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Sex stories

A Brother's Love Ch. 06

The air stilled between them. Time stood still for several long moments.

Lena felt the quick throb of Kit's heart where she clutched her hand to his chest; she felt the throb of her ankle, the pressure of his fingers on her arms as he steadied her, the cool trickle of tears on her cheeks, but everything seemed to have a ethereal quality, as though she were dreaming.

She prayed she wasn't dreaming. She prayed that she wouldn't wake up from this happiness.

Kit was in love with her!!

It was more than she could have dared to hope for.

But the moments stretched into minutes as they stood there and Lena feared that her words had come out all wrong again. Kit just stood there, frozen it seemed, his expression slowly changing from pain to shock. His lips parted and his dark eyebrows hitched slightly but they were his only movements.

"You don't know how long I've wanted this..." Lena whispered, unable to stand the endless silence anymore. Why wasn't he kissing her? She was desperate to know the feel of his lips on hers, to know their taste. "I thought you'd hate me if I told you and I couldn't bear it, Kit, I couldn't face losing you..."

Kit's fingers flexed on her arms, pulling her a little closer to his chest; at the same time his expression cleared and his eyes began to shine. "I told you..." he whispered, lowering his head so he was just inches from hers. Lena could smell that spicy scent of his, all cinnamon and wood smoke. "No matter what you do or what you could never make me hate you." He repeated his own words to her and this time, she couldn't help but believe it. "I love you Lena and nothing is going to stop understand?"

Lena felt tears threaten again as she broke into a smile and nodded vigorously. "And I love you too Kit," she replied. She reached her hands up around his neck; he released his hold on her arms and carefully wound his arms around her waist. "Now I'd really like it if you'd stop talking...and kiss me."

Kit laughed deeply and pulled her tight against him, lifting her off her feet. His mouth was soft and warm when it met hers and it was better than she'd dreamt a thousand times. His tongue, gently probing against hers, tasted sweet and reminded her of chocolate cookie dough. Her fingers sank into the hair at the back of his head as she pulled his face closer, wanting to taste more.

Kit walked her backwards, slowly inching them to the edge of her bed. He carefully laid her down, never once breaking their kiss as his body followed hers, half resting on the mattress beside her so he didn't crush her. Lena felt the solid weight of him on top of her body, felt the gentle caress of his hand as it slid under her t-shirt, gently stroking the skin at the small of her back.

Lena felt her heart flutter at the touch of his fingers, coupled with an entirely new sensation; an intense ache in the pit of her belly that made her feel hot and excited all at once. She found her own hands moving down to Kit's waist, her fingers finding their way beneath his clothes to the hot, hard flesh beneath. She felt him shiver as her fingers slid up his back and down again. She wanted to feel his skin against hers, to have him naked in her bed and do those things to her that no man ever had. She wanted her first time to be with Kit; she couldn't imagine it any other way.

As she began to tug at his clothes, trying to take his t-shirt and jumper off in one go, Kit suddenly broke their kiss. Lena almost cried out at the sudden loss of his lips. Then she saw his eyes and felt that it was worth it, just to see the look he held; she'd never seen him so full of fire and happiness; his eyes were dancing as if they contained a thousand grey-blue flames from another world. They stared at each other breathlessly, Kit's face just inches above hers.

"We don't have to..." he began, swallowing hard. "I mean...I don't want to rush this. I don't want to rush you...or us. Okay?"

Lena wasn't sure whether to smile or frown. "Don't you want to?" She asked nervously.

Kit looked incredulous. "You have no idea how much I want to Le, but...I'm not going anywhere, okay?" He said, smiling softly.

"You better not." Lena whispered.

"I'm just saying." Kit growled, closing the gap between them so they were almost nose to nose. "There's no rush."

Lena kissed him again, savouring his warm, sweet lips and letting out a soft moan. She could feel Kit's warm body above hers and the solid press of his growing erection against her thigh and the thought filled her with longing. She didn't want to wait anymore.

