the same characters and overlaps the events of this story by telling the events from another point of view. I hope you will find both stories entertaining for the holiday season.

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Friday November 20, 2015

"Wait!" A command and a slant of his black gaze flicked to her way. Through the steely set of jaw and tightness around his eyes, Ursa saw the corner of his mouth soften. "Please," he amended before refocusing his attention on the street across from them.

"If I must." She regarded the man, Leo Wolf, who never used that particular tone and looked around to see what caught his attention and stalled them in the middle of the sidewalk. It was early, the sun just coming up on a November morning. The cracked pavement thrummed with the commuter traffic sitting in the parking lot, make that freeway 880, crawling into San Francisco. The ugly apartment buildings slumped over this narrow street hid the view but not the noise.

The tension spooled around him, tightening from his neck and shoulders down his arms until reaching his hands where his grip squeezed her fingers, hard enough to hurt.

"You need to tell me what's going on." She used the edge of her voice with care, but enough to make him break contact with whatever put his back up. "Leo." His name got through and he startled, this time turning his head. He angled his body to put his larger frame between her and the disturbance.

"Leo." She said again when instead of responding his jaw flexed with the force of the tension. Thankfully he eased his grip on her hand. He stood over a foot taller than her and even though she was not a skinny woman, he made two of her at least, and moments like this, when he was primed for a fight, he seemed impossibly huge.

"This area is dangerous." He said through his teeth.

"This 'area'," she used the same disparaging tone he had, "is my neighborhood." She didn't need to remind him; he carried her bags down from her dingy studio. True, she lived in an unsavory part of Oakland, but on a book keeper's wages it was all she could manage. Not the accounting sort of book keeper: a book store clerk. It was a great job that paid crap. The perks were spectacular though. Things money couldn't buy. Like meeting her best friend and her lover because of the shop.

He rolled one shoulder to ease the muscles from their tightened knot and nodded, "I should get you a guard dog. A Cane Corso. A big one. With guns. "

"Very inner city of you." She said and stood up on tip toes to reach to touch his jaw and finally—Finally— he relaxed his neck enough to bow his head forward and nuzzled into her fingers. His skin looked so dark, gleaming like polished hardwood in the overcast morning light. She found the contrast of her pale fingers exotic. "They don't allow dogs in the apartment." She added and kissed the corner of his mouth.

"Hhhmm..." He murmured, not in pleasure, his eyes were open, fixed across the street, still guarded.

"What exactly did you see? Do we need to call the police?"

He rolled her eyes back to her, amused now and almost laughed, "I don't think so. No. Just thought someone was getting hurt but I think it's just a drug deal. Lucky us." With that, he brought her hand to his lips and kissed the knuckles, rubbing over the spot he'd squeezed too hard and continued to his car.

Since their first actual date after returning to reality, they agreed to meet at the bookstore. They had not spent a whole night together in the real world. Not because she didn't want to be with him, but because she dreaded the reality of him coming to his senses. As her lover opened the door of the elegant, black car, she saw his thoughtful expression, the wary regard he cast around them. It caused a nervous flutter to sprawl around in her stomach and chest.

It was only a matter of time before he realized his mistake.

She offered him a smile as cool as she could, but knew the stammers were about to come flapping out like awkward geese. She curled herself into the supple red leather of the Bentley's seat. Yes, she'd recovered from the shock of his car. She no longer felt nauseous sitting in it, but only because she'd created several fantastic, orgasmic messes in it.

Smoothing hands along the quilted diamond pattern on the seat, she remembered their first date. Her high of excitement snuffed out when she saw the Bentley.

"It's only a car." He assured her as his big hand caressed over the small of her back, guiding her towards it. "I swear it won't bite you."

He swept the door open for her with a flourish and a brilliant smile while he waited for her to enter. The scent of leather and coffee swirled out of the tinted interior and she turned a pleading look at him as she smiled. "I-I don't..."

"Princess, don't worry. It's a short drive to the restaurant. " His black eyes gleamed with joy as he inclined his head and brushed a kiss to her lips but broke it before she could deepen it with the hunger expanding from her heart to her sex. She was starving for something and it wasn't food.

"Where are you taking me for dinner?" She motioned to her normal clothes, comfortable jeans and shirt suited for nothing fancier than burgers.

"It's down in the Square. Are you worried I'm going to do something to you?" He paused, his face serious and then a naughty smile slanted over his full lips, "Or are you hoping I'll do something to you?"

"N-no. I mean—" Her stomach tightened with the longing spreading through her. Despite the panic she found herself returning his devastating smile. His unmasked face was breathtakingly handsome, his expression open as he searched her eyes, his desire as exposed on his chocolate dark features as her own felt. He opened his arms and crooked a finger in invitation.

Her heart sped and whirled as she took one step closer and another and soon she was in his arms and he enfolded her in the warmth of his embrace, nuzzling his face into her hair, breathing in the scent of her shampoo while kissing down to her ear, "I promise, your every last deviant desire will be met." His fingers squeezed against her hips and slid over her ass.

When she pushed him against the car, he didn't stop her, he simply fell back against it with a soft grunt of startled by her forcefulness. "I don't want dinner." She admitted into his neck, licking along the pulse point thundering under her tongue. The whole weekend they were together, she never allowed herself a taste of him. Now, with him pinned against the car at her mercy, she enjoyed the warmth and salty flavor of the flawless skin.

His head fell back and he hissed through his teeth as though the sensation shocked him. "Oh!" It was a pleased, breathless sound and his fingers squeezed her ass harder. "I don't think this is the right place Princess. People will see."

"Since when has that bothered you?"

He moaned and arched towards her, letting her feel how hard he was in his tailored wool slacks. "I'm guarding your privacy rather than mine. Your co-worker...."

"Back of the car?" She whispered between kissing his throat.

"You actually want to get in the car now?" He teased but playfully eased her back, grinding himself against her with his back to the car and opened the back door.

"If I get what I need."

"Anything Princess." He promised and stroked fingers down her cheek and across the bridge of her nose as though tracing the sprinkle of her freckles. "I'm yours to command."

She eyed the back seat with its luxurious red leather and then sucked in a breath and sat, slowly sliding back into the warm interior. His hands slid over her body, reluctant to release her as she glided back. For a moment he stood outside the car watching her with hooded eyes. Then he shrugged out of his grey jacket and tossed it into the passenger side seat. One elegant eyebrow arched up in question.

"Tie." She shivered and clutched the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up to her stomach and felt a hitch of shyness. He'd seen her curves displayed completely but somehow without the mask it felt terrifying. Watching his skilled fingers loosening the tie distracted her from her self-reflection and her mouth dropped open on the pant for breath. She needed him desperately. This slow stripping was killing her.

The tie fluttered into the seat as well and again he paused with a cocky, little smile.

"Belt." She growled and pulled her shirt off, over her head, showing off the plain lace bra embracing her breasts. Her nipples felt ready to pierce through the fabric.

He unfastened the belt, leather slithering through the loops as he pulled it free and tossed it to the front. Holding her gaze, he circled his wrists and gracefully unfastened the buttons of his cuffs. Then his fingers worked along the collar, opening the first few buttons with seductive slowness. With his chest showing almost to his navel, he shut the front door and climbed into the back to join her.

The door whispered closed with a final click and the tinted windows shut them away from the real world. He bowed his head forward and kissed the soft swell of her stomach as she arched towards him. "Princess?" He asked between the soft, almost tentative kisses.

"Yes Cupid?" She asked, running fingers through his curly hair, messing it from the neat arrangement so she could pull his face upward, towards her breasts.

He kissed upward as he was drawn, a soft growl bubbling up from his throat as he nosed the underside of her breasts through the simple lace. "I still want to use condoms—for a little while. " His dark eyes lifted to hers and his head tipped in question. "I need small steps with this. Alright?" He let out his breath and kissed between her breasts, breathing in her scent there with a pleased murmur.

She nodded in answer to him and released the handfuls of curls she was gripping and felt her heart sinking, "No more kisses then?" She asked.

His hands cupped her cheeks and he leaned over her and his mouth settled firmly against hers. His kiss consumed her, tongue darting between her lips with his answer. She moaned against his tongue, feeling it curl towards hers, tangling and caressing and luring her into him so he could suck along it. The taste of him filled her with minty chocolate and sunshine. She arched into his chest, feeling his hard abs against her stomach.

He caressed along her cheek and then swept up into her hair to pull her even closer, the scrape of his fingers against her scalp fractured any residual control she might have and she melted against him. She felt her lust and need dampen her panties, threating to soak through her jeans. His body covered hers, pressing her back into the seat with a soft sigh of leather and her whimpers of pleasure.

They kissed without hesitation, hands tangled in hair, mouth to mouth like they never enjoyed before. At last as his grip loosened on her but it took a few moments longer before he broke the kiss. The lingering caress of his tongue licked over her lower lip and he gazed down at her, admiring her expression through heavy lashes.

"All the kisses your devilish little heart desires Princess." He whispered into her lips and kissed his way down her throat, suckling under her jaw before stopping to check the mark he'd left. With a growl of approval he moved his kisses lower. nipping and licking her skin as though he'd never tasted anything like her. He grew more eager as he reached her breasts, "I have wanted to do this for days." He admitted, unhooking her bra to bare her to his ravenous eyes. As she squirmed, he flicked his tongue out, lapping across her nipple.

The pink bud tightened under his attention, the hot stab of pleasure spreading from the contact of his tongue down to her pussy. Against her, he mmmmed low, the vibration of the sound shivering along her skin before he moved to the other nipple, curling his tongue around it while his dark eyes met hers. It was impossibly sexy watching him and she arched her back, longing for more.

His lower lip brushed her nipple, "Beautiful." He whispered and sucked the taut nipple into his mouth. His big hands cupped her breasts and squeezed in time with his sucking, dark fingers stark against her creamy skin. She cried out as he flicked a thumb over one nipple and grasped the other between his teeth.

Pain mingled with the pleasure and she shuddered under him. For several frantic heartbeats she struggled not to cum in her panties.

"God! Please! Cupid! Leo! Please!" Her legs wrapped around his hips, squeezing him, pulling him down towards her, grinding herself into his cock through the fine slacks in desperation.

He moaned into the nipple he teased, giving one last roll of his tongue over her before releasing it with a slurping pop. "You're so fucking hot." His hand slid down her body to the front of her jeans and he cupped her sex through the jeans, hissing through his teeth, "You're soaked through!" Delighted surprise warmed his voice.

Drawing back, he slipped his hand from her sex and breathed in the scent of her from his fingers, hesitating a moment as though he were considering putting them to his mouth. Time stretched and slowed for that instant and while her heart raced, she longed to watch his eyes while he tasted her. Instead he dropped his hands to the front of his pants, gracefully working the fastening open.

She ran her hands down her breasts, savoring the slick trail his mouth left on her skin. She lingering over her nipples, pulling at them until his eyes burned through the shadowy interior of the car. And as he pulled his pants down, so did she, a dance of bodies within the cramped interior of the leather seats.

He held up a hand to stop her from reaching for him and wriggled up, grinding into her through his boxers and her underwear while he reached back and removed his wallet, sliding the foil wrapped condom from inside.

She took it from him before he could unwrap it "Ribbed for her pleasure? Mmm, you are such a good boy."

He grinned wolfishly down at her and she crooked her finger at him to pull his boxers down, wriggling away from his temping grinding. As his boxers came down off his sculpted hips, she admired again the length of his body reared over her. She didn't think she'd ever see or feel him again. Never thought she'd taste him. Her mouth still burned like sunshine in the aftermath of their kisses.

His cock strained forward, arching fee of the top of his boxers with a bobbing movement, slapping up against his hard stomach, leaving a slick mark against the skin. The crown of his proud dick shinned with pre-cum. She longed to lean in and press her mouth to his cock and lick the pearl beading at the head. Would it taste like he smelled, chocolatey and heated, or like his kisses, burning cold-hot mint? She controlled her urges and looked up the length of his body, head dizzy with the magnificence of him.

She teased him with a slow rock of her hips back and forth, pulling the thong from her rounded hips to slide the soaked fabric down her thigh. Her legs spread, jeans hanging from one leg, one shoe on, the other off. His tailored slacks were pushed down to his ankles, his shirt open, one shoulder bare, white cotton contrasting his dark flesh. She felt her stomach tighten and her pussy ached. Her slick honey was definitely leaving a wet mark in the perfect leather. She cupped his balls in her palm with one hand and raked her hand up his stomach and chest, memorizing the hard plains of him while he pulled the shirt off.

He watched her stripping with hungry eyes and very slowly shrugged off the shirt, letting it slide off his arms and shoulders. She didn't think she could get any wetter, but as the fabric whispered to the floorboard, the small, strong feathers flexed out and stretched from their hidden spot hugging his spine.


They were not costume, nor imaginary!

He held her gaze, searching hers and stopped breathing for a small moment his heart pounding fast under her fingertips.

"They are beautiful." She whispered to him, "Like the rest of you." She burned with a fierce desire to wipe the doubt from his features. Her fingers squeezed against his balls, "And they, like you, are mine!" With a smile, she opened the foil wrapper for the condom with her teeth and pressed the ring of latex to his cockhead, rolling it down over the length of him.

He sucked in a sharp breath, eyes rolling back at the sensation of the sudden cool against his hard, pre-cum slick crown. Her slow rolling of the latex down the solid length of him made his hips surge forward into the circle of her fingers as she squeezed the base of him.

The hand against his chest slid up his shoulder to his back where her fingers trailed the tawny feathers barred with gold and cream. "Just a little something extra to hold onto." She purred, wrapping the fingers around the wing spar close to his shoulder to demonstrate holding on.

He smiled with a dazzling joy as relief filled his dark gaze, "Yes Mistress." He bowed forward, nuzzling into her neck, kissing up to her jaw.

Rolling her hips towards him, she stroked his condom-wrapped cock with her other hand. The head felt swollen against her clit as she rubbed him against her. Their shared moan of pleasure and need filled the space inside the car. He flexed his hips forward, rubbing himself against her while she guided him up and down between the swollen lips.

"I need you so bad!" She growled into his chest and his arms circled around her, sliding one down to her ass to lift her towards him.

"You sure?" He purred into her ear, licking her earlobe with a slow curl of his tongue. It set her on fire. Her pussy clutched so hard she thought she might pass out if she didn't have him. She could hear his own need braced and restrained.

"Yes!" She heard her voice break in quavering need. She didn't care, she would die if he teased her more. "Fuck me so hard!"

His hand squeezed her ass as he snarled in answer and drew his hips back so she could help guide him to her opening. For a heartbeat, their eyes met and then his mouth found hers and as his cock slid into her, his tongue parted her lips. He took her. Slow and steady, the steel of his fat dick slid into her, spreading her, filling her creamy depths making the ache spread until her toes curled and she cried into his mouth. She came against his cock before his balls were even pressed against her ass.

The sound of his satisfaction growled into her mouth and down her throat and he pressed her into the seat while or orgasm thundered through her. Then he fucked her.

He fucked her hard into the plush leather seats of that obscenely luxurious car. It was different than at the party. Ihis was real! She felt the fierce joy in him as he tightened his arms around her and claimed her. He was so deep inside her, the strokes hard and fast but when he drove all the way in and their cries of pleasure mingled in the kiss, she could feel a deeper, sweeter connection to him.

Unlike the party, he was much less controlled. He growled his lust into their union of writhing tongues and panting breaths. With another deep stroke, his body shuddered, muscles tightening with the delightful spasm through her pussy. The swelling of his cock shoved balls deep into her, the force of the orgasm throbbing through him, pulsing like his heartbeat and her own.

As he came, she devoured his cries of pleasure, her climax joining his as his cock jerked and throbbed deep inside her! Releasing the base of his wing, she raked fingers down his back. She stroked the glorious feathers and tight muscles of his shoulders. She felt powerful and unstoppable as he melted into her.
The kiss broke and she nuzzled herself into his throat, feeling his heart slamming into his chest in tandem with hers. In time with her! A tangle of limbs, sweaty bodies still one in the cramped space of the back seat, she held as tightly to him as she could, never wanting the moment to end.

"Now, you've marked the car." He whispered into her hair, "Feel better?" The dazzling smile he fixed on her melted her heart. She made an awful mess of the backseat even before the toe curling orgasm. He looked down at her, brushing hair from her cheek as their eyes met and she could see he felt it too.

Somehow knowing all that cum could be cleaned up made her feel better. Or maybe the faint scent of sex lingering in the interior soothed her. Either way, it was the first hurdle crossed.

The race had only begun and it was an obstacle course for endurance and required a fearless heart.

In the present, the memory provided a distant reassurance, but her confidence quavered. She waited as he stowed the bag into the trunk and eased into the driver seat. Silence. She didn't break into it, just stretched her short legs towards the warm air that blew out when he turned the car on.

"Princess." He began while the car edged through traffic. His onyx eyes stayed on the road ahead, curls styled respectable like the rest of him, down to the last expensive thread of his suit. He waited with the timeless patience of a stone and city traffic on a Friday.

"Yes my Prince?" She asked, not looking at him, she kept her eyes fixed on the road ahead of her.

"Have you thought about my suggestion?"

Her heart did a nose-dive and splashed into her stomach while she squirmed deeper into her seat. "N-no." She stammered into the lie and balled hands into fists, willing the confidence back into her voice. Since he'd tossed the offer to the table almost a week ago she thought of little else.

"I know it's a lot to process in a short time. But it feels—right. Doesn't it?"

She felt the 'D' rattle around behind her teeth d-d-d-d-does it? Closing her eyes she drew in a breath and reached for calm and strength. It really did feel right. So right. Terrifyingly right! A sunrise over castles right! Hot air balloons filled with rainbows, kittens and unicorns right! Which meant it most certainly had to be wrong. "We have only b-been seeing each other a month." She said, pleased to only stumbled a few times on her tongue.

19 days, her eager inner voice argued, as though this were somehow better.

"As I said, a short time." He flashed her a coy look, as though he'd also done the math of days, hours, and heartbeats. Precious, each of them. "It is very difficult for me. Knowing you are in that—" he paused at the last moment, "part of town." It came out practiced eyes locked on the traffic.

"You could perch on my rooftop and guard me."

He didn't respond and she felt an odd tickling in the back of her throat at the sense he might very well have. He'd tell her if she asked, but she wouldn't. The silence answered loud enough.

"If I have to sit in traffic anyway, I would rather have lovely company." He told her, reaching for her hand. Reflexively she threaded her fingers through his.

"I d-do enjoy the ride to work." She allowed and her mouth felt dry and her pulse unsteady. The last time she'd tried to explain and ended up stuttering so baldy she reduced herself to tears of frustration, furious at her inability to explain what she wanted. It shouldn't be this hard.

"So, does that mean you will accept my offer? Put me out of my misery so I can have a full night sleep soon?" He smiled warmly at her from the side of his eye.

"It's not that I-I don't want to be with you." She said as careful as she could, breathing between the words. God, she wanted to be with him every moment. "I am a—book store clerk."

"And a very fine one Princess. What does that matter?"

You live in the Oakland hills! Her inner voice wailed and she opened her mouth to say it and ended up hissing out through her teeth instead. "I don't need your ch-ch-charity." She stuttered through her teeth and this time ducked her head. She didn't mean that. She knew he wasn't being charitable, but she needed to stop her heart from hammering holes in her belly.

In typical Leo fashion, he brushed off her would-be insult with a hand wave over the steering wheel. "I have a house with extra rooms. I want to spend more time with you and it's not like you wouldn't have your own space. Pay rent to me if it will make you feel more comfortable."

She'd refused every offer to come to his house, fearing she would fall for it as she had for him. What if she fucked this up? Better to make sure she wasn't going to bungle things with her inexperience first. The very last thing she wanted was for him or anyone to think she was with him for some financial gain. The thought made her stomach twist as she sat silently in her seat.

He didn't say anything more until they arrived at the book store. "I know I'm pressing about this, but you don't have to—"

She held up her hand to stop him, turning in her seat. "I don't need to be saved." The words came out with a quaver rather than stutter. "Do I need my safe word here? Stop. You refuse to answer any of my questions about your—"

"I'm not going to have that discussion here." The sharpening of his tone was an unexpected slap.

"But you are fine applying force to me? Because you know what's best for me? You won't even answer my questions. I-I—"

He cut into her stammer, "Ursa." His voice stayed firm and he looked from her to the clock and back to her with a pained expression. "We don't have time for this right now."

"Right, but you have plenty of time to corner me into an answer. You know, I don't even know what you do or where you work." She gave a shake of her head and pulled her hand away from his warm grip and drew her hand back.

When he opened his mouth to speak, she pointed a finger at him, "Obviously, we both have to get to work." She opened the door feeling the angry tears sting her eyes.

"I'm sorry. " He leaned over into her vacated passenger seat, head cocked at her, dark eyes filled with worry. "I'll see you tonight. Be ready for the drive?"

His expression made her chest feel too tight and with a brush at her eyes, she nodded and leaned in to kiss his lips. "Drive tonight." She growled against his mouth. "I'm going to pay you back /so/ hard for pressuring me."

And with all the dignity her 5 foot-nothing-in-heels provided, offered him a view of her apple bottom in her new tight jeans before shoving the door closed with one round hip. That would give him something to chew over. She let her fingers caress the silver, flying B mascot on the car's hood with a last look over her shoulder before focusing forward and entered the store.

She didn't want to leave him after their first dust-up, but he was right, they both had to work. She thought her day started out bad, but little did she know it would only go downhill from here.


Vans was already in, regarding her with the amused smirk that seemed fastened to her lips whenever she looked at Ursa these days. "You think you look trendy, in your Bentley? Gunna be a snob and never act friendly?" She sing-songed.

"You are way too young to be that old school." Ursa said, trying to sound amused. Her mood after the argument with Leo left her feeling nauseous.

"I'm not that young, we're both 21! Speaking of old; how is Daddy Warbucks? How old is he anyway?" There was something venomous about the way Vans phrased the question.

"Could we please not do this right now? Please?" The truth was, she didn't know the answer. Or his birthday. It matched all the other unknowns. This was her fault for not pressing, but he had a mysterious way of turning the conversation around when they were together. They always ended up talking about her. Ursa's life, dreams, inspirations and aspirations which somehow always led to mind-blowing sex in the back of the car. She wasn't sure if it was the sound of her voice, or her answers or just the timing.

She wanted his conversation reversal skill to use on Vans right now. The woman was hunting and would not stop. "He is way too old for you. Thirty maybe? He's been picking you up from work and dropping you off. What's in it for him? You're not—you know, doing one of those Craigslist things are you?"