"I don't want to wait. I want to feel you inside me Kit." Her voice was soft and filled with all the plea she could manage. She prayed he wouldn't leave her wanting.


Kit groaned at her words and let his teeth find her bottom lip. He wanted nothing more than to strip her naked and take her there and her sweet words were tipping him over the edge. He'd said there was no rush, but it took all his willpower not to hurry this first moment with her, just to satisfy the sudden burn of lust running through his veins.

He kissed her deeply, letting her know how much he wanted her. He knew his cock was growing hard against her leg, finally glad to be allowed some free rein.

Kit sat back on his knee's for a second, straddling her hips, and looked down at her beneath him. He couldn't help the goofy smile that was creeping across his face. Then he slipped the jumper and t-shirt from his back and threw them on the floor beside the bed. He felt Lena's eyes trail down his body, letting her gaze linger where she liked. Kit allowed her time to look, whilst taking in every feature of her face and recording it to his memory; he didn't want to forget a single moment of this.

"See something you like, Miss Harris?" Kit whispered.

His hands brushed against her hips, sliding up underneath the thin white material of her t-shirt and finding her smooth, soft abdomen. Lena shivered and smiled.

"Oh, I saw it a long time ago, Mr Alden...I just haven't had a chance properly before." She answered.

Kit pushed her t-shirt up a few inches, exposing her belly button. He grinned and lowered himself to kiss her stomach and hips, just as he'd desired when he'd seen her working in the stables earlier that day. Her skin was delicious and warm, trembling beneath his mouth in what he hoped was excitement.

Her fingers delved back into his hair for a brief moment, but Kit couldn't help himself; he wanted more of her, wanted to see and kiss every part of her naked body. His hands found her arms and he pulled her up with him as he moved away, so they were both sitting upright. His fingers slid beneath her t-shirt, this time pushing all the way up until she lifted her arms and he removed it completely.

He kissed her sweet lips, running his fingers down through her hair to cup the back of her neck. His mouth followed, kissing down her jaw, to her ear, then down the sweet and slender column of her neck. Lena let her head fall back as her breathing increased.

His fingers brushed her shoulders and he gently pushed her back onto the bed so he could look at her properly.

The air rushed out of him as he took in the sight of her perfect breasts, encased in a snug, midnight blue bra that made her skin look pale and all the more beautiful. He traced the silky black trim of the garment with his index finger, down over the swell of one breast and up the other. Her chest rose and fell rapidly beneath his touch, her breathing quick and nervous as he gazed at her.

"Kit?" Lena's voice was a terrified little breath on the air, barely enough to make a sound.

Kit looked up into her eyes and gave her a smile that he hoped said it all. "Now I know I'm not dreaming..." he whispered. "You're more beautiful than I could ever dream."

Lena blushed deeply and the sight of her pink cheeks made his cock surge with desire. A thought rose to his mind at the sight of her and he suddenly frowned.

His mouth dropped a little and he didn't know how to ask what he wanted to. "Lena...are you..." the desire to say 'sexually active' sprang to mind, a stupid memory of 'those' talks from when he was in his teens; all the adults he knew seemed to like those words; they made him cringe. "Have you ever...done this...before?"

He swallowed hard, nervous of her answer. He hadn't wanted to contemplate it before.

He could still recall the time Matt had caught her giving some guy head in front seat of the little punk's car and how it had made him feel; hurt and angry and a whole lot of other things he now recognised as jealousy. The idea of her innocence being taken by some little good-for-nothing pisswatch made him sick. He rarely drank (the only good thing to come from his time with Malcolm) but that night he'd eagerly drowned the thoughts away until they were little more than a distant memory.

Since then he'd tried not to think of it at all. He'd assumed she'd be fooling around like all the girls of her age in a way, but at the same time, he vowed never to think of it again.

He didn't want the thought to ruin the moment but he had to ask; if it was her first time, he had to be more careful with her, make sure it was special.

Her cheeks were scarlet now, her blush spreading across her chest and making her pale skin glow pink.

"" Lena answered meekly. Kit felt himself let out a breath that he didn't know he was holding. "I've never...done anything...not since that time...last summer..."

Kit nodded, not needing her to explain further. He gave her a reassuring smile and kissed her passionately, releasing the tension that had grown between them. Lena arched her body up to meet his and he slid an arm underneath her. His hand found the catch of her bra and unlatched the little metal teeth. Then he smoothed his hand underneath the flimsy straps of material, easing them from underneath her body and slowly releasing her breasts from their dark blue wrapping.

Kit felt himself stiffen to an almost agonising level as he took in the sight of her smooth, creamy breasts; her nipples were taut and pink, reminding him of little cherries on top of a cake. Kit sucked one into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. Lena arched and moaned in pleasure. He let himself indulge in the sweet taste of her skin, sucking and nipping and licking each nipple until Lena was begging him not to stop.

Kit nibbled his way up to her neck then and almost grinned when he saw Lena's pout. "I said 'don't' stop..." she muttered, trying to feign annoyance.

Kit laughed darkly. "I've just got started..." he said.

With careful movements, he slid off the bed and knelt on the floor beside her bed. His fingers unlatched the button of her jeans and slowly slid them down her thighs, revealing panties in the same dark blue and black trim material as her bra. Kit paid great attention to her bad ankle as he slid the jeans down her legs, inch by slow inch so as not to jolt her sprain. Lena winced as the material brushed over her foot but didn't make a sound.

Kit stood, his gaze falling to her almost naked body. Lena lay back on the bed, trying not to look self-conscious. Kit trailed his eyes down her beautiful body; her skin was the creamy colour of a pheasants egg, glowing a little under the golden light of her bedroom; her long legs looked a little too skinny, just like they had when she was younger; he could see the faint, pearly line of an old scar on her knee and a dark freckle right at the top of her thigh that he never knew was there.

Kit gently brushed his fingers up the backs of her calves, up across her knees...he leaned his head towards the middle of her thighs and lightly kissed that little freckle as though it were an old friend; with his head so close to her panties, he could smell her sweet, musky scent and knew she was wet for him.

With his body burning for her, he looped his fingers under the waistband of her panties and met her eyes, nervous and wide above him.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.

Lena smiled and nodded quickly but her nervousness remained. Kit held her gaze for another moment before easing her panties down her legs. Kit was pretty sure he groaned, just a little, when he looked up at her completely naked body; he could see the perfect, untouched valley between her thighs, her pussy smooth but for a neat little patch of mousy curls and he could see the shine of her excitement against her pink skin.

Kit's cock felt unbearably uncomfortable inside his jeans now and all he wanted was to press his naked body against hers so he stood and unbuttoned the dark material. Lena's eyes were as wide as saucers as he pulled himself free from his remaining clothes and she didn't blink once. Her gaze was fixated on his large cock and she swallowed hard, making Kit's erection jerk in excitement. She looked terrified.

"Hey..." He said, sitting beside her on the bed. He brushed his fingers along her jaw and into her hair and she closed her eyes, leaning into his touch. "What's wrong?"

Lena swallowed again. "I...You're a lot bigger than..." She laughed nervously and averted her eyes to the floor, embarrassed.

Kit laughed softly and kissed her. "Don't worry, okay? I'll go slow, I promise, and if it hurts, we can stop. There's no rush, remember?" he said.

Lena smiled weakly and nodded. "Also...I'm scared you...that I'm your other girlfriends were..." her voice was barely a whisper when she finished.

Kit's heart sank.