The question poked the hot spot leftover from Leo's persistence and kindled her anger, making her eyes sting. "Craigslist thing? What do you mean by that?"

"Prostitution Ursa. That's what I mean."

"N-No!" She felt punched in the gut and put a hand over her already turbulent stomach. "Why would you even ask such a thing? You know me. We've been friends for years Vans."

Vans eye swept down her nose at Ursa, "I don't know you right now. This person in new clothes, high heels and even a new God-Damn hairdo and makeup is not you. No! Ursa, that man is WAY out of your league in everything! Style, education, social circles, and financially." The way her eyes narrowed and lips slanted, silently said: 'Race'. Vans spoke with the firm dedication like she knew all the facts and her judgment was the only, absolute and unquestionable authority.

The hits just kept coming as Vans continued, edged tone slicing through Ursa, "Listen. I am your friend. Haven't I been trying to connect you with a good guy for a year or so now?"

Oh yes, Vans certainly had, it was always the same type of guy, as interesting and deep as a thimble of flat cola. They were the friends of the guy Vans dated and they resented being wingman for the fat chick.

"I only want to help you so some predator like him doesn't take advantage of you. It's not worth your dignity and pride to be someone's play thing for some pretty clothes." She sniffed indelicately. "This isn't you Ursa."

Why had Vans decided to bring out the nukes today? If this happened the day before, when she still felt the buzz of the crop in her hand, she would have a completely different response. This morning her splintered confidence floundered. She felt the stutter on the words, gritting her teeth.

The silence gave Vans more running room for her mouth, "How did you even manage to hook up with him anyway? Did that rich, ice-queen bitch who's always in here set you two up?" The clerk's voice shook with passion.

"Marcie is not a bitch Vans and he is no predator." Her fury bullied over the stutter as tears burned her eyes. Why couldn't her rage be dry, rather than the flood?

"You sure she's not just pimping you out to him? Some rich woman like that takes a shine to you and you don't even question it?" Vans rolled her eyes. "I'm sorry Ursa. I know this has to hurt." Vans continued, mistaking the tears for sorrow rather than wrath. Sympathy twisted Vans lovely features finally; satisfied her words were getting through. "It'll be alright Ursa. You'll find someone who really appreciates you for who you are, instead of making you into something you're not. And certainly not someone who wants you to be a whore."

The one-two punch.

Ursa shrank back from Vans with both her hands over her stomach. She shouldered past the other woman, running for the restroom. In part to prevent herself from slapping the other woman, but she also knew she would be sick.

Vans didn't know how many times she refused the shopping trips Leo begged to take her on. He inspired her improved wardrobe, but she purchased all her own clothing. Her hairstyle wasn't new, the gold and amber highlights were all natural and she felt guilty for flaunting the exposed luster. As for the makeup, now she actually wore some. It made her brown eyes warm and open, rather than small and timid. For the first time in nineteen days, she felt meek again.

She didn't deserve him.

She knew this and had no illusions that it was only a matter of time before he came to his senses.

Vans only pointed out the painfully obvious. Leo would realize the mistake he was making soon. If Vans, her friend, assumed she sold herself out for product, everyone else would believe it if she moved in with him.

She remained kneeling on the tile floor, curled against the door after being sick. Sadness replaced the fury, acid and adrenaline sloshing in her empty belly. They planned to go out of town for the monthly play party in Tahoe, but for the first time since she agreed to go, she felt the cold of uncertainty crawl around her queasy stomach.

Pulling herself to her feet, she fixed the tear messed makeup and forced herself to get to work. She threw herself into her tasks, letting the morning routine block out her troubled thoughts. She did her best to avoid Vans into the afternoon. It was easy; she did the many menial tasks Vans avoided. Eventually she regained her composure, if not her confidence, until Marcie arrived around noon.

Vans didn't say anything; her sharpened gaze on Marcie was enough. The clerk didn't conceal her disapproval as Ursa met the woman at their usual spot near Human Sexuality. Marcie was dressed as impeccable as ever, like she stepped out of a fashion shoot for Burberry, or maybe Versace? Ursa was only fashion aware enough to know the clothing looked deliciously stylish and several tax brackets above her own. There was something classic about the heavy golden jewelry and navy skirt suit, Marcie looked both feminine and powerful.

Marcie's expression was thoughtful as she in turn watched Vans. "She is an interesting one. Do you think she might enjoy the party?" Marcie asked idly, "Now that I look at her, she does put off a serious subby vibe." She said it with a laugh, sliding her sunglasses down her nose to fix bottomless indigo eyes on Ursa. She startled, "my goodness, is everything alright darling?"

"Fine I guess. Vans subby? I honestly don't know. She's not been acting herself lately. Before I would have said she'd be up for any fun party but—" Ursa felt the tension of the morning still curled inside her. Vans at a party? Would that be a good idea? "Why do you ask?"

"A little birdie told me he had an interest. " Marcie smiled warmly at her.

"Someone you sent to the store?"

Marcie gave a small tip of her head to indicate yes without saying it. For a moment Ursa considered telling Marcie about her nasty comments but the other woman changed subjects to the next bombshell of the day.

"I'm afraid I'm not here for our usual lunch, I'm leaving to get a head start on traffic and get things jumping for you wild animals to arrive." As Marcie spoke, she reached out and placed her long fingers on Ursa's shoulder, concern darkening her eyes. "I hate to offer additional trying news when you are having a challenging day already but—I need to give you a heads up. I sent out these invitations so long ago you understand, when Leo wasn't even interested in my parties, but now it appears The Ex< /> is going to be at the Tahoe house for the weekend. She reached out to me this morning to say she was going to be there. I know you won't have any problems but I didn't want you to have some unfortunate run-in."

"W-what?" Ursa asked, the floor beneath her went unstable, her knees wobbly.

"Oh, it isn't so bad. Chances are you won't even see her. I already told Leo so he isn't blind-sided. You two are darling together, I don't want any obstacles."

Ursa put a hand over her tumbling stomach. She felt a vibration in her ears before it became a buzzing.

"Honey." Marcie's voice sounded too soft as she gave her arm a squeeze. "That boat sailed a year ago."

"Maybe I shouldn't go." Ursa suggested, gulping a few times over the words.

"Why would you do that?" Marcie sounded startled and leaned back, "Did something happen?"

"Aside from finding out that his ex-lover is going to be there in a mask so I won't know to avoid her? Ah, and you're hinting my co-worker might be at the party too. No, I guess nothing happened. God. What do I do if she—" Ursa kept her voice low but her her emotions were unsteady.

"She can't offer him anything he would accept. The same rules apply to the Tahoe House as the Halloween party. You will have your key and tokens and he will be able to refuse anyone he doesn't want. I assume you'll have your pretty owl talons into him before he walks up the stairs, so she won't have a chance to pester him. He and I were intimate once as well but you're not threatened by me!"

"No. Of course not." She regarded her friend who gave her arm another squeeze.

"Good. Then smile. It's going to be a fantastic weekend."

"Marcie? How well do you know him?"

"I know him very well. It took some time though and some things he still keeps to himself. He likes his privacy. I don't think he ever talked about his scars. "

Scars? Ursa frowned as she tried to remember seeing scars on him but could only picture his dark, flawless skin.

At her blank look, Marcie supplied more quietly, "On his back."

She pictured his back, the broad, muscular arch of shoulders with his beautiful wings. There were no scars on the sexy landscape she explored with tongue and fingers more than once.

"Oh dear, now I have you worried about him. I think he is just wary of over-sharing with people. He is quite the pain slut, there's no reason to think the scars were caused by something non-consensual. If you want to know, ask him. He's one of the most honest people I know. "

"Did you ever ask him about them?" Ursa asked and rubbed her hands over her stomach.

"I don't honestly remember. I must have, but --hhmm—" She lifted her shoulders carelessly and smiled. "Scarification is an interesting ritual. Like tattoos, the artwork is for a lifetime. I would rather not leave lasting marks." She teased in a low whisper. "At least not without full ownership."

Marcie brushed the topic off. Ursa had no doubt she had not seen his wings. Was it true then? No one could see them but her.

"Anyway, I need to get on the road my sweet, I look forward to hearing what he says when you give him your little surprise."

Ah yes! The news. Ursa nearly forgot in the tailspin. She felt a hot flush warm her face. "I'm so nervous." She said and admitted, feeling a smile curve her lips despite herself.

"Don't be. And don't worry about the weekend, you will be pampered! His Ex won't dare cause trouble or she won't be invited to my parties again."

"Marcie? Did you set Leo and I up -- for any particular reason?"

Marcie set her sunglasses on the end of her nose and smiled kittenishly down at her, "Yes my dear. Because I love playing match maker and I sensed two of my favorite people might be the perfect fit." She sounded and looked smug at the results of her meddling as she pushed the glasses into place. "Try not to distract that boy too much on the drive."

Ursa felt more heat rise to her cheeks and she smiled in relief, "No promises. We'll be safe though."

She couldn't wait for her shift to end and get out of the store and on her way out of that town to start her weekend with Leo! Miles away from her normal, boring life where she could pretend to be someone she wasn't. Someone worthy of her Cupid.

As her day progressed, she noticed Vans talking with a man and something prickled at her memory. The man with the cowboy hat and dirty appearance wasn't easily forgotten and not the type of person she imagined Vans wasting her time on. He'd been in several times over the past couple weeks though Ursa had been too distracted with Leo-inspired-bliss to pay attention until now. Maybe a party would do Vans some good. The woman needed a diversion!

It wasn't until she clocked out that Vans cornered her again. The woman wore a particularly pleased smile on her face again, rain dampening her hair and jacket from her latest trip to dump trash, otherwise known as the nightly waste of time. "So, what are you going to do?"
"Do?" Ursa asked, frowning up from her thoughts of the drive and focused on her friend.

"With daddy Warbucks. You really have got to break it off with him. Do it before you get hurt Ursa." Under the usual authoritative command she heard the plea. Ursa wanted to believe Vans had her best interest at heart. She watched out for Ursa. Right?

"Stop calling him that. I'm g-going away with him for the weekend Vans." She admitted, and disbelief twisted her friend's features. "It's none of your b-business Vans." Before the woman could respond, she slammed her card into the clock and hurried out.

Rain fell in a steady patter and she pulled the hoodie of her sweatshirt up and padded out through the puddles, longing to throw herself into the warm arms waiting for her. Aside from a few employee cars, the parking lot stood empty. Unlike the past 19 days, Leo wasn't there with door open and arms crossed over chest. The grand exit she planned backfired. She wanted the comfort of his heartbeat in her ear and to kiss him until she was sure he wasn't just a dream.

Vans came out and walked to her car, throwing a cocky smirk over her shoulder as she slipped into her battered Ford Escort. Heart in her teeth, Ursa checked her cell phone. There were no messages, no texts; nothing.

Rain soaked through Ursa's outer layers as time ticked by. Vans didn't drive off and Leo didn't pull in. Her cell phone remained silent. Through the windshield of her car, Vans watched and waited. Waiting for what? A sick feeling spread through the pit of her stomach.

When she moved into the shelter of the overhang to get out of the downpour she saw it. Her heart plunged into her shoes. A broken vase lay shattered against the wall beside the trash. The armload of roses were strewn around the bin, pink blooms beheaded. They had nothing to do with her, she told herself. Headlights gleamed off the shattered glass and crushed flowers and she moved a step forward, scanning the area for a note.

There it was, torn in two, limp from the rain. She bent to pick it up, hearing Vans' voice behind her, "Ursa, get in the car, I'll take you home. Ursa!"

She pieced the two halves of the small golden card together. Water smeared the ink making it difficult, but not impossible, to read; 'Princess ~ I am at your mercy. ~ L ~

"Ursa! Get out of the rain. Come on. Let's talk."

He tossed the flowers? The violence of the shattered glass wasn't like him. She turned to see Vans leaning out the car window, she'd driven close, her face looked pale in the yellow lamp light and rain.

Staring at her 'friend', she dialed her phone, praying that it got through to Leo.

"This is for your own good Ursa."

"What did you do?" She asked when the call rolled direct to voice-mail. "What the fuck did you do?" Whirling on her co-worker, thrusting the tattered card at her.

Vans eyes were hard, "Get in the car and I'll tell you."

"You tell me first. You fucking tell me what you did!"

"You have got to be fucking kidding me right? What did /I/ do? You are ridiculous! You think you are so much better than me? A couple weeks back when you were so busy playing the perfect employee and kissing the bosses ass, I came out here while Mister Money-bags was waiting for you. I gave him the fucking hummer of his life in the back of his car."

"What?" Ursa breathed out, blinking at Vans and the fury on her face. Suddenly she understood the emotion choking her friend: jealousy. "He wouldn't do that."

"No? Why not? You think you're the only one? You are not better than me!"

Ursa gave a shake of her head to displace the information. Her heart refused to believe, but her mind played back the possible day it happened. He didn't want anything sexual that afternoon. He said he just wanted to talk. During dinner he acted even more tender and sweet than usual. That night, in the back of his car, he pleasuring her without cumming himself. Denying himself his orgasm completely. It was the first time he asked her to come home with him.

"That's right. I'm fucking him too Ursa. You know those nights you refuse to spend with him because you're 'afraid' of him seeing your dump of an apartment? I'm fucking him. He's fucking me. We're fucking. You can't expect a man like that to go without because of your pride. So, now the cats out of the bag, we can finally talk about this. You have a right to know how he and his pimp are using you."

Ursa's fingers curled against the card, eyes wide with shock. Why would he pressure her so much to be with him if he were—

"That's right Ursa. Every night after he dumps you, I'm the one getting a throat load of his jizz. I'm—"

"What?" She frowned, pushing the reeling emotions aside to focus on this fumble of words and her brows drew together.

"That's right Ursa! I swallow it all too. Do you? All this time you've been sucking him in the back of his car, can you taste my pussy on him?" Her lips curved into a nasty smile as she thought she twisted in the knife. "I'm so sorry Ursa. I just think you should know what sort of --"

But Ursa stopped listening. She might question Leo's fidelity but not his hard line for condom use. If he wanted to enjoy a blow-job from anyone, he'd tell her and it would be hot teasing. Not like this terrible possessiveness. This wasn't Leo. She looked at Vans who continued talking and stepped away, distancing herself from the woman.

"Get in the car Ursa. I will take you home. You know it couldn't end any other way. Better with a friend than to find out he's cheating on someone else behind your back."

"What did you say to him?" Ursa asked, staring at the woman she thought was her friend. "Why would you do this to me?"

Vans smirked, "I told him the truth. That he can do so much better. I'm doing this because we're friends and you are out of your mind right now. Now get in the fucking car."

"I'm not going anywhere with you." Tears mixed with the rain, they wouldn't stop. "You have no right to do this. We have something Vans. It's not just fucking."

"Right, that's why he drove off so fast when I told him you don't want to see him? Real deep Ursa. You need a relationship with someone you have something in common with. Trust me. I know what you need. I've known since we were in school."

This is what she traded her happiness for? The good opinion of this woman who wanted to hurt her. For years she accepted Vans advice. She put up with her teasing about her stutter, her shyness, her height, her weight and all her many flaws. She even subjected herself to some of the worst dates and relationships of her life at this woman's guidance.

"Ursa!" Vans disbelief pitched her voice sharper as Ursa moved through the rain towards the bus stop.

She felt chilled by the soaking rain and numb from the realization as she shouldered the wind and moved down the sidewalk, hoping Vans wouldn't jump the curb and run her down. The damage was already done. Leo did not even wait to talk to her and hear her side of the story. He actually believed Vans?

Maybe the suggestion that The Ex< /> would be there this weekend made his choice easier. She thought about her meager belongings in the truck of his car, the gear she'd purchased that she'd never use. Would she even see him again? Should she call Marcie to let her know? She was just digging out the cell phone when a horn honk behind her startled her. Vans.

But no, the car pulling along the sidewalk was the sleek Bentley and the window whispered down as Leo leaned out into the rain towards her. "Princess? Where are you going? It's raining you know." He sounded amused and playful and then apologetic, "I'm so sorry I'm late but I have good—my God. Ursa. What's happened? Are you alright?"

His features hardening with concern as he parked alongside her and swept out of the car. He grunted at the impact when she flung herself into his arms. "You're soaking wet. Ursa!"His arms wrapped around her, warm and solid and he cupped the back of her head as she pressed her face into his chest. "Let me help you into the car? You're going to catch cold!"

"Y-y-you....c-c-c..." She couldn't get the words out, teeth chattering, only half aware when he swept her off her feet and carried her around the car to tuck her into the passenger seat, wrapping the soft cashmere overcoat around her. It smelled so wonderfully like him, coffee and chocolate and the musky Leo scent. She curled into it, shivering. His careful hands checked her, touching her ribs and arms, checking for wounds but the tightness and worry didn't ease even after he assured himself she had not been physically hurt.

He closed her door and returned to the driver's seat, turning to her to cup her wet face in his hands. "I'm so sorry I'm late. I should have called or messaged. What in the world happened? Why are you walking in the rain? I'm not so late you expected I wouldn't show am I?" He turned on the heat and the seat warmer. When his hands wrapped around hers, she felt some of the numbness start to fade.

"You c-c-came back." She whispered.

"I wasn't ever here Princess. Traffic. What's going on?"

She struggled but explained what happened with Vans and the more she explained, the more horrified he became. When she got to the part about him fucking her, she couldn't even meet his eyes.

His finger touch her lips, silencing her words on a particularly bad stutter and her eyes lifted to his. Tears gleamed in his eyes, "This is a friend? This Vans creature is a friend?" He asked, horrified. "Oh Ursa. My sweet Ursa." He leaned in and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her closer. His voice rumbled softly against her ear. "No one should have an enemy who treats them so rotten. Do you want to know something Princess?"

When she nodded he drew back, wiping at his eyes. "The day in question, when that creature thought she made me a grand offer for a blow-job, I was not kind in my refusal. A friend does not proposition their friend's boyfriend or girlfriend. I don't take kindly to anyone insulting my Lady that way. I was so stunned by her tactlessness, all I wanted to do was show you how much I adore you. Which, by the way, I do. I adore you. "

Ursa chewed at her lower lip and curled herself across the armrest so she could get closer to him. "I adore you too. I'm so sorry about the flowers." She whispered.

"There is nothing for you to apologize about Princess. I'm the one who should be groveling at your feet. I thought you didn't like them because you never mentioned the flowers. I kept getting more extravagant just to get a rise out of you so you'd say something. I will correct this oversight." His sounded so fierce, she shivered. "Has this creature made you question me?" He asked, searching her face.

She squeezed her eyes closed and gave a small nod of her head. "I don't understand why you would refuse her, but I believe you did."

"Why would I refuse her?" He looked stricken, a shudder running through him, "First of all, because she is repugnant! Second, because you and I are together. If I wanted to sample anyone else, I would talk with you before acting on my desires. Third, I don't want anyone else."

Ursa let out a small, nervous laugh, "Why wouldn't you?"

"I see today has taken a toll on your confidence. I have never felt this way about anyone Ursa." He lifted a hand and cupped her cheek. "You do not believe it yet so I plan to use all my skills to convince you." He caressed his thumb over her lower lip and whispered, "I feel so strongly it terrifies me. Particularly when your 'friend', and I use this term loosely, would rather throw herself at me than see you happy." He watched her, "You are happy with me, aren't you?"

She felt warmth in her cheeks and tears brimming in her eyes, "Yes." She answered, squirming against the warmed leather, lost in his dark eyes. The cold clung to her rain soaked clothes but her teeth had stopped chattering.

"Do you still want to go away for the weekend? Would you rather stay home?" He asked softly, brushing away her tears with his thumb. "You know the Ex will be there. I don't want you confused about my intent with her."

"I want to go." She murmured.

His expression was troubled, "You promise not to take anything she says or does to heart? I don't want to go if it will make you doubt me and us."

It took a moment for her to consider his words and she nodded to him. "If we are going to be together, I can't and won't avoid her. I want to continue this lifestyle and I want to do it at your side." She shivered as he smoothed hands through her wet hair.

"You'd best get changed into some dry clothes then." He moistened his lips as he drew back into his own seat, watching her attentively.

"Why do I get the feeling you just want me out of these clothes."

"Because you know how much I enjoy having you naked!" He answered easily. "You can be naked under my coat."

She squirmed at the direct look he gave her but felt her smile returning. "You're impossible." She whispered.

He nodded in agreement, completely unapologetic. "Shall I get you a change of clothes then? Or..."

But she was already wriggling out of her soaked shirt and dropped it to the lambswool rugs on the floorboards. The diamond pattern of the red leather against her spine felt quite nice, contrasting with the warmth from the heater and the plush texture of cashmere. "Going to make a mess of your fancy car." She teased, dropping the bra and then wriggled out of her snug jeans. The rain made the task challenging, the fabric felt shrunk to her body, clinging to her.

"It's only rain. Can't be as bad as other things we've put on these seats my sweet." He paused a moment longer, watching her and then leaned in and kissed her softly. "I look forward to making up for pressuring you all weekend Princess."

His peppermint breath tickled over her mouth as she kissed him back, shivering when his hand slipped under the coat to cup her bare breast. The pad of his thumb caressed over the perked bud of flesh. "You're still cold, perhaps we should just go to my house and I can warm you up properly."

She gasped at the slow circling of her nipple, arching towards him. He pinned the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, rolling and pulling it until she whimpered and cried out in delight. "We should g-go to the...mmmm....fuck, Leo!"

"Yes. Fuck Leo. That sounds delicious." He teased her nipple again, kissing her neck.

"Oh, you're already in trouble! No fucking for you." She covered his hand with hers to still his caress. "I can't believe you're real. Tonight—I thought...."

"I'm not going anywhere Princess, unless you release me." He looked past her, into the rainy night and his brows furrowed.

She followed his gaze, twisting around, and saw Vans parked across the street, staring back with jaw set and eyes hard.

"Maybe she just wants to watch us fucking." He suggested bowing his head forward, black curls falling loose to tickle against her neck while he planted warm kisses to her skin.

"I don't think that's a look of desire. It's more like blood lust." Ursa said quietly and cupped his face, drawing his attention up with the steady coaxing of her palms. "We should go. Can we just go? I don't want to provoke her." She curled into his side, feeling a prickle along her spine. Images of the vase of roses shattered violently. "She wants you very badly." She pushed the prospect of Vans going to the party out of her mind.

He turned his head, kissing her palm, "I'm taken." He answered, reinforcing his words with a slow caress along her nipple, squeezing the breast before letting his hand slip away. "Of course we can go Princess."