He took her face in both hands and made her look at him. "Are you crazy? Did you not hear me Le? You are the SEXIEST and SMARTEST girl I have EVER met. You're a thousand times prettier than anyone I know." His voice was bordering a growl. He was almost angry that she would consider it. But she was too cute to be mad at. So he laughed and shook his head, showing his disbelief. "I'm more turned on right now than I've ever been in my life and all I've done is take your clothes off!"

Lena smiled shyly, the pinkness returning to her cheeks. After a moment, she bit her lip and looked at him under her long lashes, the picture of innocence. "I've gone and ruined our moment now, haven't I?" she asked.

Kit chuckled and pushed her back on the bed. "Not possible. Only Matt turning up right now could do that and I happen to know he's away for the entire night."

Lena curled her fingers around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. "Good. Then I get to keep you in my bed all night." she murmured.

Kit let his weight press against her, relishing the feel of her naked body beneath his. He loved the feel of her soft breasts pressed against his chest and the silky heat of her body. His erection pushed against her stomach, it's swollen head poking at her belly button, whilst his balls tickled the junction of her thighs. Lena slid the sole of one foot down the back of his leg; she curled her ankle around his calf, making her legs spread a little.

Kit kissed his way down her body, light, feathery licks and nibbles down her neck, then deeper, sensuous sucking of one little taut nipple. He lingered for a moment, twirling a nipping the bud between his teeth to make her breathing increase, then down, down her smooth stomach and across her hips...


Lena gasped.

What was he doing with his face down there? She wanted him to kiss her nipples again; it made her feel a rush of excitement, surging up in hot, fluttery waves from her core, the place Kit had his mouth dangerously close to.

Lena's hands were in his hair, tugging gently with desire for him to continue and desire to make him stop. She didn't know which emotion she wanted to win out.

Kit darted his eyes up from between her spread legs, looking at her from under a sweep of mussed up dark hair. His eyes were full of that irresistible grey fire, sending waves of heat beneath her skin as he flashed her a look of pure fiendish passion. He had a half smile on his lips, slightly crooked, as if he knew what she were thinking and found it amusing.

He gently nipped at the skin above her inch strip of pubic hair and Lena almost yelped. Her legs jerked apart a little more and the sudden movement reminded her that her ankle was pretty hurt, but then Kit was flicking his tongue lower and lower and she couldn't think of anything but that. He held her gaze, his eyes dancing with laughter as her eyes grew wider and wider. Then his mouth encircled her clit and he sucked her there and Lena gasped with pleasure.

She drove her hands into his hair, any thought of making him stop stripped away with each flick of his tongue. He kissed her pussy as though he were kissing a long lost love; full of passion and desire and want. Lena moaned as the fingers of his right hand trailed down her inner thigh and came to meet his dancing mouth. He slid the tip of his middle finger inside her wet opening and paused. Lena couldn't help her desires as her hips bucked forward; his long finger slid further inside her and Lena moaned again.

Kit slid that finger all the way inside and Lena could feel every inch of it pushing at the walls of her inside. She could feel her pussy clenching around his long digit as his tongue flicked and circled her clit, the two sensations making her wetter and wetter as hot excitement began to boil up inside her.

"Ohh...yes...mmn..." She gasped, tugging at his hair.

She felt her body writhing uncontrollably against Kit's mouth and hand, could feel all her muscles tightening like loaded springs, and she couldn't stop the rapid tempo of her breaths or the moans than fell from her lips. Her whole body felt like it was going to explode and it felt

"Ohhhh, please...yes...don't stop! Yes!"

Kit's finger slid in and out of her pussy, faster now, his finger curling up a little and rubbing against some little part inside her that felt even better than before. Lena scraped her feet up and down the bedcovers, trying to get a purchase on something as her world began to tip out of focus; she couldn't even feel the pain now, lost only to the waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

Kit sucked her clit into his mouth as her thighs clasped the sides of his head, and thrust once more into her pussy with that long finger. "Oh God! YES!" she gasped. Lena felt herself fall off some invisible ledge as her body shattered and fell a thousand times in the space of a minute. She felt her pussy clenching wildly and cried out as she came on a man's hand for the first time in her life.