Traffic was horrible. Not shocking for a Friday at rush hour, but with them both pent up from the day, each mile felt like hours. Ursa curled against his side and pressed her cheek to his shoulder, letting the tension uncurl from her as they sat in traffic.

"We should have taken today off and gone up earlier." He murmured, turning down the music to speak to her. She lifted her head with a small laugh.

"I don't think I could have skipped a day."

He made a small sound in the back of his throat and then asked, softly, "would you have allowed me to support you for the day?"

She wanted to say 'no' instantly but as she watched his serious profile, felt herself smiling. "If you start supporting me, you'll discover you have to continue indefinitely."

"That is a completely acceptable risk for me."

"Why would you want to do that?"

He smiled and glanced at her and then slid his hand over to cover her knee through the coat. "I have a particular kink that includes lavishing my Mistress with all the comforts she desires and many she's never dreamed of. So, it's for selfish reasons."

"Did you ever do this with The Ex?"

Leo's smile slipped away and he shook his head. "Our partnership was different Ursa. We were strictly together during events when she desired my company. It was fine for a time but I needed more. "

She slid her hand to his chest, covering his heart and she could feel the warm murmur of pleasure vibrate through him and cuddled herself in closer.

"As I said—I've never felt this way about anyone Ursa."

"Not even this?" She asked, fingers drifting down his stomach to cover his belt buckle and then lower to cup his cock in her palm, gasping at how hard he was already in the slacks. "Oh!"

"Certainly not /this/." He growled and smiled impishly at the road ahead of him.

"It's a long trip." Her fingers deftly unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants, watching his face in the shifting lights of the cars and trucks on the highway.

"Oh Mistress." He growled with a pang of need. "I've wanted you so desperately all day. Since you swaggered out of the car shaking that fine ass. You sexy minx."

"I might even pleasure you. Or, I might just tease you to teach you about the risks of pressuring me." She smiled as his body tensed, enjoying the way his hips shifted, thighs tightening and she longed to coax him out and see him bare for her.

"Whatever you desire." He murmured, voice low and respectful.

"I want to know what you do for a job." She murmured, "Since you are clever and able to twist the conversation around on me, maybe this will keep you focused on answering me." She traced his cock through the silk boxers, the red fabric matched the leather seats of the car.

His throat worked and he shifted under her fingers, his cock swelling thicker, bobbing against the fabric towards her faint touches. "I am Chief Financial Officer at a large corporation."

"Ah, so that's why you are so bossy." She teased and rewarded his answer by pulling the boxers and pants down with some careful adjusting of cloth and his hips. Bowing forward, she brushed a kiss to his exposed hip, her damp hair tickling over his stomach, making him suck in a sharp breath.

"Yes Mistress. And why I enjoy you taking control of me."

"What company do you work for?"

He hesitated and she paused in her stroking.

"Do you not trust me with the information? Think I might tell someone what you do in private?"

He made a small, pained sound and squirmed a little more. "No. Of course not."

"Would you take me to a company event? Or would you be ashamed?" She asked, frowning up at him.

"Mistress! I'm never, ever, ashamed of you. Of course you'd come with me to events if you—" he blinked and glanced at her, curious and eager suddenly, "Are you suggesting you would want to go?"

That question she didn't expect and of course he'd turn the questions on her. She playfully squeezed his balls and he whimpered in that sweet mix of pain and pleasure. "We're talking about you right now boy. I'm glad you wouldn't be ashamed to introduce me to your vanilla work mates. How would you introduce me?"
"That depends on if you're living with me and if....ughn...Mistress. I--I'd introduce you as my girlfriend." Oh he was adorable with the hesitations and squirming and she released her grip on him and bowed forward again and he whimpered as she blew a soft breath over the head of his cock.

"Not Mistress?" She asked, "Are you sure? Maybe I'd write 'slut' on your chest under that fancy shirt before we go."

He shivered and groaned softly, trying to bite back the sound. They were still crawling through the traffic and she worried she might distract him too much. She relented a little, sitting up but wrapped her fingers around the base of the beautiful cock, squeezing and stroking.

"I would find out where you work if we go to this party. Why try to hide it from me if you're not worried?"

"Because I've never shared that before."

"Marcie must know."

"Well, yes....but that was so long ago. Before we both got serious in the lifestyle. You're right though, it doesn't make sense now that we're dating. I work at Adler Enterprises. " He waited but when she didn't say anything, added, "They are a large environmental corporation. There are a number of subsidiaries as well that focus on various aspects. It's—a large company."

"I've heard of them." Ursa was pleased her voice didn't flounder. "They're—huge."

He mmmm'd at her and nodded his head in agreement, amused by her understatement.

She felt awestruck. CFO at Adler. She stared at him and realized why he did not want to tell her. She felt instantly intimidated by him—except she was the one with his cock squeezed under her greedy fingers. She was the one who controlled him right now. "What would happen if your bosses found out?"

"Found out about you?" He grinned at her, "I'm not keeping you a secret Mistress."

"No, I mean about the lifestyle."

"I keep myself very well masked and one of my co-workers is a member of the play parties as well. I watch his back, he watches mine. I keep my personal life away from work. Well—until this beautiful Owl swept in and ruined me."

"Oh? Ruined are you?" She asked with a laugh and stroked up his length and back down to his balls. "Poor, sweet boy. So ruined!" She purred as he moaned and his hips bucked towards her hand in a primitive, needy movement. "You might just cum all over that steering wheel. I wonder how hard I can make you cum."

"Mistress please! I can't—"

"Oh, but I think you can." She purred against his neck while stroking against him. It felt so nice, pressed into his side with her bare breasts and stomach and the overcoat shielding her chilly body while she stroked his massive cock and the car traveled the congested freeway.

He gritted his teeth around the moan of pleasure and she smoothed her thumb over the slippery slit at the crown, smearing his pre-cum into his skin. His whole body tensed, heart hammering wildly. "The drivers in those cars might see you." She whispered between her kisses up to his ear. "When you cum, they'll be so jealous of me, because I'm the one who has you and I'm the one who owns these orgasms. Isn't that right?"

"Yes Mistress. Oh fuck yes." His steely resolve fractured as her fist few up and down his dark cock, her fingers pale around him. The pre-cum drooled more freely now, making the shaft slippery like lube for her as she moved faster over him.

"Cum for me." She whispered and bit against his ear lobe, caressing with her tongue as she stroked, pumping her fingers around him, palm tight against the achingly hard prick until he let out a broken roar of pleasure. Under her grip, he swelled, pulse thundering along his length and he bucked in her hand as cum gushed from him.

It was one of the most beautiful images of her life. The pearly fountain shot from the swollen head, the force of his broken restraint giving enough pressure to gush his seed all along the steering wheel and the console. Cum trickled over her fingers and wrist as she continued to stroke him, milking out every last drop of his spunk.

They'd always used condoms before. His orgasms were controlled and captured before she could see the wonderful creamy mess of it. She moaned, squirming in her seat, feeling her sex pulse and tighten in needy echoes of his climax.

He panted roughly in the driver's seat, shuddering and shaken at the skin on skin contact during the hand job and even now, he shivered and quaked as she held him, his cock remained rock hard despite his glorious climax. "Fuck." He whispered and glanced at her, expression dreamy.

"Eyes on the road." She teased him and leaned down to get her shirt and used it to clean up what she could. The cold rain-damp shirt against his hot manhood made him gasp in surprise. She even managed to tidy up most of the other mess, grinning to herself.

He stayed silent, eyes on the road, brows drawn together in a thoughtful, heavy-lidded gaze. She dropped the shirt onto her pants, wrapping the stains on the inside. Then she leaned into his side, cheek on shoulder and listened to the traffic and the background music she'd forgotten about.

"Mistress?" He asked after a very long time.

"Yes Cupid?"

"We didn't use a condom."

"Mmm, we didn't." She looks up at him and saw the tight lines around his mouth and drew her head back.

He glanced at her and his expression softened, "I'm glad. I didn't think you would want to—touch it. I'd heard...."

"Cupid—" She cuddled back into his side. "I really, really liked it."

His breath came out as a small whimper of pleasure and his arm looped around her, pulling her in closer. She must have drifted to sleep in the curve of his arm and chest. Somewhere beyond the steady thrum and dreams she felt the warm caress of hands over her breast and lower on her stomach.

Sleep drifted away as she woke to the sensation of his big hand cupping her sex, his thumb playfully circling her clit. Her eyes flew open and lights of the highway flickered overhead faster than the steady flare of headlights in the traffic jam. They were driving at a good speed down a straight length of freeway.

She murmured in pleasure and let her legs fall open wider as a thick finger slowly pressed into her pussy. "Hello my sweet." Leo growled huskily as the finger claimed her. He curled it upward to her G-spot, knowing just where to caress to make her body respond with a buck and arch for more. "So greedy! Is this how you always are when you wake up? Mmmmm!"

"Leo." She gasped and reached down to clutch his wrist.

"ssshhhh! Let me feel you sweetheart. Please Mistress. You are so hot and wet. I want to pleasure you."

She cried out as his fingers shifted inside her, drawing out and then a second joined the first, and anther thrust and a third joined the pair and she felt impossibly stuffed with her Leo.

Her Leo.

She moaned out his name and gripped his wrist, not to stop him though, just to feel the strength in him.

"Oh God you're slick and ready. You need this don't you?" He whispered just above the growl of the engine and road noises around them in the car.

"Yes!" She cried out and his fingers curled, relaxed and plunged in deeper before drawing out to thrust all the way in and flex, pressing into the heat of her until she screamed in pleasure. "Don't stop." She begged him, writhing and fucking against the trio of fingers smearing her wider.

"Never!" He snarled and fucked her with his fingers faster and harder. It was her imagine maybe, but the car seemed to go faster. Faster! FASTER! And she was cumming, screaming out his name as her climax overwhelmed her. Her body bowed against the plush leather seats and the overcoat slipped down and away from her thrashing body but all she cared about was the long, dark fingers pleasuring her.

It was just a beginning though, he fingered her through the climax, drawing it out with skillful ripples of fingers and then plunged in again, fucking her with them again to build her up. He crooned at her, watching her out of the corner of his eye while his focus remained on the road. Even with his attention splintered on his driving, he could send her right over the edge again, screaming and begging for more.

"Tahoe and our room cannot be here fast enough." He said brokenly.

On impulse, before he could think to coax her into another of those mind-blowing orgasms, she pulled at his hand, drawing him from her and lifted his fingers to her mouth.

"What are you—oh /fuck/!" He groaned and shuddered as she wrapped her lips around his fingers and suckled the sticky girl-cum from his fingers. Her watched him grip the steering wheel hard with his free hand as she deep throated two of his fingers. "Mistress!" His eyes burned darkly into hers and for a moment, she wasn't sure if he wasn't going to park on the side of the freeway and have his way with her.

She sucked his fingers clean and then slurped her lips wetly off his fingertips making him jerk his hips wantonly in the driver's seat. "Mmmm! A shame you've never had a taste of that before." She crooned at him as she nuzzled her cheek into his palm.

He made a low, primal snarling sound and reached over to her, pulling her up against him as much as he could while keeping his attention on the road. "You are so fucking sexy."

She went with his pull; ending up sprawled over the arm rest as she cuddled in against his side. He thought she was sexy! The smile couldn't get any wider as she curled herself in against his side and smoothed her hand across his chest, playfully teasing his tie around her fingers. He threaded his fingers through her hair and coaxed her head to his shoulder where she settled in, her other arm sliding around him.

They stayed that way for most of the drive. When she looked up at him, his wide, dreamy smile still touched his lips. He glanced down at her and winked, squeezing her with the arm he had around her. It felt natural and relaxed and perfect. She pushed the memory of her day aside along with the fears for the future. She should go after what she wanted and craved, not worry about what other people thought or wanted. I wasn't until they made their stop to change into their costumes did the nervous flutter in her stomach begin.

He'd arranged a room at Granlibakken resort for the weekend where his car would be kept while they stayed at the Tahoe house. It was part of the usual arrangement; guests and patrons keep their identity protected which included the cars of those parties invited. This was the usual place he stayed and a limo would come get him first while another came for her. Part of the game and ritual were for guests and patrons to arrive separately.

The room was beautiful and it seemed a waste they wouldn't get to enjoy it. There was a balcony and fireplace and a spa tub. It was far too nice to only hold their normal clothes. A bottle of wine chilled on the marble counter along with a pair of glasses and a small try of finger foods and flowers.


She received flowers a couple times in her life, the grocery store bouquets in plastic. Once for a birthday and once from a blind date. Neither of those were roses. There were long stemmed, champagne pink roses spilling over the vase with ivy and hydrangeas cascading from table to the floor. It was the sort of arrangement she would expect at a wedding.

He admired her gawking at the arrangement and poured her a glass of wine, kissing her cheek. None of this seemed unusual for him, like this was all simply part of his nature. Was it?

"I realize I should only get you flowers so I can watch you. You're lovely when you blush this way." His fingers brushed along her knuckles as he offered her the wine glass. "All the way to the roots of your hair."

"This is all too..."

"Get dressed Princess." His husky whisper teased her skin before he drew back, drifted into the adjoining room to change. She dressed trying not to think of him doing the same in the only a few feet away. Maybe they could stay there for the weekend instead.

All the doubts came crashing in as she affixed the owl mask to her face and arranged her hair. She'd repaired the costume, replacing feathers and fabric that came loose or torn. It felt a bit like going back in time as she regarded her reflection in the mirror. From the overnight bag she drew out the heavy envelop and fanned her face lightly with it. The News for Leo.

The News happened to be her test results from when she'd gone in to get on the pill. Negative for every STD under the sun; from crabs to HIV. Because she and Leo started the steps towards being fluid bound, that is-- intimate together without using a condom. She hoped this would be a good starting point for them.

Yes, they'd kissed but otherwise the restrictions and limitations had not changed. She understood he didn't want to rush into anything but assumed his hesitation was not feeling completely confident of her health.

Strangely, either because she was naive or trusting, she didn't question his health. There was no doubt in her mind he would be healthy since he always used a condom with her. Somehow, until she got her tests come back, she questioned herself. She used a condom just as faithfully, but she always felt his shadow of concern —as though he feared she would rub something bad on him somehow.

Hopefully this would be the last straw to tip the balance. Between her health green light and the pill, he could let go of more of his regulations. Safe was fine, but she wanted to feel him skin on skin. Wanted him to taste her. Wanted to taste him. Wanted to be one completely with him without anything in the way.

She'd never had sex without protection but how much different could it really be? She gave another fan of the card and tucked it under her arm. She'd leave this with him when he departed for the house so he could read it on the way. Then he wouldn't feel pressured and she wouldn't feel embarrassed. It was bad enough that Marcie took her to the clinic for her tests.

Would she feel more open to the possibility of moving in with him once all the barriers were removed? Her heart beat faster when she thought of such a move. It seemed quick, and yet after the drive, she knew quickies in the back of his car wouldn't satisfy her much longer.

He wanted to take care of her, and she felt a flush of pleasure and excitement quickly snuffed by guilt. She wasn't used to anyone taking care of her. Wasn't that too old fashioned? Maybe she could go to school and get her degree. Maybe she could go for a career suited to her rather than something to make ends meet.

Shame for considering using him for any sort of self advancement burned her cheeks. What was she thinking?

Returning to the main room she found Leo—now Cupid—adjusting the quiver of pink arrows over his broad shoulder. Most of his body was exposed to her, the coco brown of his skin gleaming with the luster of the oils he used, the chocolate scent teased her. Muscles tightened along his back and biceps and for a moment she stood at a distance admiring him. She'd not seen him bare like this since the last party. Their play times had been stolen moments in the backseat of his car. As exciting and titillating as it was, it hardly allowed her this delicious view.

His outfit was the same he wore for Halloween, the mask crafted with creamy feathers, the costume a mere Romanesque leather arming skirt, with sandals on his feet. More than just his handsome body, his wings were displayed for her. The strap caught between the longer primary feathers of one wing and he worked to correct the snag. "Wait—let me help you."

He looked up at her voice, smile softening, and stopped wrestling with the gear. She moved behind him and separated feathers from strap so the quiver settled against his spine. When she'd first seen him, the wings really seemed fake. A few short weeks of her smoothing them whenever he allowed her, gave them a metallic luster.

She opened her mouth to ask the question always poised on her lips: 'Why do you have wings?' The question got lost somewhere between her brain, throat and mouth.

He spoke into the silence her hesitation provided.

"What's that?" He nodded his chin towards the envelope in her hand and flicked his feathers fee of her careful hold. Stronger than they looked, the small wings folded in close to his spine. Hiding. He threw the fur cloak over his shoulders, concealing the lovely wings and his magnificent body from view.

"A little gift for you." She murmured, hesitating to hand over the envelope. She didn't want to be there when he opened it.

The smile he gave her was dazzling, as though he could read her mind or maybe the disappointment showed despite the mask. He held out his hand towards her and the gift she withheld for the moment.

"You have to wait to open it until you're in the limo." She said, and met his gaze.

"Alright. Sounds very mysterious."

She hesitated but when the knock came to the door, she passed the card with its surprise to him and reached up to cup his cheek. "I'll see you up at the house." Her words sounded choked. Why did her heart try to wrestle free of her ribs? For a moment the desire to beg him to stay and not do this weekend nearly overwhelmed her.

He regarded her with calm, honest delight. "I can't wait Mistress." He towered over her, bowing forward so he could nuzzle affectionately into her hand.

Then he drew away to answer the door, gave the big man in the domino mask his code word and response phrase and stepped out into the chilly night.

It wasn't until she pulled on her own silvery cloak that she realized she didn't give him her token. She would correct that first thing when she found him at the house.

She checked her satchel with trepidation. Inside she'd packed the gear for the pony play and races. Most of it he received from The Ex. He assured her there was nothing sentimental behind it. But even before finding out The Ex would be there, she didn't feel right using these things.

Ursa purchased a new harness, but hers looked shabby compared to the blonde Italian leather, silver buckles and the chest piece with arrows piercing lewd looking roses. Each of the straps were lined with fur padding. Hers had no tooling, stitching or lining and the buckles were nickle with a single a d-ring in the center of the chest. The snow boots had a mixture of tooled leather and silver buttons ringed by bells that chimed with movement. The inside was lined and fringed with fur extending up to his knees.

A deeper disquiet smothered her. He deserved better than she could provide.

The knock at the door came as she was arranging the boots, distracted from her thoughts. She opened the door to find a man in the same uniform of black tux and domino mask as the driver who'd taken Leo away.

This man cracked a smile down at her before growling, "Miss Perez requests the honor of your company at the Winter Wonderland." His arms remained crossed over his chest while he waited for her response.

She felt more relaxed in her reply this time, it came easier and without hesitation. "It is my pleasure to accept the privilege of the House-Mistress's generous invitation."

"Your word lady?" "Tangerine."

He offered out a hand to take her satchel and traded it for the thick envelope. She double checked she had her card and the key proclaiming her a patroness and providing access to the private areas. Not quite at ease, she shoved away the sensation of dread and walked to the car.

The limo door opened and the women inside gave cheerful waves back to her. The group of gemstone colored women behind their masks. Ruby Otter, Sapphire Fox, Amethyst Badger, Emerald Bear, Topaz Lynx. Ruby drew her into a fierce hug when she'd settled into the seat and the group broke into cheerful laughter. "Oh Opal Owl! You are with us! How exciting!"
They passed her a drink and she experienced a moment of dejavu as she settled into the seat. This trip to the house was more comfortable and shorter than the Halloween trip. It was like seeing old friends after too long away. "And are you going to meet that delicious Archer at the house? You two are so damn adorable."

She felt herself smile, warmth sneaking into the unsettled pit of her stomach. "Yes. I am. We have been looking forward to this."

"You should put your mark on that boy." Topaz told her with a salute of her glass.

Ursa felt herself blush, glad for the dark and her mask to hide the expression. "That's moving a little quick." She admitted.

Ruby beamed at her and crossed long legs over one another, rubbing them together with a sensual friction. "When something is right, it's right. Don't let a good thing slip you by."

"How do I know it's a good thing?" Ursa asked, honestly not completely certain.

It was Sapphire who answered, "Follow your intuition. My darling has a pierced nipple and I got him a pretty token to hang from it. Your Archer might enjoy something a little harder." She lowered her voice, "Does he?"

Ursa squirmed slightly, "I think he does. We haven't had a chance to push any limits for me to find out. I just—it's fast is all." Perfect and wonderful but quick. Like the drive which ended too soon. She didn't have time to gather her thoughts before they were pulling up to the lodge and helped out into the cold, snowy night.

She promised to meet them for breakfast, received the satchel and hurried up the steps, thoughts on getting her token affixed to Cupid. Maybe more than just getting the token on him but seeing those dark nipples pierced for her pleasure. An eager, metallic need thrummed against her belly at the thought.

Snow fell earlier but the path was clear. She moved gingerly to avoid slipping on the ice. The sky above was a deep sapphire pierced with sparkling starlight. The moon at its half phase hung in the air above the enormous lodge. It made the hotel were they'd left the car seem modest in comparison. Two, three story wings fanned out on either side of the pillars forming the covered courtyard leading up to the main doors. The exterior was a mix of raw timber and slate, illuminated by torches to guide visitors inside.

"Well, hello there." A friendly voice murmured at her side as a tall, lean man fell in step with her. The mask looked like a bird of prey, a hawk she thought, not a mask she remembered. Beside him were three other men, each decorated in lively colors, like handsome flowers. She found herself staring between Rose, Poppy and Iris for a moment before Hawk cleared his throat.

"Oh. Hello." She lifted a hand to double check her mask stayed secure while her eyes raked over bare chests and tight abs. It didn't hurt to look.


No keys rested on those sleek muscles which meant they were guests rather than patrons. A warning raced through her. Why were they coming to her directly out here rather than waiting inside where it was warm? Their handsome faces were expectant as they looked over her cloaked body, hungry smiles all around.

"We were wondering if you were looking for company for your weekend." Hawk said as he stepped in close, making her change her step so he wouldn't brush against her. She could smell the warmth of liquor on his breath, something cinnamon, spicy and sweet.

"Are you new to the house?" She asked, feeling the pressure of their warmth. Several other guests moved towards the house giving them looks with open disapproval. Ursa wasn't sure if it was directed at her, or at the cluster of men.

"Yes, this is new for us. Exciting right?" Said the young man in the rose costume, his mask an elaborate collection of petals. They were attached to his naked shoulder, chest, and the loin cloth. She found herself staring at the trail leading down to his powerful hips and let out a soft breath.

"You were allowed to arrive early so you could get in and settle yourself inside for a patron to admire." She explained to them, motioning with her hand for them to go ahead.

"But why go inside when you are right here. Maybe we don't want anyone else." Hawk said, looking her over expectantly.

"What?" Ursa took a step back, wanting to put space between herself and these eager men. Would the same rules of the house be enforced out on the path to the lodge? She'd not even checked in past the door.

"Come on, you won't get a better offer than this." Iris said behind the purple silk of his mask. Dressed only in an elaborate loin cloth matching the mask. The fire in his blood apparently kept him warm enough.

"You're mistaken. Thank you for the offer, but no thank you." She moved forward again but found Hawk blocking her way now with the man in the orange poppy costume right at her back.

They didn't expect getting turned down. The quad exchanged amused smiles, like they found her refusal a cute game. "That's not very nice of you. Or, do you like playing hard to get?" Iris asked, moving to block her other side.

"Actually, since I'm a patron, I have the selection of anyone I want." She forced her voice to remain steady. Moving forward, she prepared to shoulder past the big men so she could make it up the stairs and into the warmth and safety waiting inside. "Just go ahead inside and wait for someone to select you. That's how this game is—"

"Don't you dare turn away from us fatty." Hawk grabbed her arm and yanked her back to him, making her drop the bag of gear. His hands were hard against her bare arm and he tore back her cloak to expose her feather and silk dress, leering down at her.

"This isn't funny. Let me go." She said, feeling a chill of panic as she lost her balance with their jerking. She stumbled forward, arm yanked violently as he kept her from falling only because he wrenched her arm savagely.

"Like it rough don't you? Yeah, that's what I thought. All you kinky bitches hide behind your masks and think you can put men in their place?"

She never expected to need her safe word. When she thought about her limits of rough play, she couldn't imagine a time when she'd use it, particularly with her Cupid. She didn't think it would come in handy for something outside of sex. She never thought she would need it to avoid being physically assaulted in a very un-sexy way. "Tangerine. You mother fucker better let go. This is not what I want."

"We're not going to stay here and obey any of the rules. We're going back to our car and we'll see how far we can push you. We have our own rules."

For a second, she thought they might get away with it. They were moving her off the stairs; the crowd was mostly inside by now. Maybe people thought this was just some arranged fun. She screamed out her word again, digging her feet into the ice until the heel broke off. They drug her down another step, her knee banging on the cobbles. Her knee skid over stone, sending a spark of pain and fear through her while she struggled against them. The quad tried to keep her in their circle of bodies, preventing others from seeing. It reminded her of Stag and the Dove at the Halloween party. What horrors would they do if they got her to the car?

"What's going on here?" This voice sounded familiar, but her skewed mask prevented her from seeing through the eyeholes. A booze scented hand clamped over her mouth.

"She had too much to drink. We're taking her back to the car." Poppy said, his voice cheerful and amused as he pushed her forward, forcing ahead her despite her bracing against him. Her arm twisted back and she let out a muffled cry of pain.

"She's bleeding. Did she give you her token? Why don't you boys let me bring her into the—"

"She didn't give us shit. We're taking what we want! Now get the fuck out of our way." Hawk that time and she struggled harder against them, her voice muffled behind the hand clamped against her mouth.

"Ah." Understanding and disapproval in the single sigh of breath. "You should let me take her in now. It will be easier on you boys."

The four men holding gripped her tighter, pulling her like taffy, grinding her joints in their effort. She heard the fast footsteps coming closer. More abductors? The old training she learned from her mother came back to her as she pulled against the grip of the men. Time felt strange with her adrenaline spiked and heart racing. It both took forever and speed too fast. They only managed to get her down down a couple steps but it felt like miles.

She twisted into the man beside her, hooking her leg through his, tripping him. When his hand shifted over her mouth she caught the flesh between her teeth and bit down as hard as she could. He released her arm and she struck out blind, but instinctively upward with the heel of her hand, hitting a jaw or maybe a nose. The impact sent a buzz of pain through her wrist and arm.

Suddenly she was free! Nearby she heard the jolting sound of an electric device charging and then the bark of pain when it made contact with flesh. She fell, elbows and knees slamming into the ice slick stones as skidded downward in a knot of limbs with the man she'd tangled in her leg and took down with her.

She tasted blood in her mouth and spit, calling out blindly, "Tangerine! Tangerine! Get the fuck off me!" Kicking her feet, she struck the man several times pleased at the grunts of pain. He finally managed to roll away, allowing her to get free and still she kicked and lashed out, wanting to hurt them. Furious!

"Easy Owl! Easy!" The man who'd distracted the group called out, but he didn't touch her. Her mask had come off during the scuffle. The cloak had been ripped away as well. Heat rushing to her face as people walking by peered curiously at her. She felt naked!

The man looming over her wore a green dragon mask, his azure eyes peered at her in concern from behind the emerald leather. His mouth formed a hard line as he bowed down lower. This was the man from the pony races who seemed disappointed by the women trying to distort the games into a competitive sport rather than enjoyable game.

"Where's your mask?" He asked.

She lowered her gaze with a mute shake of her head. Her words were locked in a stutter behind her teeth.

Several men in suits were dealing with the attackers; there were two suits for each of them. One of the doormen came to kneel beside her next to Dragon, his frowning expression behind the domino mask matching the other man.

She must look like a wreck. Every joint ached from the tussle, slip and fall. Her body would be bruised all over. Her emotions spiraled from relief to fury then fear to horror.

"Do you know those men? What happened?" Dragon asked her, still not reaching out to touch her but not moving away either.

"N-N-no-"...she gritted her teeth and willed herself past her adrenaline hazed response. "They ambushed me. I t-t-turned them down they said they have a c-car here. I didn't think that was allowed."

"It's not Lady." The doorman said firmly. "Are you alright? Can you stand? We should get you inside and warm and see to your wounds. This is not how the house conducts or supports play. We will question them inside and would like a statement from you."

Was she alright? Unprotected, unshielded, shaken and sore but she felt 'okay'. She nodded reaching out to take the hand of Dragon who pulled her up. Only when she got to her feet did she remember the satchel and her packet. The bag and envelope where gone along with the cloak and mask. She frowned from Dragon to the doorman in the suit with a sinking feeling in her stomach. "My things are g-g-gone." She whispered.

All her tokens. Her card. Only her key rested safe between her breasts and she reached up to grasp it to assure herself it was still there. A bruised ache of fear replaced the relief at being safe.

"House-Mistress will be pissed." Dragon rumbled at her side, using his large body to block her from searching eyes. "Let the doormen take you inside. I'll let her know what's happening." He squeezed her arm, "Don't worry, they will take care of you." He looked past her to the doorman in question and inclined his head before drawing back and striding for the house, his expression grim.

"Lady." The doorman offered his arm and she took it, glad of aid as she limped along with him off stairs and onto another path leading around the house and away from the sound of people and music. The quad of young man in their masks went with them in silence.

The door he unlocked opened into the kitchens and the group of baffled cooks looked up from their meal prep at the appearance of people through this door. The doorman led her through the kitchen and storage room and down a long, quiet hallway.

He unlocked another door and held it open for her. "Please have a seat."

A sofa with chairs circled the fireplace where bearskin stretched before the flames, jaws gaping and black fur gleaming. Fire crackled in the hearth, filling the room with a cheerful light. Nearly, a table offered a bottle of iced Taittinger and a tray of chocolate dipped strawberries.

She slipped out of her broken heels and limped barefoot across the hardwood floors to ease into the leather couch, glad of the warmth. Her knees, shins and elbows burned, and blood trickled from several spots where the skin had been stripped away. Looking down at her hands, the palms were scraped open as well. She frowned to the man escorting her.

"We've never had a situation like this before." He said as though reading her thoughts, "At most our guests or patrons get a little overzealous because they don't want to use a safe word. No one wants to get removed from the list." He drew in a soft breath and then asked, "Do you have any idea why someone would want to take your tokens and mask?"

She thought of The Ex and of the women so driven to win the Pony-play races and felt her throat constrict. No one would care enough about her to go to this length to get at her. She rolled one shoulder up and let it fall, feeling foolish.

"You can talk to me. It's alright." He filled the glass with the champagne and offered it to her before kneeling on the floor beside her, offering out a tray of colorful domino masks for her to select from. "If we can get to the bottom of this, we can root out the problem. No one else needs to be harmed. If a guest of patron is going to this length, we need to know about it."

She accepted the drink and pulled a white mask from the selection and slipped it on. At least she didn't feel naked.

"Your partner won the race at the October Masquerade. Right?" He asked, setting the tray of masks on the seat while he remained kneeling, watching her adjust the mask.


"Did you have any contact with those women or men between then and now? I hear there were some attempts to derail the event at the time. Dirty sportsmanship has been increasing a lot in the event."

"I wouldn't know without their masks. I had n-nothing to do with the race. Cupid ran and won." She answered.

"I see." He frowned, taking out a notepad before sitting in the chair beside her. In silence he made a note. "Would you be willing to look at your attackers without their masks to see if you know them? We respect your wishes if it's too difficult."

She wanted to look them eye to eye without their masks. Only fair since they saw her.. "D-Do you think they are working with the women? The pony-play women?"

"It is one suspicion right now."

She closed her eyes as it dawned on her. They could get to Cupid through her. Someone had her mask, cloak, card and tokens. Her Cupid had the green light to screw her without protection. Wearing her mask, someone could trick him into believing they were her.

"What happens if someone uses my identification to trick people?"

"That person will be removed from the house permanently. That has never happened Lady. Are you worried someone is trying to --" It clicked suddenly and he stood, striding to the door, where he spoke with someone on the other side.

Her hands shook and she clutched them together. Should go and look for Cupid? Make sure he wasn't being seduced? Her stomach twisted into knots. Another doorman came in with a bowl of water, cloth and bandages and set to work cleaning her up. He was just finishing up the task when the House-Mistress herself came into the room, flanked by two more doormen.

The woman looked furious behind the bronze and gold mask. Seeing Ursa the expression only grew more stormy as she closed the distance. "What is going on? There was an assault in the driveway? Theft of property including what might be personal information of a patron? Why didn't someone act faster?"

"We acted fast House-Mistress, they weren't able to get to their destination with her."

"They never should have been able to lay a hand on her. Period!" She seethed. "People walking to the house saw this and did nothing?" She settled beside Ursa on the couch, frown deepening at each of the marks, scrapes and bruises. "We will get to the bottom of this. I'm on my way to talk with the boys involved. Would you like to come with me?"

"What about --Cupid? Is he alright?"

House-Mistress frowned past Ursa and looked at the gathering of doormen . "I have not heard. Anyone?"

"We have someone watching the door of her assigned suite. All other rooms with granted access are on the lookout for the use of her card. No one has seen the Owl mask or the man in question."

"Keep an eye out for them. Send someone to search the stairs and alcoves. Do it with discretion but if you find the Owl masked person, bring them down the library's back room." House-Mistress swept to her feet, a crease between her indigo eyes. "We will be in the next room."

Ursa felt slightly better knowing they would comb the house for him. He was not tucked away in a private suite or the play rooms under her name. She couldn't understand why he wouldn't just be in the foyer waiting for her. They would find him soon. The house couldn't be that large.

Could it?

Outside the room, heading down the hall, House-Mistress looped an arm around Ursa, "Don't worry, we will get to the bottom of this. So help me God. No one gets hurt this way in my house."

Inside the room, the four men were sitting on a couch, looking stubborn and dejected with their fancy masks off. They couldn't be very old, maybe nineteen although the one man with rose petals attached to him looked like he might be eighteen.

"Oh, so here comes the bitch." The young man in feathers sneered. "You can't keep us here."

"I'm not going to keep you here. The police are on their way." House-Mistress said. "You're trespassing on private property and you assaulted a guest with intent to kidnap and who knows what else."

"You bitches like that sort of thing." The youngest of the men said belligerently but glanced worriedly at the others. "You said she wouldn't turn us in. You said she'd be afraid of letting anyone know what happened here."

"Shut up idiot. The police aren't here yet. Are they? She's bluffing. Of course she doesn't want anyone to know what sort of sick sex games they have going on here."

"What would you know about the sort of sex games I have going on here?" House-Mistress asked, crossing arms over her chest. "You heard about what goes on here and you decided to drop in on the party because you think you're into some hard-core sex? You misunderstand that BDSM is consensual rather than your rape kink! The police will be delighted to educate you about the crime of rape."

"But we didn't..." The youngest of the men gaped past her at Ursa and his mouth fell open, "oh shit. Oh shit! She wouldn't. You fucking bitch, you wouldn't..."

"Oh, I'm going to." Ursa assured him, voice flat and dead with determination. "I'm going to go in for a rape kit too." She motioned to her knees and the bruises on her arm. "I'll press you to the extent of the law."
"But we didn't..."

Ursa stared back at him and the young man shrank back, eyes rounding wide with understanding. Good. The little shits. She had no doubt of their intent. They thought she was an easy mark, with such low self-esteem she'd let them get away with it. "Tell me why you did it. Where are my things? Who took my mask?"

"It was Elane. She said to come out here and we could get laid real easy. She said there would be a lot of easy women out here and we could have a pick. Would be real easy to get them out to the car and no one would question things. Rough sex and all that. Right? You like it rough? "

"You fucking idiot!" The feathered ex-Hawk snarled and reached across to punch the younger man but one of the doormen got between them, pulling him down to the floor and set his knee into the small of his back, pinning his arms behind him.

"Let's not get rough now. Police will be here shortly and I don't want blood on my furniture if I can avoid it." House-Mistress said. "You are all idiots by the way. Elane you say? Alright, and you wanted something rough? You'll get a lot of that from what I hear. Do you know what they do to cute would-be rapists in prison? I think you'll get to see what it's like being on the bottom."

That sobered them. Another of the men grumbled. "We didn't think it would hurt anyone if you're all into kinky sex shit."

"Sadly, that's not how it works. You want something kinky? Does that mean you'll be alright with me using a strap-on on you? I bet I could make you cum while I do it." House-Mistress said, watching the young men with gleaming eyes. "It would be very rough."

"That's not the sort of rough sex we wanted."

"Really? But you think my guests deserve to be roughed up without ever asking you? Strange. Well, never mind. Tell us what happened to her things and why did Elane wanted this."

"She didn't say. She just said the owl would be up for an exciting romp. We didn't do anything with her shit! We've been in here the whole time."

House-Mistress glanced towards the doorman at her side and murmured quietly to him. "Go find her. Bring her down into the library's back room and let others know the room is closed. Don't let on that there's any trouble if possible. Tell her I want to talk with her about the race tomorrow hm? The police will be here shortly and afterward we'll join you."

The young men looked close to tears by the time the police arrived. Ursa wasn't relenting on her threat to press rape charges. Let them feel the same stress she did about Cupid. Who was Elane? The Ex? One of the women from the race in October? Where had her Cupid gone?

Ursa gave her statement in the privacy of the room with the bearskin rug. She let them take pictures of her injuries, taking off her mask while she spoke with them. If they judged her for her outfit of beaded organza, silk and feathers they didn't mention it. None of the young men were familiar to her. While she felt disappointed she couldn't offer the police information, she was thankful the jerks didn't know her either.

At last she stood alone, playing with her mask without putting it on. A knock tapped on the door and when she called to enter, House-Mistress stepped inside, her lips tight and eyes hard behind the mask. She noticed Ursa's lack of mask with a purse of her lips.. "Ah." She paused a long few breaths before asking, "Having second thoughts about this?"

Ursa looked down at the mask, "I guess it was more fun when I had the fancy mask. When I thought this was a game, not where I could get hurt in a non-sexual way." She admitted and after a hesitation affixed the small strip of leather against her face. "I'm not really an Owl now."

Looking down at herself, she dusted at her blood spattered side and the dirt smudges. She didn't look pretty or graceful anymore. She felt sullied and wrecked.

House-Mistress smiled softly, "You're still an Owl. Come along night hunter, let's go save your boy from some evil clutches hhhmm?"

"Did you find him?" Sudden hope spiked in her chest, making her heart race as she hurried forward on bare feet.

"We found her. Still looking for him, but they are looking at the camera feeds. It won't be long now."

Disappointment crystallized in her pounding heart, threatening to shatter. She wanted to curl into his warmth. The ache twisted inside her stomach at the thought that something horrible might have happened to him.

They moved through the back halls and passed through a room with a bar where people were engaged in a loud drinking game that involved heavy looking metal rings and engorged cocks. The goal of the contest apparently to see who could support the most rings. A few hours ago, she might have spent time watching this sport, but the lively entertainment was lost on her.

Past a living area strewn with decorations, lights and pillows they stepped to a set of closed double doors were a trio of guards were standing at attention. They looked grim-faced as they spotted the House-Mistress and asked to see her card and pass key.

Inside, the expansive Library stretched out before her. The vaulted ceiling featured a skylight dome at the center forming an elaborate compass-star radiating down all the points. Book cases lined the walls and elegant couches provided resting spots for guests to read or visit.

House-Mistress led her through the space that smelled comforting of books, linen and beeswax and it was with an effort that she didn't stop to gawk at the selection of books. A featured display showed several books open to lewd artwork, undoubtedly set up for this event.

She provided the two guards outside the door of the private reading room the code and entry before they unlocked the door. Inside they found the woman who implemented the chaos that evening. Without the mask, Ursa didn't recognize her. She was tall and thin, her features strained as she sat with Dragon behind her and a watchful doorman at her side.

She wasn't wearing the mask anymore. Laying on the table nearby was the ruin of the owl headdress and mask. The once beautiful enamel face was cracked and splintered, one side dirty and scuffed. White feathers were broken, split and fractured and a scattering of cracked opals dappled the wood like snowflakes. The cloak lay over the back of the chair with a rip down the side and mud spattered along the other. Ursa felt a stab between her ribs at the ill treatment of the most beautiful objects she ever owned.

Even House-Mistress sucked in a sharp breath as she looked at it. She turned to frown at the woman Elane, but addressed Dragon, "Thank you for taking time out of your evening to address this crisis. I am embarrassed my fail-safes for the house have broken to this extent. You can be assured I will be making adjustments to avoid this happening in the future."

"Of course. I want to make sure friends are safe." Dragon inclined his savage head to Ursa, blue eyes gleaming fiercely behind his mask.

Friends? Ursa forced a smile and returned the nod with one of her own while her heart tangled in the pit of her stomach. Did she know this man? Why would he go out of his way to help her? What did she matter to any of them?

Elane spat out an angry oath and squirmed against the hold of the guards. The movement drew House-Mistress' attention back to her. "The police are here with your companions. You'll be escorted off the grounds."

"But I have an invitation." She snarled, furious. "I'm not trespassing."

"You stole from a guest of the house. You instigated abduction with intent to rape. You are not in your proscribed costume. You stole and wrecked the possessions of another patron. Your invitation is revoked. You are never welcome in this house or any of my others. I'll be talking with your known associates as well. Leopard,, Hound, Hare, Hummingbird, and any others you have poisoned in your drive to get a stupid ribbon."

The woman's face paled at the suggested crimes being pressed against her and struggled again before giving up against the iron hold on her thin arms. Her heavy breasts heaved with her panting breath. "It wasn't only me! You can't put this all on me! It was Bea. She set this whole thing up. We were...."

"I'm turning you over to the police to deal with your actions. You're off the list. In fact, I'm going to speak with a couple other members about their wisdom in including you and your ilk in their lists. This takes bad sportsmanship to an all new low. You have no concept of the real harm you caused. The house will deal with her and the others next. Trust me. Anyone else you care to tell me about while we're doing house cleaning?"

Elane glared from House-Mistress to Ursa fixing her with a look so full of loathing that Ursa would have fallen back a step except the door behind them opened with a slam of the heavy wood. The sound made her startle and whirl around.

Through the open doorway strode Cupid, every line of his body taut, dark features hard. His wings stretched out wide on either aside of him, making the air around the feathery tips shimmer as though putting off extreme heat. Behind the mask, his eyes were black and they swept back and forth across the room, brushing by everyone until he found the object of his search:


Ursa felt her stomach tighten as their eyes met, heart stopping. The air in her lungs felt too hot to breathe. He looked over her, picking out her wounds with a visible twisting of the tightness in his powerful body. A razor wire curling around and around his anguish. He continued forward, eyes only for her and a strangled sound squeezed out from his clenched teeth before he finally broke into a run to reach her. His arms opened wide, enfolding he as he swept her off her feet.

The remaining breath and blood felt like fire trapped inside her when his arms slid around her and powerful wings mantled over her. He shuttered out the world with a glittering, warm caress of feathers and skin, flushed so hot it was almost painful. And yet, it felt so good to be so enfolded by him. Her bruised and torn knees wobbled precariously but he didn't let her fall, holding her in the protection of that safe place. Her safe place. Hers.

The scent of his chest was all wrong though. As she lay her cheek over his heart, hearing the thunderous song of its beat, her senses were not filled with the heady chocolate and his sweet sweat. He smelled like...


The stink of pussy hung heavy on him in the hot alcove of his wings and arms. She stiffened and pulled her head back, searching his eyes behind his mask, but all she could see was darkness in his gaze, like a vast black night sky full of fury and self loathing. Stars died in his eyes, melting into tears that made his cheeks wet.

Ursa felt the betrayal like a hot needle driven into her sternum. She started to push away from him, feeling her anger spread from the wounded heart up to her eyes, stinging and burning. All the times they had been together, he'd never put his face between her thighs. Never tasted her pussy. Never wore her smell on him like this. The mark of someone other woman was on him.

He saw her emotions as plain as she saw his and the edged wire snapped, "No!" He gasped and sank to his knees before her, cupping his strong wings around her as he pressed his face to her breasts. "Mistress!"

His anguished tone stilled her attempt to wrestle free of him, or maybe it was his quiet tears he pressed against her. Arms wrapped around her hips as he sunk lower, dragging silken feathers along with him. Whatever happened, it wasn't something he did of his own free will. This was something done /to/ him. A completely new emotion nested in her chest.

She thought she felt anger before, but this eclipsed everything.

Part of her wanted to cripple the person who reduced her strong, confident lover to this desperate position at her feet. Her fingers caught in his hair and she drew his head back, the other arm slid around his shoulder. His black eyes searched her face and he quivered as she bowed over him, kissing his mouth. Hard.

The protective blaze in her heart overwhelming everything else. Her need to show she understood drove everything else from her mind for a moment as she applied the kiss to his blazing hot mouth. His lips tasted salty but between them, as her tongue darted forward, he tasted like mint, chocolate and sunshine.