Seconds, maybe even minutes or hours later, Kit gently spread her now limp thighs and pulled his hand from her pussy. He kissed his way back up her belly, starting at her wet and tingling pussy and ending with his face hovering just inches from hers, his lips wet and smelling of her sex.

Lena finally managed to focus her eyes on him and gave a shy, if extremely pleased, smile. She couldn't believe Kit had managed to do that to her with just his mouth and one finger. She wanted to find out what the rest of him could do.

She kissed him as hard as she could, not caring where his mouth had just been, and Kit seemed taken back for a moment. In another second, his lips were meeting hers and their passion for each other was climbing again. She felt like she was high on him, on the things he could do to her, and she didn't want him to stop. In the wake of her climax, in those moments where his hands weren't touching her, she felt emptiness creeping in. She wasn't ready to stop yet; she wanted more.

Kit's erection was brushing against her thigh again and this time, she wanted to feel that. Something primal inside her drove her towards it, wanting nothing but the feel of his solid cock thrusting inside her again and again.

Letting her passion drive her, Lena found her fingers running down Kit's back, lightly trailing her nails and making him shiver.
"I want you inside me Kit...I want you to take me, right now." She gasped, tugging at his hips. She pulled him against her damp core, feeling his thick erection slide against her clit. Kit groaned loudly, breaking their kiss. He rested his forehead against hers and let his penis slide up and down her wet folds. Lena bit her lip and tried not to cry out as his hard member pressed against her swollen clitoris again and again.

Kit's hands delved into her hair, pulling it back and exposing her neck. Lena arched into his mouth as he trailed fierce kisses down her neck. She could see him losing control, see a side of him she'd never known; she felt as though she were some sort of tropical oasis and he were a water-starved dessert, like he couldn't get enough of her at once. His hands were on her neck, her shoulders, smoothing and cupping her breasts and making trails across her stomach; then his mouth would follow his touch and his hands would be back up again, thrilling some other part of her in ways she never knew she could be touched.

And all the while, Lena felt his erection grinding against her core, making her hum with pleasure that both soothed and burned all at once.

"Lena..." Kit's mouth was at her ear, his breath delicious on her feverish skin. "Lena, I want you so much. You are so"

Lena groaned. His words were hypnotising and she wanted more. "Kit...please..."

Kit groaned, stilling his thick shaft against her pulsing core. "Wait...I" he gasped.

Lena frowned. "Why? I'm on the pill."

Kit's eyebrow quirked as he stared down at her, his breathing fast. "You are? Since when?"

"Since I was want an exact date?" She said, half joking.

Kit grinned. "No, it's ok." He laughed darkly and dropped his mouth to one nipple, tugging at it with his teeth. Lena moaned and rubbed herself against his slick shaft. "Guess you're just full of surprises tonight, huh?" Kit murmured.


Lena giggled and wrapped her legs around his thighs, making her pussy open like the most beautiful flower. Kit lowered his mouth to her ear, letting his cock rest in the valley of her wet vulva. He'd never wanted anything so much in his life as he wanted her.

"Lena..." he whispered, kissing her ear as he spoke. "I need you tell me...if you want to stop..." Lena groaned, the beginnings of a protest. "Shh...this is important...what we're about to's gonna hurt a little...just this once."

Lena smacked him in the chest playfully, the pink hue of embarrassment tinting her cheeks. "I'm not completely stupid, you know..." she laughed softly and rolled her eyes. "I have talked about sex before. I know what a hymen is!" she hissed.

Kit felt the heat rise in his own cheeks. Of course she did. Why was he talking to her like a child? She was eighteen for fucks sake. Most of her friends had done it. Some had more experience than he did.

"Sorry." He murmured, returning to kissing her ear. "I just...don't want to hurt you."