Familiar. Perfect. The way he kissed her back answered her and shattered any last doubt. He was hers! She trusted him, . His words whispered back to her—he did not want her to question him. He needed to know that she didn't question him.

"Well." House-Mistress' voice sounded strange, full of the same radiant wrath filling Ursa.

Dragon even made a low rumble of approval.

Cupid growled against her lips, squeezing her so tight she was certain he left bruises where his hands gripped her. She wanted them all. Ursa broke the kiss at last, giving a bite to his lower lip before drawing her head back, looking down at him. "You stink." She told him and made herself smile. "Haven't I told you not to let any fishy cunt touch you?"

He made a choked sound of relief and crushed his face against her stomach, "Yes Mistress."

Ursa stroked her fingers through Cupid's sweaty curls before sliding the arm around his tight shoulder, stroking through the soft feathers trailing down his spine with affection. The big man's tension uncoiled at her touches, a gust of hot breath whispering across her stomach where he pressed his face against her.

"You bitch!" This voice was new but could only be The Ex.

Ursa at last shifted her attention from Cupid, looking up at the woman standing there with murder in her dark eyes. She wore a gold and bronze corset ringed with arching black stripes over her breasts, hips and lower back. A short skirt of golden taffeta barely held onto her hips, rumpled and looking as though it was on crooked. On her head a dainty crown poised in her black ringlet curls and a mask of ornate onyx filigree was a little askew. Her deep brown skin was lighter than Cupid's and while she towered over Ursa, she wasn't nearly as tall as him.

This Queen Bee was easily the most beautiful and intimidating person Ursa had ever seen.

In any other situation, Ursa would have lowered her eyes and cowered or stammered, doubting herself and her right to breathe the same air as the handsome man at her feet. Not now though. Now the sharp, protective edge of her wrath for what she'd dared to do to Cupid consumed her.

Through the glamour, she saw how ugly and broken with desperation this creature was. The air wavered around Ursa, as those the exotic wings curved against her put off ethereal energies, tingling along her skin. She felt her shoulders relax, forcing herself to release the breath she'd been holding. This woman wasn't anything or anyone to fear. Bee hissed out sharply when Ursa smiled at her.

House-Mistress intruded before the woman could gather breath to say anything. "I didn't realize you had such a disrespect for consent. This is repugnant for even the most green newbie to the lifestyle. You take a break from the house and return intent on being a bully?" She shook her head in sorrow rather than anger. "We were friends once. God, I never would have thought you would end our friendship this way. You're no longer welcome in my house."

By the deepening of the fury in Bee's eyes behind her mask, Ursa knew the woman held her responsible. Ursa was not making any friends tonight. How did she manage to draw all the negativity to herself just because a beautiful man desired her.

Bee made an angry sound and as she did, Cupid stood, his strong body nuzzling up along Ursa, the wings drawing away. He put himself protectively in front of Ursa.

"There isn't going to be any tussling over this." House-Mistress said firmly, shooting a warning look around her. "The police are here, you will go with them."

Those words drew Bee's attention and jealous wrath away and back to the woman in charge.

"That's right. Peacock here says, you were the one orchestrating this whole disaster, you ridiculous sow."

Ursa placed her hand on Cupid's arm and he shifted, looping it and a wing around her, all shimmery and tingly along her exposed skin. She wanted to get him to their room and scrub him clean and make sure he was safe. She didn't care about police or charges. The important thing was making sure things were fixed between her and this huge, gentle man who impossibly wanted her.

Dragon met Ursa's eyes and cleared his throat. "Maybe we can let the police take over from here then? I have a particular party favor waiting for me. Who knows that sort of horrors her imagination is cooking up for why I went chasing after the impostor. Owl, I wish you and your champion the very best." Despite the savage expression on the mask, the smile he offered her was kind.

"A fine idea. Enough of our holiday has been spoiled by this. Tomorrow I'll make announcements about what happened." House-Mistress turned to one of the doormen, speaking quiet instructions before the man strode out the room to fetch the police who'd been taking statements in another room.

Ursa urged Cupid to a chair when she felt him leaning into her. She wasn't sure what happened or if she wanted the details, he looked haunted. He eased into the seat, reluctantly sliding his arm from around her. Dragon waited until the police arrived and then made his departure, eager to get back to his companion.

The women were taken away, a mixture of shock, anger and frustration shared between them. All that wasted energy on the poison feeding on them. Or were they feeding on the poison of their greed and desires? Would they come back? Would their friends who remained seek to punish her or Cupid for what happened? Or, could she hope it would all blow over? Did she want to continue in this lifestyle if that's what she had to look forward to?

"Owl. Archer. I cannot even begin to apologize for my security failing so tremendously tonight. This has all been my fault." House-Mistress said quietly, sinking into a chair as well. The room was very still after the storm of emotions.

Ursa didn't sit, she stood beside Cupid, fingers resting over his forearm, watching her friend the House-Mistress in silence.

"Say something." House-Mistress pleaded quietly.

"I need some time to process everything that's happened here tonight." Ursa said at last and Cupid looked at the tone of her voice. She did not mean for it to come out so full of emotion but it bled out of her.

"Do you want to stay, or would you rather leave the house?" House-Mistress' asked in concern.

Cupid's body leaned towards her and he watched her, his expression grim but she could read the emotion easy enough. It was up to her to decide.

"I think we'll stay. I mean, there's snow to play in tomorrow. Right? I am not going to let this drive me away."

A small, weary smile tugged at the corner of his lips. He leaned into her and slid his arm and wing back around her.

House-Mistress let out a low breath of relief before inclining her head. "Good!" She stood gracefully and walked to the door and spoke to the doorman there.

Alone for a moment, Cupid squeezed her hip and when she looked at him, his dark eyes searched hers. No longer so star-spangled dark. "Are you alright love?" He asked in a low, husky whisper. "Who hurt you? What happened?"

Ursa felt her stomach flip over several times as she lifted a hand and smoothed her thumb over his cheek. "I'm more than alright." Had he meant to use that particular endearment? Had the high of the emotions spoken before his mind could edit them? "I will tell you all about it."

She expected him to draw away, at least to slip his wing from touching her but the feathers continued to tickle her arm, the rippling tickle of sensation more than just a physical reminder of the contact but something deeper there as well. So much lay between them, it all felt too heavy. Her fingers stroked down his spine and the golden and cream barred feathers there. He pulled her closer and looked on the verge of saying something else but House Mistress came back to them.
"Alright darlings. Put a damn token on him Owl." She sounded more frustrated than angry as she offered the envelope to Ursa.

Cupid chuckled low in his throat as she did just that, tying the token's silvery blue ribbon to a D-ring on the leather strap crossing his broad chest.

"I've half a mind to put a permanent token on him." She announced and on impulse pinched his nipple. He rewarded her teasing with a startled gasp and a completely different type of tightening of his body against her.

"Oh really?" House Mistress sounded amused and her eyes gleamed from behind her mask. "Something public perhaps?"

"Perhaps." She allowed as she looked at the room selection. Suite 1. Looking up she asked, "Why are you giving us suite 1? Isn't that yours?"

"Usually it is, but I think after all this bullshit, you deserve a little extra pampering. It also has a private entry. That should make you feel a little more secure until this is behind us. It will make me feel better anyway."

There was no arguing. Ursa tried to sputter out a refusal but House-Mistress would not be swayed and Cupid's firm squeeze against her finally stilled her protests. That was that. He stood and offered her his arm politely which she took, curling around the thick bicep . When his wings finally drew back they seeming reluctant, feathers lingering and tickling and caressing her bare skin before folding into their usual spot.

They didn't speak as they walked the short distance to the room. She had no idea what time it was. It felt like a lifetime since she arrived and this whole disaster began to unfurl around her. Despite the entry being private and watched by a doorman, the door to the suite also had a watchful guard who required seeing her invitation.

The suite was even more decedent than she'd braced for, the decor leather, marble and crystal. As she gawked around the huge sitting room, Cupid closed and locked the door behind them. A fire crackled in the hearth and a thick fur lay before the flames, white and black tiger stripes gleaming in the golden light.

She turned to see her Cupid drawing off his mask, revealing her handsome Leo beneath the feathers and leather. His expression looked even more devastating exposed. In turn she pulled off her mask, tossing it away as she moved towards him. She grasped the front of his leather strap, hauling him down to her with all the strength she could muster.

He moaned into her mouth as they kissed and his arms curled around her, fingers raking down her body from shoulders down her back to her ass. When his powerful hands cupped against her and squeezed, she answered his moan with her own and arched towards him. Her breasts nuzzled into his chest for a moment before the smell distracted her from her intentions. She broke the kiss and jerked back.

For a blink he looked baffled, mouth wet from her kisses and eyes wide. Then she pulled at him, "On your knees." She whispered and he obeyed without hesitation, sinking to the floor before her. "Now— crawl. Crawl on your hands and knees to the bathroom like the filthy beast you are." She growled and he shuddered before responding with perfect obedience.

"You smell like a whore. Are you a whore?" She asked him and transfered her grip from his harness to his hair, using it to guide him deeper into the room.

"I'm your whore Mistress. I'm your...ughn!" The twist of her fist in his hair made his moan replace his words.

"Then why don't you smell like /my/ pussy instead of some other woman?" She asked and continued towards the bathroom. It was more like a spa really. A jetted marble tub, a steam shower with so many spray nozzles she couldn't even begin to count them.

His answer was a whimper behind his lips and she released him. Gooseflesh prickled his dark skin as he shot a look up through his thick lashes at her, his mouth opening in a soft pant after the quick crawl across the suite.

She met his eyes, hoping he saw all the naughty things she planned for him and ordered. "Stay." She pointed a finger at him and then curled it under his chin to draw his head up. "Just like this." Making sure he would be looking at her. "Do not lower your face from me. Understand?"

He didn't make a sound, only tipped his chin into her fingertip in a tiny 'yes' movement as his dark eyes burned into hers.

Confident he would stay poised, she turned away and addressed the tub. A basket held a variety of scrub brushes and sponges as well as selections of soaps, oils and lotions. She dumped mango scented bubble bath into the rushing water and bent over to test the temperature, assuring he got an eye-full of her upturned ass as she did. Behind her she heard the catch of his breath. Instead of looking over her shoulder, she pushed her skirts down her hips, lazily rolling her full hips as one side and then the other eased off her pale skin.

The gauze of the skirts whispered off her body, the dirty fabric swiftly kicked aside. She left her panties on and turned to face him, sitting on the edge of the tub. His hungry gaze devouring her took her breath away, he was impossibly handsome, the need in him a heavy ache mirrored between her thighs. Holding his gaze, she slipped out of her bodice, unclasping the delicate hooks to free her breasts. The soiled silken fabric landed with the tumble of skirts.

His hips rocked, squirming as he watched her hands play over her breasts and she delighted in his attention, squeezing her nipples, rolling them between her fingers. "I will just have to see to my own needs." She told him with a soft cluck of her tongue.

The words made him whimper, eyelids heavy with the desire and sweet agony her teasing caused him. He opened his mouth to speak out his protest but she gave a small shake of her head.

"You don't like that?" She asked, spreading her thighs and letting him have a view of the simple white panties covering her pussy. The wet fabric nearly transparent against the cleft of her sex. His body jerked, shuddering as she pet lightly down from her mons to her ass, pressing the fabric against her cleft.

By now the tub had filled—enough. She crooked a finger at him, "Come." She ordered.

He crawled towards her with the sensual grace of a magnificent lion, his dark eyes gleaming as the haunted expression finally lost ground, replaced by a raw edged need. A need for her. His dark skin flexed and coiled with his movements, slow and confident, not hurrying this show she desired. Her sex clutched violently, from the spot between her thighs all the way along her spine to the back of her throat.

When he reached her, he paused, not touching her but his warm breath teased along her battered knees. The gaze held hers, not altering, silently questioning what she demanded of him.

Without speaking she unclasped the buckles holding his strap and let them fall to the ground. "I don't know if we'll be able to get the stink out of the leather. I might have to burn it and start all the way over." She hissed at him, not touching his skin despite his attempts to arch towards her. "Oh no. No touches for you. Up."

When he stood, her face was level with his groin, his cock straining the heavy leather of the skirting despite the weight. She took her time unclasping the fastenings at his hip, careful not to let her fingers touch his skin. Lazily she eased the leather down his hips and thighs, stopping every time he started to rock towards her, keeping his cock pinned downward as the leather drifted downward.

At last his cock sprang free, the dark length of him bobbing in the air before her lips. The rest of the skirting slumped to the floor as she looked up his body. Meeting his eyes she inhaled the warmth radiating off of him. The sweet, chocolate scent of him curled her toes. There was no pungent smell of a woman, only the natural fragrance that was all him. Leo-sweat. She leaned forward slightly, allowing her hair to tickle his hip as she whispered, "Good boy."

The delightful sob of pleasure made her rub her thighs together, savoring the slick wetness spreading through her, soaking the cloth fully now, making her skin shine with her excitement. It was almost too much temptation. She longed to drag her tongue over the cleft of his swollen cock head and lap against the slit and coat her tongue in the pre-cum leaking from the crown.

When she looked up at him, his eyes were hooded, his chest rising and falling with his restrained desire, cock bobbing with his heartbeat. She felt the heat rush to her cheeks, knowing her lust was naked in her eyes. He moaned when she leaned back and pointed him towards the tub. "In." She demanded, from her perch at the side.

Again there was no hesitation, he held her gaze as he stretched long legs and stepped into the foamy water. He watched her with a silent plea in his eyes as he stood waiting for instructions. She dipped one of the sea sponges into the water and began to wash up his legs to his knees and then higher up his dark thighs, tracing the long, powerful muscles. The touches sent quivers up his limbs and he bit back a sigh of pleasure while she washed up higher.

"Turn." She murmured just before she reached his cock and balls. As he turned, pre-cum drooled from he crown of his cock, his breath catching.

The tight globes of his ass tensed when she spanked her palm against one and then the other, hips surging forward and back before she relented and washed him. First slowly lathering his cheeks and then slipping the soapy sponge between his legs, teasing his balls with the warm water and slipper soap until he was moaning.

"That's right." She crooned at him as he shuddered. "Such a good boy. My boy. I'm going to make you cum so much you have nothing left in these heavy balls." As she spoke, she wrapped her finger around the base of his shaft, palm nuzzling his balls and her other hand slipped between his ass cheeks, probing into his tight pucker with her middle finger.

He was so hot around her finger, the ring of muscles clenching tight in a greedy pulse to match the buck of his cock. "Mistress. I....I...." The big man struggled against his control and as he did, she drove into him deeper, pressing into his backside, pumping into him while she stroked him.

"Yes? What is it? Is something wrong?" She asked, voice shivering to betray her pleasure at pushing his limits.

"I'm so close Mistress." He warned, wings flickering open for balance and in pleasure, arching wide behind him.

She loved watching him this way, fighting against his need and begging her for permission. She slowed her attentions on his snug pucker and squeezed his balls and he jerked his hips forward with a roar of pleasure, head thrown back.

"Not yet." She crooned and swirled her fingers around, finding the spot inside before adjusting to slip a second slippery finger into him. "You are so handsome. I want to watch you forever this way."

"Oh Mistress! I can't....please! Fuck! Fuck! Please....Oh!" He spoke in broken, needy cries, voice rising, muscles tensing as he held back. Soon it wasn't words but animal-like sounds of strangled need to be released.

As he begged, she stroked him up and down faster, swirling her hand up his length to the head, and in tandem worked his ass. "Cum you sexy beast! Cum for me!" She purred, watching the lines of his back and shoulders tighten. She wished she could see his face, the sweet torment twisting his features.

He cried out in pleasure, arching and bucking against her first and fingers. His balls dew up, tightening, poised on the edge until she pushed him over with a curl of her fingers inside his heat. His cock swelled, spasming and jerking as as he came in a fountain across the tub, spraying the wall with his seed. Around her fingers, his ass clutched against her, heartbeat thundering in time with his pleasure and the throbbing of his cock. The pearly white cream christened the wall, painting the side of the tub, his belly and chest when she aimed his release up at him.

As the climax ebbed, he bowed forward, using his hands to brace against the cum painted wall, a sob of raw pleasure breaking past his lips. The exquisite beauty of him stole away her breath and her heart pounded hard in her chest. She would never get tired of seeing him this way, breaking into pieces in pleasure. His wings stayed fanned open wide, shivering gold and bronze against the creamy feathers.

After a moment he looked over his shoulder, face beaded with sweat, shy smile flickered out at her. She smiled back, blowing him a kiss and gave a last squeeze of his cock and balls and then released him. Her fingers slipping out of the snug grasp of his pucker were the last to ease free.

"Sit down stud. I don't want you to fall after that." She rinsed off her hands and reached for a scrub brush.

He did, easing into the water with a splash as though he legs were not quite up to the challenge of holding him up longer. Adjusting himself, he turned to her, expectant, the flush of pleasure making his skin darker, a velvety chocolate. The glorious wings remained high for a moment before subjecting their glory to the suds and water.

Leaning in she smoothed her hands over his cheeks, fingertips softly brushing across his cheekbones, washing his skin clean. He closed his eyes, leaning into her touch, chin tipped up towards her. Each slow caress bound her tighter to him. Once his face was washed and rinsed, she leaned in and kissed his lower lip very softly.

"Mistress..." he whispered against her mouth, a soft sigh of absolute pleasure.

With care she adoringly cleaned him, starting at his neck and moving to his shoulders and down the broad chest. Traces of the other woman washed away, replaced by mango scented bubbles. "Yes my sweet?"

"I want to taste you." He said, opening his eyes and pinning her with a hungry look. "I crave you."

She thought her heart would stop. Her toes curled up at the thought of that handsome face between her legs, looking down at his tongue licking over her swollen clit. "Do you?"

"Yes." The single word came out as a growl, his dark eyes not hiding any of the hunger he felt for her. "I have been a selfish fool." He cupped her face with both hands, smoothing thumbs along her cheeks, "Let me take care of your needs Mistress. Let me serve you as you deserve to be served." His mouth feathered over her lips as he spoke, sharing the warmth of himself with her.

"Oh!" Her stomach and sex clenched hard against her spine, twisting with a delicious mixture of need and desire.

"I live to serve you." He growled, rocking forward in the tub, water rippling off his body in foamy waves, sloshing around his hips.

"Show me." She said, voice breaking.

He opened the drain on the tub his dark eyes flashing as the water emptied. Leaning in, he pressed his clean, water slick body to hers, making her nipples tighten as his flesh slid over hers. "It is my honor."

The kiss bruised her as his mouth covered hers. Strong arms encircled her body, squeezing her tight against his wet chest. One of his hands slid into her hair, strong fingers gripped a handful to secure her to his mouth. He claimed her lips with the deep plunge of his tongue, as though he wished to taste the absolute core of her. Against him, she moaned, loving the shift of power, surrendering her control.

Fresh water rushed into the tub as he playfully pinned her into the empty basin, hovering over her, not bothering removing her panties. "How dare anyone mar my Mistress' perfect flesh." He kissed the bruises on her arms. His mouth peppered small kisses over the aching joints that took the worst damage from the fall and his hands seemed to be everywhere, caressing her here, squeezing her there, never in an overtly sexual manner and yet it felt like the most erotic and sensual contact of he life.

As the water rushed hot and steamy into the tub, he lifted her foot up and kissed the arch, tongue coiling out to lick against the clean skin. He sucked one of her toes into his mouth and her body bowed up in a shock of pleasure at the sensation. How could she have that many nerves in only a single toe?

"Fuck!" She gasped, twisting and gripping at the sides of the tub as pleasure surged through her as he treated each toe to the same treatment.

Strong hands trailed up her leg, his adoring touches a balm to her aching body. Higher his fingers slid until he cupped her pussy, squeezing her flesh through the thin layer of the fabric. In response her hips writhed higher and as she did, he hooked fingers around the thin layer of cloth and tore it away from her, snapping it and tossing the wet silk aside.

He licked up her leg, pink tongue lapping beads of water as he hooked her leg over his shoulder. Dark skin contrasting with her pale; velvet against silk. When his graceful fingers caressed along her clit, she cried out for more, desperate for him.

"So eager." He crooned in delight as he pet between her swollen lips, smearing the heavy cream around and down to her ass before drawing up again and shoving the long finger into her, twisting and coiling. The pad of his thumb pressed against the base of her clit and the free hand pulled her higher, supporting her ass. Feverish breath whispered over her inner thigh and his dark eyes lifted to her as he fingered her, watching her response to his touch.

His fingers drew out of her with an erotic wet sound and he regarded the glistening fingertip thoughtfully before running it across his lower lip. As she watched, his tongue flicked and sucked the finger into his mouth. The pleasure on his face at the first taste of her made her melt all over again. Dark eyes rolled back, lids heavy as they closed with desire. The moan vibrating through him like a huge purr. When he opened his eyes again, the expression of awe and affection swept through her heart.

"You taste like strawberries." He whispered, dropping his hand from his mouth to push two fingers deep into her. In response her body rocked towards him, a moan of pleasure cresting over her lips. "I didn't know....I never thought.....Oh Fuck. Princess." He pressed his face into her upper thigh and breathed her in before his kisses traveled up to where his fingers were plunging in and out of her.

She felt too close to her release. The prospect of having his tongue on her was almost too much to take. No one else had licked her before. Her toes curled the moment he ran his tongue along her clit, using a slow, careful lick up, down and then circled the tightening bud of flesh.

Her body rocketed upward, bucking and he drove his finger deeper into her, curving it up into her g-spot and his warm mouth hummed over her clit, sending her to a new hight of pleasure. Desperately, she grasped for him, clawing his shoulder and the other into his silken curls as she shattered to pieces against his fingers. The climax was so sharp, every muscle screamed with the release.

Her ears slipped under the surface of the water, the roaring rush of sound filled her. For a moment she felt like she was flying, soaring high, diving into a weightless cloud of pleasure. He licked and sucked, pushing another finger into her for several deep pumps as she came.

Suddenly the fingers jerked out of her and as he lifted her with both hands his tongue replaced the digits, plunging deep into her quivering depths. His nose nuzzled against her over sensitive clit, breaths whispering hot and cold over her burning skin. She came again on his tongue as his basso rumble vibrating deep into the marrow of her bones.

His big hands gripped her hips, bruising with their force, dimpling her ass as he grasped to her, feeding on her pleasure and her orgasms without sign of stopping or slowing down.

When she came a third time, mute to her own cries, he finally relented, loosening one hand from her to fumble for the water to turn it off. Blearily she opened her eyes and looked at him, floating in the steamy water with him supporting her. Over her, his wings spread wide, mantled protective over her. The sweet chocolaty scent of him mixed with the mango soap she'd scrubbed him with.
And her sex!

His cheeks, chin and nose were slick and gleaming wet with her juices, proof of her pleasure and lust. He flashed such a wolfish, grin of pleasure that she shuddered, pussy tightening and pulsing as her stomach clutched in a primal, possessive response to him.

"Mine." He said very quietly and returned his face to her pussy, watching her with those exotic dark eyes while he licked from asshole to clit, demonstrating just what he claimed as his own before rubbing his cheek against her dripping wet sex. "Oh Fuck Princess! You've ruined me." He let out a broken sound and plunged his tongue into her again, deep and long, curling it into her while a sound like a sob rippled from him, quivering through her folds while he tongue-fucked her.

She exploded around his tongue and against his face, her inner muscles squeezing him as he dipped in and out of her, faster and faster darting through her pulsing heat, gathering all the sticky cream for himself. Starlight spangled behind her eyes with the glory of the orgasm, and she felt deliciously joined to him, skin on skin, more intimate than ever been before.

With low whimper he reluctantly lifted his head and pulled her through the water towards him. Sitting up, he gathered her into his lap, his arms and wings curved around her, cuddling her into the most erotic nest. He smelled of her and when they kissed, she tasted the tart berry musk of her pussy on his tongue. They shared the intimacy of the kiss until both their heartbeats stopped racing.

Her body felt boneless, all the concerns and cares dashed away. He broke the kiss with a slow suck along her lower lip, drawing his head back to admire her. For a moment he searched her eyes, his dark gaze burning with an emotion she couldn't name. Pride and pleasure and joy jumbled together into a tangle too heavy for her to unravel.

And her heart overflowed with it. Could he see how she felt in her eyes? The way he searched her face, she wasn't quite sure.

Neither of them spoke, cherishing the moment, sharing breath and matching heartbeats while cuddling in the warm water. But the water eventually turned cool and a shiver ran through her.

He gathered her in his arms and lifted her up, cradling her against his chest as he stepped from the tab and grabbed a fluffy towel, pulling it around her rather than his wings.

"Thank you." When she spoke, her voice sounded rough, throat scratchy from her screaming.

His large hands cupped her cheeks, drawing her face up to him. "I should be thanking you." He pressed his forehead against hers, breathing her in. "For understanding. For trusting. For not freaking out about all that happened tonight. You should be furious with me."

"Will you tell me what happened?"

His throat worked, Adam's apple bobbing in his thick neck before he nodded. "Yes. Bee came to me in the Foyer and offered me her token. I refused her and she persisted so I left the foyer to the upper floor where I could watch for your arrival. She followed me, up another floor and cornered me, all the while expecting me to return to the life that I left. I have never seen her like that; ready to smear her smell all over me like she owned me. Another guest in a Faery mask came upon my struggles as I tried to escape without harming Bee. She demanded Bee stop and got between us. I am so sorry Mistress. The doormen did not come fast enough. I never would have gone with her."

"I know. You aren't to blame for other people's behavior." She told him, reaching out for the second towel to loop around his shoulders, ruffing against him before wrapping it around his front and nuzzling her body into his.

"But when we first met, I assured you no one would come after me, flipping out. If I would have known I wold have..." He frowned and then shook his head to dismiss the first thought. "..warned you about what might happen and the risk you might face.

"It wouldn't have changed my mind. You would have come into the store to see me and—I would have swooned into your arms no matter the risks."

He smiled a dazzling white smile and scooped her up into his arms again, "No matter the risks? Is that right?"

She felt swept away by him, heart racing and her chest and heart so full. He carried her into the bedroom while her throat squeezed around all the words she wanted to say. No matter the risks! Candles twinkled on various surfaces lighting him up with the gold and amber glow. A fireplace here crackled with lazy flames, the whole room gilded and bright with the shifting, dancing fire.

Her heart swelled even larger inside her as foreign and terrifying emotions stung her eyes. He pressed a finger to her lips as though he could see all the internal struggling and the words that stammered wildly in her brain and heart and expression was so soft and adoring as he kissed her forehead and cuddled in closer to her on the bed, letting the towels remain in the way of their naked flesh.


The way he said that single word sent a cold shot through her, freezing the liquid warmth that had crept into her bones. That was a serious: 'we need to talk!' voice.

His continued into the silence. "The card you gave me—the lengths you've gone to with these tests and your message inside—Princess...I...." He moistened his lips and snuggled closer, breath tickling her shoulder. "I never questioned your health. I have been afraid because of what I am."

To emphasize his words, his wings shrugged behind him, showing off the water beaded feathers before letting them resettle. His jaw worked, clenching slowly around what he wanted to say but it was his turn to struggle for the right words.

"I like what you are." She told him, feeling a small frown pull her lips.

"Do you even know what I am?" He asked, tipping his head to the side, eyes sharp.

She answered without hesitation, "You're a stunningly handsome man with a huge heart and enormous cock." Her smile widened as he laughed. "Do you have a medical issue?"

He blinked and stared at her, "Aside from the wings you mean? No. It's not an STD I'm talking about."

"I don't view the wings as a problem." She told him firmly.

"Princess, wings are not natural. Wings that only I can see are..."

"I can see them." She told him and to prove it, reached out to smooth her hand across one wing, "I feel them." She paused and added in a firm voice, "they are part of you and splendid!"

His face darkened with a blush and he smiled at her. She sensed him struggling not to close down this particular conversation and leaned in, kissing his lips. The kiss lingered, moving from sweet and sensual to a heated and hungry tangle of tongues in moments.

Breaking the kiss, she drew back and admired his swollen lips and the bite she left against him. "Tell me why you having wings makes you worried about unprotected sex if I'm on the pill."

He let out a breath. "I don't know if the usual type of birth control will work with me. What if I'm—" he rolled his eyes skyward and then back to her, "divine—whatever. I don't know. Ultra potent. I have not wanted to risk that with casual sex."

"Angel." She said to him and pointed and he nipped at her finger.

"That's the problem. I honestly don't even know. My biological parents abandoned me with my adopted mother and father. Then they just vanished. That's weird, right? My parents couldn't have children. They tried for years and then suddenly—a baby. Better and better, all the legal tangle of paperwork just happened to go as smoothly as if orchestrated. I have done dozens of DNA tests and every single one comes back with flawed results from 'tampering'. One came back as 'Falco peregrinus'. I'm pretty sure I'm not a falcon."

She couldn't help but smile, despite the frustration in his voice and stroked his shoulder, squeezing him warmly, "They look rather falcon-like wings. Maybe you are some science experiment...."

He laughed, "Ok, that is a plot from a book. No, I doubt it's a lab-related thing. It doesn't change my feelings about what would happen if I get a woman pregnant. I want to be part of that life. A father, raising a family. A kinky husband with a kinky wife and mother obviously. Sex without a condom needs to be someone special because there is that risk."

Ducking her head she felt warmth flood her cheeks. What would she do if she ended up suddenly pregnant with his child? The answer was instant, she would delight in accepting that joy with him. "You don't know for sure you are going to be super-humanly potent you know."

His smirk answered her and he lifted a shoulder, "lets just say I have my suspicions."

"Have you ever..."

"Absolutely not."

She almost said 'Thank God!' He never said she was the special someone though. "Oh." Blinking hard she ducked her head. "We don't have to change anything we're doing you know." She said at last, trying to sound cheerful through the foolish pang in her heart. "I just wanted you to know I'm clean. Safe."

Her words made him frown. Either from the tone she'd used or the words themselves. "Princess." He reached out to cup her cheek. "You are impossibly adorable, but don't you see what I'm trying to say? I want to change things with you." Pausing, he stroked his finger along her jaw and then her lips. "I just want you to know the risks if you want to." His dark eyes danced. "You don't even want to move in with me. You should know if you get knocked up, I'm going to be an even bigger pain in the ass."

Sitting up, she pulled at the front of his towel playfully and he did not resist her touches, arching to aid the removal of the fluffy cloth.. "I think I know the solution then. You let me research and do some digging and we will continue to use condoms for anything that might get me knocked up until we both feel comfortable."

Dark eyebrows arched as her fingers caressed his hot skin, "Research? Are you going to play Spy?"

Stripping out of her towel and tossing it aside with his, she grinned at him, "I think Private Detective sounds better. I have a whole book store at my fingertips."

"And a very generous patron who would buy you any book your wild little heart desired." He added, reaching up to cup her breasts, squeezing them warmly.

She felt herself blush as her nipples tightened into points of sweet pleasure. The response made him smile wider. The thought of having her own huge library full of rare books made her squirm until guilt tugged the delight away. "I couldn't ask you to...."

He pulled her down to him and kissed the words off her lips, bruising her as his mouth stopped her protests and his fingers pinched her nipples, pulling them until her muffled moans vibrated against his tongue and he tasted the depths of her heat, luring out her passions. When the kiss broke, he settled back into the pillow, teasing her with caresses. "Thank goodness..." He murmured, "You never have to ask me Mistress. You tell me what you want."

A hot thrill drove through her and she covered his hands with hers, drawing his touch off her. Ignoring his soft moans of protests as she pushed his wrists into the pillows beside his head. "Stay." She ordered him and sat up, swinging one leg over his side to straddle his stomach.

His eyes rolled as she rocked her hips forward, rubbing her pussy against his stomach and up higher on his chest, leaving a slick trail over those powerful abs. She loved the way his body felt under her, every heart beat and pulse of him and how his muscles tightened under her pussy and clit as she pressed against him.

When his eyes opened, they burned into her, his hands forming fists at either side of his head in the pillows. She could see the struggle in him not to reach out to her. She danced along his body, rubbing her breasts with one hand and her clit with the other. "I have wanted to do this for so long! Rub myself all over your chest and stomach until I cum. Tonight I get to enjoy you as I've dreamed about for...." Her breath caught as his body tightened under her, muscles cording as his body rocked up to meet her.

How long had she dreamed of this? Fantasies spanned years. Putting a hand forward, she splayed her fingers over his heart, feeling it beating under her as she rubbed her clit faster, grinding herself against his body, sliding back until his cock nuzzled her ass. He felt impossibly hard, pulsing along with her own heart as she nuzzled back into him before gliding forward up his body. She savored every ripple under her all the way to his pecks, his body velvet and flawless. She'd waited her entire life for this! Forever!

"Fuck!" He moaned as though she'd spoken the words aloud. "Yes! You are so beautiful Mistress! Use me for your pleasure. I am yours." Dark eyes, filled with stars drank her in. His body shuddered under her, creating a wonderful vibration against her greedy pussy grinding into his abs.

She rocked her hips, rubbing, painting the slick juices over him, blushing when she felt it trickling over her thighs and his sides, making such a delicious mess of his perfect, dark skin. He gleamed in the candle light, arching towards her as she ride him. "You are mine!" She whispered at him, voice breaking on the pleasure and passion cresting in her. "Oh fuck yes!"

Her fingernails raked across his chest as her fingers flickered faster over her aching clit and she felt her sex spasm, tightening from that spot connected to him all the way through the center of her body and down her thighs. Her muscles clutched down her thighs as she squeezed him, writhing forward as she came. His rumbling growl of pleasure vibrated through her limbs. She felt like she was breaking to pieces, held together only by his eyes on hers. It felt like time stood still, each breath spanning hours.

"Beautiful." He whispered brokenly, panting out his breaths, "My perfect Mistress."

Leaning closer, she pressed her breasts into his slick chest and kissed him softly. She didn't realize she was crying until his fingers cupped her cheeks, smearing the wetness with his fingertips. "I love you." She whispered into his mouth. The words came unexpectedly and she tried to muffle them on his mouth but they bubbled up again and again. She loved him. 19 days and this was love.

But it was so much more than a number of days.

He silently, sweetly consumed her kisses and the words spilling from her. They shared the salty, sex-flavored kisses as she pushed her fingers into that space between their lips, loving how his tongue curled around her, suckling the taste of her from her skin, the climax sticky and hot. He moaned and sucked them deeper into his mouth, panting for breath.

She melted into his chest and his arms curled around her and only when her heart stopped beating so furiously did she realize that he still had not said anything. For several shared heartbeats she hid herself in the crook of his neck, breathing in the safe, familiar scent. If she could have censored her words, she would have, but her heart had been so full and the emotions could not be stopped. Not saying them wouldn't change how she felt.

But, maybe this was too soon for him.

She started to squirm away, trying to keep her face averted but his fingers found her chin, tipping her up so he could see her. Her heart hammered wildly as she surrendered and looked at him. He wore the most devastatingly handsome smile. His thumb brushed her lip, lingering on a bite he'd pressed into her lower lip that still ached sweetly.

"I love you Princess." He said without hesitation. "My Mistress. My Night Huntress." His dark eyes twinkled as he rolled over, playfully pinning her under him, grinding his abs into her sex with the weight of his body, growling low in his throat. "Why are you crying?" His smile faltered and he kissed her eyelids adoringly. "Princess?"

How could she to explain the surge of emotions from his words? Her doubt and worry replaced by the joy that he felt the same way she did. "I'm so happy." She choked and then laughed through her tears at the understatement. Happy was such a tiny word compared to how she felt. His look of disbelief made her laugh harder.

When he tried to sit up, she pulled him back to her. "I'm happy too!" He admitted and nuzzled his face into her hair, wrapping his arms and then his wings around her, easing his weight off her as he pushed onto his knees, still between her thighs. "And relieved." His fingers brushed at her tears and again his kissed her eyelids. "Impossible, wonderful, delightful, temptress. I have been terrified you know—"

She blinked up at him, sniffling back the last of her happy tears and cupped his face, "What?"

"You don't want to spend the night with me. In a real bed. You don't want me at your place and you won't come to my house. You declined the suggestion of a hotel. You turned down my offers to take you shopping. You dismissed my concern for your safety. You rejected my suggestion of moving in with me—aggressively. You have ruined me for anyone else. I — have been trying to come to grips with the reality that you only want this wild fling with me. You'd want someone closer to your age. Someone without—secrets." He flicked his wings but rather than drawing them back and away from her, tickled her sides with the long feathers.

"Oh!" Shock crashed down on her. "No! That's not it at all. I don't want anyone to think I'm using you."

His thick lashes brushed his cheeks and when he opened his eyes, his expression turned smug, "I love it when you use me Mistress. I think you enjoy it too. Don't you?" Both his eyebrows arch upward in question.

She felt the blush and started to protest but he kissed away her resistance, rocking his hips towards her so she could feel the steely hardness of his cock nuzzling her ass while keeping her sex grinding against his stomach. His groans vibrated against her mouth as her tongue darted forward to tangle with his. Her fingers slid down his chest and lower to his stomach and then over his hips to grab that fine, tight ass, squeezing the muscular globes and then broke the kiss.

"Use me Mistress." He whispered against her mouth. "Show me how you like it. Who cares what anyone else thinks but you and I?" He grunted in shock when she slid one hand down between her body and his, wrapping her small fingers around the girth of his cock. "Fuck!"

"Sit up then. Straddle my stomach, here." She instructed and he shuddered violently at the command in her voice.

He obeyed her as he did in all things, with grace and obedience. His fingers stroking over her stomach and the underside of her breasts.

"No touching. Put your hands behind your neck." She shivered when his warmth left her body, watching him rise over her with his wings fanned out behind him. He didn't hide them from her, allowing her to admire them fully extended. He swung one powerful leg over her stomach and poised there. His cock bounced proudly before him, arching upward as her fingers pet along his length.

"Mistress—this isn't using me it's..."

"This is for my pleasure." She reminded him, snuggling back into the pillows. "I need to have a look at you and see where I'm going to put my mark. Do you think a tattoo or a brand? Perhaps a scar?"

Her suggestions made his eyes roll up and he tensed, cock bobbing as though nodding in approval as she scraped her fingernail along the underside of his prick from the head to his heavy balls. With the other hand she scratched his hip bone and up along his lower stomach. "Here maybe? On your hip?"

His dark eyes gleamed with pleasure behind the half lidded eyes and he stayed very still while she stroked the length of him from head down to the base, fingers unable to fully circle around him. He stretched taller, pushing his chest out for her pleasure, as though he knew how much she enjoyed the sight of him over her.
"Perhaps here—" Her fingers ran over his lower stomach and circled his navel. Where she touched him, the muscles tightened and quivered, still gleaming and wet where her pussy rubbed against him, and where she came against him. His mouth fell open, gasping as she stroked faster and when she raked her fingers up his stomach he growled and thrust his hips forward into her pistoning fist.

When a drop of pre cum dripped from the swollen head to her stomach, his eyes rolled again and his whole body shuddered. It felt hot against her and for a moment she marveled at the opal gleam of it on her belly and a few strokes later a second drop landed above the first.

"Fuuuck! Mistress!" He whispered, eyes open and staring at the stop where his pre cum decorated her pale skin. "Careful!"

"Careful? Ooh, is this dangerous?" she asked, smoothing her thumb over the crown, stroking the cum slit to smear his lust over her fingertip and he lurched in response.

"Mistress—I..I've never....OH Fuck!" His eyes widened as she drew her wet finger to her lips. "Mistress!"

His broken tone made her hesitate, for a moment she lay under him, nipples tight and aching while her lover poised over her, his cock bobbing in time with his heartbeat. "What's wrong?"

He groaned out a response and gave a shake of his head, biting hard onto his lower lip.

"Don't want me taste?"

Her words made him moan louder and another drip of pre cum landed on her belly. "No one has ever...No one ever wanted to. Are you sure?"

"Then I'm your first? Oh my sweet boy. Yes! I'm sure!" She held still until his eyes focused on her again. "It's like you're a virgin!" Holding his gaze, she smeared his pre cum over her lower lip, making it glisten in the light of the fire.

The sound he made was a primal, guttural moan and his hips jerked forward in an instinctive motion. Another dribble of pre cum trailed over her belly, landing just below her breasts with the momentum of his thrust in the air.

When she licked away his slick heat, she breathed out a soft gasp of shock. All the fantasies she had about his flavor were nothing compared to the reality. Unexpected as his wings being real. He tasted so sweet, her toes curled as her hips arched higher off the bed. It was a struggle not to let her eyes roll back as the strange, chocolate and honey taste of him consumed her.

How could he taste like chocolate? She tried to say something but all that came was was a muffled whimper of pleasure.

"Mistress...." He whispered.

"Do you want me to stop? You know the word to make me stop?" Her tongue tingled and she felt herself smile up at him.

"Oh Fuck! Mistress. You're the only one who will ever taste me." His hips rocked forward, cock straining towards her when she wrapped her fingers around him again. "Please don't stop! Never stop!"

She blew him a kiss and stroked him faster, now smearing his cock head against her wet stomach, stirring the swollen crown through the dew on her belly and used his lust as a lube for her fingers as she jerked him off. He gasped when her other hand cupped his balls, squeezing in a pulse in time with the strokes as she had in the shower. "Mine." She whispered to him as she stroked him, twisting her wrist slowly to swirl her grip up towards the head.

"Yours!" He growled, wings flaring for balance as he arched towards her, presenting his cock towards her. His body corded and tight, struggling with his climax and trying to restrain his own needs until she released him.

"Are you for my pleasure?" She asked, rocking under him to show off her breasts and the swollen nipples. The soft curves of her body that for, some reason, he found irresistible.

"I was made for you, Mistress." He answered through a shuddering moan.

"Fuck right you were." She stroked him faster, gripping him at the base while she adjusted the other hand to stroke closer to the tip.

He let out a delightful, strangled roar of pleasure, bucking into her hand. "Yours!" Gazing down at her with eyes glazed with pleasure. His body trembled, the restrained pleasure making showing in every line of his gorgeous body.

"Cum for me beautiful! I want to see you shatter to pieces in my hands. I want to feel your cum on me! I want to wear your passion."

He bared his teeth, startling white against the flushed darkness of his face and roared out his pleasure. The sound echoed through the firelight spangled room as he bucked above her. He came like a fountain, his massive cock lurching in her grip, pulsing under her fingertips as he reached his orgasm. She'd felt him cum before, but had never really seen it. Not only was he beautiful in this wild state, like something barely tame, but the glory of his climax was breathtakingly erotic to her. His force behind the release almost as though he'd not just cum in the shower not so long ago.

The flood of his spunk felt delightfully hot as it sprayed her stomach, shooting up to her breasts and along her neck and chin as he let go. The pearly cum caught the light, golden fire opals in the flames, coating her skin as she aimed him and milked him dry, stroking and squeezing until he was shuddering, crying out her name each time she squeezed and another glorious gush of cum painted along her pale skin.

"Ughn! Mistress! Yesss!" He met her eyes, holding her gaze while he panted, swaying to stay upright. "Oh Fuck!"

His eyes darkened with passion as they trailed over her cheeks and chin, down her throat as he followed the streaks of his jizz. She smiled up at him and stroked a hand up her body, smearing through the spunk, shivering at the silken texture of it.

"So much my sweet." She whispered and he groaned when she pressed two messy fingers to her lips and sucked them clean. His eyes widened as she made messy slurping sounds around the cummy digits.

"Mistress!" He slumped forward with a breathless gasp, his cock still rock hard under the fingers circling him and pulsing as he watched her nurse the cum from her fingers hungrily. "What are you doing to me?" He sounded choked with emotion, his dark eyes shimmering and black and fathomless.

"Claiming you." She whispered and leaned up, pushing onto her elbow so she could kiss him. He hesitated a moment, but then kissed her back, breath catching.

His hands fell from the back of his neck and strong arms twined around her. "I love you!" he snarled fiercely into her mouth when they broke for air, tucking wings around her like his arms.

She wanted to kiss him until the sun came up. She didn't want to close her eyes and miss a single moment. He rolled onto his back, arms and legs and wings tangled, a huge purring sound rumbling from him as they kissed. The fire was almost out, the candles too were as spent as the lovers.

The efforts to stay awake failed her. Safe in the circle of arms and wings, she drifted to sleep. For the first time in almost a month, she slept the deep, nightmare free sleep against his perfect chest with the sound of his heartbeat thrumming in her ear.

Nov 21, 2015

Ursa woke with the contrast of soft feathers and hard muscles curled around her and the iron strength of a hard cock nuzzling her stomach. For a moment she felt disoriented in this dream-like state. Wintry dawn light streamed through the window and beyond the open curtains fluffy snowflakes tumbled down on the postcard image of trees and lake outside. A strange sense of dejavu plucked at her, though this time she didn't wear a mask and she didn't have an urge to bolt for the door and escape her future.