Lena jerked her hips forward and tightened the grip on his legs, making his cock press hard against her clit. She looked up at him with those crazy innocent eyes and said "Even if I beg for it?"

His jaw could have hit the floor. How could anyone look so sweet and angelic and yet inflict so much filth into one sentence? It made Kit want to growl with desire, made him want to fuck her hard and hear her utter filthy words in his ear until he came.

"Be careful what you wish for. You have no idea how much restraint I'm showing." He whispered.

Lena smiled, a mischievous glint in her blue-green eyes.

Kit ran his fingers down her arms in soft, feathery strokes. He traced the curves of her breasts with his index fingers, circling each nipple lazily until they peaked with anticipation. Lena was already wet; he could feel the way her pussy lips were gliding up and down his shaft with every tiny movement of Kit's hips. His cock was throbbing with it's need to release, his balls aching and tight.

He let his hands mould around the sides of waist, pressing more firmly as he moved slowly down, to her hips, her tense thighs...He knew he could wait any longer. Taking his cock in one hand, he moved back a few inches, allowing his throbbing cock head to slide between her hot pussy lips. He licked the head up and down, coating as much of his shaft in her slick juices, before lining himself up at her tight little entrance.

He wanted to watch himself slide into her but he could feel the tension coming off her and knew she was getting scared. He looked up into her eyes. Holding himself up on one arm, her hovered just a few inches above her face, putting as much love and reassurance as he could into his gaze. Lena curled her arms around his neck, relaxing a little and he knew from the slight quirk of her lip that she was ok.

Kit pressed his cock into her tight opening, feeling the wet folds give way as the first inch of his solid erection sank into her. Lena moaned deeply. Kit placed a light kiss on her parted lips and pushed a little more. His cock sank another inch or two inside her. Kit had never felt anything so good; she was so tight, so soft, so wet and warm.

He was only a few inches in when he felt the thin membrane that was her virginity. He paused, letting her adjust to the thickness of him. He kissed her sweet lips. "I love you so much Le..." he whispered.

Lena panted beneath him, her gaze already cloudy with lust. She smiled at him and nodded. "I it quick, okay?" she said.

Kit kissed her again and with one quick thrust, he tore through her hymen. Lena yelped and dug her nails into his neck and Kit knew there would be marks there in the morning. He forced himself to stay as still as possible inside her, feeling the warm, wet ooze of her pussy as it gripped his cock, trying desperately to adjust to it's foreign presence. It took so much restraint not to thrust himself into her; she felt incredible. Sheathed around his cock like a hot, velvet glove, it was as if she'd been made just for him.

Lena swallowed hard, trembling a little as the pain subsided. Kit kept still, kissing her forehead tenderly as her breathing slowed.

"It gets better now." He told her.

Lena gave a small smile.

Kit pulled out of her slowly, his cock alive with feeling as her body tightened around his retreating shaft. He was torn between the amazing pleasure he was feeling and the wince that came to Lena's face as he moved.

"Hey..." Kit whispered, holding himself once more at her entrance. Lena's eyes were wide when she looked at him, full of adrenaline. "Try and relax. You're meant to enjoy this you know?" he said, trying to sound more amused than concerned.

Lena laughed and gave him an apologetic smile. She took a deep breath.

"Now lift your hips..."

Lena gave him a look but did as he asked. Kit slid a pillow underneath her hips and she giggled as she sank into it.

"Better?" he asked.


This time, Kit wasn't so cautious. He'd broken her hymen, taken her virginity, and now his only job was to make her feel as good as he possibly could. He pushed his cock back inside her tight hole, all the way to the hilt. Lena gasped in surprise, quickly followed by a guttural moan, somewhere between pleasure and pain. He sank his fingers into her hair, pushing it back from her face as he pulled out and drove back into her again.

"Oh!" Lena arched her back, pushing her breasts up against him. Kit kissed her parted lips, her neck, thrust into her again. He delighted at the little moans of pleasure that fell from her lips with each thrust.

"You're so beautiful, Le..." Kit growled, cupping her ass with both hands as he stretched her open again and again.


"Tell me what you want...tell me how you want me to make you cum." He whispered.

"I want...I want...I want you to fuck me. Hard." Lena gasped as Kit slammed himself into her, caught up in her words and the feel of her. He wanted nothing more than to fuck her hard and fast, even though a part of his was scared that he'd hurt her.

"Yes! Just like that!" Lena hissed.

Kit bit back a groan. Lena's hands moved to his shoulders, her fingers biting into his flesh, pulling him against her hot body. He curled her thighs tight around his waist as he drove home, her tight pussy yielding again and again. Lena arched against him with each thrust, driving him a little deeper each time and it wasn't long before Kit felt himself close to the edge. Sweat glistened on both of their naked bodies and the room felt heady and foreign. Lena's moans were in his ear, pushing him on, begging him for more and he was powerless to resist.

"Kit...Kit...please...yes...oh....ohh! Ohhh!!"

Kit felt the unbearably sweet clenching of Lena's pussy as her climax overtook her. She cried out his name again and again, like some kind of prayer to the Gods, her back arched off the bed as though possessed. Kit held her close with one arm, the other holding his body up as he ground his hips into her.

Kit pressed his forehead against hers, looking down into her beautiful, wild eyes as she came. He could have sworn he saw stars in her eyes, but, at that same moment, her pussy gripped his cock hard and Kit's body exploded with the force of his own orgasm. He bucked his hips one last time, spilling his seed deep inside her and crying out her name. Lena's pussy clenched his shaft again and again, milking every last drop and Kit felt as though his cock were being massaged by a thousand warm, wet tongues. It was the most incredible sensation he'd ever felt.

He wasn't sure which one of them was trembling so hard, but Kit became aware of it a few moments later, as the glow from his climax abated. His legs and arms felt suddenly full of lead and he wanted to collapse right there, between Lena's spread legs, with her arms around his neck and her feet resting against...

Oh shit.

Kit looked down into Lena's face with concern, realising then that the trembling was definitely hers. He'd forgotten all about her sprained ankle and the whole "resting it" thing. Shit.

Lena lay there, her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face. Her cheeks were flushed and there was a sheen of sweat across her face and body to match his own. She'd look so perfectly content, if it weren't for the trembling and the single tear coursing down her cheek.

"Shit. Le, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" Kit asked.

Lena opened her eyes and smiled ever wider. "Yes. I'm more than okay." She grinned, another tear falling. "My ankle might never be the same again, but it was definitely worth it. Why did no one tell me sex was THAT good?"

Kit laughed and kissed her. "It's not. Only sex with you is THAT good." He said sincerely. "But...I'm a little bit concerned I may have damaged you for life. Hold still, I'm gonna move, okay? Just stay where you are."

Lena nodded and flopped her arms down onto the pillow either side of her head. Kit carefully unwrapped her legs from his waist and, grabbing a pillow, laid her bad foot down upon it with as much care as possible. Lena bit her lip, clearly in pain, but stayed quiet.

Just as carefully, he pulled his softening cock from her and saw the evidence of her taken virginity seeping out onto the bed sheets, staining the clean white linen with a mixture of blood and semen.

Kit closed her thighs and climbed from the bed. Lena looked at him, frowning with worry. "Where are you going?" she asked.

Kit leaned over her, brushed the hair from her face and bent to kiss her. He let his mouth linger on hers, getting caught up in the taste of her again, before finally pulling back and smiling. "I'll be right back, I promise."

Kit went to the bathroom to clean himself up. He switched on the faucet in the bathtub, added some of Lena's favourite bubble bath and let the water run while he cleaned his teeth. He left the dim shaving mirror light on, which gave the room a soft glow, and lit a couple of candles with the box of matches that was under the sink.