Smiling from ear to ear, she cuddled herself down into the chocolate scented chest and lay her ear against him, enjoying in the steady thrum of its beating. Her human pillow didn't stir, his breathing deep and steady. Her body felt sore and her heart overfull. The memory of the scuffle came back and she made a face and carefully untangled from her lover, kissing the center of his chest as she got free.

He didn't wake but his lips curled as he murmured her name. Sprawled onto his side, he stretched arms and then wings, reaching for a pillow that he pulled in, nuzzling into with a sigh of satisfaction. A few more sleepy cuddles into the softness and his quiet snores resumed.

She watched him, chest brimming with warmth and a tingling between her breasts. The memory from the night before came to her suddenly and she glanced down at herself, startled to find her breast and stomach covered with brightly iridescent scales. With a gasp she rubbed her stomach, the touch dusted them into the air, where they glittering in the dim light before fading. With her heart in her mouth, she dashed for the bathroom.

In the mirror, she gawked at herself. Everywhere his cum dried on her skin and hair shimmered and twinkled, throwing off diamond twinkles in the brighter light. She smirked at her reflection and pet a spot between her breasts, marveling at the velvet quality of the little scales. Or were they tiny petals? She couldn't tell, they were too fragile. Even the careful touch made them crumble. They twinkled brightly as they fell, turning to milky ash before vanishing.

Touching her lips, she could still taste the chocolate warmth of his cum. No wonder he was worried about his cum touching her. He had magic cum? Against her fingers, she felt her lips curl up in a smile. Why the hell wasn't she freaking out about this? Why did she like it so much?

She poked her head out of the bathroom and peered at him where he lay smiling into the pillow, wings loose against his spine. It didn't seem to effect him or the sheets or shower. Only her?

Leaning her back against the frame of the bathroom door, she waited for it to sink in. Several heartbeats passed and all she felt was pride. Maybe they were delicate feathers! Smiling wider, she quietly washed herself, a small song on her lips, humming quietly as she reluctantly washed his sent from her.

"Good morning beautiful." Leo's sleepy voice rumbled startling her. She whirled with wet washcloth pressed between her breasts and found him standing the doorway, wings fanned open wide. His eyes held hers, his expression raw with unspoken fears. "Not leaving are you?" He asked quietly.

"Oh God no!" She gasped and tossed the cloth into the sink, and threw herself into his arms. "Of course not. I was going to dress and go fetch you coffee."

He caught her and lifted her from her feet, swooping his arm under her thighs as he cradled her into his bare chest. "Coffee?" He rumbled, throwing wings around her too for good measure. Suddenly a smile cracked his stern expression and he growled low in his throat at her and nuzzled his face into her hair.

"I needed to clean up first." She looked down at a spot on her breast not yet washed away, the dapples of shimmering spots on her skin. He followed her glance down at her and sucked in a sharp breath through his teeth.

"Oh." His face colored with a blush as he lifted his gaze to hers, searching her expression. "Oh. You're—not freaking out."

Laughing she shook her head, "No. It's fine. You—might be right about the super potent magic cum." She said and rolled her eyes.

"Might be right huh?" He grinned back at her and pinched her ass making her squeak.

"Maybe." She answered, squirming. "Come shower with me and lets go down and eat. Then—I'll see about finding you some—"

A knock at the door distracted them both. He frowned and glanced at the direction of the door and let out a breath. "I'll get it Mistress." He set her back on her feet, his huge hands smoothed over her body and he drifted and out of the room naked. That fine, muscular body prowled away, wings rubbing together before settling into the familiar posture.

It was one of the most difficult things to let him walk away from her. Only the fact that he'd return to he shortly made it at all bearable. She went back to the bed, pressing into his side of the sheets and pillow with a dreamy smile. Even the short amount of sleep they'd managed left his scent in the linens and she nuzzled herself into it.

Is this what it would be like if they lived together? Would she feel this intoxicated and heart-full all the time? Her pulse hammered eagerly at the prospect.

When he returned, he wore a towel around his waist, slung low to show off his hip bones and those hard abs. She'd never tire of watching this handsome, erotic man. In his arms he carried a huge package. "Compliments of House-Mistress." He said as he knelt on the floor at her feet, offering her the box.

She sat up, pulling the sheets around her and eyed the white box. "I don't know if I should open it." She admitted.

He looked up through his veil of long lashes, smile sweet and impish. "You have to Mistress. It's a gift from the House. Unless you are going to insult her and send it back?"

Frowning she nodded in acceptance to his point. The box was secured with a wide silver ribbon and fluffy bow. An ornament of a snowy owl in flight dangled from the laced ribbons leaving no question who the gift was intended. The lid came off and the warm scent of leather drifted from within the box.

Her fingers sunk into exquisite white fabric and she drew the garment out with a gasp of shock. It was a gown of velvet, pierced with opal gemstones. The gems formed tiny snowflakes tumbling down the full skirts. A matching cloak and hand muff in white fur came out next along with a white leather belt and empty sheath. Under it lay a coiled arrangement of straps in white paten leather.

She lay the dress aside and pulled out the harness, the soft sigh and jingle of bells shivered as she shifted it. Leo gasped as she drew it out, the bells golden and silver, pierced with opal colored stones that reflected and refracted the light. "My God. I can't...." Her throat tightened, tears blurring her vision. This was all too elaborate and gorgeous for her.

"Princess." Leo's voice sounded warm and soothing. "It's alright. Accepting a gift isn't wrong." Her lover whispered to her, kissing her knee, just above the scrapes. The touch reminded her of the fright from the night before. Was this how House-Mistress apologized for what happened?

She smoothed fingers over the supple leather of the straps, marveling at the padded softness and the mirror-like shine of the ornate buckles. "I'm not sure I deserve these things." She murmured, not looking up.

"I know you deserve these things and so much more. Enjoy this Princess. Stop doubting and believe you're worth it." His fingers squeezed against her and when she looked up, found him smiling fondly at her.

Not answering, she set the straps aside and pulled out another series of shoulder and chest leathers, buckles all heavy with polished gold and silver filigree and snowflakes. She held up the chest piece, showing him the owl in flight at the center. Leo murmured his approval and puffed out his chest as he eyed the gear.

"You are a proud Pegasus who needs the proper tack. Right?" She mused and put the breast buckle to the center of his chest, enjoying the contrast of white against his dark skin. His nipples hardened, hips squirming.

He made a sound of pleasure and leaned into her leg. "Yes Mistress." He agreed, demurring behind a sweep of thick lashes.

There were boots inside as well, these heavy soled with spikes on the bottom for the snow or mud. Only, these were not the sort of footwear she wanted to see dirty. The leather was white to match the rest of the gear with long fur accents tufting around the high top and laces.

"I guess this means we'll be playing in the snow?" She asked with a grin at her pony-boy.

He squirmed in anticipation and grinned up at her. "Yes please Mistress." He wrapped an arm around her calf, stroking up to the back of her knee affectionately.

"I guess since you were so good last night—you deserve a good run." She played along and stroked his hair with one hand, putting the boots aside. The last item inside the box was a heavy silver, ivory and glass dildo attached to a card.

"Owl — Darling, I know you have a hard time receiving gifts but I hope you will accept this replacement for what was taken and ruined. It's the very least I can do. Unfortunately I don't have a replacement mask for you yet. Please accept the dress for the time being.

I've taken the liberty of signing you two up for the snow-race but don't feel obligated if you two want to spend the day in the suite. I wouldn't blame you. I selfishly hope to see you at the event and the tree lighting.

With my deepest affection! House-Mistress M~"

She looked up to see Leo staring at the toy in her hand. She'd been longing for a toy like this from Good Vibrations. Heavy, for kegel exercises but also curved for G-spot teasing which meant it was perfect for prostrate play as well. This tool looked the same size but instead of being simply metal, this one designed with glass and carved ivory. Massive on one curved end and tapered on the other with intricate ridges. It looked more like an imperial scepter than a sex toy.

"I'm not sure you are good enough to have this yet." She teased him, rubbing the end of the toy against his chest, admiring how he arched towards it. "Perhaps after you show off at the race hhmm?"

His eyes closed, voice rough with desire, "Yes Mistress. I will prove how much I deserve it."

"I guess we should get washed and dressed and see about real food then. I'll want to show my beautiful mount off." She whispered, running the thick head of the phallus up his throat and under his chin, tipping his head up.

Gooseflesh prickled along his arms as he shivered, meeting her gaze. "Anything you desire Mistress." He whispered, voice dropping into a husky range.

Again, emotions tangled in her throat as she met his gaze and she had to force her eyes off him and rolled away and off the bed, taking her dress and furs with her. "Shower." She demanded of him, tossing a grin over one shoulder at the longing she saw on his face. "We have breakfast to attend and I want you to look pretty."

She slipped into the dress and gawked at herself in the reflection. The gown gleamed like a sun-struck snowflake and she felt impossibly sexy as she turned around, admiring her curves. Small and curvy yes, yet she felt more confident in this costume.

Leo gasped when she came strolling out of the bathroom in a swirl of steam. She looked up from belting on her sheath and beamed at the gawking and the more she beamed, the heavier his eyes became. He eased down to his knees as she walked closer. "Everything alright?" She asked, sliding the heavy toy into the sheath, smoothing it along her hip.

His throat worked and then he rasped, "Yes Mistress." Staying very still while she walked around him, smoothing fingers over his shoulder and the nape of his neck, down between his feathery shoulder blades and around to his front. "You are intoxicating." He rasped, hands clasping behind the small of his back.

"As are you. Let me dress you. We have one stop to make before we go to breakfast."

She got the straps on him, and only when they were all attached did he realize how exposed his cock was. He looked down at his manhood and then at her, sliding a heated caress over her before his attention settled on her eyes. "Surely you're not going to let everyone look at your property."

With a smile, she offered him a loin cloth of a towel and winked, tucking it into place around his powerful hips. "No. I have something else in mind for you. Trust me?"

"Without question." He answered instantly.

She crooked a finger at him, letting him carry his own delicate leash, trusting he would follow her.

The doormen checked them out on either side of the door and the private entry and it took her a moment to get her direction before leading him away from the atrium and towards the rumpus room. He gave her a questioning look but didn't speak them.
It early enough that guests were hardly waking yet let alone ready for play in the room. The place had been cleaned from whatever naughtiness happened the night before and she easily located the item she needed.

"Mistress?" His voice sounded shivery and small as he pressed against her hip and peered up at her from behind his elaborate mask. She longed for her true owl mask but satisfied herself with the knowledge her new dress was far more decorative than the previous one.

"Yes boy?" She asked, toying with the clasps of the metal cage and cock ring.

"Is that for me?"

"I think you'll recall what I said last time we were here-- that if you were mine, I'd put you in a cage. Unfortunately, this one doesn't have my name engraved into it, so I hope you don't get lost because no one will know where to return you." She yanked the towel off his loins, "Stand up."

Gracefully he rose and she grabbed his cock, pulling him towards one of the plush couches. Sitting, she smiled up at him, loving his low moan of pleasure and need, and the way his cock thickened instantly under her touch. Holding his gaze, she got the cage on him and latched it closed.

"I will always return to you Mistress." He growled and then whimpered, struggling to stay still under her careful caresses getting the metal secured around his cock and balls. Seeing him struggling against his urges was one of her greatest pleasures. This man who could take anything he wanted, warring with his need.

Finally she attached a jingle bell to the end of the cage, whispering, "I want to be sure I hear you when you're writhing beside me under the table, or trying to finger that gorgeous cock without me seeing."

She felt like she really owned Cupid. Not just a weekend or momentary claiming but full ownership of him. In exchange she felt herself explicitly wrapped around his dark fingers.


The meal was delicious, not only because she got to spend it with her Cupid at her feet looking spectacular in his gear, but because she joined Dragon and his unexpected playmate; the woman in the faery mask. The same woman who pet herself between Cupid and Bee to save him.

It took hours after breakfast to recover from the startling realization that she knew the woman. Despite the outfit and mask, she would know Vans anywhere. Vans as a Faery; transformed into a subby, stuttering pony-girl for a smug Dragon. At least she seemed better suited to his desires than Hummingbird.

Ursa didn't want to feel this happy for them, but damn if she wasn't seeing them in a new light by the end of the meal. She was disappointed that the gem women were not up so early to enjoy the festivities, but it was good for her to vent on Faery-Vans and discover this new leaf she turned over.

There was no possibility she would ever be happy with Cupid. The way she gawked at his joyful acceptance of submission, Ursa had no doubt there would be no further tampering on the part of the other woman. She wasn't sure how Dragon could trust her but he had confidence Faery would atone for her mistake.

"Guests and Patrons." House-Mistress' voice was strong and confident, giving away no hint of the stress on her from the previous evening.

"I'm sure you're hearing the rumors so I want to get this out in the open as a group. Last evening, our house was violated and several of our members were hurt. It could have been worse but it could have been a lot better as well. One of the attacks happened right on our front steps while other patrons did nothing. This is simply unacceptable.

"This is a hard-play group with many of our members walking a fine line between their kink and abuse. However, everyone should know that guests are not allowed to proposition patrons. If you see something that looks non-consensual, you should say something. If you feel your play would be diminished if someone verifies you are safe, you don't belong here. No one should be so deep in play they do not check that patrons or guests are not being abused and violated against their will.

"I am relieved other patrons and guests took it upon themselves to check that things were above board but I cannot fathom why the rest of the crowd going into the house looked on while a member had their mask stripped and was pulled down the stairs before the welcome announcement. While they shouted their safe word and 'No', only one person stepped in to stop it.

"Pony play events have become highly contested. Those who wish to continue a cut-throat pony sports can do it on their own property with their own people. Those who stir up trouble or found cheating or threatening a member will be asked to depart the house. There will be additional security. You will be found if you're bullying people and breaking rules and you will be asked to leave.

"These events were established as a place for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves in a safe haven for our most twisted fantasies within the sphere of consent. Last night was the first night I thought of closing the doors and giving this up. I have never had to call police, feared for friends when it should have been prevented.

"The next few parties will be much smaller. I will be screening patrons and guests so get your request letter polished. There will be additional security measures. I won't police every action; I will point you to the door. If your kink does not fall in the range of consent, save yourself the embarrassment."

She waited, as though expecting several people to get up. The way her indigo gaze drilled into them was unsettling. At last her smile settled back to her lips. "That's all my announcements. I will see you all at the races! Dress warm. There will be snow!"

After House-Mistress' speech, Dragon excused himself and his plaything, leading her out by her leash and Ursa admired the way he handled the inexperienced pony. Faery wore plain brown leather straps and an elaborate network of straps around her sex forming a chastity belt.

"Can we go out to the snow now Mistress?" Cupid asked very softly as he rose up on his knees.

She stifled a laugh at the condition of his face and grabbed a napkin, dabbing at the egg he'd managed to get on his chin and cheek. Ah, the risks of eating from a plate without use of his fingers and with her heel digging into the nape of his neck. He beamed at her and tipped his face towards her cleaning. "You are a mess." She whispered.

His dark eyes gleamed behind his mask as he licked his lips and she shivered, instantly reminded of how slick his face looked after being between her thighs. "Not nearly as messy as I'd like Mistress." He rumbled to her, nibbling towards her fingers.

"Monster! Yes pony, we can go to the snow." She gave his face one more dab with the napkin and got to her feet, sweeping her cloak onto her shoulders and collected the fur muff.

"Thank you Mistress." He did not stand, but crawled with sexy grace by her side.

He seemed more like a dangerous jungle cat than a pony as he prowled with her, tethered only by the fragile golden thread looped his massive neck. Now and again, his wingtip flickered out and caressed her hip, though he kept his head bowed down, respectfully averting his dark eyes.

People greeted her as they passed. Some wore masks she remembered from the previous party. Like Butterfly and Impala who lounging by the fire, smiles bright behind their masks. Others wore guilty expressions behind the masks. She knew they saw her unmasked and shamed on the steps the night before. She nodded to their mute greetings and smiled at others. The house connected to an atrium on one side and the stables and gardens on the other. The building no longer kept horses, but full of pony-play fun. Even before they stepped into the space where stalls were set up, she heard the horse-calls and voices within. Cupid nickered softly under his breath and winked up at her. She'd been looking forward to this and hoped there would be less drama.

The previous party had been so full of intense, competitive players; she didn't fully enjoy the sport. She braced herself for a bunch of catty sportsmen but when she swung the door open, the first voice she heard was familiar.

"Owl!" Celestia in her star spangled mask cried out in delight. "My dear girl you look stunning! Get your sexy pony in here and let us all have a look at you. You must meet Storm and her delicious little Flamingo! I'll do introductions."

Celestia had been one of the first people she met at the event, though one of the last to give her name. She and her lover in his ram masked gave her the first taste of how much she enjoyed watching sex at the party. And the first couple who admired her work with the crop when she'd paddled and pegged her sweet Cupid for the first time.

Cupid eagerly crawled forward onto the thick mats covering the stable floor. The bells on his straps and harness sang cheerfully. Inside, protected from the wind and snow swirling outside, it felt warm. The beams overhead were strewn with bright twinkle lights in white, green and blue along with garlands of evergreen like the rest of the house. The scent of horses remained in the space and bales of hay were positioned around in the aisle and inside the stalls.

Beyond the far doors she could see the running track and a bonfire already lit and blazing where spectators could enjoy the show. The snowflakes spiraled down in thick, fat flakes, dancing against the wind. It wasn't even Thanksgiving but already she felt like Christmas!

Over the stall doors were names plaques and she noticed one said Owl in gilt letters over the red plate. Grinning to herself as she dropped a hand to Cupid's shoulders, squeezing his dark skin as the big man leaned into her hip. Celestia had a space as did Dragon, Kitten and others unfamiliar to her. Several doors didn't have plaques at all. Perhaps Bee and Peacock's were removed.

The woman, Storm, wore a mask with lightening bolts glittering in bright yellow and blue, her outfit a prim equestrian garb with navy shadbelly coat, white breeches and tall boots with silver spurs gleaming at the heels. Ursa liked her from the moment the woman cheek-kissed her and introduced the pretty blonde in vivid pink pony gear. Her wrists and legs up to her knees were wrapped in protective wraps with pads on her elbows and knees.

Flamingo seemed so shy, stammering her greetings as she shot Cupid sad looks through her lashes. She tried to keep her Jockey between herself and the big man.

Cupid took the hint and nuzzled at Ursa's hip, pointedly looking across the stable where Ram and another couple men in pony gear were showing off their fine tack, and muscles with one another. Ursa unclasped his leash spanking his bottom to send him on his way. "Don't cause trouble." She teased as he shook his ass at her.

"He is extraordinary." Storm said with approval. "I hear there was some bit of drama last night over him." She stroked fingers through Flamingo's blonde hair as she spoke. "Not to offend you, but no one is worth fighting over."

"I agree with that. Jealousy is an ugly emotion. I hope you didn't get pulled into it."

Storm glanced to her pony and back to Ursa. "Not me, my girl." She sniffed, "The stupid bitch didn't know the wonderful thing she had. Some people are just greedy, and cruel. They don't know a good thing when it's given to them."

Ursa frowned, looking at Flamingo. "She was your patron?" She asked, unable to keep the shock from her voice.

Looking uncomfortable, the woman nodded. "I wore her token." Her little upturned pixie nose crinkled. "You are Archer's patroness?"

Ursa nodded, lips twitching, "Cupid. Yes. He is mine." She didn't hide the depth of her possessiveness as she smoothed her hand over the top of her scepter. "I know he didn't want any part of the woman's advances. It just affirms what a horrible person she is for hurting you too."

Flamingo let out a soft breath, her shoulders relaxed and she leaned into Storm, twinkling a smile up at her. "Good. I thought he might have wanted her back. I suspected something was up when she suddenly wanted to come to the party and...I'm just glad I saw her true colors before things got serious. I don't need that kind of drama in my life."

"None of us do my darling." Storm said softly.

Celestia listened to this with a concerned expression and at last leaned over to squeeze Ursa's arm in sympathy, "I am horrified to hear what happened. The madness of people attending the parties is disheartening."

"Hopefully this will be the end of things. New year, new rules for the parties and a new way of thinking?"

"You are a bright light of optimism Owl. Last time we spoke, you were not sure if this lifestyle was for you. This time however—" Her smile widened behind the star mask and she motioned with a hand at her velvet outfit. "You are taking to this splendidly! Please say you'll accept my invitation to the Pony-Day Tea. Sunday, the first day of spring. "

Ursa had not forgotten the initial invitation, but doubted it would be extended again. "I would love to." She glanced over at the men laughing and practicing their strut, chests puffed out. Cupid and Ram were of similar height and build and were having quite a good time flaunting. As soon as Ursa looked in that direction their posturing grew more elaborate. "Dear lord help us though. Those two—"

"Absolute trouble." Celestia agreed. She chewed on her pinky finger and growled low in her throat. "Want to have a little sport before the real race?" She grinned at Ursa, green eyes gleaming like emeralds.

Ursa tore her eyes away from her handsome pony before she became lost in the dark beauty of him. "I'm up for something fun. Of course!"

Celestia beamed and moved to the side of the aisle where a stall with her name on the door stood open. From inside she drew out a brilliant red sled, patting one of the plush pillows. "Sled races!"

Not surprisingly, Ursa found one inside for her marked stall too. Hers painted in bright blue with snowflakes on the tracks. She pulled it out and laughed at the playful nickering and blowing of excitement from not only Cupid but Ram as well. "I guess the boys are game for a go."

"This part is really the most fun." Celestia admitted as adjusted the luxurious pillows. Ram playfully shouldered by Cupid and hurried to assist Celestia, hoisting the sled up and onto one broad shoulder with an extra flex of pectoral which he was rewarded with an ass pat from his lady. "Just go! Out into the snow with you. Do not slip and fall, it will really spoil this image."

Not to be outdone, Cupid swaggered to Ursa and lifted her sled up and followed, with a more than required poising to go with it as he bent over, allowing her to swat him. "Too fucking hot for your own good." She called after him as he trotted to catch up with Ram, making his bells ring loudly with every high-kneed stride.

Celestia watched her when she recovered from starting, "You are so good for him." She turned to Storm, "Would you and your girl like to have a go with this? It's just in fun."

Flamingo grinned, "I don't think I'll run, but maybe we can wave the flag?" Glancing at Storm hopefully. "If I don't freeze my ass off out there." She wiggled her nearly bare self with a laugh.

And so they braved the cold.

The men didn't appear to notice the cold, breath puffing from their mouths and noses as they jogged through the snow. Ursa cuddled deeper under her heavy fur cloak, hands deep inside the muff to stay cozy. Celestia's dress and coat also was better suited to the conditions of the snow. Storm took liberties with her arms around Flamingo to share warmth between them, using a blanket from the stable to huddle under happily.

"So, the track there will be for the run at the real event." Celestia explained as they crunched over the snow. "There's a single track here for the sledding."

The men were getting into position at the end of the track, wriggling into the pull harnesses and making adjustments. Cupid looked amazing against the backdrop of the snow field. Not only because of the contrast or that he looked breathtaking all the time but he really looked delighted. Grinning from ear to ear, his black eyes gleamed like onyx as he waited for her. The jingling of the bells echoed over the landscape. Spectators already gathered around the fire pit, exchanging skimpy costumes for heavier winter gear.

When she reached the side of the sled, Cupid gallantly handed her into the small vehicle, fluffing and arranging her pillows with a flourish. "Does this suit you Mistress?" He asked while snowflakes caught on his lashes and in his dark curls.

She cupped his face and smoothed her thumbs over the corners of his lips as she nodded, "More than you can know!" She whispered, savoring the velvety warmth of his skin. "This is wonderful."

He tipped his head enough to brush a kiss to her wrist. "Good. Hold on Mistress, it'll be fast!"

Ram nickered tauntingly and stomped a foot before kicking snow towards Cupid with a toss of his head.

"Save it for the run Boy'o." Celestia called as she settled regally into her pillows, grinning at Ursa.

Ursa tucked herself into her own pillows as Cupid braced himself against the lines, wings hugged tight to his back. Behind them, she heard the call of encouragement from the crowd watching.

Then Flamingo dropped the pink ribbon and the race was on!

She'd been warned it would be fast, but she didn't think the ponies could get a decent speed pulling the sleds over the fluffy snow. The speed shocked her and she grasped the side rail with a squeal of delight as the cold wind nipped at her face, snowflakes stinging her cheeks in a flurry around her.

The races she watched were spectacular but they were nothing next to this! She was a part of this! Her shouts of encouragement to her mount spurring him on and the view of his powerful muscles working with seeming effortless grace was closer at hand to admire. She was part of the action, caught up in the thrill. Wind in her teeth and hair and the song of the bells bright and cheerful, mingling with Celestia's laughter beside her.

The two mounts were nicely matched, or they were not trying to best one another, just having fun showing off while giving their ladies a ride in the snow. They were fine chariot ponies in their lovely gear. It might as well have been a tie they were so closely matched.

High-kneeing at the finish line, they pulled the sleds around and raced back towards the starting line with the drop of the pink ribbon.

This time when they crossed over the finish line, Cupid was easily ahead and he flashed a dazzling smile back over his shoulder at her through the misty gasps for breath. It was the only win she cared about today! As he pulled her out of the line of the next part of pony going for the race, she crooked a finger at him.

He unfastened the buckles and climbed into the sled with her, breathing hard. She drew her cloak around him, pulling him in for a warming kiss. His strong arms coiled around her, fingers cold against her skin under the thick fur. Even his mouth and nose felt chilled, tasting like snow and chocolate sunshine!

"Good race!" Celestia called to them, intruding on their kiss as Ram trotted her by them in a slow lap around the firepit. "We will see who is the victor at the real race!" She grinned and wiggled fingers at Ursa before calling something to her pony and he trotted her back towards the stables.

Cupid nuzzled her cheek; face wet with melted snow and whispered, "Did I hear you agreeing to Pony-Day tea Mistress?"

She nodded, heat rising in her cheeks while his big hands slide over her ass, squeezing her closer to him. With some creative wriggling, she adjusted herself into his lap, tucking the cloak around them both. "I hope you'll be my date."
"It would be my pleasure." He paused and then smiled wider, "Will you be my date for the company Christmas party? I would love to have you at my side."

When she started to protest about her clothing, he kissed her, soft and lingering, cupping her cheek. "Let me take care of the little details." It reminded her of their conversation the night before. What harm could there be letting him buy her a dress? The last of her resistance would not last longer. She didn't want to keep fighting what she wanted.

"Yes. I'll go with you to your party."

She thought he would ask her about moving in with him. It was in his dark eyes, searching her face and he moistened his lips, fingers stroking her jaw as he held her in closer. Please. Ask me! She thought to herself. The roar of the crowd distracted him from the question on his lips however and his eyes shifted from her towards the sled-racers to watch the result of the race.

Disappointment plucked at her and she nuzzled her face against his shoulder watching the sledding while she cuddled with her sexy Cupid. His fingers stroked her velvety dress and slid up over her breasts through the fabric, toying with her tightened nipples with the cloak protecting them from prying eyes.

"I could fuck you here and no one would know." She whispered against his earlobe.

"Until I make you scream with orgasm." He answered and rolled her nipple between his fingers, forcing her to bite her lower lip to keep from moaning aloud.

"Who says I don't want them to know?" She asked, words catching and tangling on the question.

His dark eyes held hers, his caged cock jingling as he rubbed against her ass.

"Ah! The cage! You will just have to wait Pony. I hope I didn't lose the key!"

His eyes rolled back with longing, "You are so cruel."

Under the warmth of the cloak with their hands all over each other, they lost track of time. It was soon time for the real races to begin. When House-Mistress stepped out into the field, other runners started to take their place. Cupid kissed her temple and stood, gathering her with him. He set her on the snowy ground while he drawing out from under the warmth of the furs.

"Run well." She told him, smoothing fingers over his straps where her token lay proudly against his breast and gave his nipple a tweak, holding it as she growled, "Do not get hurt! I have devious plans for your sexy ass."

He moaned in response to the torment, bowing closer to her, the contrast of his hot breath against the snowy wind making her skin tingle. "I will make you proud Mistress!" He promised.

Ursa released him and watched him jogging to the starting line, high knees lifted so he could make the bells chime and sigh over the conversations. She adjusted her cloak and tucked her hands deeper into the muff and squinted into the swirling snowflakes to watch the race.

Across the field, she saw Dragon and Faery cuddling together closer to the stables. She thought of going to join them, but she was closer to the fire here with a nice view of her Pony as he settled into lineup. She didn't see Hound or Hare but Impala was in this race with Mouse and Seahorse. Hopefully these contestants would keep things sensible.

The gong sounded and the men ran down the snow crusted track. This was different than the race at Halloween. They all looked like they were having fun! Rather than racing for all his worth, Cupid loped with an easy stride, showing off while teasing the leader, who happened to be Ram.

With the crowd cheering them on and admiring the beauty of the men in motion, Cupid fell back several paces, putting more show into his high knees while Ram crossed the finish line with his arms over his head in a victory pose.

"Oh my God! I will never hear the end of this!" Celestia laughed, moving across the field with her. "I may not be able to live with his swollen head." Smiling, she crossed to Ram while Ursa met Cupid jogging towards her. Steam curled from his powerful body, sweaty and magnificent. With a growl, he swept her into his arms.

This time she got to kiss him! Without restraint or hesitation, she rewarded her champion and consort with a passionate kiss and wrapped her arms and legs around him. He gave a powerful flap of his wings making the snowflakes around the shimmer. His arms wrapped around her, hands cupping her ass to support her. He returned the kiss hungrily, drawing out a silken moan from her as she raked fingers over his shoulders and grabbed both hands full of his dark curls.

His heart drummed against her sternum, breath rough and powerful rushing from him, filling her, tangling with her, devastating her!

"I didn't win." He playfully pouted her when she broke the kiss to admire him.

"Poor darling!" She crooned, tightening her thighs around him.

He walked her off the field, carrying her since he seemed unwilling to put her down. Only when they reached the fire did he finally set her down and that only because he grabbed water. His arms stayed around her, tucking her into his sweaty side.

She wouldn't have paid any attention to the women racing at all if it had not been for the disturbance at the sidelines. A gasp went up through the crowd and she followed the spectators looking where Dragon stood with his arms crossed over his chest while Leopard-Kitten tried to climb up his body to kiss him.

"What in the world..." Cupid growled, his body going taut beside her. "Is she out of her—oh."

Dragon jerked away and gave the woman a savage push back, shoving a finger at the center of her chest when she managed to keep her balance and not fall on her ass.

Ursa glanced at where the women were taking the starting line and pinched the bridge of her nose through the mask. "Oh no." Faery had seen it too and even from the distance, the way the woman flipped off one of her fellow pony was unmistakable.

"Isn't that Hummingbird? What did Dragon say this morning about her and Kitten? Maybe House-Mistress should call off this race." Cupid hissed through his teeth, arms tightening around Ursa.

There wasn't time to cross the field and tell House-Mistress. She saw the finger flying from Faery but nothing else. And the gong rang out to start the race. And, not unexpectedly, Faery and Hummingbird were taking their aggression out on the field. Like the men had in the party before, only this field was slick with snow, ice and mud.

Cupid squeezed her warmly and nuzzled into her hair. "She'll be alright." He said, the words a low rumble of reassurance.

Ursa should not be so concerned for the woman who caused her such pain and grief but she couldn't help it. At breakfast she'd seen such a different side of her. No one deserved to be played this way. For Dragon's sake, she didn't want to see her get hurt in a stupid race that should be fun and games.

Hummingbird took her jab at Faery in the first turn, missing her. That's when they really put on the speed. Someone's plumed head-dress went flying and splashed into the packed snow. Ursa let out a soft breath and leaned back into Cupid with a smile. There was no way she would go for it twice. Right?

It seemed like Faery-Vans had it in the bag and would take the victory lap, but Hummingbird wasn't satisfied with a single swipe. Racing up behind Faery, she elbowed her hard, shoving her as she overtook her on the track. A cry of 'booing' went up from the spectators as Faery went skidding and then tumbling face first into the icy ground.

Ursa winced in sympathy for the fall and tumble, remembering the slide down the icy steps during her attack. Dragon ran across the field and track to her, looking as furious as Cupid when he saw her injured after the attack.

Voices around her were in an uproar, questioning the horrible sportsmanship and worried for the downed runner. At last House-Mistress' voice rose over the other voices, "Alright everyone. This race is officially scratched. I will not tolerate this bad sportsmanship!" The tone was beyond anger, it seethed with venom. "Kitten and Hummingbird, you will both come here."

Dragon lifted Faery from the mud and after an obvious struggle and some disagreement, he carried her off the field and towards the house. Ursa curled closer to her Cupid, "I would be so incredibly pissed if something like that happened to you." She whispered, meeting hid dark eyes.

"I know Mistress. Like I was when I saw you hurt last night." He leaned his masked forehead against hers, holding her gaze, "But no matter what happens, no one can take me from you. They might try something stupid like that, but they'd never be what you are to me." His big hands caressed her cheeks adoringly.

"Come with me?" She asked, pulling at the front of his harness.

"Anywhere you lead, I follow." He assured her, moving with the tug without question.

She smiled and winked up at him, moving through the milling crowd as people began returning to the warmth of the house and stables. Rather than going towards the house, she drew him towards the gardens. He didn't question her aloud; his arched eyebrow and curious expression spoke loud enough.

And she didn't give him answers as they moved down a snowy slope and into the groomed gardens of hedges, evergreens and snow crusted lawns. The snow made everything appear transported directly from a winter fairytale. The wind faded but the snow fell heavier now, swirling around them.

Last time she had the opportunity to screw him in the sunlight, she'd missed her chance. This time she remembered the condoms! Stopping him in the center of the empty garden, she pulled him down to her and caressed her tongue across his lower lip. "I want to fuck you in the snow."

He growled, eyes flying open wide before closing them and pressing his mouth hard against hers. His mouth burned hot on her snow-chilled lips and his tongue darted forward to greet hers, tangling together and catching snowflakes in the open-mouthed exchange. "Yes!" he whimpered and his hands balled in her skirts, pulling them up along her legs, pushing and pushing up until his palm cupped her pussy.

She was naked for him under the layers of velvet and soaking wet for him! Her body trembled under the loving slide of his fingertips that slipped up and down her swollen lips, dipping in, circling around, finding her clit, pressing and fluttering over her until her legs failed her and she slumped against him. "More!" she begged him, words muffled into the kiss. When he slipped two fingers into her, she cried out her name, lost in the sensation of him filling her with those skilled fingers.

Right now she needed more than his sweet fingers! She needed his cock deep inside her. Taking her here on the snowy ground!

She pulled the key from the inner pocket of her cloak and deftly unfastened the lock around his cock-cage. He uttered a whimper that was so close to pain, she winced in sympathy as his thick cock sprang free of the steel. "You should have told me it hurt!" She accused, cupping her fingers around his length, admiring him in her fingers, loving watching the snow fall and melt against his dark skin.

"No! Mistress! Fuck! So —ughn! Perfect!" He growled, body trembling as she stroked him, every touch almost seeming too much for the tormented cock flesh. She drew out the foil wrapper of the condom and showed him the 'Fire and Ice' label before she grasped it in her teeth and ripped it open.

He arched his hips forward as she rolled the latex over his achingly hard length, savoring the pulse racing along the length of him from head down to his balls. His fingers writhed in her and plunged deeper, a third finger joining the two, stroking in and out of her, making it hard to think. It was impossible to property focus on anything except the orgasm building in her belly and sex, shockingly hot down along her inner thighs.

"Cupid!'re driving me crazy!"

"Good!" His wings fanned open as his fingers slammed into her deeper, twisting sweetly into the depths of her with a wet slap, "Cum for me! I've got you baby!"

She whimpered, clinging to his chest and as she came, it felt like she were falling! Falling into him! Her toes curled up as heat and pleasure lanced through her thighs and deep into her cunt to her heart. Through her lashes, she watched him; his expression transfixed with joy and need as she tumbled into the exquisite pleasure, coating his fingers and palm with her girl-cum.

He fell back, pulling her with him. His wide spread wings sighed against the wind, softening the fall into the fluffy, soft snow and he pillowed her landing with his broad chest beneath her, right at the end of her sweet orgasm.

"Yess!! Fucking so sexy! Yesss Love Cum for me!" He crooned, coaxing the pleasure from her with his curling fingers. His other hand slid up her ass, pulling the dress up as she straddled his powerful hips. She felt the snow cold against her bare knees and his burning hot body under her ass and his cock slid up along her greedy pussy lips when his fingers slid out of her. Holding her gaze, he pressed the slippery fingers to his mouth and sucked them, moaning around the strawberry tart taste of her.

And when she leaned in to share the kiss around his pussy-slick fingers, her cunt slid over his cock and their moans joined together around him. Over him.

He tasted like the frosty, pure snow and her pussy and sunlight —Perfection! She lowered herself onto his cock, breath stolen away with the sensation of his big prick grinding up onto her, stretching her all over again.

"My sweet Mistress! Tight as a virgin!" He whispered and his fingers gripped her ass. "Fuck! You feel amazing!"

She cried out sharply when he bucked under her, his heavy balls slapping her ass. Their sounds of pleasure echoed off the snowy landscape. His hand cupped her breast through the dress, pulling down the front of the top to free one plush breast to flick over her nipple, making it pinken and blush in the chill air.

Snowflakes kissed her flushed skin, melting and turning the flesh slick before his mouth closed around the nipple, wrapping his lips, then tongue around the bud. He sucked slowly at first until at last he pressed his teeth against her, biting hard enough to make her scream out in pleasure.

Pain. Pleasure. Twined together in a messy knot pulling tighter and tighter towards the breaking point with every powerful drive of his hips.

He sucked harder against her nipple, sitting up, wrapping arms and wings around her body as she rode him, lifting up and then falling, riding him faster and harder, their movements working together and then against one another only to come together again in a grinding, deep thrusts. Mouths joined, hands in hair, gasping and begging together for release.

"I'm going to—"

"I'm there!"


"Don't stop!"

Snow swirled around them as they came together! His body arching up in a muscle twined bow towards her shuddering, quavering climax. Her pussy squeezing in spasms around his swelling cock.

"Now! Now! Now! Fuck!"

"I'm cumming!"

They came together, devouring each other's sounds of pleasure and cries of joy and the muffled endearments of love and affection and tears.

"I love you!"

"I love you!"

She lay cuddled against him under the layers of her fur cloak, her breaths panting from her and feeling his breath just as frantic and his powerful heartbeat thrumming in her ear. His warm mouth nuzzled at her bare breast again, tenderly kissing the bitten spot while he struggled with regaining his composure.

"Cold?" She asked with he trembled.

"No sweetheart. I am warm all the way through!"

She pushed herself up from his broad chest and shook her head, making snowflakes flutter down from her hair onto him. There was nothing sexier than seeing him crushed under her, speckled with snow and flushed from cold and heated passion.

"I want to move in with you." She blurted and felt her blush rise into her cheeks when he blinked up at her.

He sat up swiftly and tangled his hands back into her hair, "What? Really? You're not just toying with me right?"

She tried to hide her face into his sweaty skin but he wasn't allowing that. He arched under her, grinding his perfect cock into her again.


"I'm serious." She said, blushing more furiously but no less honest about her choice.

He smiled, radiating joy and delight. His dark eyes searched her face "I love you." He kissed her so feverishly; she thought the snow around them would melt away completely. Swept up in the pleasure, she returned the kisses, biting his lower lip and holding onto the plush flesh for a moment before releasing him.

They used another condom to celebrate her choice, delighting in the snowy gardens. By the time they were both sated were sweaty, aching with satisfaction and sweetly bruised upon eachother. Her dress, cloak and hair were soaked through and her teeth-chattered despite the burning in her heart.

As he lifted her into his arms, cuddling her into his chest, she noticed that they'd filled the garden space with the shapes of their bodies. Snow angles flying across every surface they could manage it. She shivered and he cuddled her tighter against him. "Let me go get you thawed out." He whispered happily into her snow wet hair.

Nov 22, 2015

Ursa woke alone with azure light spilling into her face. She groaned and curled into the pillow beside her, smelling chocolate and felt the hash rasp of paper under her cheek. She blinked to full wakefulness and squinted at the brilliant white landscape outside. It looked like a Christmas postcard with the trees frosted heavily with diamond sparkles and the gleam of Lake Tahoe a short distance away.

Sitting up, she listened to the silence of the room and then blinked around, looking for signs of Leo. He was gone.

On the pillow lay an envelope. Beneath it was a small box. She opened the envelope first, feeling her heart strangely heavy in her chest.

A card tumbled from of the folded paper but she focused on the writing.

'Princess; You looked so beautiful and peaceful; I wanted to let you sleep a little longer. Come join me in the lounge for breakfast when you wake up! I'll be waiting for you! Love; Leo P.s. This card is yours. I hope you will accept it as part of the perks and price of being mine.'

Blearily she blinked at the card, the little rectangle of thin metal and squinted at it. On the lower left corner it had her name: Ursa Myller. It looked a little like an American Express card but in black and it most certainly was not plastic.

He had to be out of his mind.

The neatly wrapped package made her pause but she closed her eyes and tore into the silvery wrapping unveiling a pretty blue box.

Tiffany and co.

She sighed and pulled open the lid and peeked inside to find a simple key-chain with two keys attached to it and a tag engraved with her name on one side and an owl on the other.

She slumped into her pillows bonelessly and started out at the glory of the frozen winter outside the window. He'd left these things for her to process without him. Or, was he afraid she would throw them in his face?

A smile tugged at her lips while she looked at the pair of keys. One was obviously a house key, the other —the flying B. His car? He was going to let her drive the car? Oh God!

Rolling out of the bed, she dressed hastily, shivering at the chill of the dress. It had not fully dried from the romp in the snow. She hurried out of the room, pressing her mask in place as she went. The halls were empty, most of the guests having departed by now or they were enjoying the last precious moments in privacy. The house felt completely different than the bustling activity of the first arrival with the pulse of sexual energy.

She didn't know exactly what she was going to say to him. Her heart hammered harder and harder as she ran down the steps. Laughter came from the lounge and the smell of breakfast and coffee! Pausing outside the door, she checked her dress, brushing uselessly at the dirty smudges in the velvet and passed a hand over her sleep mussed hair before squaring her shoulders and striding into the room with the keychain in her fingers.
Cupid sat by the fire, dressed in his arming skirt but rather than the strap of quiver over his chest, he wore the white leather with the gleaming silver owl breastplate at the center of his dark skin.

Dragon sat beside him and both men stretched their long legs out before them, wearing similar confident, smug expressions. Faery lounged nearly naked on the sofa, one arm slung over her eyes and a dreamy, indolent smile curving her lips. Dragon rubbed one of her sandal clad feet, laughing at some joke shared between the small group.

House-Mistress stretched out on the other sofa wearing a thick silken robe and dangling a mug of coffee between her fingers. The woman looked as she entered, a smile blooming wide when she saw Ursa.

Cupid looked up as well, his dark eyes shinned with delight as he surged to his feet, vibrating with a nervous energy. "Mistress."

Ursa held up the keyring and jingled them as she eyed her dark Cupid.

He held his breath, smile widening with such boyish eagerness she wished she could scoop him up into her arms and spin him around.

"You want me to drive your 'car' too?" She asked

He looked from her face to the keys and back to her again with a little shake of his head, "No Princess." He stayed very still, his throat worked, "that belongs to your car."

Faery very slowly lifted her forearm from her eyes and turned her head as both Dragon and House-Mistress barked out laughter. "Fucking spoiled!" She huffed before Dragon pulled her by the ankle down the sofa towards him. "She is! She's so spoiled! It's not even Christmas! Oh my Fucking...mmph!" Any other complaints or opinions were muffled by the kiss as Dragon swooped down on her and ravished her lips.

Ursa tried to reason her way through his words but couldn't quite wrap her mind around what he'd said. "I don't have a—" He smiled wider and she gawked at him, sputtering "You're c-crazy." She explained, speaking slowly in case he wasn't able to manage big and complicated words like crazy.

His smile slanted wider, so devastatingly sweet as he pled with her across the room. "I'll give you the grand tour tonight." He suggested with a brazen smile.

"Are we going to have a house warming party?" House-Mistress asked, glancing over at Dragon and Faery but they had not surfaced from the kiss and she rolled her eyes back to Ursa. "It's a new-to-you house."

"You knew about this?" Ursa demanded.

"Of course." House-Mistress brushed a hand lightly over her robe.

Ursa walked to Cupid, throwing her arms around his shoulders, standing on tip toes to kiss his lower lip. "You are impossible."

He stroked a hand through her hair and nodded in agreement, "Merry Christmas?"

"It's not even Thanksgiving!" She huffed as he rubbed his noes along hers.

"Oh? Really? Hhmm, I guess that means I'll have to get you something even more extravagant for Christmas." He whispered against her lips, shivering with the anticipation of cooking up something even better.

Or worse.

To distract him from his scheming, she kissed him. Pulling him down to her and kissing him hard enough to curl his toes.

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