Satisfied, Kit returned to Lena's room and found her lying with her eyes closed, already falling asleep.

"Come on, beautiful...let's get you cleaned up." He whispered. He slid his arms under her back and legs, lifting her up against his chest. He carefully carried her to the bathroom and lowered her into the foaming tub. Lena groaned as her body was enveloped by the warm water.

Kit kissed her forehead and told her not to fall asleep. She opened one eye and smiled. "I can't make any promises." she said.

Kit grinned and turned to leave. Lena called his name and he paused, looking back over his shoulder. Her hair was wet and her eyes were wide open, smiling at him like he'd just handed her the best Christmas present she could have asked for.

"If this is a dream...please don't wake me up. I'm so happy." She whispered.

Kit smiled. "I wouldn't dare."

Back in Lena's room, he stripped the dirty sheets from the bed and, after some uncertainty, decided to throw them in the trash. The idea of Maggie finding Lena's sheets stained with blood and cum was a little discomforting, and he didn't really want her to find out that way.

He grabbed a couple of extra pillows from Lena's bed and left the room, closing the door behind him. He checked on Lena, making sure she hadn't fallen asleep, then went to his own room made sure it was okay to have her sleep in there with him. He was pretty tidy by nature, but for some reason, the idea of her sleeping in his room made him want to make everything perfect. He put the extra pillows on the bed and straightened the sheets but there wasn't much else he could do.

He turned the overhead light off in exchange for the more subtle glow of his lamp. The light spilled across his desk, where it sat, and onto the heavy cube of his P.C, the faded keys of his old keyboard and onto a small picture frame that Bill and Maggie had bought him for Christmas one year. In the frame was a picture of him and Lena several years ago; it had been a heavy snowfall - so high it had spilled over Lena's ankle boots and made her feet wet and cold; Kit had been carrying her on his back, Lena leaning back to let the snow fall on her face. They were both grinning. Maggie had captured the moment perfectly on film.

Kit smiled at the memory - she'd made that ridiculous red bobble hat look cute, somehow. It made his heart feel all fuzzy and warm to think of it. Then he thought of her now, lying naked in the bath, and the warm, fuzzy feeling turned into a blazing fire; that sweet affection was still there, but it was so much more than that now; affection, yes, but also desire and love, passion and need.

He returned to the bathroom and found her slowly sinking into the bubbles, her eyes closed and her breathing soft and regular. He bent down and kissed her gently on the lips and her eyes fluttered open.

"I wasn't sleeping." She mumbled sleepily.

Lena yawned and Kit tried not to laugh. "No...but you probably should be." he said softly. He pulled the plug and grabbed a couple of towels from the shelf. Then he lifted her from the bath and, a little awkwardly, had her stand on her one good leg on the bath mat in front of him. She held onto him for balance as he wrapped her and then her hair in towels, then he scooped her up once more and carried her to his bedroom.

He placed her gently on the bed. Lena smiled and pushed herself up on her hands, so she was sitting, then slowly began to dry her hair. Kit reached across her to grab one of the extra pillows and placed it carefully beneath her ankle; it looked swollen and bruised and he felt like an ass for making it worse. He should have waited until she was all fixed up before jumping on her like that.

"I'm not dying, you know, you don't have to look so upset..." Lena joked, fixing him with her blue-eyed stare.

Kit shook his head, pushing away the intruding thoughts. "You're right, sorry. I just feel bad...for hurting you." he told her.

"Well don't." She said seriously. "It was perfect. It sucks that I hurt my ankle, sure, but what we just did...that was amazing!" she laughed and Kit could see the genuine happiness in her eyes. "I loved it. I love you. Now get in bed and let's do it again." she grinned.

Kit laughed and shook his head. "You are joking?"

"Nope. I'm very serious."

Kit hesitated for all of about two and a half seconds before jumping into bed beside her.


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